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Babar and the Adventures of Badou is a Canadian/French 3D animated children's TV series that premiered in 2010 based on the characters created by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff. The series takes place several years after the original seriesand has created new characters to the Babar universe, including Badou, who is Babar's 8-year-old grandson and the protagonistof the series.[1] The series is co-produced by Nelvana, TeamTO and LuxAnimation, in co-production with TF1 and with the participation of Playhouse Disney France.

The English version of the twenty-six episode series first premiered on Monday, September 6, 2010 in Australia on ABC2 and in Canada on YTV on Monday, November 22, 2010. Vice President and Managing Director of Jumbo Pictures, and Nelvana Enterprises, Colin Bohm explained "Nelvana is excited to bring Babar into the 21st century with a new 3D TV series as well as a comprehensive licensing program from TF1".[2] On September 16, 2010, Nelvana Enterprises has confirmed that the series will premiere in the U.S. on Disney Junior.[3] The show premiered on February 14, 2011, along with the premiere of the television block.

Babar and the Adventures of Badou was renewed for a second season, which began airing on Disney Junior on March 25, 2013. The third and final season aired from 2014 to 2015.

targeted at kids between the ages of five and eight


Introduced in this show

  • Badou: An elephant, who is prince of Celesteville and lives here with his grandparents. Badou ("Bou" to his friends) is bursting with a sense of adventure. He has inherited his grandfather's daring spirit, plunging into any situation with boundless confidence that he can handle whatever it can throw at him. He idolises his grandfather, and feels the need to prove himself worthy of his legendary status. (Voiced by Dallas Jokicand Drew Adkins & William Healy)
  • Chiku: A monkey who's like her father, Zephir. Chiku means canary in Swahili. Chiku is widely inquisitive and easily distracted. A fast-talking chatterbox who can ask a dozen questions at once, she is convinced that there is something wonderful under every rock, at the end of every wire, and at the heart of every lesson. She is quite inventive, often building toys or tools for the others to use. She is an accomplished dancer due to her natural acrobatic skills and sense of balance. (Voiced by Samantha Weinstein)
  • Munroe: A courageous crested porcupine who has been eaten many times, but, due to his spiky body, has always been spit out again. Munroe considers himself Badou's personal champion: a spike-laced Lancelot. Despite being quite chubby he is very athletic. He dreams to one day become a member of the Royal Guard as he is currently too young to actually join and in "Point Guard" Munroe becomes a member of the Junior Royal Cadets, a new training program created by King Babar as a youth training camp to prepare kids like Munroe who aspire to become the next generation of the Royal Guard. He is also a practitioner of the martial art Quill-Fu, though in Fu Finder, it is revealed that most of his Quill-Fu moves were learned from comics, in which, after a suggestion from Babar, Munroe seeks out the legendary Quill-Fu master, Jabbsi, who becomes Munroe's martial arts mentor. (Voiced by Tyler Stevenson)
  • Zawadi: A zebra who, like the rest of her kind, sees the world in black and white; right and wrong. Outspoken and sometimes bossy, Zawadi hates blending in with the herd and is determined to make her own stripe on the world. Zawadi means gift in Swahili. Like King Babar, she is shown to have a love of flowers and gardening. (Voiced by Isabel deCarteret)
  • Jake: A scruffy, five-year-old fox pup. Jake was orphaned as a wild kit and found his way to Celesteville, where he befriended Badou. Cornelius is his legal guardian. (Voiced by Noah Lehman, Gage Munroe)
  • Miss Strich: An ostrich, she serves as a teacher, the palace guide for tourists, and also organizes most of Celesteville's events. She is very flighty and excitable, with Badou and his friends' merry-making usually making her even more so. Occasionally Badou and the kids end up teaching her new things such as tennis and baking. (Voiced by Catherine Disher)
  • Crocodylus: A crocodile, who is the ambassador of the Alligator and Crocodile kingdom. A consummate schemer, his underhanded strategies range from trying to take over Celesteville to winning contests. When things go wrong, he groans "Muck and mire!" (Voiced by Ben Campbell)
  • Dilash: A young crocodile, Dilash is the nephew of Crocodylus. He, along with his cousin, causes trouble and tries to interfere with Badou and his friends' adventures. He lives in Celesteville, along with Tersh, in order to make his uncle Crocodylus seem more respectable. Unlike Tersh, he is mean and a somewhat of a bully to Badou and his friends. As a result, he is more willing to go along with his Uncle Crocodylus' schemes. Both he and his uncle have no problem taking advantage of Tersh's gullibility. (voiced by Lyon Smith)
  • Tersh: A younger crocodile who's Dilash's cousin and Crocodylus' nephew, he is usually seen unwillingly helping his relations with one of their schemes. He can be mean, but is generally backing up his older cousin or his uncle as opposed to being outright malicious. He is much kinder and friendly than they are, and the other children eventually forged a friendship with him especially Prince Badou. He tends to be a bit less intelligent than the others and somewhat gullible, and his uncle and cousin often take advantage of this. However, despite this, Tersh cares deeply for both Dilash and Crocodylus as he once asks his friends Badou and Munroe to help him keep his uncle from getting into trouble. In another episode, he took Zawadi's Zebra book of Stripes for Dilash who kept telling him how much he liked it, causing Zawadi to wrongly suspect that Dilash had stolen it, unaware that Dilash was innocent and that Tersh had taken the book in order to make Dilash happy. When the truth is revealed, Tersh apologizes for taking it without asking, though ironically Zawadi herself had borrowed the book without asking her parents, causing both her and Tersh to learn a valuable lesson about taking things without permission. (Voiced by Sergio Di Zio)
  • Boss of the Slogs: The matriarch of the Alligator and Crocodile kingdom who rules the swamps. Like Tersh, she is friendly and is a just ruler, unlike Crocodylus. She is protected by a group of elite bodyguards known as the Brawlers.
  • Gallop: A wise old turtle, who lives just outside Celesteville.
  • Dandy Andi: A wild lion who is the King of the nearby savanna. Andi calls the animals that live in Celesteville "tame towners". However, unlike the rest of his wild brethren, Andi is cool and friendly. He is quite famous among the animals on the savanna. Like most of his wild brethren, he walks on all fours. He is a good friend of Badou and the gang, and will often alert them if he sees Sleek nearby. Due to living in the wild, he rarely visits Celesteville and during his rare visits to the Royal Palace, he often has trouble standing up due to not being used to walking on the palace's tile floors, which results in Andi sliding around.(Voiced by Scott McCord)
  • Hannah, Ramsey and Skylar: Three lionesses who live in the savanna. While usually wild, they did however take Jake in and raise him as a kit, though a monsoon washed him out of their den and they had been looking for him ever since. In "The Day of the Jake", they reunite with Jake during his, Badou, and Chiku's mission to find out the day Jake came to Celesteville and almost attacked Badou & Chiku but become friendly when they find out they are Jake's friends and are surprised to hear that Jake now lives in the palace with Prince Badou. They later attend Jake's birthday party at the Royal Palace though, like Dandy Andi, they are not used to the palace's tile floors and as a result have trouble standing up to the point of sliding around. The information they provided about Jake's past may prove valuable to Cornelius in his search to find out about Jake's origins.
  • Deb Mouse: A kind hearted mouse who first appeared in the episode Spy Trap that lives in the palace with her children.
  • Lulu: Badou's little cousin, who is as excitable and fun-loving as he is. She idolises her older cousin, and wants to spend most of her visits with him, much to his chagrin. Visually, Lulu resembles Isabelle, Babar's youngest child, when she was a little girl, thus suggesting that she is her daughter.
  • Rhudi: A one rhinoceros stampede who's prince of Rhinoland and Lord Rataxes' grandson. He has a rivalry with Badou, like his grandfather had with Babar. (Voiced by Samantha Reynolds)
  • Periwinkle: Badou's mother, Babar's daughter-in-law and Pom's wife. She is the Celesteville doctor whose hobby is creating metal sculptures. (Voiced by Molly Johnson)
  • General Huc: A monkey who is the general representing Monkeyville and happens to be Zephir's father-in-law and Chiku's grandfather. In "Monkey Idol", it is revealed he is a talented rapper. (Voiced by Aron Tager)
  • Captain Darling: A crocodile sailor. Affable and likeable, she is often found at the Celesteville docks.
  • Hoot: A friendly spotted hyena who lives in the savanna. She is the only animal around who shares Jake's taste in food (Spinkweed sandwiches with toad drool dressing) and is a rampant practical joker. She is a good sport about it, though, generally finding jokes played on her just as funny as the ones she plays on others. She first appeared in "Savannah Scramble", chasing after Badou and Jake who were on their way to help their friend Dandy Andi whose paw was stuck under a rock. Fearing she might hurt Jake as he was in no condition to defend himself, Badou and Jake try to lure her away only to end up trapped in a cave, though they are rescued by Hoot, only to find out that she is friendly and a fan of Andi to the point that she thinks he is cool. She helps Badou, Jake, Babar, and Cornelius free Jake and is surprised to find out that not only has she gotten to meet the famous Dandy Andi, but also Babar, King of the Elephants.
  • Professor Rozeekeewhack: A giraffe scientist who is incredibly smart but due to her size, also happens to be very clumsy as she is always banging her head on almost anything. She uses her blimp airship as a mobile laboratory called the Blimp-Lab. In "Point Guard", her Blimp-Lab is shown to be equipped with a vacuum nasal capable of sucking up all kinds of objects, though care must be taken as sucking up too much or something heavy like a boulder could weight down the Blimp-Lab and, as a result, prevent it from flying. (Voiced by Ellen-Ray Hennessy).
  • Jabbsi: A legendary porcupine martial arts Master who was searching for the Needle Noggin, a legendary porcupine spiked helmet. In the past, he trained Babar in the martial arts. In "Fu Finders", Munroe and Badou seek him out so he can teach Munroe. While doing so they end up being followed by Prospero who wants the map they are carrying, though Jabbsi helps them defeat the bush pirate. Jabbsi is very perceptive as he easily identified Prince Badou and Munroe from having heard stories of their exploits. He becomes Munroe's Quill-Fu teacher. In "The Needle Noggin", it is revealed that Jabbsi found the cave where the Needle Noggin was located but realized he wasn't the one meant to claim it and decided to wait for the one who was. When Munroe and Badou eventually find the Needle Noggin, it was decided that Jabbsi would hold onto it until Munroe becomes a Quill-Fu Master.
  • Heropotamus: A hippopotamus and an archaeologist. He calls Badou "pup". (Voiced by Dwayne Hill).
  • Queen Cleo: The elephant Queen of an ancient lost tribe of Elephants who lived long ago in the distant past. Many artifacts from the time in which she ruled can be found in Wind Song Canyon. Heropotamus, Babar, and Badou have discovered artifacts dating back to Queen Cleo's time, most of which are on display in the palace. Members of Cleo's tribe are said to be fond of bananas as rotten bananas can often be found in ruins and important sites dating from Cleo's time. In "Don't Press that Button", Babar and Badou help Heropotamus save a statue of Queen Cleo from collapsing after Badou accidentally triggers an ancient trap. In "Ayla", it is revealed that the descendants of Queen Cleo and her tribe had settled in the Hidden Valley which could only be accessed via the use of a horn known as the Passing Pipe. It is revealed that some aspects of her tribe's culture are shared by both Babar's family and the Green Elephant tribe such as Babar's Hiking Song, which is known among the Green Elephant tribe as an old song from Cleo's time, which Babar's family adopted at some point while being unaware of its connection to Queen Cleo. Since her three known descendants are Green Elephants, it can assumed that Queen Cleo herself was green as well.
  • Ayla: The princess of the Green Elephant Tribe, daughter of King Grank, and sister of Candeen. She is also a descendant of Queen Cleo. She lives in the Hidden Valley with her father, her brother, and the rest of her tribe. She is quite athletic and adventurous much like Badou.
  • King Grank: The King of the Green Elephant Tribe and father of Ayla and Candeen. He is also a descendant of Queen Cleo. He rules over the Green Elephant Tribe in the Hidden Valley. At first, he is distrustful of Babar, Badou, and Munroe due to them being outsiders. However, after Babar, Badou, and Munroe help Ayla save her father from some Tiger Snakes, he becomes friends with them. He later explains that in Queen Cleo's time the Valley was a place to hide during troubling times, though eventually some members of Cleo's tribe settled in the Valley to raise their families. After Grank laments that his people are not yet ready to explore the outside world yet, Babar promises to keep the tribe's Hidden Valley a secret until they are ready.
  • Candeen: The prince of the Green Elephant Tribe, brother of Ayla, and son of King Grank. He is also a descendant of Queen Cleo.
  • Tiger Snakes: Snakes that inhabit the jungle of the Hidden Valley, they are called tiger snake due to their stripes. In "Ayla", two tiger snakes attack King Grank and another green elephant. Badou, Babar, Munroe, and Ayla save them using an old trick of the green elephant tribe where they trap the two snakes in a hollow log.
  • Kylus: A rogue lion in the savanna and rival of Dandy Andi.
  • Squeeze: A large rock python who lives in the jungle.
  • Sleek: A wild black leopard, who is always trying to capture and devour the civilized animals who live in Celesteville, whom she calls "tame towners". She resides in the jungle outside Celesteville and is one of the antagonists of the series. However, in one episode, the kids save her from Prospero who was trying to capture her for profit. As a result, she views Prospero as an enemy and is willing to work with the likes of Dandy Andi and Badou in order to remove his secret camp from her jungle. Her reasons for attacking and eating other animals appear to be due to her choosing to follow her natural instincts as a predator and holds disdain towards the "tame towners" to the point that she sees them as weak due to them choosing to live in civilization. She shares a similar view of other friendly wild animals like Dandy Andi, who she calls "tame mane". Despite the antagonism towards Andi and the "tame towners", at the end of "Kitty Cornered" she joins them in the savannah Poppernut party after the defeat of Prospero, showing that she is not all bad. In "Flower Power", it is revealed that she lives in some old ruins in the deep jungle where the Stone Sunflower grows. In "Monkey Idol", it is revealed Sleek is a talented singer and Badou convinces her to teach Chiku how to sing in exchange for helping Sleek find a way for her to get some sleep which she hasn't had due to all the monkeys in Monkeyville practicing for a singing contest. In the end, Sleek ends up joining Chiku in singing at the contest of which both she and Chiku end up winning.
  • Prospero: A cape buffalo and a bush pirate. Officially banned from the kingdom, he still sneaks about doing bootleg activities, especially if they earn him a profit. He has a habit of talking to his snake-shaped walking stick, which he calls Sly. He calls Badou "boyoo". (Voiced by Dan Chameroy).
  • Blacktrunk: A vicious elephant pirate whose dastardly crew were once outfoxed and outfought by Babar.
  • Snaggle-Eye: A dastardly croc pirate who works alongside his best mate, Monkey Mate.
  • Monkey Mate: A dastardly monkey pirate who works under Snaggle-Eye.
  • Candy Cook: A hippopotamus chef.
  • Avery O'Dare: A vulture and a pilot.

Introduced again like in the classic series

  • Babar – The king of Celesteville and grandfather of Badou. He is called "Pappy" by his grandson. (voiced by Gordon Pinsent)
  • Celeste – Babar's wife and queen. She is the namesake of Celesteville and grandmother of Badou. She is called "Nana" by her grandson. (voiced by Dawn Greenhalgh)
  • Cornelius – Babar's chief advisor and Prime Minister of Celesteville. A former army medic, he occasionally provides his emergency medical knowledge in a crisis such as when Dandy Andi's paw was trapped under a large rock in "Savannah Scramble". He is also the legal guardian of the orphaned kit, Jake, and spends his free time trying to learn more about Jake's origins in the hope of locating Jake's real parents or relatives. (voiced by Christopher Wigins)
  • Pom – Babar's oldest son of his children and firstborn. As an adult he became the father of Badou. He is also the city's architect and health and safety officer. He used to call his father "Father" and "Dad" but now calls him "Pop". (voiced by Dan Lett)
  • Zephir – Babar's good friend and father of Chiku. (voiced by Jeff Pustil)
  • Celesteville Royal Guards – The Royal Guards who protect Celesteville and the Royal Family. They are often seen guarding the palace or protecting the citizens of Celesteville from criminals such as Prospero and Blacktrunk. Munroe aspires to one day join the Royal Guard when he is older and is training to become one as a Junior Royal Cadet, a training program designed to prepare the next generation of the Royal Guard who are not yet old enough to join. They appear to be mostly Elephants, though it is implied that non-elephants like Munroe can join once they are old enough. They are apparently a force to be reckoned with as criminals such as Prospero and antagonists such as Crocodylus have shown fear of them. Badou and his friends often take advantage of this to scare away villains or buy time for Babar and the real guards to arrive by pretending the Royal Guard is close via mimicking the sound of Guards marching and other tactics.
  • Lord Rataxes – The king of Rhinoland and grandfather of Rhudi. Although normally shown to be commandeering, his wife can control him whenever she is upset. (Voiced by Adrian Truss)
  • Lady Rataxes – Lord Rataxes' wife and grandmother of Rhudi. Shown as bitter, although very protective over Rhudi. The personalities of Lord and Lady Rataxes seem to be the reverse of the original series; Rataxes was boastful and mean, and Lady Rataxes was much friendlier than her husband. (voiced by Jayne Eastwood)

List of episodes

Season 1 (2010–11)



No. in


Title Original air date Prod.


1 1 "Spy Trap/Sneezels" November 22, 2010 107
"Spy Traps": Badou with his friends try to find a spy who continues to steal documents from the palace.

"Sneezels": A rapid moving case of the 'Sneezels' causes Babar and his kingdom to be ill, which leads ambassador Crocodylus to try to become King.

2 2 "Tutu Badou/Hidden Courtyard" November 29, 2010 123
"Tutu Badou": Badou is chosen to star in a dance recital in front of everyone, however nerves make him think twice about it.

"Hidden Courtyard": Badou and his friends try to find the hidden courtyard, located in the palace and try to stop Crocodylus from finding it first.

3 3 "Memory Mayhem/Soaped!" December 6, 2010 110
"Memory Mayhem": Badou seeks advice about which memory he should use for a competition from a wise turtle before Crocodylus uses it first.

"Soaped!": Badou and Chiku try to make their friend Jake smell nicer, however being a fox, he thinks it's okay to smell bad.

4 4 "The Thunderclap/The Celesteville Junior Marching Band" December 13, 2010 112
"The Thunderclap": Pom attempts to teach his son Badou how to perform his 'thunderclap', however Badou can't seem to master the art.

"The Celesteville Junior Marching Band": The ambassador Crocodylus tries to disrupt the royal marching band procession for Lord and Lady Rataxes upcoming visit.

5 5 "Windrunners/Bivouwacky" January 3, 2011 119
"Windrunners": Badou and Babar find themselves lost in the jungle and start to be pursued by Sleek.

"Bivouwacky": On a rainy day, Badou and his friends pretend to go on a camping trip inside the palace.

6 6 "Copy Cat/Heropotamus" January 10, 2011 104
"Copy Cat": Zawadi wants to be different from every other Zebra and with the assistance of Andi the lion, she finds out that she really is one of a kind.

"Heropotamus": Babar reads a story of Heropotamus and his quest for the hidden golden banana to Badou, Chiku and Jake which leads them on a quest to find the banana themselves.

7 7 "Lulu Time/Chocolate and Banana Soup" January 17, 2011 120
"Lulu Time ": Badou's little cousin, Lulu, arrives for a short holiday, however Badou becomes worried when Lulu goes missing.

"Chocolate and Banana Soup": Celeste is ill with the sniffles, so Badou and Chiku gather ingredients to cook a special soup for her.

8 8 "The Quillinator/Truffle Shuffle" January 24, 2011 101
"The Quillinator": Lord and Lady Rataxes are being royal guests at the Palace, Munroe sets up traps in the palace, believing Lord Rataxes is plotting against Badou.

"Truffle Shuffle": Badou and Jake hunt down truffles in the jungle for Celeste, however Lady and Lord Rataxes hatch a plan to steal them.

9 9 "Kite Fight/Zoomerblimps" January 31, 2011 102
"Kite Fight": Chiku builds a kite for Munroe to enter in a contest with Dilash, however Chiku fails to finish her work.

"Zoomerblimps": Badou and his classmates try to earn their 'wings' by flying their zoomerblimp balloons in a derby competition.

10 10 "Gone Wild/Operation Secret Suitcase" February 7, 2011 111
"Gone Wild": Badou and Chiku are being tested in the jungle by Andi and their teacher, Miss Strich. Andi falls into a pit trap.

"Operation Secret Suitcase": With Cornelius asking Jake to meet him at 3'o clock and moving his bags, Jake assumes he is moving away from the palace and tries to stop Cornelius from reaching the blimp.

11 11 "Jake And The Big Book/Blacktrunk's Magic Stone" February 14, 2011 106
"Jake And The Big Book": Jake tries to have an adventure worthy enough to be written down in King Babar's memory book, however his adventure is ruined by Sleek.

"Blacktrunk's Magic Stone": Jake believes he has found a magic rock that grants wishes which used to belong to the pirate Blacktrunk, a lie invented by Badou to make Jake happy.

12 12 "The Key/Grotto For One" February 21, 2011 115
"The Key": While spring cleaning, Babar and Badou find a mysterious treasure chest, however Badou's impatience leads to the key being broken, he tries to keep the key safe from the ambassador until they reach the tinker.

"Grooto For One": Badou and his friends battle with the crocodiles over control over the Grotto.

13 13 "Monkey Camp/Bad Bounce" February 28, 2011 114
"Monkey Camp": Chiku and Zephir invite Badou to Monkey camp, however he finds that it's hard to do the activities when you're an elephant.

"Bad Bounce": Badou invites Tersh to play on with him on the trampoline, but a scheming Crocodylus tries to use this to get his claws on a golden friendship badge from Babar.

14 14 "The Brave Guy/Starring Ms. Strich" March 7, 2011 103
"The Brave Guy": Munroe tries to prove his courage to the group.

"Starring Ms. Strich": Encouraged by Badou and his friends, Miss Strich decides to join a play.

15 15 "Bob/Villains" March 14, 2011 108
"Bob": A favorite tree, Bob, is scheduled for demolition after being struck by lightning during a storm.

"Villains": Badou and Munroe warn Sleek when they discover a bush pirate, Prospero in the jungle.

16 16 "Flower Power/Hee Honk" March 21, 2011 116
"Flower Power": Badou enlists Zawadi's help to find a rare jungle flower.

"Hee Honk": Zawadi loses the zebra book of stripes, and suspects Dilash of taking it.

17 17 "Ruby Rumpus/Dandy Andi" March 28, 2011 109
"Ruby Rumpus": Babou and Rhudi team up to try to find Lady Rataxes' missing ruby.

"Dandy Andi": Badou invites Dandy Andi to the palace, but he just can't seem to grasp the idea of city life.

18 18 "Birdie Bonk/Badou on the Ball" April 4, 2011 113
"Birdie Bonk": After Pom twisted his knee, Badou partners with Miss Strich in a 'birdie bonk' match against the Crocodiles.

"Badou on the Ball": Badou becomes the host of the banana ball after Babar and Pom were injured, but his bossiness prevents Chiku and Zawadi from helping him.

19 19 "Neighborly Nice Day/Savannah Scramble" April 11, 2011 105
"Neighbor Nice Day": In order to make it to the neighborly nice day celebrations, King Babar decides to take a dangerous shortcut to make up time, much to Badou's worry.

"Savannah Scramble": While trying to rescue Dandy Andi, Badou and Jake get chased by an unknown animal.

20 20 "Toy Trouble/The Royal Portrait" April 18, 2011 118
"Toy Trouble": Rhudi and Lady Rataxes tries to get Chiku's new toy.

"The Royal Portrait": Badou must choose between helping his team win or fulfilling royal tradition.

21 21 "Coconut Jinx/Adventurephant" April 25, 2011 121
"Coconut Jinx": Someone is stealing all of Celesteville's coconuts.

"Adverturephant": The legendary explorer, Heropotamus, comes to Celesteville.

22 22 "The Dino Egg/Stone Stealer" May 2, 2011 117
"The Dino Egg": Badou tells Tersh that dinosaurs still exist, with disastrous results.

"Stone Stealer": Prospero tries to steal ancient stone carvings from Windrunner Valley with a jackhammer.

23 23 "Sneaking Past/Crash N' Dash" May 9, 2011 122
"Sneaking Past": Badou and Chiku go looking for Pom's old skates.

"Crash N' Dash": When Lord Rataxes' Balloon goes down in scavenger territory, it is a race against time to claim his treasure back before the crocs do.

24 24 "The Day of the Jake/Point Guard" May 16, 2011 124
"The Day of the Jake": Badou and Chiku try to help Jake find out what day he came to Celesteville on.

"Point Guard": Munroe tries to prove his bravery to the royal guards.

25 25 "Dimday Pirates/No Foolin'" May 23, 2011 125
"Dimday Pirates": Badou, Munroe and Chiku try to collect all the Dimday plants, unaware of the Consequences for the wildlife.

"No Foolin"': Hoots practical jokes start to annoy other animals on the savanna.

26 26 "Moon and Star and Sun/The Gold Mines of Gaxx" May 30, 2011 126
"Moon and Star and Sun": Badou, Chiku and Rhudi try to locate the legendary Gold Mines of Gaxx.

"The Gold Mines of Gaxx": The gang explores the lost mines.

Season 2 (2013–14)



No. in


Title Original air date
27 1 "Rescueteers Go Go Go!/Blacktrunk's Greatest Treasure" August 7, 2013
"Rescueteers Go Go Go!": Badou learns the first thing about leading is watching your step.

"Blacktrunk's Greatest Treasure": Badou tries to help when Jake becomes obsessed with stories of pirate loot.

28 2 "Tunnels O'Fun/Old Tusks" August 8, 2013
"Tunnels O'Fun": A backyard camp-out with Hoot becomes a real adventure when Badou discovers a secret tunnel under the Palace.

"Old Tusks": After an accident, Badou and Jake drive Cornelius crazy by trying to protect him.

29 3 "The Big Quarrel/Crocodile Kerfuffle" August 12, 2013
"The Big Quarrel": All of Badou's friends won't stop squabbling until the Celesteville Puppet Show Starts.

"Crocodile Kerfuffle": Badou is suspicious that a big statue is really a 'Trojan Horse' given by treasure-seeking Crocodylus.

30 4 "New Tusks/The Song Staff" August 13, 2013
"New Tusks": Impatient to grow up, Badou tries lotions, potions, and adventurous notions to get his tusks to sprout.

"The Song Staff": Badou discovers a magical staff that can lead him to an unexpected treasure if he uses it wisely.

31 5 "The Zip-Zap/No Small Parts" August 14, 2013
"The Zip-Zap": Badou and his friends must find a way to keep the out-of-control digging machine from destroying a rare fossil.

"No Small Parts": After losing an audition to Rhudi, Badou must foil a Crocodile plot to steal the Rhino King's crown.

32 6 "Hyenaaaah!/Beetle Mania" August 15, 2013
"Hyenaaaah!": During the Hot Air Hootenanny, Badou and the Rescuteers contend with a series of false alarms from Hoot.

"Beetle Mania": Badou hunts a rare singing beetle as a gift for Lady Rataxes in the hopes she'll act more kindly toward Queen Celeste.

33 7 "Musiquest/Boo-Nanas" August 19, 2013
"Musiquest": Badou believes an ancient music box is the key to a treasure sought by Rhinos, Elephants and Crocodiles.

"Boo-Nanas": Badou and Chiku investigate reports of a monster plaguing Monkeyville.

34 8 "Stink Patrol/Pirates Of The Plain" August 20, 2013
"Stink Patrol": Badou asks Jake to de-stinkify the Palace for an upcoming Royal Rhino visit.

"Pirates Of The Plain": Captain Badou tried to referee an argument between First Mate Chiku and Best Mate Munroe as they race the Crocs for pirate loot.

35 9 "A Bird In The Hand/Slogging Through" August 21, 2013
"A Bird In The Hand": Badou and Munroe help Ms. Strich thwart Prospero's plans to capture a rare bird.

"Slogging Through": Badou must rely on an uncertain Tersh when the two become lost in the Crocodile Slogs.

36 10 "The Unhidden Courtyard/The Rhino Rule" August 22, 2013
"The Unhidden Courtyard": Badou needs Tersh's help to keep Ambassador Crocodylus from discovering the location of the Hidden Courtyard.

"The Rhino Rule": After Badou saves Rataxes from danger, an ancient law dictates that the Rhino Lord must become Badou's servant.

37 11 "Message In The Wind/Elephants Don't Jump" August 26, 2013
"Message In The Wind": While searching for lost packages accidentally dumped in the jungle, Badou and Chiku must figure out how to warn Celesteville of an approaching storm.

"Elephants Don't Jump": Badou and his pals challenge the Monkeyville team to a game of jumpball.

38 12 "Babar The Pirate/Stripes Vs. Scales" August 27, 2013
"Babar The Pirate": While tracking down the owner of a talisman, Badou discovers evidence that his Pappy might be a pirate.

"Stripes Vs. Scales": Badou and Zawadi must get in touch with their 'inner Crocodile' when they become contestants in the CrocoCup Games.

39 13 "Badou's Best Adventure/The Council Of Crowns" August 28, 2013
"Badou's Best Adventure": While on a quest to return an artifact, Badou struggles to shine in the shadows of the world's greatest adventurers.

"The Council Of Crowns": Badou attempts to give Andi a Kingly makeover to win him membership to the prestigious Council of Crowns.

40 14 "Saving The Day/The Wrong Roar" August 29, 2013
"Saving The Day": Badou learns that charging in about your exploits is a real hero's behavior.

"The Wrong Roar": When Badou and his friends try to roar like real lions they are so convincing that a rogue lion shows up for a fight.

41 15 "The Elefan Club/Sloggy Boggy" January 6, 2014
"The Elefan Club": After saving General Huc's life, Badou finds himself saddled with an annoying fan club while on a trip to Monkeyville.

"Sloggy Boggy": Badou and Babar hunt for a Slog monster that has sent the terrified Crocs scurrying to safety.

42 16 "Avast Chance/Who's The Boss?" January 7, 2014
"Avast Chance": While trying to discover a secret pirate camp, Badou and Dilash are recruited to join Blacktrunk's crew.

"Who's The Boss?": Badou learns that bossiness isn't a helpful skill when he, Rhudi, Queen Celeste, and Lady Rataxes crash a balloon.

43 17 "Prank Prince/Starbreaker" January 8, 2014
"Prank Prince": Rhudi's attempt to blame Badou for a rash of practical jokes backfires with high-flying comic results.

"Starbreaker": Jake is convinced that his big wish 'for a hundred more wishes' is the cause of a shooting star crashing to earth.

44 18 "Brawler Boot Camp/Celeste Rocks" January 9, 2014
"Brawler Boot Camp": Munroe finds himself up to his quills in Crocs when Badou volunteers them to become members of the Boss' Brawler bodyguards.

"Celeste Rocks": Badou begins to regret inviting Zawadi along on the traditional First-Day-of-Summer Hike.

45 19 "Flying Blind/There's A Sap for That" January 10, 2014
"Flying Blind": Badou must complete a flight to Monekyville when pilot Babar doesn't loses his prescription goggles.

"There's A Sap for That": Badou and his pals search for a stickersap tree so they can make a glue to repair Lord Rataxes's ridiculous new crown and tell Babar the truth about what happened and make him feel better.

46 20 "Banana Shenanigans/Monkeyville Zoom" January 13, 2014
"Banana Shenanigans": Badou must replace Lady Rataxes' birthday sculpture before Crocodylus substitutes one of his own.

"Monkeyville Zoom": Badou and Babar compete against other family flight crews in the Monkeyville Zommerblimp Rally.

47 21 "Totem Talkers/The Wisdom Toad" January 14, 2014
"Totem Talkers": Badou and Rhudi compete to discover the Truth Talkers Totem.

"The Wisdom Toad": Badou must prevent Crocodylus from using a fake fortune telling toad to get himself appointed Boss of the Slogs.

48 22 "Chillesteville/Captain Crewless" January 15, 2014
"Chillesteville": When Chiku's skating rink-making machine goes out of control, Badou, Chiku, and Babar must stop it from freezing Celestville.

"Captain Crewless": Badou comes to regret leaving his pals behind when he runs afoul of Blacktrunks's pirates.

49 23 "Operation Secret Switcheroo/Forget Me Nut" January 16, 2014
"Operation Secret Switcheroo": The Rescueteers plan an elaborate pastry 'heist' to save Ms. Strich from feeding her inedible pies to the Palace residents.

"Forget Me Nut": Badou and Chiku must find a cure to free Babar, Celeste and everyone else from amnesia in order to stop Crocodylus from taking over Celesteville.

50 24 "Fu Finder/The Needle Noggin" January 17, 2014
"Fu Finder": Badou help Munroe seek out Jabbsi, a legendary Master who can teach him the secrets of Quill-Fu.

"The Needle Noggin": Badou accompanies Munroe on a quest to find an ancient Porcupine artifact.

51 25 "Smelling Strong/Rhudi's Rhinoteers" January 20, 2014
"Smelling Strong": Badou helps Jake search for the Fountain of Strength which Jake believes will make him as strong as ten Rhinos.

"Rhudi's Rhinoteers": Mayhem results for Badou and his pals when Rhudi creates a rival Rescueteer team.

52 26 "King Badou Vs The Pirates" January 21, 2014
"King Badou Vs The Pirates Part 1 & Part 2": A series of mishaps force Badou needs help to assume the throne when Blacktrunk and his pirates attack the city.

Season 3 (2014–15)



No. in


Title Original air date
53 1 "Kitty Cornered/The Moon Cat's Tale" July 10, 2014
"Kitty Cornered": Badou must find a way to make Andi and Sleek work as a team as they try to rescue Babar from the thieving Prospero. Note : This is the first episode where William Healy voices Badou due to Drew Adkins hitting puberty.

"The Moon Cat's Tale": Badou and Babar go on a moonlight midnight adventure to investigate a legend of a mysterious savanna cat.

54 2 "Kings Can Dance/Picnic Pirates" August 19, 2014
"Kings Can Dance": Badou unknowingly leads Crocodylus to a magical flute that makes Babar and Lord Rataxes dance to his tune.

"Picnic Pirates": Badou's anniversary idea, a quiet picnic for his grandparents is almost ruined by sneaky pirates trying to plunder the gifts.

55 3 "Fair Is Fair/Savanna Surfing" August 22, 2014
"Fair Is Fair": When Crocodylus unfairly takes away Babar's wings. Badou helps Babar earn back his wings by passing a test.

"Savanna Surfing": While Andi goes wind-wheeling with Babar, Badou learns looking after the wildlifers isn't as easy as Andi makes it look!

56 4 "The Gunkifier/Gold Bug" December 30, 2014
"The Gunkifier": Babar and Badou investigate what is causing the lake to be filled with iky gunk.

"Gold Bug": Badou discovers a rare beetle that is covered in gold dust, and accidentally touches off a gold rush.

57 5 "Badou Unmasked/Slog Soaring" January 1, 2015
"Badou Unmasked": Badou rallies his friends to keep Blacktrunk from stealing a priceless artifact during a Palace-wide masquerade ball.

"Slog Soaring": Tersh helps Badou adapt in the obstacle-laden Slogs to stop a cheating Crocodylus from winning the zoomerblimp derby.

58 6 "Jumpball Bu/Mission Zoompossible" August 21, 2014
"Jumpball Bu": Badou learns how to be a good sport when he and Tersh are teamed in Monkeyville's wacky Jumpball Championship.

"Mission Zoompossible": Badou and the gang have to help Ms. Strich fly so she can teach a group of hatchings that have decided she is their mom.

59 7 "Monkey Idol/Quill Fu To Do" July 9, 2014
"Monkey Idol": To help Chiku win a singing contest, Badou convinces her to seek coaching from the wildest singer in the jungle: Sleek!

"Quill Fu To Do": Badou and Munroe have a big argument, and wonder if this means they won't be friends any more.

60 8 "Monkey's Paw Paw/Babarathalon" August 20, 2014
"Monkey's Paw Paw": A jewel that is the pride of the Monkeys goes missing, Badou is certain Crocodylus is the thief. Everyone believes Badou, and the croc hunt is on!

"Babarathalon": Badou learns the value of good deeds during a crazy race that pits him against a cheating Lady Rataxes.

61 9 "Turtle Trek/Fume Blooms" July 11, 2014
"Turtle Trek": Badou assumes a trek with Gallop will be slow and boring, but he discovers the ancient turtle is still young at heart.

"Fume Blooms": Badou inadvertently causes the Palace to become infested with the world's stinkiest flowers.

62 10 "Bad Egg/Horville The Pirate" August 18, 2014
"Bad Egg": Badou's investigation into a rash of Palace thefts uncovers an unlikely culprit: Ms. Strich!

"Horville The Pirate": While following a map found in a child's memory book, Badou and Munroe have a run in with pirates.

63 11 "I Heart Ms. Strich/Mind Games" December 31, 2014
"I Heart Ms. Strich": Badou and his friends think Ms. Strich needs a sweetheart - but Crocodylus is definitely NOT the one they had in mind!

"Mind Games": When Badou and Chiku play a little trick on Dilash, it causes a very big problem for everyone.

64 12 "Don't Press the Button/Ayla" December 29, 2014
"Don't Press the Button": Badou's inability to resist temptation almost destroys a statue of old Queen Cleo.

"Ayla": Badou and Babar discover a hidden valley full of green Elephants.

65 13 "Getting Creative/The Hidden Valley" January 2, 2015
"Getting Creative": When Crocodylus disfigures Babar's painting of Lady Rataxes, Badou tries to fix it - but only succeeds in making it worse.

"The Hidden Valley": Badou, Chiku, and Ayla have to save Ayla's home when pirates find a way into the hidden valley.