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Beaver Gets Stinky is an episode of Treehouse TV


Beaver is at his house fixing up his back scratcher machine and cleaning up until he gets very sweaty, so he goes out for a walk and has a break just to cool down and visits his friends on the way, he takes a shortcut through the forest until he spots a skunk, he backs away but the skunk sprayed him and it runs away leaving Beaver all stinky and smelly, he continues his walk and runs into his friends, he visits Dragon first and he can smell Beaver that just got sprayed by a skunk, Dragon tells Beaver that he should go home and shower or take a bath, Beaver agrees but on his way home, he runs into Alligator and he takes a sniff on Beaver that he stinks so badly, Beaver tells Alligator that Dragon told him to go home and shower, Alligator agrees with that and he should, Beaver runs into Mail Mouse and she comments on Beaver "PU", "Beaver, what happened to you?", Beaver replies, "I was taking a walk until a skunk sprayed me, then I ran into Dragon and Alligator on the way telling me to go home and take a shower, Yeah", Mail Mouse replies, "You should, you really stink", so Beaver continues his walk back home until he runs into Ostrich, she goes walking too but makes a big stop and takes a sniff, Ostrich asks herself "What's that stinky smell?", she asks Beaver where the smell is coming from, Beaver tells her that he got sprayed by a skunk, Ostrich agrees for Beaver to go home and shower getting the stink odor off, so Beaver finally makes it back home and begins his shower or bath, all his friends come over to his house visiting him making sure he's okay, they all sniff him after his shower and makes sure he smells great like a clean friend to them as the episode ends.


  • This is the first episode Beaver gets sprayed by a skunk and stinks.
  • Everyone appears in this episode.
  • This is one of the episodes Beaver gets a major role instead of Dragon since he's always the host.