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Two genies named Shimmer and Shine make mistakes while granting wishes for their human pal Leah and they are secret genies that means they must hide from Zac

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Season 1 Episodes

  1. The First Wish
  2. Genie Treehouse
  3. Ahoy, Genies!
  4. The Sweetest Thing
  5. Lights! Camera! Genies!
  6. What a Pig Mess
  7. Abraca-Genie
  8. Dino Might
  9. A Very Genie Halloweenie
  10. Backyard Ballet
  11. Game On
  12. Santa's Little Genies
  13. Spaceship Wrecked
  14. Happy Wishaversary
  15. Escape Goat
  16. Sleepover Party
  17. Dream Dollhouse
  18. Gone Bowlin'
  19. The Great Skate Mistake

Season 2 Episodes

  1. Welcome To Zahramay Falls
  2. All Bottled Up/Zoom Zahramay
  3. A Tree-Mendous Rescue/Flying Flour
  4. Mermaid Mayhem/Snow Place We'd Rather Be
  5. Starry Night SleepOver/Wild Carpet Chase
  6. Lost and Found/Freeze amay Falls
  7. Dragon Pox/Lighting in a Bottle
  8. Bling Bling/Staffinated
  9. Size of a Beholder/Zoomicorn Toss
  10. Double Trouble/Zany Zifflion
  11. Valcano Drain-O/Cleanie Genies
  12. Now You See Her/Untamed Talenet
  13. The Crystal Queen/The Glob
  14. Pet Bedroom/Boom Zahra Mom
  15. Frosty Fun/Zeta in Training
  16. Masquerade Charade/The Silent Treatment
  17. Potion Control/Feel Better
  18. The Pirate Genie
  19. Trick or Treasure/Easy as Pie
  20. Bungle in the Jungle/The Mysterious Tower

Season 3 Episodes

  1. Underground Bound/Wishy Washy Genie
  2. Carpet Troubles/Dragon Tales
  3. Rainbow Zahramay
  4. Hairdos and Don'ts/Flower Power
  5. Samira and Zeta/The Zeta Touch
  6. Genie for a Day/Zac the Clueless Detective
  7. Abrac-Nope/Treehouse Retreat
  8. Nazboo's Family Reunion/The Darpoppy
  9. Hounded/The Sorceress' Apprentice
  10. The Gitter Genie/Grab That Gem
  11. Dance Magic
  12. Whatever Floats Your Boat/Waterbent
  13. Snow Time to Spare/Pet Games
  14. Zahramay Dreams/Careful What You Wish For
  15. Glitter Glitch/Coral Chaos
  16. A Lighting Colt For Shaya/A Special Deilvery
  17. Nila Out of Water/I Dream of Zeta
  18. Zahra-Glitter/Zahra-Glow


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Music Videos

Treehouse TV debuted two in September 2017: Music Video 1 on Friday the 8th[70] and Music Video 2 on Saturday the 9th