The Bittles

The Bittles is a Canadian/American children's television series that aired on YTV and Treehouse TV. The Bittles are puppets who turn stories into books in the Book Mine, or referring to the Bittle Book Factory.

The puppets include Comma, whose job is to make sure that all the words are right; Lolly, the artist who paints the pictures; Rocco, the foreman of the book construction site and  The Grump, who is the reluctant backbone of this heavy-duty book building operation.

In 2005, The Bittles started a live series, featuring three-dimensional animation called "Lights, Camera, Action, Bittles," where this time they had different jobs to do. Comma's job was to build words to make songs; Lolly's job was to paint the fastest as in a contest she made; Rocco's job was to build adventures; and Grump's job was to work as a local pizza place.

Their live series ended in 2012, but made 52 episodes per season, and uses the same base 4 Square does. Rocco's segment is green; Lolly's is purple; Grump's is blue and Comma's is orange.

In addition, The Bittles characters have their own, parallel stories within the creation of each book. In each episode, the series focuses on stories from two different Kids Can Press books. The series uses a combination of puppetry, Computer-generated CGI animation, and lightly animated stills from books to bring the stories to life.

This series used to air on Treehouse TV until 2008 when it got removed. But was made from 2003. The books can be found from a URL on