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4 Square is a Canadian television show for kids between the ages of one to four which debuted in 2004. The show consists of 4 different segments. Each segment has its own colored backdrop, with the actors wearing the contrasting colour. The show is often divided up and only one segment is aired as a filler between two longer running shows. The show concluded in 2007 and then got taken off the air on September 6, 2015.

The show is available on the Treehouse TV App (Apple TV) with the 15-minute full episodes and split-up intersitials and is also on DVD.

The former Poetry Presenters from the 2003 version and the Do Whas.


4 Square consists of 39 15-minute episodes and 3 seasons.

Season 1 (2003)

  1. Nana / Bending / Singa Songa / Rainbow
  2. Balance / Everybody Knows I Love My Toes / Marching Band / Hugh Hugh
  3. Funny Rhythms / Tick Tock / Goober and Guck / Speeding
  4. Four Little Beetle Bugs / Moving on the Floor / Goo / Pets
  5. March / Chocolate Bar / Sing to the Morning Light / I Need A Snack
  6. Rocking Chair / Rodeo Roy / Jumping / Soup
  7. Throw / The Little Old Man / Kelly Kellog / Factory
  8. Splish Splash Splosh / Mrs. Magee / Flower Garden / Grow
  9. Swim / The Dreadful Doings of Jelly Belly / Hands / Rock-a-Bye Moon
  10. Fly / Alligator Pie / Evonne / Zoo
  11. Four-Legged, Hairy-Legged Baby / Super Duper Dinklepuss / Talking Clothes / Making Circles
  12. Doddlin' Dan / Body Beats / Twisting / Anna Banana
  13. Celebrate / Fruit Salad / Skating / Willoughby Wallaby Woo

Season 2 (2006)

  1. Haircut / At the Fire Station / Pizza Pie / Lifting
  2. Swing / Funny Rhythms 2 / Diggity Doggity / Butterfly Lullaby
  3. Breathing / Dizzy Debbie / Going Places / Skip Through a Puddle
  4. Scarecrow Boogie / Frank Fish / House Sounds / Skiing
  5. Clocks / Lucky Me! / Miss Spider and Miss Bumblebee / Make Waves
  6. Folding / At the Orchard / My Snuggly Blanket / Marjorie Meech
  7. Do What the Do Whas Do / Running / At the Playground / Poor Chicken Little!
  8. Rhythm Sticks / Tongue Exercises / Shake / Shake Shake Shake to the Music
  9. Penguin Pete / At the Farm / Shopping / Hide
  10. Glue / Wooster the Rooster / Bird Watching / Hair
  11. Building / Riding on a Camel / Pete's Feet / Rhythms
  12. Bananas on My Cereal / Spreading / Nasty Nora / On a Train
  13. Rain Storm / Push / Travel Plans (The Rickety Ship) / Here Kitty Kitty

The Dancers in Series 1

Season 3 (2007)

  1. Shanty of the Sky Pirates / Walter the Frog / Dinosaurs / Catching
  2. Mr. Martin Snores / Arts and Crafts / Eloise on Vacation / Fall
  3. Shrink / Di-Di-Didgeridoo / Stella's Umbrella / Something New I Learned
  4. Crossing / Bedtime / Miss Spider and Miss Bumblebee Go to the Doctor / Gigglish
  5. A Princess Dress / Cheese, Please / Spinning / Ringing the King
  6. Dougal McFloogal / Fall / Busy Week / Climbing
  7. On the Bus / Jungle Bungalow / Hooking / Bigly Von Wiggly
  8. Bugs / Walking / Cowgirls / Miss Spider and Miss Bumblebee Go Climbing
  9. Mr. Mahoney's Ponies / Apple Pie / Skipping / Aunt May's Firetruck
  10. Wrapping / Summer / Sneaky Sam the Super Spy / Miss Spider and Miss Bumblebee Go On Vacation
  11. Curving / Good Grooming / Little One Blues / My Clubhouse
  12. Flexing / Winter / Drip / Seahorses
  13. Spring / Tilting / Hummingbird / Grubbity Gert


Singing Segment (Purple Backdrop)

The Four Tones and Do-Whas invite the children to sing along. The children are to Do what the Do-Wha's do! in which the Do-Whas say Do what we do. The Four Tones were Melissa Stylianou, Alison Neale, John Campbell and Chantelle Wilson for Season 1. John was replaced by Kellylee Evans and later, Melissa was by Starr Domingue, before she returned in Season 3. The Do Whas were voiced by Jackson and Piper Ainsworth, Cassandra Beauvais, and Hannah Roblin in the original segments, while newer segments were voiced by Alison and Juliet Beck with, Emma Trail, and Piper Ainsworth.

Movement Segment (Orange Backdrop)

This featured four dancers wearing blue spandex outfits and green shoes, knee pads, elbow pads and females wearing skirt. from dance troupe CORPUS, and they follow directions in a military style. Captain Hup or Huppette give directions to three other dancer (ie. Metito, hook the fingers HUP! Pippa, hook the fingers HUP!), and then the viewer gets to try. After three directions, everyone does it together twice. At the end, Captain say Now you can action and then a rhyme. The order goes a man with a falsetto voice, a woman and then a man with regular voice. The original cast was David Danzon as Captain Hup, Anand Rajaram as Ludsu, Sylvie Bouchard as Bianca, and Ray Hogg as Krankovitch. Newer segments featured Rachel Harrison (credited as Rachel Cook) as Captain Huppette, Robbie Nino Rementilla (credited sometimes as Robbie Nino) as Metito, Michelle Black as Pippa, and Michael Caldwell as Rufus, though Bianca did appear in 2006.

Poetry Segment (Green Backdrop)

This segment featured an actress and a child dressed in purple and offscreen children known as their friends. Original poems were by Dennis Lee, while newer ones featured Jeff Sweeney's poems. Original cast was Helen Farmer with either Lyneya Bipatnath or Akela Yimtau, and newer cast was Pay Chen with either Paige Meunier, Cian Davies, or Joshua Kilimnik. The children's chorus was Cassandra Beauvais, Kyra Klaassen, and Sophie Tenke Tarnow in the season 1 segments, while newer ones were Piper Ainsworth, Juliet and Alison Beckwith, and Emma Trail, and then Jackson Ainsworth replaced Emma. The way it worked was that Helen or Pay told the poem first with fingerplays after introducing it, then having a child beside them learning the poem remembering. Then the child tells the poem and tries to get the viewers to learn it too "watch for the hints." which are hand signs, in which it always works. Then Pay/Helen and the kid try to interpret the poem and brainstorm to visualize something. Then all of them (Pay/Helen, the child and viewers) recite the poem together. Now you know a poem! Yeah! This is the only segment to feature live kids in the scene.

The series 2 version of the Dancers

Rhythm Segment (Blue Backdrop)

The Beat Team

This featured four people wearing bright orange known as the Beat Team that teach rhythms by words or sounds to a particular theme (ie. zip zip zip zip, or alligator snap!), and when one of them shows off their rhythm, they get the entire Beat Team to do it, as well as the viewers by saying And you can try it too! or and you too! At the end, they do all together to make something cool, and then after it's high four! They do a thing at the beginning and then realizes that the viewers are there, and then they do their "thing". The Beat Team is Roney Lewis, Emma Schellenberg, Stephanie Hyppolite, and Ingrid Gaynor. They were the only members to stay throughout all three seasons.

Helen (series 1)

  • Chantelle Wilson


  • After the first segment of the full episodes, the squares do animations to decide what the next segment will be. In this case, they would either:
    • Jump on top of each other in this order: Purple, Green, Blue, Orange.
    • Have three of the colors slide, with the third one jumping in the order: Purple, Green, Blue, Orange (season 1) and Purple, Orange, Green, Blue (seasons 2 and 3).
    • "Dance" before jumping and then continuing until the end of the audio.
    • Follow the same structure as the theme song, where the squares spin around. They would then switch to either the color blue, green, orange or purple and it would continue until the audio ends.
  • The end credits always show everyone dancing, The Beat Team are always first in the end credits, then the Poetry Presenters, the 4 Square Dancers, then The Four Tones, and the The Do Whas, then it'll do a mix up of the same characters dancing again, the end credits always end with The Four Tones and The Do Whas before moving to the Treehouse logo.