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Cartoon Classics is a Canadian animated television series aimed at kids ages six to seventeen. The series was created by David Cantolla, Guillermo Garcia, Pascal Lavoie, and Aiyden Prosser and is produced by Spectra Animation, AbsoluteDigital Pictures and Nelvana Limited in Canada, and Zinkia Entertainment in Spain. The series aired on Teletoon and ROBLOX TV Studios in Canada and made its official premiere in Canada on January 17, 2015, spanning across five seasons. The series ended on July 28, 2019.

The series centers around the misadventures of the seven main characters, Stephen, Ann, Matt, Joyce, Takashi, Eleesha and Anthone, who enjoy turning their anything but average town into one big place to go on all sorts of crazy adventures, sometimes leading them into troublesome situations.

New episodes of the series and reruns were also aired on the Qubo Channel line-up starting on March 26, 2018, along with reruns of the Family Channel series, Stella and Sam. In Canada, the series is rated C8. In the United States, the series is rated TV-Y7. On ROBLOX TV Studios and Qubo airings, the series doesn't use the "E/I" ident.


Set in a fictional town based in Ontario, lives seven friends who enjoy making messes and just love making even bigger ones cleaning up. Together, these friends, Stephen, Matt, Joyce, Ann, Takashi, Anthone and Eleesha, have fun turning their average, everyday lives into life-sized adventures that might quickly turn into problems quite quickly. However, no matter what amount of trouble they get into, they always have each other's backs and appreciate each other for the way they all are.



  • Stephen Hazlett (David Berni) – Stephen is one of the students attending Cartoony Elementary School. He acts fairly intelligent brainiac who sometimes acts without thinking. He is quite humble and enjoys the way science works, as shown by him working on a science project in "What the Science Shows". He is also portrayed as rather curious, as shown by him always asking questions. His father is shown to work for a news station. Stephen wears a white shirt, a red tie, khaki pants, and glasses.
  • Matthew "Matt" Davidson (Aiyden Prosser) – Matt is a super positive, easy to excite student at the Cartoony Elementary School. He has blonde hair and wears an orange and white shirt. He is an upbeat kid who loves to laugh, mostly at himself and his friends. He has a huge heart, and is rather entertaining, much like his best friend, Ann. He also accepts his friends the way they are and is quite impulsive.
  • Joyce Meunier (Sonja Ball) – Joyce is a smarty pants know-it-all who actually doesn't seem to know much. She has jade green hair and is usually full of many explanations. As said by others, the weirder and more unpredictable she can get, the better the adventures are! She is more than likely to say something or do anything and has fun fooling others.
  • Annie "Ann" Thompson (Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – On the surface, Ann seems to be a rather carefree and happy-go-lucky person. She enjoys roping others into her misadventures and always goes with the flow. She is shown to have dark magenta hair and also knows how to solve problems within the blink of an eye. One thing she doesn't happen to know, however, is the fact that she'll normally lose to one of her friends every fifteen games of Tic-Tac-Toe. She is the younger sister of Rosie and owns an anthropomorphic cat named Rockstar (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills).
  • Takashi Lee (Jeff Geddis) – There's nothing more that Takashi loves in this world than having fun. No matter what happens, he always looks for different ways to play new games, and go on all sorts of new adventures with his friends. Also, he acts rather nice to others, as shown by him being sweet and caring to the others.
  • Anthone Daigle (Darren Frost) – Although Anthone never seems to bring much on his adventures with his friends, Anthone still enjoys bringing his backpack just in case something goes wrong. And if Anthone's best friend, Matt, is an adventure-loving and rather daring character, then Anthone's the complete opposite. He acts calm, analytical and quite sensitive, so he sometimes is the one foreseeing the consequences of the other characters' adventures. Although he hardly ever misses an opportunity to warn his best friend, it never seems to do any good, since Matt always does what he wants to do and always ends up roping his buddy into all sorts of adventures. He is the only character to have a pet besides Ann; in this case, he has a dog, who is voiced by Tom Rack.
  • Eleesha Bryant (Julia Chantrey) – Eleesha is portrayed as a stubborn, bossy person who thinks highly of herself and enjoys causing mischief. Her favorite color was revealed to be purple, which is why she wears a purple shirt and shoes. Eleesha is also rather competitive, as she sometimes participates in events at the Cartoony Elementary School for the sole purpose of winning. In later episodes, Eleesha becomes more calm and less self-centered, eventually expanding her group of friends by meeting other characters.


  • Cupid (Zachary Bennett) – Cupid is a very clever character who appears in the Valentine's Day themed episode, "Love is All Around". He giggles his way through life and comes up with schemes to make the students at Cartoony Elementary School fall in love with each other. No matter what happens, this jolly, sometimes antagonistic, Cupid's glass is always half-full. Rather awkward, he is also quite curious about some things and will follow his arrows wherever they might lead him. Happy and helpful, he's always ready to lend a hand. And even when things get messy, he'll always play it cool. In season three, Cupid became quite creative and had many different things that came to mind that he'd plan for himself and the other characters, too.
  • George Hazlett (André Meunier) – George is the father of Stephen who often does his best at things, though sometimes he might make frequent mistakes. He works at the downtown music store, as shown in "The Cartoony School Band", when his son wants to decide what instrument to choose for the school band. George is also rather dim-witted and awkward, as he sometimes doesn't know about certain questions that other characters know. Above all, George is rather care-free and goofy, while a little confusing towards others, too.
  • Jane Davidson (Krystal Meadows) – Jane is Matt's confident older sister who tries rather hard, but doesn't seem to have a ton of skills when it comes to understanding fashion. She's always looking for a new style to try, and never passes up the chance to show off her sense of fashion, no matter outlandish... even if they're not well-received at first. Rather flamboyant and also quite smart, she'll tend to overreact in tons of situations dramatically, but she's sure her impeccable taste and trending skills can get her to the next stage in being a blogger. Despite Jane's flamboyant nature, she remains a loyal younger brother, and sticks with her friends at all times. She wears a green and yellow shirt and pink sunglasses.
  • Rosie Thompson (Jennifer Seguin) – Rosie is Ann's rather irriational, impatient older sister, who usually is about physicality and movement. She often is compelled to triumph, even if she may or might not have the skills we thought she'd have. As the competitive dark magenta-haired sister of Ann, who'll often takes on all sorts of missions, only one thing we can say is rather certain. We can always count on Rosie to encourage others, even if she's irrational and cocky.
  • Tom Meunier (Danny Brochu) – Tom is the older brother of Joyce who has light brown hair and is usually seen wearing a blue shirt and green shoes. He is normally fascinated with the events he sees on the Internet and always joins things for the purpose of being one of the Grand Prize winners. Tom is also rather confident when it comes to winning, as he also helped his sister, Joyce, during one of the school's Sports Day events. In season four, it was revealed Tom can carry thirty-six loaves of bread all at once, and in season five, a whole shopping cart filled with nothing but bread.
  • Mr. Bishop (Tom Edwards) – Mr. Bishop is the school principal who acts rather humble, while also quite direct towards others. He makes frequent visits to Mrs. Jones' classroom to make sure her students are doing a decent job, and may have a potential crush on her, as shown in "Love is All Around". Sometimes, Mr. Bishop also holds several grudges against his long-time rival, Bennett. His real name, as revealed in season five, is Bishop.
  • Mrs. Jones (Nicki Burke) – Mrs. Jones is one of the teachers at the Cartoony Elementary School who does the best she can when it comes to teaching her students. However, she isn't the easiest to impress, and is also rather short-tempered. She often messes around when teaching her students and apparently dislikes Mr. Bishop without a reason. Despite this, he still has a crush on her, especially if she's short-tempered and rather hard to impress. It was revealed that her full name is Cassandra Jones.
  • Jackie Bouchard (Dawn Ford) – The flight attendant who works at the airport. She is usually seen giving airplane passengers typical service, and acts rather peaceful when it comes to all sorts of situations.
  • James Carter (Clé Bennett) – The only police officer in Cartoony City.
  • Dr. Sean Greene (Justin Bradley) – A doctor at the Cartoony City Hospital.
  • Martin Chevalier (Mark Hauser) – The mailman who works at the Cartoony City Post Office.
  • Jay Gallant (Fabrizio Filippo) – One of the students at the Cartoony High School who enjoys beatboxing.
  • Saul Martineau (Lyon Smith) – A student at the Cartoony Elementary School who likes fishing.
  • Bennett Martineau (Ray Hogg) – Saul's father who works at an office.
  • Philip Parkman (Noah Cappe) – The park manager who also works as the Cartoony Elementary School gym teacher.
  • Fernando Marques (Robbie Nino) – A builder who often makes mistakes when cleaning up things.
  • Eddy Smith (Sam Lee) – A student at the Cartoony High School who often doesn't speak.
  • Kaneda Chang (Jeremy Thibodeau) – A hot-headed ninja who practices his martial arts in a dojo.
  • James Altro (Thor Bishopric) – A professional basketball player.
  • Pamela Felcher (Kathleen Fee) – One of the Cartoony Elementary School teachers.


  • Martian (Wyatt Bowen) – An alien from outer space who has a crashed UFO.
  • McFadden (Michael Yarmush) – A ghost who often joins others on the adventures they enjoy going on.
  • 2PO (Cameron Ansell) – A robot who doesn't seem to short-circuit rather quickly. He short circuits when he's about to run out of battery life, as he somehow takes batteries.
  • Binti (Len Carlson) – An ape who is often seen at the zoo.
  • Kate Forbes (Lucie Beauvais) – A free-spirited dreamer who often hangs out at the beach.
  • Match Boy (Jason Deline) – The sister of Match Girl who thinks before acting.
  • Match Girl (Laura Teasdale) – The direct and honest brother of Match Boy who works as a real estate agent.
  • Blue Snuggie (Brian Froud) – The twin brother of both Green and Red Snuggie.
  • Green Snuggie (Mark Camacho) – The twin brother of both Blue and Red Snuggie.
  • Red Snuggie (Joshua Graham) – The twin brother of both Blue and Green Snuggie.


Cartoon Classics was produced by AbsoluteDigital Pictures, ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. and Spectra Animation in Canada and Zinkia Entertainment in Spain. The series is aimed at ages six to twelve. The series officially began its production in July 2008, when Spectra Animation first filed a trademark for the series' title. Originally, it was going to be produced by Portfolio Entertainment in Canada and Futurikon in France, as per an agreement by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. and the Writers Guild of Canada. The trademark expired in September 2011, and was renewed again. The trademark expired again in late 2013.

The first and second seasons were produced between January 5, 2014 and had ended on November 7, 2014. The series was renewed for a third and fourth season by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc., both of which began in February 2015, with production for both scheduled to end in May 2016. A fifth season was produced in September 2018 and ended on May 19, 2019, with the last episode of the series being aired on July 28, 2019 on ROBLOX TV Studios and Teletoon.


Season 1 (2015)

  1. Let the Games Begin! / The Spotlight Fight / In a Pickle / Joyce and the Missing Temple of Gold
  2. Nonsense Literature / A Race Against Crime / The Ministry of Cartoony Affairs / It's Great to Be Me
  3. The Science Un-Fair / Warping Space Time / Six Minutes to Win It / Done Deal or No Done Deal
  4. Martian Mania / One-Hit Wonder / Clone Come Home / Running to the Fun
  5. The Snuggie Problem / Career Day / Formal Better or Formal Worse / Apples to Pairs
  6. Best Frenemies / Joyce and Jane's Pirate Boat Auction / Trouble With the Bubble / Long Gone Tom
  7. Tooth or Dare / Eggspect the Uneggspected / Rollin' On With It / Over the Fence
  8. It Came from Eleesha and Stephen / You're It / Blowing in the Breeze / Jane's Washing Machine Problem