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Toopy and Binoo (French: Toupie et Binou; January 3, 2005 – December 29, 2006) is a Canadian children's flash-animated television series aimed towards children ages one through eight, produced by Spectra Animation and broadcast by Treehouse in English and Télé-Québec in French. It is based on the children's book Toupie et Binou. Another television series was produced as a live action spin-off show titled Toopy and Binoo Vroom Vroom Zoom, produced by Echo Media, a successor to Spectra Animation. The show was developed into a mobile app still available for iOS.

A total of 175 episodes were produced overall during its original run. Spectra Animation worked with the ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. company to produce four spin-off series, titled Toopy and Binoo and You! (a collaboration with Xilam Animation, Alphanim and Radical Sheep), Toopy and Binoo: Funny Friends (a collaboration with CineGroupe), and Toopy and Binoo World (a collaboration with Oasis Animation (season one), Carpediem Film & TV (season 4-present) and Nelvana (season 5-present), that all began in 2006 and 2007.

On May 26, 2021, it was announced that an 80-minute feature film of the show will be released in theaters in 2022. The original voice actor of Toopy, Frank Meschkuleit, will be reprising his role as him.


Toopy loves life. Every little thing — from talking socks to magic carpets. But most of all, Toopy loves his best friend Binoo, who's not just sweet and adorable but smart, too, although he seldom speaks. For Toopy and Binoo, life is delightful and simple. Everything swings between surprises, pleasures and zany situations. Binoo loves to follow Toopy on incredible imaginary adventures. For them, the sky is the limit.

The characters are charming and endearing. The kindness, respect, and gentle aspects of childhood friendship are emphasized as the friends explore and discover the world around them with their colorful adventures. Toopy and Binoo allows for learning in a non-didactic manner. Individual segments are approximately five minutes in length, but are frequently grouped together as one thirty-minute episode, both on television and DVD releases. The six 30-minute episodes aired in 2006 have other characters talk besides Toopy.

There are also short 2-minute episodes that are seen on the website in the second season, where, there are either "Magic You", "Captain You" or "Fabulous You" segments, featuring Toopy and Binoo as space captains, fairies, or, as superheroes who make things right by using magic (Toopy sometimes ends it by doing the same thing that's wrong on himself which he doesn't even notice), and they use the magic wand from "Godmother Toopy", explore things in their house and pretend to find out what they are, and, Binoo sometimes reveals what they are, such as a pillow, where they use the same uniforms they had in "Strange New World", but instead, the object they find is the entire form of the planet, and help their friends when they have nothing to play with by playing games they can use with themselves. They use the same uniforms they had in "Super Toopy", but Binoo looks a lot like Super Toopy, also. The segments encourage viewers (referred to in the show as "Magic You", "Captain You", or, "Fabulous You") to participate in the adventures and use their imaginations. Each DVD that has two half-hour specials has two of each of these three short mini-episode adventures, starting in this order: "Magic You", "Captain You", and then "Fabulous You".


Toupie et Binou was the original title of the children's books collection written by Dominique Jolin; the books also appeared in English translation as Washington and Deecee. Binoo then appeared in a small series of his own. Echo Media (formerly Spectra Animation) then brought them to television, both in English and French versions, dubbing their English names to Toopy and Binoo.


  • Toopy (voiced by Frank Meschkuleit in every series except for Toopy and Binoo World, where he's voiced by Cameron Ansell instead) – Toopy is a funny, polite, friendly, optimistic, impulsive mouse whose insatiable zest for life is matched only by his love for his best friend, Binoo. He wears a red-and-yellow T-shirt, and is one of the stars of the show. He always has something to say, and has a wide imagination and takes Binoo to imaginary places created by the both of them and loves many different things, such as going on adventures with Binoo. Toopy is shown to really enjoy life in the show, and in some of the episodes likes to laugh. He is the only one to have a voice actor in the show up until the mini-movies, who also voices every character in Dragon.
  • Binoo (voiced by Ashley Peldon in Toopy and Binoo and You! and onwards) – A small white stuffed cat who is one of the stars of the show and does not have a voice actor until Toopy and Binoo and You!. Binoo is a lovable cat who is logical, sensible, and thinks before he acts. Binoo is devoted to his best friend Toopy. He communicates with signs and is friends with Toopy. He also has a stuffed toy called "Patchy-Patch" that he accidentally loses in one episode, and is also shown to own an orange teddy bear in "The Lost Bear". He enjoys Patchy-Patch, reading books, and going on adventures.


Toupie et Binou was the original title of the children's books collection written by Dominique Jolin; the books also appeared in English translation as Washington and Deecee. Binoo then appeared in a small series of his own. Spectra Animation then brought them to television, both in English versions, dubbing their English names to Toopy and Binoo.


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