Timothy Goes to School is a cartoon series based on the Yoko series and other individual books by Rosemary Wells such as "Shy Charles", "Fritz and the Mess Fairy" and "Noisy Nora", but is titled after the book of the same name.

It features a young raccoon, Timothy, who attends a fictional primary school. The series aired on PBS Kids as part of the PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch (the sixth and last show after Corduroy, Elliot Moose, George Shrinks, Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, and Seven Little Monsters. Timothy Goes to School was the fourth and last show after George Shrinks, Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, and Seven Little Monsters when Corduroy and Elliot Moose were cancelled) from 2000 until 2004. Reruns were later broadcast on Discovery Kids in the US until 2006. This show airs on YTV, Treehouse TV, and TVO Kids in Canada, and also Tiny Pop, a digital TV channel in the UK. In Brazil was aired on TV Cultura (2003–2007). In Mexico and Latin America, was broadcast on ZAZ (In Latin America, episode #22 wasn't aired, but it did air in Brazil). The series premiered on September 30, 2000 and aired its last episode on December 28, 2001.


Below are the characters split up into three groups, children, adults, and others.