Dragon is a TV show where Dragon does many things everyday with his friends Alligator, Beaver, Ostrich, Mail Mouse. Things have switched since then (from clay-animation into ROBLOX animation, for seasons 4 to 6. The ending has changed since those two seasons.)

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All-season debuts

  • Alligator: He calls Dragon Little Blue Dude and sometimes by his real name, he enjoys playing his bongos and spending most of his time with Dragon because he's usually the only friend Dragon hangs out with more, he appears in most episodes but is absent in some, he's green with a long nose, a stomach with lines across, and big eyes.
  • Beaver: He likes to do anything but sometimes grumpy on rare occasions, he enjoys fixing things for his friends and loves having so many sticks lying around his yard, he loves helping Dragon cleanup his house and he's always repeating "Yes" and "No" after finishing a sentence or just for fun, he makes his appearance in most episodes but is sometimes absent in a few episodes, he's brown and wears blue or green overalls that's shaped like underwear with pants sleeves cut off, he has big teeth down his mouth and a big flat tail.
  • Cat: She is a cat who doesn't like to do much, she is adopted by Dragon as her owner, she's lazy and doesn't enjoy spending much time with Dragon or his friends whenever they're visiting him at his house, she appears in a few episodes but is absent in some because she sometimes not seen anywhere in Dragon's house, she's gray with black stripes and a gray nose with a white circle around and she has a white stomach.
  • Dragon: He likes to do things all in one day, he's always the main character of the show always getting major roles, however, for the exception of Ostrich To The Rescue and he's absent in only 1 segment of that episode "Looking For Trouble", however, he's the only character that appears in every episode of the series, he makes up ideas for what he loves doing for fun with his friends, he sometimes causes trouble and accidents for his friends whenever he tries helping them with something because he still cares about them and he enjoys mixing foods together with things in different ways, he spends most of his time with his best friend Alligator because Alligator is usually the only friend Dragon spends time with more and is not too busy most of his life, he's blue with a purple line and blue triangle points that go down his back to his tail, he has a big nose and white horns on 2 sides of his head, he even has a big stomach and little eyes, he lives in a white house with a red roof and has a crescent moon on the front of his house and a sun on the back of it, during the end credits, the blue background as the credits are rolling is blue which is the same color as him.
  • Mail Mouse: She comes and delivers the mail, she calls Dragon a good friend whenever he helps her in need of something, but she got a little bossy with him him about cleaning his house just because it was messy, she got mad at Beaver when she thought it was him that glued her mailbag back together and to the grass, she's never seen where she lives or her house not seen either, she makes most appearances in most episodes but doesn't appear in every episode, she wears a blue mail suit and a blue mail hat, she's got big long ears.
  • Ostrich: She runs the store in town and she always wants to be a superhero at her spare time, she only had 1 major role in Ostrich To The Rescue instead of Dragon since he was a minor character for the only time just like his other friends, her house is never seen in the show but it's sometimes mentioned a couple times, her residence is usually her grocery store where everyone visits her sometimes, she has a long purple neck and purple legs with polka dots, she appears in most episodes but not every episode, she has a yellow beak and white wings on her back, she also has a red head with the form of her eye brows.

Season 4 debuts

  • Manon: She always her spare time to hang out with Dragon and her other friends.
  • Manon's friends: They're always taking debuts in every new episode of season 5.
  • Yure: She does anything she can to get out of the imaginary world of Dragon's after thinking.

Season 5 debuts

  • Check the episode Baseball Dragon to see the debuts, since that's a season 5 episode.


  1. A Day Without Dragon
  2. A Friend For Dragon
  3. A Problem In Town
  4. A Seriously Hard Day Out With Tennar and Alligator
  5. A Trip To The Special Clock Shop
  6. A Trip To The Supermarket
  7. Alligator The Bossy Friend
  8. Alligator Breaks His Bongos
  9. Alligator's Cake
  10. Alligator Feels Homesick
  11. Alligator Sings About Tommy And Tallulah
  12. Alligator's Birthday
  13. Alligator's Caterpillar
  14. Alligator's Foot Injury
  15. Alligator's Missing Hammock
  16. Alligator's Music Club
  17. Alligator's Music Lesson
  18. Alligator's Non-Favorite Day
  19. Alligator's Special Day
  20. Alligator's Tooth
  21. Alligator's TV
  22. Alligator's Videotapes
  23. Alma and Baron Fight
  24. Alma Records
  25. Alma Meets Tommy And Tallulah
  26. Alma Wins A Trophy
  27. Another Friend For Dragon And His Friends
  28. Baron and Dragon's Day Out
  29. Baseball Dragon
  30. Beaver Surprises Dragon
  31. Beaver And Manon's Date
  32. Beaver Exercises
  33. Beaver Cries About Manon
  34. Beaver Scrapes His Hand
  35. Beaver Sweats
  36. Beaver Feels Left Out
  37. Beaver Babysits Cat
  38. Beaver Gets Stinky
  39. Beaver Goes Berry Picking
  40. Beaver Hurts His Bum
  41. Beaver Loses His Trusts
  42. Beaver Mind Reads
  43. Beaver The Builder
  44. Beaver's Accident
  45. Beaver's Back Massage
  46. Beaver's Birthday
  47. Beaver's Big Jump
  48. Beaver's Block Tower
  49. Beaver's Broken Telephone
  50. Beaver's Cabbage Soup
  51. Beaver's Cowboy Hat
  52. Beaver's Dam
  53. Beaver's Experiment
  54. Beaver's First Day Of School
  55. Beaver's Grocery Job
  56. Beaver's Gloomy Day
  57. Beaver's Hardware Store
  58. Beaver's Hot Air Balloon
  59. Beaver's Ice Cream Sandwich
  60. Beaver's Mountain Hike
  61. Beaver's Mistake
  62. Beaver's Laundry Day
  63. Beaver's Lazy Day
  64. Beaver's Lost Toy
  65. Beaver's Love Video
  66. Beaver's Missing Hammock
  67. Beaver's New Look
  68. Beaver's Noisy Day
  69. Beaver's Odor
  70. Beaver's Penny
  71. Beaver's Rodeo Dance
  72. Beaver's Scary Movie
  73. Beaver's Sniffles
  74. Beaver's Special Day
  75. Beaver's Special Rock
  76. Beaver's Spectra-Animated Effects
  77. Beaver's Stinky Feet
  78. Beaver's Tantrum
  79. Behavior Chart Day
  80. Bingo and Dragon's Fight
  81. Bingo and Melba Go To The Pizzeria
  82. Burping Contest
  83. Cat's Alliance
  84. Cat's Amazing Surprise
  85. Cat's Birthday
  86. Cat's Blanket
  87. Cat's First Adoption Remembering
  88. Cat's New Trick
  89. Cat's Shady Shelter
  90. Cat's Tuna Sandwich
  91. Cat's Watchover
  92. Dragon's Diaper Game
  93. Dragon And Alligator's Argument
  94. Dragon And Beaver Feel Left
  95. Dragon And Beaver's Yodeling Party
  96. Dragon And Friends At The Beach
  97. Dodgeball Dragon
  98. Doctor Dragon
  99. Dragon And Friends Get Locked In School
  100. Dragon And Friends Visit The Animation Studio
  101. Dragon And Friends Go To The Carnival
  102. Dragon And Friends Help Manon With Her Chores
  103. Dragon And Friends Help Out With Tommy
  104. Dragon And Friends In Real Life
  105. Dragon And Friends Look After Manon's House
  106. Dragon And Friends Meet Tommy and Tallulah
  107. Dragon And Manon's Together Time
  108. Dragon At The Water Park
  109. Dragon At A Construction Site
  110. Dragon At A Hotel
  111. Dragon At The Movie Theater
  112. Dragon Babysits A Fern
  113. Dragon Borrows A Hammer
  114. Dragon Collects Stamps
  115. Dragon Copies Beaver and Bobby
  116. Dragon Does Nice Things
  117. Dragon Fixes Beaver's Toy
  118. Dragon Follows The Road's Rules
  119. Dragon Impresses Manon
  120. Dragon's French Toast Breakfast
  121. Dragon Gets Interrupted
  122. Dragon Gets Lost In The Woods
  123. Dragon Goes Apple Picking
  124. Dragon Goes Bowling
  125. Dragon Goes Camping
  126. Dragon Goes To Manon's House
  127. Dragon Goes To The Hospital
  128. Dragon Goes Swimming
  129. Dragon Helps Beaver
  130. Dragon In Outer Space
  131. Dragon Looks For Cat
  132. Dragon Loses His Voice
  133. Dragon Learns To Skate
  134. Dragon Minds His Manners
  135. Dragon Misses Manon
  136. Dragon Passes The Time
  137. Dragon Plays Miniature Golf
  138. Dragon Plays Peek-A-Boo
  139. Dragon Puts on a Play
  140. Dragon Runs The Store
  141. Dragon Shows Off
  142. Dragon Solves A Mystery
  143. Dragon Stops Being A Showoff
  144. Dragon Surprises Ostrich
  145. Dragon Starts A Clubhouse For All
  146. Dragon The Actor
  147. Dragon The Copycat
  148. Dragon The Funny Friend
  149. Dragon The Magician
  150. Dragon The Prankster
  151. Dragon The Rude Friend
  152. Dragon The Teacher
  153. Dragon Visits The Farm
  154. Dragon's Apple Crunch
  155. Dragon's Amazing Day
  156. Dragon's Bad Day
  157. Dragon's Band
  158. Dragon's Barn Dance
  159. Dragon's Bedtime Story
  160. Dragon's Best Friend Club
  161. Dragon's Be My Valentine
  162. Dragon's Birthday
  163. Dragon's Big Decision
  164. Dragon's Big Itch
  165. Dragon's Bogeyman
  166. Dragon's New Bike
  167. Dragon's Car Breaks Down
  168. Dragon's Carrot
  169. Dragon's Cat
  170. Dragon's Christmas Hats
  171. Dragon's Chip Party
  172. Dragon's Clog Dance
  173. Dragon's Compass
  174. Dragon's Costume Party
  175. Dragon's Cookie Supplies
  176. Dragon's Crying Day
  177. Dragon's Day Dream
  178. Dragon's Dummy
  179. Dragon's Etiquette Lesson
  180. Dragon's Fashion Show
  181. Dragon's Faith
  182. Dragon's Fall Collection
  183. Dragon's Fall Fair
  184. Dragon's Fortune
  185. Dragon's Fossil
  186. Dragon's Fly
  187. Dragon's Friends Day
  188. Dragon's Funny Noise
  189. Dragon's Funky Beat
  190. Dragon's Great Grandpa
  191. Dragon's Grumpy Pal
  192. Dragon's Healthy Song
  193. Dragon Gets Bullied
  194. Dragon And Alligator's Big Splash
  195. Dragon's Halloween
  196. Dragon's Haunted House Mystery
  197. Dragon's Hiccups
  198. Dragon's Holiday
  199. Dragon's Holiday: Spoiled
  200. Dragon's Haul at School
  201. Dragon's Hauling Heave
  202. Dragon's Inside Out Day
  203. Dragon's Invention
  204. Dragon's Just Like Cat and Mouse Argument
  205. Dragon's Just-Up New Stand
  206. Dragon's Lazy Sunday
  207. Dragon's Lantern
  208. Dragon's Lemonade Stand
  209. Dragon's Learns To Use Flash
  210. Dragon's Library Card
  211. Dragon's Lucky Day
  212. Dragon's Merry Christmas
  213. Dragon's Museum Trip
  214. Dragon's Mixed Up Day
  215. Dragon's Moon
  216. Dragon's Movie
  217. Dragon's Movie Camera
  218. Dragon's New Alliance
  219. Dragon's New Brownie Recipe
  220. Dragon's New Dance
  221. Dragon's New Cellphone
  222. Dragon's New Game
  223. Dragon's New Hobby
  224. Dragon's New Teacher
  225. Dragon's News Stand
  226. Dragon's Oval-Counting
  227. Dragon's Oven Problems
  228. Dragon's Package
  229. Dragon's Party
  230. Dragon's Pancake Breakfast
  231. Dragon's Pie Fair
  232. Dragon's Pirate Adventure
  233. Dragon's Photo Album
  234. Dragon's Picks
  235. Dragon's Picnic
  236. Dragon's Pictures
  237. Dragon's Pizza Store
  238. Dragon's Prance with Wolves
  239. Dragon's Poem
  240. Dragon's Punishment Day
  241. Dragon's Quarrel
  242. Dragon's Radio
  243. Dragon's Ruined Fridge
  244. Dragon's Ruined Party
  245. Dragon's Sad Day
  246. Dragon's Sayings
  247. Dragon's Scavenger Hunt
  248. Dragon's School Orientation
  249. Dragon's School Field Trip
  250. Dragon's Silly Day
  251. Dragon's Science Project
  252. Dragon's Sled Ride
  253. Dragon's Sleepover
  254. Dragon's Slumber Party
  255. Dragon's Snail
  256. Dragon's Snowy Day
  257. Dragon's Snuffly Day
  258. Dragon's Songs
  259. Dragon's Special Day
  260. Dragon's Spider
  261. Dragon's Spicy Potion
  262. Dragon's Spring Break
  263. Dragon's Spring Celebration
  264. Dragon's Spring Cleaning
  265. Dragon's Stinky Day
  266. Dragon's Surprise Party
  267. Dragon's Suspect
  268. Dragon's Summer Vacation
  269. Dragon's Thanksgiving
  270. Dragon's Tire
  271. Dragon's Toboggan
  272. Dragon's Toy Airplane
  273. Dragon's Train
  274. Dragon's Treasure Hunt
  275. Dragon's Troll
  276. Dragon's Tricks And Treats
  277. Dragon's Upside Down House
  278. Dragon's Vacuum Cleaner
  279. Dragon's Vacuum Cleaner Madness
  280. Dragon's Valentine's Day
  281. Dragon's Video Game
  282. Dragon's Wagon
  283. Dragon's Xylophone
  284. Dragon's Xylophone Music
  285. Dragon's Yard Sale
  286. Dragon's Zany Vacation
  287. Dragon's Zoo Trip
  288. Easter Bunny Dragon
  289. Fall Down Day For Everyone
  290. Good Morning In Dragon's Town
  291. Goodnight Dragon And Friends
  292. Haunted House Scares
  293. Jelly Sandwich Day For Everyone
  294. King Dragon
  295. Manon Bakes With Tallulah and Dragon
  296. Manon And Alligator's Day Out
  297. Manon Meets Dragon's Friends (special episode of season 6)
  298. Manon Makes A Present For Alligator
  299. Manon Makes A Special Toy For Bingo
  300. Manon Recycles
  301. Manon, Beautiful Princess
  302. Manon Visits Dragon's House
  303. Manon's Hugs
  304. Manon's Dinner
  305. Mouse-Catcher Ostrich
  306. Monster In The House
  307. Mail Mouse Delivers Cookies To Manon's House
  308. Mail Mouse's Birthday
  309. Mail Mouse's New Mail Bag
  310. Mail Mouse's New Job
  311. Mail Mouse's Special Day
  312. Mail Mouse's Tap Dancing
  313. New Kid In Town
  314. New School Principal
  315. Ostrich Has A Vacation
  316. Ostrich To The Rescue
  317. Ostrich Pretends To Be Hurt
  318. Ostrich's Birthday
  319. Ostrich's Dominoes
  320. Ostrich's Dance Lesson
  321. Ostrich's Special Day
  322. Pirate Dragon And Captain Alligator
  323. Pedro Cleans Up The Pond
  324. Pedro Gets A Package
  325. Pedro Meets The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  326. Pedro Yells At Beaver
  327. Pedro Spends Time With Beaver
  328. Pedro's Hide-and-Seek Game
  329. Pedro's Rocketship
  330. Pedro's Soundboard
  331. Sidekick Dragon
  332. SOS Spread-Sheet Dragon
  333. Star Gazing Dragon
  334. Superhero Friends
  335. Tennar Won't Crow
  336. The Best A Dragon Can Be
  337. Tallulah and Tommy's Costume Party
  338. Tallulah and Tommy's Restaurant
  339. Tallulah and Tommy's Supermarket
  340. Tallulah the Queen
  341. Tallulah's Amazing Day
  342. Tallulah's Big Scare
  343. Tallulah's Cloning Machine
  344. Tallulah's Cooling Off Day
  345. Tallulah's Jelly Sandwich Problem
  346. Tallulah's Sad Day
  347. Tommy And Dragon Hang Out With Pedro
  348. Tommy And Baron Celebrate
  349. Tommy And Beaver's Picnic
  350. Tommy The Coke Do-er
  351. Tommy The Dragon
  352. Tommy The Ghost
  353. Tommy The Knight
  354. Tommy The Magician
  355. Tommy The Prince
  356. Tommy The Teacher
  357. Tommy's Amazing Surprise
  358. Tommy's Amazing Fly-Bye Umbrella
  359. Tommy's Birthday
  360. Tommy's Campout
  361. Tommy's Costume
  362. Tommy's Halloween
  363. Tommy's Movie Theater
  364. Tommy's Science Portal
  365. Tommy's Science Practice
  366. Tourist Dragon
  367. Unfair Dragon
  368. What More Could A Dragon Ask For?
  369. Yure and Beaver's Little Problem
  370. You-Know-Who's Here!
  371. Zany Dragon