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In the Night Garden... is a CGI British animated television series which aimed at kids ages 1 to 6 produced by Ragdoll Worldwide Limited.

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  • Igglepiggle is a blue teddy bear-like has red blanket not asleep on riding sleeping on boat ending not Upsy Daisy's Bed
  • Upsy Daisy is a together brown Ragdoll
  • Makka Pakka is a Small Round bodie Character in In the Night Garden. He lives in a Cave at the edge Of the Garden, Soap, Sponge and Uff Uff dryer and Trumpet.
  • The Tombliboos – Unn, Ooo and Eee are dress in costumes
  • The Pontipines yay two families and ten tiny creatures (a mother, and a father plus four boys and four girls named Ben, Lily, Luke, Holly, Even, Lizzy, Jamie and Jasmine are eight tiny Pontipines) They say "mi mi mi"
  • Haahoos is the five shadows on Bean, X and Flower, Star, Circle her sleepover in the garden.
  • The Tittifers is the CGI birds singer one toucan, two green birds and three large pink birds, four blue birds.
  • Ninky Nonk is a train
  • Pink Ponk is a blimp
  • Ragdoll is a doodle long hair