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Chop Chop Ninja Challenge is a Canadian animated television short series that is produced by Sardine Productions and Gamerizon Studio. It is a success to the games by Gamerizon Studios Inc. and first began to air in November 2014. The series is broadcasteded in Canada on Teletoon.

It was a prelude to the 2018 series Chop Chop Ninja


40 episodes, approximately 1.5 mins - animated television series based on the Gamerizon Studio video game. Short episodes with no dialogue where the four main characters, Jo, Iro, Neeko and Tetsuo have three tries to complete a challenge, but they always fail in comedic ways.


In 2012, Gamerizon announced that an animated series based on the Chop Chop franchise was in development with Canadian broadcaster Teletoon. The following year, Teletoon officially ordered a series of 40 ninety-second shorts produced by Sardine Productions called Chop Chop Ninja Challenge. A longer form series was also announced to be in development. Chop Chop Ninja Challenge debuted on Teletoon and Télétoon in Canada on November 8, 2014. The series was later aired in over 100 markets globally.

The show is unrated in Canada except on TOF Studios airings, where it is rated G, just like the longer form series. The shorts are rated TV-Y7-FV on ROBLOX TV Studios and doesn't carry an [E/I] ident.


  • Producers: Ghislain Cyr, Alex Sakiz, Luc Wiseman
  • Director: Ghislain Cyr
  • "Chop Chop Ninja" created by: Gamerizon Studio Inc.
  • Content producer: Madeleine Lévesque
  • Artistic director: Patrick Cunningham
  • Production associate: Kael Lazia
  • Literary bible: Madeleine Lévesque
  • Script editors: Ghislain Cyr, Madeleine Lévesque, Simon Paquette
  • Production managers: Behrouz Bayat, Thô Nguyên
  • Production coordinator: Mila Anctil
  • Writers: Robin Balzano, Hollis Ludlow-Carroll, Richard Clark, Shane Simmons, Sean Scott, Rob Tinkler, Steve Westren
  • Music composer for Productions Bulle: Louis-Philippe Quesnel
  • Sound effects and mixing: Isabelle Favreau, Gael Poisson Lemay, Sylvain Brassard (for Audio Postproduction SPR Inc.)
  • Character designer: Patrick Cunningham
  • Prop designer: Roxanne Ducharme
  • Background painter: Mario Gailloux
  • Location designers: Alain Coudry, Patrick Cunningham
  • Layout artists: Alain Coudry, Mario Gailloux, Nathalie Savoie, Fanie Thuot
  • Design adaptation: Mila Anctil, Laurie Gagnon
  • 2D rigging: Laurie Gagnon
  • Compositor: Francois Doire
  • Storyboard supervisors: Ghislain Cyr, Simon Paquette
  • Storyboard artists: Karine Charlebois, Marcos DaSilva, Alexei Kazakov, Jean Lajeunesse
  • Animation supervisor: Patrick Désilets
  • Lead animator: Maxime Vallières-Leduc
  • Animators: Étienne Aubry, Sarah Bart, Jared Karnas, Frédérique Leblanc, Alexandre Pelletier, Philippe Samson, Fanie Thuot
  • Animatics: Marcos DaSilva, Simon Paquette
  • Editor: Patrick Moine
  • Administration and financing directors: Patricia Blais, Susan Harvey, Amber Lepage
  • Production accountants for Avanti CinéVideo: Patricia Blais, Louis Chrétien, Marie Danet, Luc Gauthier
  • Administrative assistant: Martine Bélec


Each character takes turns doing the challenges in the same order: Iro, Jo, Neeko, and finally, Tetsuo.

  • Hang a Picture
  • Catch the Fly
  • Catch the Fish
  • Get Candy
  • Light the Torch
  • Steal the Golden Egg
  • Put the Monkey in the Barrel
  • Ring the Bell
  • Save the Waka
  • Extinguish the Volcano