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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (sometimes shortened to Sunny Patch) is a Canadian children's television

series aims at kids ages four through twelve based on the children's books by David Kirk which has the same name. The series originally aired on Teletoon in Canada and Nickelodeon in the United States. It also aired on Treehouse TV from 2004 to 2008.[3]

The series is set in "Sunny Patch" (a miniature town made of common forest items), populated by anthropomorphic bugs, and primarily centers around the Spider family. The episodes follow the children's adventures playing in Sunny Patch and learning life lessons, such as being kind to others, being imaginative, having responsibility, and being curious about the world around them.

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (sometimes shortened to Sunny Patch) is a Canadian children's television series based on the children's books by David Kirk. The series originally aired on Teletoon in Canada and Nickelodeon in the United States.[3]


The series is set in "Sunny Patch" (a miniature town made of common forest items), populated by anthropomorphic bugs, and primarily centers around the Spider family. The episodes follow the children's adventures playing in Sunny Patch and learning life lessons, such as being kind to others, being imaginative, having responsibility, and being curious about the world around them.



  • Miss Spider (voiced by Kristin Davis) – Like three of her children, Miss Spider is an adoptee, adopted by Betty Beetle when she could not find her biological mother. Miss Spider tries to be a kind and caring mom and give equal time to all of her many children. She strongly believes that "We have to be good to bugs; all bugs."
  • Squirt (voiced by Scott Beaudin) – A curious and adventurous green spider, Squirt is considered to be the leader of the children and as such, more stories center around his character than any other. He enjoys surfing the air on his webs, dreams of flying like Shimmer or Dragon, and is often ready to take the lead in an adventure. Because of his impulsive and curious personality, he often needs the advice of his parents to help him with situations.
  • Shimmer (voiced by Rebecca Brenner) – A pink jewel beetle with an interest in sports and games, Shimmer is different from the rest of the family as she has abilities the others do not (such as heat sensors). She is one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptive children.
  • Dragon (voiced by Mitchell Eisner) – A purple dragonfly and one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptive children. He is the eldest of the Spider children and often assumes the role of an antagonist, especially towards Squirt. In several episodes, Dragon serves as an example of peer pressure. For example, in "Cry Buggie," Dragon pokes fun at Squirt when he explains his feelings.
  • Bounce (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – A blue bedbug and one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptivechildren. He is a two-legged, high-energy bug and the only bug character in the series to have teeth. He and Dragon have been "best bug buddies" ever since they met because of their similar experiences regarding their original families.


  • Holley (voiced by Robert Smith) – He is Miss Spider's husband. Holley is a songwriter and loves to play his guitar. He has a special thinking stone where he makes decisions.
  • Spinner (voiced by Austin Di Iulio in seasons 1-2 and Cameron Ansell in season 3) – A yellow spider sporting very large eyeglasses, he looks almost exactly like his father, Holley. He is a smart and wise bug often looked to for advice. While he is not great at physical activities, he has a wonderful talent for the "bugpipes".
  • Snowdrop (voiced by Alexandra Lai) – A yellow spider and Pansy's twin. Her distinguishing feature is a green bow on her head. She has a beautiful singing voice.
  • Pansy (voiced by Aaryn Doyle) – A yellow spider and Snowdrop's twin. Her distinguishing feature is a pink bow on her head. She sings well, but not as naturally as Snowdrop.
  • Wiggle (voiced by Marc McMulkin) – A blue spider who tends to be the worrier of the group, and is quite emotional.
  • Ned (voiced by Jonathon Wilson) and Ted (voiced by Philip Williams) – A pair of red ant brothers. Ned speaks with a Cockney accent and has a tuft of hair between his antenna and Ted speaks with a New York accent. The both of them are scheming and deceptive and have only two interests: food and getting more of it. A common running gag is that when one bug mistakes Ted for Ned or vice versa, they would correct the bug by saying "I'm Ted. He's Ned." or vice versa.
  • Stinky (voiced by Scott McCord) – A green stinkbug who takes up detective work in his free time.
  • Felix – A frog who was introduced in the three-part special "A Froggy Day in Sunny Patch." Felix longed to be a bug himself and refuses to eat bugs, as he does not find them tasty. Instead, he eats only berries.
  • Spiderus Reeves[4](voiced by Tony Jay) – A whiny, conniving, cowardly arachnid. His dastardliness is over the top and completely laughable. He lives with his new wife Spindella in a crack at the bottom of the Hollow Tree. He's a heckler who taunts and torments everyone with empty threats that he'll eat them up. Even though he would never follow through with his threats, the kids go to great lengths to sneak by his door without being noticed.


  • Betty Beetle - Betty is Flora's adoptive mother, the kids' maternal grandmother, and Holley's mother-in-law. It's revealed that when Flora couldn't find her original mom, Betty decided to be her mother.
  • Uncle Asparagus "Gus" - (voiced by Peter Oldring) - A red and green beetle and is Flora's adoptive brother, Betty's son, Holley's brother-in-law, and the kids' maternal until uncle. He sometimes like to look at stars with his nephews and nieces.
  • Spindella Reeves - Is Spiderus's wife who he met in the Snakey Woods near the farm. They have 3 kids named Mandrake, Belladonna, and Poison Ivy.
  • Grub (voiced by Rob Tinkler) - A white grub that has told Squirt about the Snakes Woods.
  • Spiffy - A light green stinkbug who is Stinky's sister.
  • Grace - A little lost ladybug who is currently with Stinky and Spiffy until her real family comes.
  • Lily - A grown-up ladybug.
  • Eunice Earwig - One of the Spider family's neighbors and the mother of Eddie and Little Sis.
    • Eddie Earwig - Eunice Earwig's son and eldest child. He is good friends with Squirt.
    • Little Sis - Eunice's youngest child and Eddie's younger sister.
  • Mr. Mantis - The teacher of the kids' class.
  • Sawyer - An ant who is a cowgirl.
  • Cookie - A butterfly that stayed with the Spider family when she was a young caterpillar. Everyone also helped her catch up with her flock of butterflies during the cold winter.
  • Beetrice - A queen bee in a hive part of the hollow tree.


Season 1 (2004-2005)

Title Overview Release Date
1 I'll Fly Away / All Pupa'ed Out *Dragon wants to leave Sunny Patch to join the Flying Aces, who are dragonflies like he is. He feels like he would belong better with them.
  • Squirt and Shimmer find an orphaned baby caterpillar in the meadow. They ask Miss Spider and Holley if they can take care of her, but get more work than they bargained for
September 7, 2004
2 Bug Your Mom Day / Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch May 2, 2005
3 Something's Stinky in Sunny Patch / The Listening Walk *Opened in a Private-Eye style mystery, Stinky investigates the case of the theft of bark from Mr. Mantis' house. Spiderus accuses Shimmer of eating the bark, and spreads the rumor. Shimmer realizes how much gossip hurts her feelings. It is figured out that the culprit was the bark beetles, who eat and lay their eggs in bark. The beetles apologize for not realizing they were eating someone's house.
  • Wiggle is scared of nighttime noises. Miss Spider takes him on a listening walk, like her mother took her on when she was a young bug. They are joined by Squirt and Dragon on their walk, followed by Bounce a little later. One by one, the bugs identify the nighttime noises and realize it's really the nocturnal bugs who are active at night.
September 15, 2004
4 Country Bug-Kin / A Star Fell On Sunny Patch *An orphaned cockroach named Sweetie is blown by the wind into Sunny Patch. She is taken in by the Spider family until it is safe to go home. Squirt is taken with her, and tries to impress her by taking her on a midnight stroll. He worries when he thinks nothing will interest her.
  • The bugs, along with Uncle Gus, go out stargazing. They learn about constellations, shooting stars, and wishing stars. Squirt makes many wishes on a star, and Uncle Gus jokes that he wished the star out of the sky. When Squirt and some of the other bugs find what looks like a wishing star, Squirt worries that what Gus said was true. They try to return the star to the sky.
September 8, 2004
5 A Little Slow / Stalking the Beanstalk In "A Little Slow" Miss Spider takes the bugs on a nature walk for Bug Scouts. Squirt takes along his friend, Shelley the snail. But the others get annoyed at having to walk slowly to keep pace with Shelley. The other bugs race ahead while Miss Spider and Squirt discover the things you do not always notice when passing by too fast. When the other bugs get lost, they are found by Miss Spider, Squirt, and Shelley. They worry over how they will get home when Shelley shows them how he leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes. They follow the trail to get home. September 9, 2004
6 Family Circus / Eight Is Not Enough *The children get out of hand while waiting for the circus. To improve their behavior, Holly shows them the wishing web. When the others reach the top of the web before them, Bounce, Dragon, and Squirt vow to help each other. When Squirt's plan backfires his brothers come to his defense and Holly and Mrs Spider decide they can go to the circus for helping each other.
  • Miss Spider and Holley are busy trying to keep up with their little buggies' activities. Soon Bounce accidentally bumps into Holley, who falls down and injures himself. Mrs Spider decides to take over all parent roles while Holley rests. But she ends up trying to visit so many activities at once that she too falls down and gets hurt, and has to be carried home. The kids are upset at first until they realize their mom had gotten hurt.
March 14, 2005
7 The Marin Rose / A Sticky Situation Miss Spider reads the children, the story of the Marin Rose. September 13, 2004
8 Happy Heartwood Day / Ground House Rules February 14, 2005
9 Fly Away Friends / Bedtime Story In "Bedtime Story", Miss Spider and her husband, Holley, try to get their children to go to bed on time. After spinning a web to help their children reach their goal of going to bed on time for an entire week, Miss Spider and Holley meet success. But they still cannot seem to get to bed on time themselves! This story was also made into an iPad app called Miss Spider's Bedtime Story. September 10, 2004
10 Sing It Sister / Ant-tution *The bugs see the Dribbly Dell Singers. Pansy hears that they are doing tryouts and starts practicing. The other bugs try to be nice, but they see it's not her natural talent. When Snowdrop's beautiful singing is overheard, she's asked to give Pansy advice. Pansy realizes that she sounds better singing with her twin. Pansy has some trouble at her audition, so Snowdrop sings with her. Snowdrop is accepted instead. On the night of the show, Snowdrop refuses to go. But she and Pansy arrange for them to sing together to everyone's surprise.
  • It's time for harvesting in Sunny Patch. All the bugs are working to put away storage for the winter. Squirt loses control of a cart that rolls toward Ned and Ted's ant hole. When the ants come out, Squirt explains they are harvesting. Ned and Ted convince Squirt that winter's far off and nobody should need to harvest for a while. They throw a This Summer Will Never End party. Miss Spider's crew collect all they need, and Ned and Ted are surprised at the end of the night when snow begins to fall.
September 14, 2004
11 What a Tangled Web / Cry Buggie Squirt accidentally leaves all of his leftover webs all over Sunny Patch and instead of cleaning it up he goes off to play. So Miss Spider is stuck cleaning up after him. But when Roxie the Sky Queen gets injured from one of the wayward webs, Squirt realizes what he must do, and he helps his mom clean up all of the webs.

On the day before the Soccerberry tournament, the kids have a practice game. When Wiggle loses, he bursts into tears. Dragon explains to Squirt that Wiggle's a "cry buggie" and that older bugs never cry. Squirt takes these words to heart and does not even cry when he hurts one of his legs and cannot play in the tournament. Squirt keeps all of his bad feelings bottled up inside of him, until his parents tell him that all bugs need to cry sometimes, even older bugs. Squirt then lets all his feelings out in tears, and he starts to feel a lot better afterwards. After the tournament is canceled due to rain, Dragon starts to cry, but is too embarrassed to admit it, so Squirt tells Dragon the same thing his mom and dad told him, that it's okay to cry.

September 17, 2004
12 Wiggle's Squiggles / Basketberry Blues The bugs learn at school how to collect "colors" from the meadow to paint. Mr. Mantis instructs them to paint the daisy he has placed them in front of. Wiggle is excited to show his painting off, but after first viewing Shimmer's painting which looked like a perfect recreation, he gets discouraged. Then he refuses to show everyone until he can paint a better one. After a few mishaps, he shows them his original painting which everyone loves. He learns that he has his own creativeness that he can be proud of. The bugs are trying out for basketberry, Sunny Patch's version of basketball. Dragon is a very talented basketberry player, and Spinner usually just keeps score. One day Spinner plays with them, but he's not very good. Miss Spider convinces Dragon that he should help coach Spinner to build his confidence. He resorts to trickery, so Spinner thinks he's improving. When Spinner discovers the trick, he is upset and refuses to try out. With some convincing and apologizing from Dragon, he tries out, realizing that he can still have fun playing anyway. September 16, 2004
13 A Scary Scary Tale / A Bug-A-Boo Day Play October 25, 2004

Season 2 (2004–06)

Title Overview Release Date
14 Hum Bug / Dashing Through the Snow December 10, 2004
15 No-See-Um Is Believin'! / A Little Bug Music In the "No-See-Um" episode, when Squirt wants to continue playing volleyberry but his siblings want to go home, he gets sad. But then he hears a voice that seems to come out of nowhere. The voice says her name is Pippy, and she is a bug that is very tiny and difficult to see. So when Squirt befriends her and they play together but Pippy doesn't talk, they begin to suspect that Squirt has an imaginary friend. But then when they are all playing together one day, they are threatened by a chicken, but Pippy jumps in to save them, proving that even if you are very tiny, you're never too tiny to help out your friends. And Squirts family then apologizes for not believing him before about his new friend. March 16, 2005
16 Taste-Bugs / Top O'Big Tree March 15, 2005
17 Captain Sunny Patch / Captain Sunny Patch Flies Again March 13, 2006
18 The Bug Flu / A Time Telling Tale Dragon fakes being sick so he can get out of going to Spindella's tea party. After Squirt keeps on running late, it prompts Miss Spider and Holly to build a clock in the village square, and help the children learn how to tell time. March 17, 2005
19 Family Tree / The Jitterbug March 14, 2006
20 Thinking Stone / Big Bad Bugsitter March 15, 2006
21 Seeing Straight / Stumped! March 16, 2006
22 Eight Legs Up / Spider Mom March 20, 2006
23 Best Bug Buddies / Snuggle Bugs March 21, 2006
24 Secret Frog July 21, 2005
25 The Big Green Bug July 21, 2005
26 Be Good to Bugs...and Frogs July 21, 2005

Season 3 (2006–08)

Title Overview Release Date
27 Fungus Among Us / Ground Bound In "Fungus Among Us" While on a walk Wiggle sees a small mushroom and wants to bring it home.Holly warns him that even a small mushroom can cause problems. Wiggle hides it in his backpack, and takes it to his room,the spores make him sneeze.While trying to fan away the spores, the mushroom falls out the window. The next day there are mushrooms all over the Hollow tree and Spiderases. Wiggle tells his parents that he brought spores indoors, and offers to help get rid of the mushrooms in Sunny Patch. March 22, 2006 Wiggle brings a mushroom into the hollow tree, even though Holly tells him not too.
28 Pitch and Itch / Bounce Back March 23, 2006
29 Lost and Sound / It's My Party May 14, 2007
30 Lulla-Bug / The Most Perfect Parent November 19, 2006
31 Dam the Puddle / Flower Power In "Dam the Puddle", the weather in Sunny Patch has gotten very warm, and Taddy Puddle (where Felix lives) is drying out. He sadly tells Squirt and the other bugs that his parents want them all to move before there isn't any water left, and they become stranded. Squirt doesn't want his friend to move, so he rallies a lot of other bugs to build a dam for the puddle, so that the water that is still there will stay, and Felix won't have to move. Holley appreciates his son's enthusiasm, but gently reminds Squirt that they might not be able to finish such a large project in only one day. However, with a lot of teamwork, the project is finished! And in the morning when the little bugs rush back to see if their project has worked, it has! They all celebrate, since this means that Felix doesn't have to move away. May 16, 2007
32 Snake Charmer / A Party For Pops March 31, 2007
33 Frog in the Moon / Moon Music and Sun Songs When Felix the frog talks with his bug friends about how high he can jump, they wonder about what it would be like if he could jump all the way to the moon. The spiders spin a web-trampoline to help him jump higher, but Felix still can't jump any higher than parts of the Hollow Tree. Felix really wants to be the first frog on the moon, so he decides to stay up late and try, but only succeeds in getting himself stuck in the very highest part of the tree. The little bugs think that Felix really made it to the moon, but Miss Spider and Holley realize Felix is stuck, and they all work to get him down safely. Felix is sad that he didn't make it to the moon, but his friends reassure him that he is still special because he is the first frog to jump all the way to the top of the tree. One night when all the little bugs are headed off to bed they hear some loud music coming from the base of the tree. Miss Spider realizes that this must be their new cricket neighbors, so the next morning she and Holley (joined by Spiderus) go to welcome the crickets (a cricket named Scratch, and his brothers) and ask if they could please keep the volume down on their music. The crickets just say that they are "doing their own thing" and the confused spiders leave them be. Tired, but excited about the energetic music, Dragon and some of his siblings decide to start their own band and play music during the day. This annoys the crickets though, who ask the young bugs if they could please be quiet. The young bugs protest that they too, are just "doing their own thing" but Miss Spider and Holley say that they have to stop, because they want to respect their neighbors' need to sleep. The crickets realize they were also too loud, but Miss Spider and Holley come up with a solution: both bands can practice in a location further away from the tree, so that neither will have their sleep disturbed with the music that is being made. December 3, 2006
34 Giddy-Up Bugs / A Plushy Parable September 16, 2006
35 Mr. Mocking-Bug / Odd Bug Fellows April 7, 2007
36 Spring Unsprung / Bumbling Bees in "Spring Unsprung" Squirt plans to wake up Felix the frog even though there is still snow on the ground. March 26, 2007
37 Eclipse / Hide and Sleuth September 17, 2006
38 Master Mantis / Bug-Versity May 8, 2007
39 Bringing Up Shrubby / Stuck On You October 26, 2008
40 Bug Talk / The Befuddled Butterfly May 2, 2007
41 Good Deed Seeds / Shelly and the Brain October 8, 2006
42 Little Ladybug Lost / A Beetle-ful Family May 20, 2007
43 Night and Day / Cob Fog October 22, 2006