Funky valley
Funky Valley is a UK children's television series created, designed, and directed by Sarah and Simon Bor. It is produced by Honeycomb Animation for Channel 5. It also aired on Treehouse. Each five minute episode is set in a barnyard full of the usual farm animals. The main characters are usually [[Dippythe Cow, Porker the Pig, Hoot the Owl, Horatio the Horse, Clara the Hen, and Daphne the Bossy Duck.

Episode Overview

In each episode the characters are doing what farm animals usually do (for example, Porker relaxing in his giant mud puddle). There is always a problem, either a big hailstorm, or Gertrude the goose bragging about how pretty she is, which leads to the plot of the episode. Hoot the owl usually comes at the end and helps solves the problem.


  • Amadeus: A wolf playing a violin.
  • Clara: A loud hen.
  • Daphne: A very bossy duck.
  • Dippy: A cow who is always forgetful.
  • Fleecie: A sheep.
  • Gertrude: A goose who wishes she was a swan.
  • Hoot: A very wise owl who helps his friends when there is a problem.
  • Horatio: An orange horse who loves apples.
  • Porker: A pig who loves mud and is Dippy's closest friend.
  • Tree: A talking apple tree.
  • buster: a Ram
  • Fergus a fox with fanny goat friend
  • fanny a goat also have a fox name fergus
  • swallow is a bird don't like to fly
  • ticker a cat can scare
  • snap a baby crocodile goes to school and the dentist
  • mommy crocodile snap mom was going to the dentist
  • shelly a tutle goes for a race
  • nature is a badger can eat apple and become a monster in a barrel
  • stadley a reindeer from christmas
  • keehie a caterpillar become a butterfly
  • booboo a ?
  • batty a bat
  • percy peacock