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Boohbah is a British children's television series targeted at children aged two through six. It premiered in 2003 on ITV in the United Kingdom and in Japan on TV Asahi until 1 September 2006. It was created by Anne Wood with scripts by Alan Dapre and Robin Stevens (of Pob fame). Anne Wood also created the children's show Teletubbies and In the Night Garden, and Boohbah is produced by the UK's Ragdoll Ltd. The similarity between this show and Teletubbies, both of which have a "science fiction" theme, is notable. One of the show's trademarks is a child's voice pronouncing the show's name in sing-song (BOOH.....BAH).

"Boohbah" means "doll" in Hebrew, but it is not clear if this influenced the name of the show, or even if the creators are aware of this.



  • Humbah - Humbah is the yellow Boohbah
  • Zumbah - Zumbah is the purple Boohbah
  • Zing Zing Zingbah - Zing Zing Zingbah is the orange Boohbah
  • Jumbah - Jumbah is the blue Boohbah
  • Jingbah - Jingbah is the pink Boohbah


  • Grandmamma - Grandmamma is an elderly old lady, she has grey hair, wears red house dress, a light blue shirt, and red shoes, she sometimes wears black shoes, she doesn't talk
  • Grandpappa - Grandpappa is an elderly old man, he has grey hair, wears a yellow shirt, black overalls known as pants with red straps, and white shoes, he can't talk
  • Mrs Lady - Mrs Lady is a young woman, she has black hair, wears a light blue shirt and pink pants, she's unable to talk
  • Mr Man - Mr Man is a bald-headed man, he's bald wearing a pink shirt, white pants, black socks, and black shoes, he doesn't talk
  • Brother and Sister - Brother and Sister are 2 kids together, a boy and a girl, they wear opposite clothes, Brother has curly black hair, wears a blue shirt, red shorts, and white shoes with pink laces, switched around Sister has black hair tied in a ponytail hanging over her shoulder, she wears the opposite, a red shirt, blue pants, and the exact same kind of white shoes Brother wears which also has pink laces, both of them don't speak
  • Auntie - Auntie is a young woman, she has black hair, wears a light purple shirt, black pants, purple socks, and black shoes, she doesn't speak
  • Little Dog Fido - Little Dog Fido is a dog, he's white with brown spots and all he wears is a red collar, he can never talk since he's a dog and all he can do is bark


  • The show features a whole world filled with Boohbahs and Storypeople, except they're not seen with each other because they're different species and live in 2 different universes, the Boohzone and Storyworld, so they're not meant to be seen together or interact.
  • The Boohbahs are Humbah, Zumbah, Zing Zing Zingbah, Jumbah, Jingbah.
  • The Storypeople are Grandmamma, Grandpappa, Mrs Lady, Mr Man, Brother and Sister, Auntie, Little Dog Fido.
  • The Boohbahs live in the Boohzone while the Storypeople live in Storyworld.
  • The Boohbahs and the Storypeople don't talk in the show, because the Boohbahs don't have any mouths, the Storypeople don't talk even though they got mouths which however they're supposed to have anyway, no characters talk in the show except the off-screen kids and the Storyworld Narrator.