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Cleo & Cuquín, known in Latin America as Cleo & Cuquin: Familia Telerin, is a Spanish-Mexican preschool animated television series produced by Ánima Kitchentin cooperation with Televisa. A reboot of the classic Familia Telerín series, it debuted in Spain on Clan on January 7, 2018.


The series follows an eight-year-old girl named Cleo and her youngest brother, Cuquin, as they help their other siblings solve the problems they encounter. At the end of each episode, Cleo uses the lessons learned from them to help her determine what she wants to be when she grows up.


  • Cleo Telerin (voiced by Hayley Maki) is the oldest of six siblings and is eight years old. Her favorite thing in the world is playing, and with her vivid imagination, she turns everything into an adventure.
  • Cuquin Telerin (voiced by Ruben Ray) is the smallest; he is one year old. He is an adorable little scamp, a tireless, playful baby who just won't sit still.
  • Colitas Telerin (voiced by Kenna Pickard) is the little sister and is still learning to talk. She is three years old. She's all heart and loves to share everything she has, she is empathetic and optimistic, and is a huge nature-lover.
  • Pelusin Telerin (voiced by Hunter Maki) is the artist of the family. He is five years old. He is easygoing, creative and very sensitive.
  • Maripí Telerin (voiced by Emily Emmersen, later voiced by Savannah Beattie) is very neat, clean, and, above all, theatrical to the core. She is six years old. She loves to be the center of attention.
  • Teté Telerin (voiced by Austin Nash Chase) is a bookworm: intelligent, a bit of a know-it-all, who loves to read, study and learn new things... and then show off about how much he knows. He is seven years old.


Season 1

  1. The Premiere
  2. Ghostcatchers
  3. Driving Pelusin
  4. Hiccup Monsters
  5. Double Plie
  6. Elementary Dear Colitas
  7. Magic Cleo
  8. The Championship
  9. The Flower
  10. Flying Tooth
  11. A Day at the Beach
  12. Meteor Shower
  13. Power Up
  14. Pijama´s Party
  15. Digging
  16. My Little Big Band
  17. Gym Challenge
  18. Ghost Love
  19. Colitas' Bee Day
  20. Tete's Project
  21. The Ball
  22. The First Day of Spring
  23. Happy Birthday
  24. Learning to Ride
  25. The Big Game
  26. Trapped by the Flowers
  27. The Accident
  28. Afternoon TV
  29. Out on a Limb
  30. Christmas Day
  31. The Vegetable Mystery
  32. The Race
  33. The Big Freeze
  34. Toy Er
  35. Off to School
  36. Delivery
  37. Juice, Please!!
  38. The Photo Album
  39. The Secret Is in the Sauce
  40. Sea Adventure
  41. Anyone Can Draw
  42. Sit!
  43. She Knight
  44. Everyone Vs Cleo
  45. A Halloween Nightmare
  46. Little Paper Planes
  47. The Legend of Captain Clawl
  48. Pool Party
  49. Cops and Robbers
  50. Watering Day
  51. Flute Age
  52. Here Comes the Wolf!

Season 2

  1. The Spaceship
  2. Snowy Search
  3. Marisphinx
  4. The Egg
  5. The Video Game
  6. Goals on Ice
  7. Arctic Architecture
  8. Cleo's Circus
  9. Vacation Time
  10. Evening Adventure
  11. Tree House TLC
  12. A Spacetastic Birthday
  13. Tete's_glasses
  14. Odín's Giant Egg
  15. Ghoul School
  16. A Gigantic World
  17. A New Friend
  18. Hidden Treasures
  19. Winter Games
  20. the Mystery of the Shed
  21. Save the Forest!
  22. The Dance
  23. A Picnic by the Lake
  24. Say Cheese
  25. Big Foot's Big Itch
  26. The Blackout


The series began airing on January 7, 2018 on Clan and on January 22, 2018 on Nick Jr. in the United States. It premiered on the Discovery Kids channel in Latin America on March 5, 2018, and on Netflix worldwide. The show later premiered on Treehouse TV in Canada on April 5, 2019.