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Chop Chop Ninja is a Canadian animated television series geared towards kids ages six to twelve that airs on Teletoon. It first premiered on the French-language version on September 1, 2018 before airing on the English-language version on October 6, 2018. The show was produced by the Montreal studio Sardine Productions and animated by Feitong 7 Cartoon. The show is a spinoff of the the 2014 animated television short series Chop Chop Ninja Challenge, which also aired on Teletoon.

Teletoon released on an online game based on the series, titled "Chop Chop Ninja Academy".


Iro, an exuberant young ninja, has one big dream: to become THE Chop Chop Ninja. There is no higher achievement for a ninja! Is he ready for it? Not even close. Does he want it? More than anyone. Will getting there be fun? Absolutely! Along with his three friends and classmates at the Academy, Jo, Neeko and Tetsuo, Iro protects his island home from a steady onslaught of treacherous and not so treacherous villains, and protects the mysterious Medallion from the clutches of Magic Master, in hopes of proving that he deserves the legendary title of CHOP CHOP NINJA.


Main characters

  • Iro – Iro is an exuberant, young ninja, whose dream is to be THE Chop Chop Ninja. He claims that he's "the best ninja ever", despite the fact that he usually acts dumb sometimes. His weapon is a stick. In some episodes, he and the other ninjas will fight dummies that look like Iro, only yellow. In Toopy and Binoo World, Iro is voiced by Jason Deline. He is voiced by Wyatt Bowen.
  • Tetsuo – Tetsuo is a ninja but is also a samurai. He is a nice guy who likes cute animals and the Odd Turkey. He has the might and the appetite of a thousand bulls as well. His orb is the same as his hat. His weapon of choice is a hammer. In Toopy and Binoo World, he was voiced by Mark Camacho. He and Neeko are voiced by Jason Deline.
  • Jo – Jo is the only ninja who is a girl. She and Neeko can shoot from far distances. She is also a strong, intelligent, ninja. Her quarter of the orb is a shuriken that looks like a cat and is her weapon of choice. She is also Yuki's best friend, as they are shown having fun at Yuki's ice fort in "Jo & Yuki BFF's". In Toopy and Binoo World, she is voiced by Sonja Ball, who was meant to voice Binoo before being cast for the roles of Gofrette, Fudge, Roxanne Leblanc and Pong. She is voiced by Angela Galuppo.
  • Neeko – Neeko is the only ninja who is a cat. He is known for being a huge prankster, and possibly one of the most vengeful ninjas. He (along with Jo) can shoot from far distances. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. In Toopy and Binoo World, he has pink wings, thus making him a butterfly, he is voiced by Brian Froud in this show. He and Tetsuo are voiced by Jason Deline.
  • Master Enoki – Master Enoki is Iro, Tetsuo, Jo and Neeko's leader. He sends the Chop Chops on missions,
  • The General – The main antagonist of the series. He is one of the tallest civilists in Rizon Island and always plans on destroying the Chop Chops. He is voiced by Mark Camacho.

Supporting characters

  • Fishman – Fishman is a dark olive-green fish who loves pizza and is one of the villains. He joins Neeko in the episode Neeko Prankster.
  • Kami – Voiced by Jason Deline.
  • Rock Lava Guard – Brian Froud.
  • Dummy Boss – Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Yuki – Yuki is Jo's best friend, as seen in Jo & Yuki BFF's. She is light blue.
  • Magic Master
  • Princess Moriko – One of the most beautiful characters in the show. She has a light pink fan on her hair and has black hair, same with Jo.


Season 1

  1. Iro the Daring / Pretty Lil' Pet
  2. Chop Chop Not / The Annual Attack
  3. Open House / Three Cool Dudes
  4. Tetsuo the Bully / Neeko's Dojo
  5. Clone General / Jo & Yuki BFF's
  6. Who is the Chop Chop? / Masako
  7. Substitute Sharp / Camping at Kami's
  8. Neeko Prankster / Iro's Skill Scam
  9. General Chicken / The Magic Sandwich
  10. Island Fever / Secret Mission
  11. Not-So-Nice Niece / Lady Ninja
  12. Yuki's Resort / The Rizon Awards
  13. Neeko's Amnesia / Iro's Orb
  14. Lights, Camera, Ninja! / Neeko Princess
  15. Evil Plants / Doom's-Day-Putt
  16. Selfie Stick Sorcery / Mama Tetsuo
  17. Mother Enoki / Iro's Quadrant
  18. Now What? / Kami's Heat
  19. The Sceptre of Movement / The Guest of Honour
  20. In Charge / Heart


  • Youth Media Alliance - 2019 Nomination - "Best Program for Animation Ages 6-9".
  • Writers Guild of Canada - 2019 Nomination - "Best Script - Children's Category" (Paul Stoica and Alexandre Riendeau).
  • ACTRA - 2019 Nomination - "Outstanding Performance Male Voice" (Wyatt Bowen and Mark Camacho).


Jo, Iro, Tetsuo and Neeko first appeared Chop Chop Ninja Challenge, with different apperances, before having new character designs and having voice actors. They even managed to made some appearances on Canadian-French-British ROBLOX TV Studios series Playworld - also, in season twenty-five of Playworld, Neeko becomes a butterfly in episode two, titled "Neeko Butterfly", which updated the opening sequence to it as well. They also appeared in the seventh season of Bree's Room. Neeko is expected to go into "Butterfly Mode" in a future episode of the season. They also appeared in every episode of season four and onwards of Toopy and Binoo World. The Chop Chops are currently outside of the Tiny Loser Chamber in a "Rainbow Character Elimination" competition, and have not been penalized in any way so far, nor are they eliminated yet. They are currently competing on opposite teams.

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