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Albert's Stuff is a 2008 television series owned by Nelvana and co-owned by Spectra Animation. It contains the wonderous adventures with Albert, Jake, and all of the adventures of them in different 3D-animated games (most likely they have administrator's commands in them.)

The official production was sponsored by the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Canadian Television Fund, Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit, Shaw Rocket Fund and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.


ALBERT is the one with the multiple personalities with an unknown number of times singing, who always makes his ways downtown everywhere.

JAKE, also known as JAYINGEE is Albert's friend who can be the one with the only kind of holidays he needs as a mollusca that could officially be, obviously.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS (Luke, Draco, Tom) are the three who let JAKE be the FOURTH MUSKETEER and leaving ALBERT as the FIFTH MUSKETEER, as seen in episode 110.

Episode count

There are 120 episodes.