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Jack (sometimes called Jack the Explorer) is a Singaporean-Canadian 3D-animated TV series geared towards children aged four to nine, produced by Groupe PVP (later PVP Media) and Sparky Animation and formerly broadcast by TVOntario as a part of its TVOKids lineup, along with Treehouse TV and Knowledge Network as part of their Knowledge Kids block.

The series is about an alien named Jack, his robot assistant Chip, and his pet dog Rocket, and a brother and sister named Nico and Sam who, along with their best friend Yoki, make friends with him, while hiding his existence from their parents and neighbour, Mrs. Weebler.

Starting in season four, Jack's presence is noticed by the siblings' parents, but he is still welcome to live on Earth. It also marks the introduction of Mrs. Weebler's husband and their children, as well as Nico and Sam's other siblings.

First created back in 2009 by Dennise Fordham, Steven Majaury and François Trudel, its TV premiere was scheduled for September 5, 2011, but was actually aired two days later. As of May 14, 2022, there are at least 429 22-minute episodes in the series, each consisting of two 11-minute segments, with a total of 468 individually-named stories.

From January 31, 2015 to July 1, 2020, the show aired later episodes and reruns of the original episodes on Treehouse TV, with it being listed as one of Treehouse TV's various original programming. It also had its American premiere on March 17, 2012, and ended on November 23, 2018, leaving the channel on the same day. Despite airing on Nickelodeon at the time, it also began airing on September 28, 2015 in the United States on Qubo, but left on January 5, 2019, alongside Scaredy Squirrel and Grossology before returning on March 30, 2020.

The theme song "Let's Jet" was written and composed by Tim Rideout, who also worked on the music for Jar Dwellers SOS, another one of PVP Media's productions that aired two years after Jack's release. The vocals for the theme song were sung by Kat Garcia.


Jack is a fun-loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is the amazing, planet Earth! With the help of his alien dog Rocket and his robotic assistant C.H.I.P., he sets out on a series of fun and daring adventures to learn all about this strange new planet! Showing him the ropes are his three (later eleven) new friends: a nine-year-old boy named Nico, his little sister Sam, and their slacker pal Yoki. Together, they help Jack (and us) understand how things work here on Earth... and beyond!



  • Jack the Alien (voiced by Rick Jones) – The title character and main protagonist of the series. He is a scientist of sorts: an explorer. He lives a normal life with his two companions in his home in Beano, a small asteroid that orbits the earth. Unbeknownst to all parents on Earth, he quietly tunes in with the help of C.H.I.P. to search for and monitor little mysteries for Earth’s children. When one of those questions strikes his fancy, he goes on a mission to investigate, and unravel the mysteries.
  • Rocket the Dog (voiced by Rick Jones) – Jack's goofy pet dog and one of his companions.
  • C.H.I.P. the Computer (voiced by Dawn Ford) – Jack's female robotic computer assistant, and one of Jack's companions. On the adventures the three of them (alongside the siblings and Yoki) go on, she mostly provides facts about the things around them.
  • High Commander (voiced by Kathleen Fee) – The only other female alien on Beano. She communicates with Jack through a computer screen.


The Boisvert Family

The following characters are members of the Boisvert family. Their family name, alongside their parents' first names, were revealed in the season four premiere episode, "In the Wrong Presence".

  • Thomas "Tom" and Suzanne "Suzy" Boisvert (voiced by Terrence Scammell and Claudia Besso) – The parents of Simon, Janet, Katrina, Nico, Lucy, Sam, Bethany, Jazzy, Katherine and Rachel, who were originally unaware of Jack's presence when he came to Earth, though they would both allow him to visit their family whenever they wanted in season four and onwards.
    • Mr. Boisvert cares very much for his children, but has occasionally shown immature behaviour, as shown by him doing things such as singing at home ("Father Knows Best") and getting directions to places mixed up ("Rain, Rain Go Away"). One episode implies that peanut butter is one of his favorite snacks.
    • Mrs. Boisvert, on the other hand, is normally the more reasonable and stern of the two, but she has also been shown to care very much for her children, just like her husband. She has been shown to make jelly sculptures, and has won several trophies and awards for creating them ("Jelly Jailed"). She also owns a lucky jelly stand. At the beginning of "Without a Clue", she attempts to file a restraining order on Mrs. Weebler.
  • Simon Boisvert (voiced by Christopher Jacot) – Sixteen-year-old Simon is the sole male president of the school's breakfast club, though he is not the actual president of the club. Originally brainwashed by Whammy to become an antagonist in The Adventures of Toopy and Binoo, he began to work for him. After Whammy's defeat in season five, he was freed from being a troublemaker and returned to be a good guy.
  • Janet Boisvert (voiced by Leah Vanderberg) – Highly sensitive, competitive and overly-confident, fourteen-year-old Janet is intent on sports as she saw David's soccer team succesfully win their yearly soccer championship with her siblings in Toopy and Binoo World. She occasionally brings a purse with her.
  • Katrina Boisvert (voiced by Carla Collins) – Twelve-year-old Katrina frequently clashes with Mr. and Mrs. Weebler's children as an attempt to incite drama with Mr. and Mrs. Weebler's love, leading the former to trick Katrina into winning a dance-off competition.
  • Nico Boisvert (voiced by Eleanor Noble) – An outgoing, laid-back, positive guy with a big imagination and a sense of both spirit and adventure, Nico is able to create compelling stories through imaginative exploration. He and his sister, Sam, do anything they can to prevent Jack, Rocket and C.H.I.P. from being noticed by their parents, who are blissfully unaware of him being in the clubhouse. He is occasionally the victim of Jack's pranks, such as disguising as an alien and getting him grounded for a month ("The Rubber Prank").
  • Lucy Boisvert (voiced by Bryn McAuley) – The most dramatic of the siblings, seven-year-old Lucy is a "pageant princess" who is spoiled and ignorant, and manages to put the letter "D" in the word "drama". As a result of being given many fake trophies growing up, she believes she is the most professional athlete at school.
  • Samantha "Sam" Boisvert (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – A friendly elementary school student who tends to get along with those because of her amiable behaviour, Sam will normally be kind and respectful to others, but tends to get agitated whenever she's disrespected or bossed around by her older sister, Lucy.
  • Bethany and Jazzy Boisvert (voiced by Lauren Lipson and Sonja Ball, respectively) – Twin sisters Bethany and Jazzy, who are both four, are the polar opposites of each other, along with Rachel and Katherine. Bethany is an extremely talkative girl, Bethany usually exaggerates about her siblings at school and lies on how they invented things that were already created; Jazzy, on the other hand, is a nature lover who is able to read the feelings of her siblings and others, simply through reading their aura.
  • Katherine and Rachel Boisvert (voiced by Denise Oliver and Jesse Vinet, respectively) – Two-year-old Katherine is a quiet, highly intelligent youngster who helps her twin sister, Rachel, with her projects, most of which she suggests. After finding a control room in the basement, Katherine reveals she is twisted and psychotic. Rachel declares herself to be the most "evil" mind throughout all of history, but in actuality, she is a very incompetent anti-hero.
Extended family
  • Grandma Boisvert (voiced by Bronwen Mantel) – The mother of Mr. and Mrs. Boisvert, and the paternal grandmother of Simon, Janet, Katrina, Nico, Lucy, Sam, Bethany, Jazzy, Katherine and Rachel.
  • Grandpa Boisvert (voiced by Rino Romano) – The father of Mr. and Mrs. Boisvert, and the paternal grandfather of the ten siblings.
  • Auntie Irene Cousteau (voiced by Jayne Eastwood) – Suzanne's older sister and Tom's sister in-law, and the mother of Roseli, Ynes and Joe.
  • Uncle Jacques Cousteau (voiced by Zachary Bennett) – Tom's older brother and Suzanne's brother in-law, as well as the father of Joe, Ynes and Roseli.
  • Cousin Roseli Cousteau (voiced by Athena Karkanis) – The Boisvert family's 14-year-old cousin and the eldest child in the Cousteau family. She occasionally displays immature behaviour and tends to act spoiled unless she is around Lucy.
  • Cousin Ynes Cousteau (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – The Boisvert family's 10-year-old cousin and the middle child of the Cousteau family. She thinks it's funny when she dresses as a fairy and says to Lucy: "You're a frog."
  • Cousin Joe Cousteau (inner monologue provided by Juan Chioran) – The Boisvert family's infant cousin and the only male child of the Cousteau family.

The Weebler Family

The following characters reside in the Weebler family's residence. Just like the Boisvert family, they have ten children: eight males and two females.

  • Paula Weebler (voiced by Gayle Garfinkle) – A very serious woman, the matriarch of the Weebler family, and the next-door neighbour of the Boisvert family, who is also the wife of Mr. Weebler. She occasionally inspects the neighbourhood to make sure Jack, C.H.I.P. and Rocket are not in her presence, which her husband is no more or less opposed to.
  • Jeremy Weebler (voiced by Colin Doyle) – Mrs. Weebler's happy-go-lucky husband and the patriarch of the Weebler family. Unlike his wife, he is more reserved and outgoing, and spends most of his time as an actor at the television studios. He also sees his glass cup as half-full and does not have a shy bone anywhere in his body as he proudly introduces himself to everybody.
  • Caitlin Weebler (voiced by Krystal Meadows) – The first-born sibling in the Weebler family. Seventeen-year-old Caitlin is a self-assured, sometimes romantic high school student who is very determined and athletic and loves it when something unexpected appears to happen. Being the oldest of the ten children, she has been shown to be the voice of reason at times.
  • Aaron Weebler (voiced by Bruce Dow) – Aaron is the eldest male child of the Weebler family, at sixteen years old. He is a feisty, self-centered and vain Hail Caesar wannabe who is more focused on becoming his sidekick rather than things such as his school projects. Aaron also has a tendency towards bossing others around, which is something his siblings are no more or less opposed to.
  • Steven "Steve" Weebler (voiced by Fabian Lapham) – The Weebler family's thirteen-year-old sibling who is curious about all sorts of things. He is shown to be into music, and has watched Razzberry Jazzberry Jam on CBC Kids ever since it began airing. Steve also owns his own rock collection and is the only member of the family to have a taste in every type of music genre thanks to the help of the Jazzberries.
  • Kermita Weebler (voiced by Sarah Podemski) – One of the Weebler family's two adopted siblings, eleven-year-old Kermita is a female version of Kermit the Frog who has frequent anxiety, which is a result of Starbucks drinks. She speaks with a calm, monotoned voice almost all the time, and is confirmed to be in a bisexual relationship with Katrina.
  • Alfonso Weebler (voiced by Cory Doran) – A fun-seeking, sometimes dramatic elementary school student, ten-year-old Alfonso shows a lot of interest in drama and abstract art. He often sings with a high-pitched, falsetto voice, and is Professor Singalottasonga's biggest fan, as he dresses very similiar to him and helps him with his songs. Alfonso usually wears a white tuxedo and bowtie with black music notes, along with matching pants and the same cape as Professor Singalottasonga; that being said he actually owns a bunch of them.
  • Dewey Weebler (voiced by Daniel Brochu) – The second adoptive sibling of the Weebler family, eight-year-old Dewey is a highly logical, sensitive young and somehow furry frog with blonde hair. Dewey is usually depicted wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with the word "NERVOUS" in gold print. It is implied he also has asthma (similiar to Buster Baxter from Arthur), and is often worried about his maturity.
  • Robert "Robby" and Terry Weebler (voiced by Jeff Geddis and Dwayne Hill, respectively) – Identical twin brothers Terry and Robby, who are both six years old, are both very similiar as they follow each other on adventures and have only the finest intentions. Robby has light brown hair and wears a purple shirt with a dark magenta crescent moon, whereas Terry has blonde hair and wears a short-sleeved light blue shirt.
  • Mitch and Jeffrey Weebler (voiced by James Hartnett and Jeremy Thibodeau, respectively) – Jeffrey and Mitch, similiar to Robby and Terry, are both very similiar to each other and are both three years old. Despite their ages, they have shown various types of grown-up behaviours, such as Mitch speaking with a Scottish accent and Jeffrey being able to read all sorts of books.

The Pinon Family

Yoki's family members who also appeared in the season four episode "In the Wrong Presence". His family's last name is confirmed in the same episode. Unlike the Boisvert and Weebler families, they only have three children.

  • Joshua Pinon (voiced by David Berni) – The clumsy and often dim-witted patriarch of the Pinon family and the husband of Chantal Pinon. Joshua is a free-spirited, happy-go-lucky and sometimes dull stage magician best known for his attempts at practicing difficult tricks. When he isn't working on any magic acts, he can normally be seen showing his children the many wonders in the city or sometimes cleaning around the house.
  • Chantal Pinon (voiced by Angela Galuppo) – The rather serious and occasionally busy homemaker of the Pinon family. Chantal is a normally stern and reasonable mother who still has a lot of love for her three children, and has a job as a news reporter. She was also the voice-over for various commercials and gave birth to Yoki, Angela and Mikey before she moved to the city to marry Joshua.
  • Yoki Pinon (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel (2011-2014), Justin Bradley (2015), and Joshua Graham (2016-2018)) – Nico and Sam's black-haired slacker pal and best friend. He is a fan of reading comic books, loves gardening and movies, and even enjoys making chalk drawings in his driveway. Yoki also enjoys celebrating holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter, both of which being two of his most favorites.
  • Angela Pinon (voiced by Melissa Altro) – Being the middle child of the Pinon family, Angela takes her duties as a student pretty seriously. She is depicted as a determined, highly intelligent first-grade student who has never failed at her said "duties". While she may seem ditzy and airheaded towards her classmates, she is actually very smart and has a tendency towards bossiness.
  • Mikey Pinon (voiced by Andrew Chalmers) – Yoki and Angela's goofy younger brother who always loves telling jokes. He wants to become a stand-up comedian by the time he gets older.

Other earthlings

  • Toopy (voiced by Frank Meschkuleit) – Toopy is the game master. He is a free thinker who refuses to follow Binoo at times, has tons of wit and tenacity, and a tendency to be self-indulgent, and can be shown to be a scoundrel sometimes. His games and behavior are never mean or cruel, but if he gets into trouble, it is due more to his youthful enthusiasm than any malicious intent. He is easily distracted by multi-colored sparkles or whatever he can find that's either red or yellow!
  • Binoo (voiced by Ashley Peldon) – Binoo is open-faced and controlled by his heart of gold. Like all other innocents, he is generous and openminded, and sees both sides of any disagreement. He's natural peacemaker with an intense sense of fairness, though he cannot stand conflict. Patchy-Patch the snake is his favorite toy, what's yours?
  • Yaya (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Yaya is the eldest in her family, but she’s more naive than her younger brother, Zouk, who she adores. She’s very enthusiastic and talks a lot, similiar to Toopy, but sometimes too much according to Zouk, but she’s really irresistible because of her good mood.
  • Zouk (voiced by Angela Galuppo) – Zouk is the second youngest, and without question, the most brilliant in his family. He loves playing with Yaya, but also appreciates moments of solitude so he can read quietly.
  • Bali (voiced by Sonja Ball) – A modern preschool puppy with a big imagination, Bali will take on any sort of adventure with his happy-go-lucky attitude and fun-loving personality. He can sometimes be a bit much for his friends, who he loves being around, but even Bali thinks of himself as too much fun. In the episode "Up a Tree", it was revealed by Bali himself that his favorite show is "Zanimo Man", a parody of the Gofrette episode of the same name.
  • Tamara (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Tamara is free-spirited, cheerful and easy to excite and has a lot of love for going on adventures with her friends. Although she does act positive most of the time, she also appreciates it when there are times where she can read by herself. She also enjoys giving advice to her friends when they get into a situation.
  • Tito (voiced by Michael Cohen) – Tito may be a bit intelligent, but he can also bring quite the fun with him and his friends on adventures. He has his spirit of adventure show him and his friends where to go, though his adventures often bring his friends into all sorts of chaos. He also acts as the logical voice of reason when things turn out unexpectedly.
  • Gofrette (voiced by Lyon Smith) – Gofrette is a curious cat who makes everyday an exciting day with a huge imagination, endless supplies of hobby equiment, and even a "go for it" attitude. He lives in a house with Red the Refrigerator, to whom he talks to and understands, with his stuffed animal, Long Ears and his tiny, creatively active creature friends he calls "The Gnugnuts" (voiced by Kathleen Fee, Jessica Kardos, Jonathan Tan and Juan Chioran). His uncle Garbanzo (voiced by Taylor Abrahamse) is an acrobat who owns and stars in a circus called "El Teatro Zanimo". He also has a grandmother, Granny Smith, who is only mentioned and shown in pictures. His favorite exclamation is "Zowy zow zow!".
  • Fudge (voiced by Jeff Geddis) – A dog with big, floppy ears, Fudge is sometimes reluctant to get into what he thinks of as scary or embarrassing situations, but is usually a good sport when he participates. He acts a bit fussy with his ears, and has a source of his reluctance to participate in things. He owns and lives in a van called the "Zanimo Wagon", and has been friends with Gofrette ever since they were both a puppy and a kitten. He often uses the phrase: "Wowie zowie, Gofrette!". His older brother, Moocher, is a mechanic and an artist.
  • Ellie Copter (voiced by Krystal Meadows) – Ellie Copter is a pink bird with a propeller on her head, which normally twirls depending on her mood. She operates her own hair salon in a treehouse and happens to like both fashion and makeovers. As best friends with Bali, Tamara, Fudge, Gofrette and Tito, she rounds out the gang with her fun, creative and strong, though sometimes nervous, personality. Her favorite snack is worms, which disgusts Fudge. Her Aunt Edna wrote a book called "Trapeze is For the Birds".
  • Poko Gates (voiced by Cameron Davidson) – Poko is six years old and is the youngest of his three siblings. He is a friendly, go with the flow, and super positive boy with a big imagination and a sense of adventure. He may normally encounter a problem when playing around, but he can always overcome it after observing stuff like smaller creatures solving similiar problems. Whenever he gets frustrated, he normally gives a blast on his tuba. Another common solution for him is giving Mr. Murphy a hug, or, if he isn't available, does a dance called the "Poko Polka". His catchphrase is "Poko pippity pop!", which he says before tracing objects with his finger.
  • Bo Gates (voiced by Catherine O'Connor) – Bo is Poko's fourteen (later fifteen) year-old sister. She emphasizes the importance of movement through a plot element called "Animoves", demonstrating specific body movements that young viewers often learn from her in order to solve the problems highlighted in each episode's storyline. Her catchphrases are "You make my power band glow when you get on the go!" and "Maximum Bo power!". She is the only one in the main cast to not play an instrument.
  • Tom Gates (voiced by Dan Petronijevic) – Sixteen-year-old Tom is the eldest of the three siblings, and without a doubt, the most clever. Other than Mr. Murphy's alter-ego, "Mighty Murph", he is the only main Flash-animated character in the series, and is the only one to not be colored. He's the only one of the three siblings with black hair and sometimes carries around a guitar. It is revealed in "Poko's Fruity Patooty" and "Poko's Hokum Jokum" that he is interested in camping and directing plays. His catchphrase is "This is/was better/worse than a [item/animal] in a [location]!". He is good friends with Donald and Daisy duck and secretly has a crush on Tina Kwee.
  • Minus (voiced by Rick Jones) – Poko's pet dog. He is very playful, though he often causes trouble. Although he doesn't always understand what's going on, he sometimes shows more human-like behavior, such as walking on his hind feet, playing soccer, dancing or even talking to others. He is named for his ability to erase Poko's creations if he doesn't like them or if they aren't needed anymore, by using his nose like an eraser. His silly antics often cause Poko to say "Silly Minus!". His catchphrase is "Fair point, Poko!".
  • Mr. Murphy (voiced by Daniel Brochu) – Poko's anthropomorphic toy monkey who often sat around in earlier appearances. He can sometimes move his hands to shrug or cover his eyes. He has an alter-ego, Mighty Murph, who is the only main Flash-animated character other than Tom when seen. He often watches "Guess the Colour" videos with Bo on the computer, or sometimes at the pond with Donald Duck, though they often guess the wrong colour. His catchphrase is "We all make mistakes, okay?".
  • Bibi (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – A young girl and Poko's best friend, who has known him since they both went to daycare. She often comes over to have playdates with Poko and his siblings, though they often visit her house instead. She is Poko's next-door neighbour and can use a magic sticker book that resembles Poko's ability to trace things, simply by opening the sticker book and making the object in the book real. Her catchphrase is "[Poko], why do you keep interrupting me?".
  • Fishtronaut (voiced by Dawn Ford) – A big, anthropomorphic goldfish. He wears a Bubblex suit that allows him to fly out of water. It also has numerous tools useful during missions. He is always watching his friends Marina and Zeek, and investigating the problems of the Smiling Trees Park in order to solve them. He lives at the bottom of Quiet Lake, though he spends more time out on the surface with his friends. He is also an aspiring inventor, creating machines generally useful to the town. He usually communicates through a video screen fitted into his suit.
  • Marina Green (voiced by Angela Galuppo) – A bright and curious brown-haired 8-year-old human girl who is also Fishtronaut's best friend. Every day, she proves to be a valuable member of the park's spy team. Whenever she and Fishtronaut happen to be apart, she can always use her trusty Aquawatch to stay in touch. She is younger than her cousins, Billy and Mac, by two years.
  • Billy and Mac (voiced by Justin Bradley and Daniel Brochu, respectively) – Billy and Mac are Marina's twin cousins. They tend to cause frequent trouble, but are actually harmless and can get very lonely, easily without having fun. The main thing they want is to just have fun! One example of them causing trouble is when they start practicing their music for the school band outside, bothering Mrs. Weebler, Toopy, Cobalt and the other neighbours, mainly Vana. They aren't actually villains, but they play the anti-hero role (though in "PowerChaz", Billy played a major protagonist role). Billy also appears in the animated version of 4 Square in season five as a member of the Four Tones. Billy is older than Mac by two minutes, making him the elder brother with Mac being the younger one. They both have an apricot skintone, as well as blonde hair, and the same jeans and shoes, but have different shirts and hairstyles. Mac's hair is spiky and he wears a black shirt, while Billy's is long and covers his eyebrows; he also wears a lime green shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt.
  • Dr. Green (voiced by Rick Jones) – Marina, Chad, Topher, and the twins' grandfather who is also the wise vet/caretaker of Montreal. He runs the park's Animal Hospital, which was apparently built in the pod of a giant beanstalk. Whenever Marina's stuck in a situation she can't seem to solve, she knows her grandfather can help her find the answer.
  • Yuri (voiced by Nissae Isen) – Yuri is five years old and in preschool. He is smart, independent and happy, and has a very fertile imagination. He is an only child, and as a result is sometimes lonely, and can be a little selfish.
  • Golias (voiced by Scott McCord) – Golias, Yuri's best friend, is a large, round, blue elephant. Golias is affectionate, likes to act, dress up, try new things and play outdoors. He is also very timid, and gnashes his teeth in fear if the lights are out. He loves to give Yuri trunk rides, and is quite sad if he ever feels left out.
  • Yuri's Mother (voiced by Susan Roman) – The independent mother of Yuri and a busy homemaker. It is confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. that she has married Dr. Green and gave birth to Chad, Topher, Billy, Mac and Marina, but divorced after Marina turned three.
  • Lili (voiced by Addison Holley) – Lili is almost six years old and is in the first grade. She is very determined and loyal, and often speaks before she thinks. She is the oldest of four children, and often tries to help take care of her three baby brothers; this has given her a tendency towards bossiness, which her friends do not always like, especially when she tries to take control of their games.
  • Levi, Luca and Leo (inner monologues provided by David Berni, Sonja Ball and Krystal Meadows) – Lili's dim-witted, sometimes mischeivous baby brothers. While they may be the youngest of the four children in Lili's family, their intentions can sometimes be the best.
  • Lili's Mother (voiced by Linda Ballantyne) – The mother of Lili, Levi, Luca and Leo. She often has to take care of Lili's brothers, not giving her enough time to do other things.
  • Lili's Father (voiced by Deven Mack) – The father of Lili, Levi, Luca and Leo. He often has more time to do special things with Lili and her brothers, such as exploring the neighbourhood and riding the busses in their areas. He wishes he could go back to when he was fifteen, as he somehow has a crush on Unity despite them differing ages and the fact that he is already married.
  • Nessa (voiced by Tajja Isen) – Nessa is Lili's best friend. She is a pink giraffe who can make friends with anyone, and is optimistic and cheerful. Nessa also lets Lili ride on her neck. She is agreeable and mediates conflicts, except in "Sharing is Caring" where she refuses to share a collector's toy with her friends.
  • Matt (voiced by Wyatt White) – Matt is seven years old and is in the second grade. He loves to play sports, and is very energetic in everything he does. He is very curious, full of ideas and opinions, and very mischievous, which means he is often getting into trouble. He has an older sister named Nina who often teases him.
  • Nina (voiced by Bryn McAuley) – Matt's older sister and Topher's girlfriend. She is feisty, arrogant and failure-intolerant, and likes teasing her younger brother. In earlier appearances, she was in love with Marcus Meldrew, but in later episodes she seems to be more interested in Topher, who she eventually dates in season four.
  • Matt's Father (voiced by Christian Potenza) – The father of Nina and Matt. He does not approve of Nina dating Topher, unlike his wife, and likes celebrating traditional holidays. One episode implies that he is highly allergic to peanuts, similiar to Binky in a way. Despite him giving himself the nickname "DIY House Expert", he often slacks around instead of helping around in the house, which his wife is easily annoyed by.
  • Matt's Mother (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – The mother of Nina and Matt, who, unlike her husband, approves of Nina and Topher dating each other. Compared to her husband, she does not celebrate any traditional holidays, has an allergy to fresh cut grass, and knows how to put up pictures of her family without causing trouble. She is easily annoyed by her husband slacking off instead of helping her, Nina and Matt out.
  • Bongo (voiced by Rick Miller) – Matt's Big Big Friend is named Bongo; he is a green kangaroo. Like Matt, he is athletic, energetic and constantly jumping. He has a great sense of humor and an infectious, uncontrollable laugh. Bongo is afraid of being ignored and likes attention. Bongo is also very fearful. He has a pouch that Matt rides in despite the fact he is a male kangaroo (in real life, only female kangaroos have pouches). His pouch is apparently in more than one spot, since Bongo can be seen pulling things out or putting things into different pouches in various locations, such as, up by his neck, down at his sides (almost like pockets).
  • Mrs. Call (voiced by Nicole Stamp) – The quiet and positive second grade teacher at Brookhaven School, who is always caring, polite and honest and wears a yellow dress and black glasses. She is in a rivalry with Mrs. Gray.
  • Ms. Black (voiced by Ana Sani) – The kindergarten teacher, and Matt's occasional babysitter. She has dark brown hair and wears a red dress, blue jeans and red Mary Jane shoes.
  • Mrs. Gray (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – The strict and bossy former second grade teacher at Brookhaven School who always says that giving students extra homework is the best way to go. She shares a long-time rivalry with Mrs. Call, has brown hair, and wears a blue knee-length dress.
  • Dr. Chad (voiced by Bruce Dow) – One of the doctors in Brookhaven. He is friends with Dr. Green as he had worked at the animal hospital before, though he'd later work at the Brookhaven Hospital shortly afterwards. He has blonde hair, wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt and blue tie, a white jacket, and blue jeans.
  • Bali's Father (voiced by Jon Cor) –
  • Bali's Mother (voiced by Jennifer Seguin) –
  • Madame Olga (voiced by Christine Hamilton) –
  • Lea (voiced by Sonja Ball) – Bali's three-year-old sister. She is often seen with her older brother and their mother, and can be seen doing grown-up things in some of her appearances as well such as reading the newspaper in the living room or offering to help Donald open Tamara's diary in season six.
  • Maman (voiced by Julie Lemieux) –
  • Nanou (voiced by Sunday Muse) –
  • Sacha (voiced by Annick Obonsawin) –
  • Charlie (voiced by Jon Cor) –
  • Suan & Saba (voiced by Stacey DePass and Jodie Lynn Resther, respectively) –
  • Mateo (voiced by Terrence Scammell) –
  • Hail Caesar (voiced by Jeremy Winkels) – A weather-related superhero that Aaron helped make a thoughtful projection for. He can shoot hail from his hands, which is a power he got after eating a radioactive snow cone. His weakness is hot chocolate.
  • The Optometrist (voiced by Eleanor Noble in "Eye Spy", and Julie Lemieux in later appearances) –
  • Dr. Molecule (voiced by ) –
  • The TV Weatherman (voiced by Rick Jones in earlier appearances, and Miklos Perlus in later appearances) –
  • Baseball Teammates – Yoki and the siblings' competitive baseball teammates and
  • Squad Sergeant (voiced by Eleanor Noble) – The town's squad sergeant, who first appeared in the season one episode "Super Fly". In her first appearance, she and the other squad sergeants worked together to get rid of a gigantic fly after the siblings' mom calls them, despite how Jack was the one that made the fly gigantic. Despite the other squad sergeants not appearing after "Super Fly", they make background appearances.
  • Munkin (voiced by Dawn Ford) – A former resident of Beano, a purple alien with red eyes, and Jack's younger sister, revealed in season six, and first made her debut in "Dr. Jack".
  • Automated Voice (voiced by Eleanor Noble) –
  • The Dentist (voiced by Rick Jones) –
  • Strepto – Streptococcus Mutans, or "Strepto" for short, is something that lives on all human teeth. It gets fed every time somebody eats, with its favorite food being sugar; the stuff it leaves behind is lactic acid, which is weak and can damage a tooth over time. He is only able to have one grain of sugar every hour, and brown sugar can be used to "mix things up a bit". Its first appearance is in "Beano Gets Cavities", where Jack offers to make Strepto a room, only to start bubbling and cause mayhem on Beano, where Jack lives.
  • Scuba Guide (voiced by Terrence Scammell) –
  • AC Officer (voiced by Lucinda Davis) –
  • Dog Owner #1 (voiced by Rick Jones) –
  • Dog Owner #2 (voiced by Terrence Scammell) –
  • Dog Owner #3 (voiced by Lucinda Davis) –
  • Dog Owner #4 (voiced by Rick Jones in "Dog Day Afternoon", and Dwayne Hill in later appearances) –
  • Ursula (voiced by Nicole Sullivan) –
  • Talking Tom (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore) – A gray tabby cat. He creates ideas for new apps and inventions for his company, and prefers to be on the business side of things. At times, he's also shown to be irresponsible, usually ending up in trouble. He is described as mischievous, charismatic and energetic as he tries to make things, being the leader of his gang and loves having fun.
  • Talking Ben (voiced by Rick Jones) – A brown dog and Tom's best friend. He likes to invent things and work on apps, focusing on its technical aspects such as computer programming. Adomian describes Talking Ben as the brains of the group and a very serious individual, who nevertheless freaks out a lot. In season six, he was banned from using tech by his girlfriend Xenon, who was shown to be working for the agency. After he broke the rule, he was given an electronic bracelet that would stop him from using tech. However, Ben later managed to get rid of the bracelet.
  • Talking Angela (voiced by Samantha Reynolds) – A white cat who is Tom's girlfriend, starting from the final episode of season 1. She aspires to be a singer, eventually becoming a famous singer in season 4, but tries her hand in other things also like scarves, smoothies, etc. The series describes her as "super fun and girly", and sometimes shy, while outgoing at other times.
  • Talking Ginger (voiced by Eleanor Noble) – A young orange-and-white cat and Tom's neighbour (in Talking Friends, he is Tom's nephew. However, he is not shown to be related to Tom in any way in this show). In season four, he claims to be from the second richest family in town. His parents do not spend much time with him, so he does not recognize love, and when Tom and Angela hold hands, dance or kiss, he calls it disgusting.
  • Talking Hank (voiced by Ron Pardo) – A white dog with a blue spot around his left eye and blue paws. He is Tom's roommate and enjoys television shows, often claiming to be "in a relationship with the TV". He is described as his sweet spot of doing nice and "stupid" characters.
  • Jess (voiced by Drew Davis) – The protagonist and host of Guess with Jess. He is a young, curious black and white cat, he is from the CBeebies series Postman Pat. He and Jack tend to be curious about everything.
  • Willow (voiced by Catherine Disher) – A skewbald horse who wears a sunhat. Being the largest of all the Guess with Jess characters, she acts as a wise mother figure to Jess, just like how Elly serves as an older sister figure towards Pocoyo. Willow shares the stable with Joey and Jinx, the puppies.
  • Mimi (voiced by Denise Oliver) – A pink rabbit who is best friends with Jess and lives in a hutch, just around the farmyard garden. Mimi has an affinity with arts and crafts, and she enjoys making anything colorful or unique. It is revealed that Mimi loves popcorn shrimp and soft apples.
  • Baa (voiced by Peter Oldring) – A sheep with a blue beanie, a blue and white scarf, and blue eyes. He always hangs out with Billie, who both live up in the Buttercup Meadow. Baa tends to be afraid of more things than the others, and particularly hates getting wet because the water stays in his wool for a long time, making him cold and miserable, and also making the wool heavy.
  • Billie (voiced by Bryn McAuley) – A fieldmouse. She is often seen with Baa, and rides around on his hat as he can get to places faster than she can. She carries a magnifying glass and a set of binoculars so she can investigate Jess and Jack's "big questions" further.
  • Horace (voiced by Miklos Perlus) – A frog who wears large glasses and lives at the pond. He loves making music and instruments out of natural found objects. There's a chance his eye colour could be blue if he's not wearing his glasses, though he has never been seen not wearing them.
  • Joey and Jinx (voiced by Cory Doran and Krystal Meadows, respectively) – Two twin puppy siblings. Joey wears a blue collar with a bone-shaped dog tag and has blue eyes, whereas Jinx wears a pink collar with a flower-shaped dog tag and a flower in hair hair, and has bright pink eyes. They both love to run about on the farm, rolling about in mud and jumping over puddles.
  • Xuli (voiced by Lucinda Davis) – Xuli is fearless and feisty. She is strong-willed, determined, and loves it whenever something goes the way she wants things to. Her best skill is pilcting, especially when it comes to a high-speed aircraft built specially for her friends. She just loves to fly it, even going as far as to flying it really fast. She can especially show competitiveness when it comes to speeding, flying, and both at the same time, too! Xuli loves competing and showing off her skills. However, she can get stubborn quite easily, not changing her mind as easily as others like Gofrette. She also hates it when others such as Manon are in charge of plans, or flying her vehicle when she can easily do it herself, being selfish with the "Vroomster". She also overlooks the feelings of others sometimes, in order to get what she wants, to be correct, or sometimes even win! However, Xuli is still fearless, jumping into action with either her trusty vehicle or a click-on at a moment's notice!
  • Kyan (voiced by Akie Kotabe) – Kyan is a fantastic gymnast, with a passion for sports, and a knack for joking about. He is lighthearted and quick on his feet, always sporting a smile on his face and some pep in his step! Kyan is an expert gymnast, who never stands still. He even moves around with mostly flips and jumps! When he isn't doing gymnastics, he is partaking in other hardcore sports. He loves basketball, tennis, mountain climbing, sailing, kayaking, and dancing! Kyan, despite outwardly appearing to be brave, has a few things which scare him, or make him nervous, which he has had to overcome. The biggest instance of this is monsters, specifically Chinese dragons. Public speaking also makes him feel nervous and uneasy. However, Kyan is always ready to face a glitch with a smile on his face!
  • Lars (voiced by Rick Jones) – Lars is the gentle giant of the Go Jetters team. He uses his skills as a mechanic to make and fix anything that needs it while adventuring alongside his team. Lars is the kindest member of the team, and can be quite soft, easily prone to tears, mentioning about him being saddeneded and can still be sweet to anyone. Despite this, he has been shown to have anger issues, especially when he isn't listened to, or he doesn't get credited for his ideas, specifically when he does not get credit for an idea that season six character Ring had, showing why Lars dislikes him. Lars is sometimes seen to get nervous when meeting people he looks up to, for example, his hero, Ron Allum. Lars is also a lover of animals, nature and the enviroment, finding them all to be so "geographic!".
  • Foz (voiced by Terrence Scammell) – Foz is the smallest, and most clever member of the Go Jetters. Despite being tiny, his math, science, and puzzle solving skills always aid him in saving the day! He always cracks the answer to Grandmaster Glitch's plans to destroy or reshape landmarks. Foz is not very brave, and is afraid of trying a lot of things for the first time. However, he is always, nervously, willing to give things a go, finding he actually enjoys many of the activities. From ziplines, to skiing, to mountain climbing, trying new activities has even helped Foz to save the day! Foz is not easily distracted, unless the topic involves chocolate, which is Foz's favorite thing that isn't related to academics.
  • Ubercorn (voiced by Robert Tinkler) – Ubercorn is the teacher, and friend of the Go Jetters. He is a funky, disco-dancing anthropomorphic unicorn, who loves to share his facts to help save the day! Ubercorn works at the Go Jet Academy, teaching students about the world they live in. From landmarks, to maps, to endangered animals, Ubercorn knows almost anything about planet Earth. He is kind, and always willing to lend a helping hoof to any cadet who may need his expertise. When glitches are unfixed, or things don't go as planned, Ubercorn becomes stricter towards the subject of the disaster. He has been shown to yell when inconveinienced. This mostly occurs between him and Tom. Ubercorn is always ready to jump into action, with his facts to go!
  • Zeek (voiced by Terrence Scammell) – A tween-age monkey who may love to monkey around, but his awesome tree-climbing abilities and finely-tuned sniffer make him invaluable to the team. Though he does come up with the most implausible of theories and even causes the occasional mix-up, his intentions are nothing but the best.
  • Ms. Carrol (voiced by Julie Pinto) – The good-natured kindergarten teacher who was originally insisting on becoming the vice-principal of the school. She is occasionally asked to take care of the Squeaky Peepers when she is not teaching. Ms. Carrol is the only teacher in the series who does not have a symbol that represents her. She has brown hair and wears a green dress with a red sleeveless jacket.
  • Oyster (voiced by Sean Cullen) – An anthropomorphic oyster and Lobster's best friend. Between the two of them, Oyster is the more bold one, as shown by him cooperating with others and even offering to help them despite not having any arms or legs. He does not like when it someone disguises as him.
  • Lobster (voiced by Stacey DePass) – A sassy lobster and Oyster's best friend. She is highly into fashion shows, loves reading fashion magazines, and holds grudges against other characters for no apparent reason. She and Oyster are often seen getting into conflicts but are still best friends and have hopes of getting married in the future before departing for New Brunswick.
  • Bushy the Dog (voiced by Susan Roman) – A grassy dog who was made from a maze.
  • Lisa (voiced by Alyson Court) – Yuri's babysitter.
  • Pansy, Daisy and Rose (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills, Catherine Disher and Linda Kash, respectively) – A trio of talking flowers.
  • Otto the Penguin (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – A friendly boat captain who shows just how much fun it can be when somebody does not want to do the things they want to.
  • Soccer Ball (voiced by Bruce Dow) – The town's local opera singer, Soccer Ball speaks with a falsetto voice and is a part-time musician.
  • Huckle and Sally (voiced by Sonja Ball and Annie Bovaird, respectively) – Two siblings who just love solving mysteries. They previously starred in The Busy World of Richard Scarry and Busytown Mysteries, and lived in the fictional area known as Busytown before they moved to Montreal with Lowly, Hilda, Pig Will and Pig Won't. Sally is the younger sibling while Huckle is older than her by three years. Whenever there's a mystery, these two will always try to solve it in the best way they can!
  • Hilda Hippo (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – Huckle's friend. While she may be stubborn and hot-headed at first, when others get to know her better, she becomes more friendly and laid-back. In earlier appearances, she apparently had a crush on Foz, but in later episodes, she is more interested in Billy, who eventually becomes her boyfriend at the start of the season five episode "PowerChaz". She is also interested in rollerskating and drawing all sorts of landmarks in her notebook.
  • Pig Will and Pig Won't (voiced by Julie Lemieux and Thor Bishopric, respectively) – Two brothers who look alike, but have different voices and wear different shirts.
    • Pig Will is the laid-back, positive one who wears a green shirt. He gets along with others very well and likes to help out in the best way he can, even if he makes the smallest mistakes. His shenanigans that he and his brother cause can sometimes get them into trouble, but if they ever do, it's more because of his personality and positive attitude rather than anything else. Pig Will also drives their sausage-shaped car and likes classic music. He is in the school's photography club and is the vice-president of the club.
    • Pig Won't is the stubborn, bossy and ignorant one who wears a red shirt. He normally gets along with others less often than his brother, and doesn't enjoy helping out in any way. The trouble they cause normally gets themselves into trouble, though Pig Won't is responsible for most of their shenanigans. He is a member of the Sports Club with Sam (the owner), Harvey, Matilda, Billie, Saturn and Ostrich and doesn't have a favorite music genre.
  • Rob (voiced by Stacey DePass) – A curious and adventurous metal robot. He is best friends with JoJo, both of which have been best friends ever since they were three years old and started attending daycare. Rob admits he does not like babysitting but he does it just for fun, and has a job at a pharmacy he owns, where Orbit, his good friend, is the employee of the month.
  • Ema (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – A cute and smart alien who is also a lungist. She is best friends with Miss Moo and likes drawing all sorts of different characters she comes up with via her imagination.
  • TK (voiced by Lucinda Davis) – A kind, red robot who always has a smile. Her full name is "Tool Kit", but she prefers to go by "TK". She and Orbit are currently dating as of season three. TK reveals that her favorite thing to do when she isn't hanging out with Rob, Ema and Orbit is playing soccer with David and Sophie after school. ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. also revealed she is apparently highly allergic to herself for reasons unknown.
  • Orbit (voiced by Eleanor Noble) – An artistic orange robot who has two bandages that are taped to the back of his head for reasons unknown. As of the third season, he has started dating TK. He likes helping Ema make theme songs for the characters she makes up, such as a theme song for Green Screen Man or Sammy the Strawberry. At Rob's pharmacy, he is the Employee of the Month.
  • JoJo (voiced by Ana Sani) – JoJo is an inquisitive and cheerful Black Canadian who is four, going on five, who is the younger sister of Jared and lives near Poko's house. Her loving Gran Gran looks after her while her parents work and teaches her all about the many wonders of life and the world, such as cooking, friendship, and heritage. Despite having different ages, she and Poko get along very well. She has black hair and is usually seen wearing a yellow jacket, blue pants, and red boots. She also has a stuffed panda as a companion.
  • Gran Gran (voiced by Novie Edwards) – Jared and JoJo's grandmother. She educates her, Poko, and their friends on all sorts of many wonders of both life and the world, such as friendship, her heritage, and even cooking in the kitchen. She usually does frequent cleaning at home and is always excited to teach everyone else a little something about the world. She has gray hair that is pulled away from her face. She sometimes wears a pink jacket, brown pants and yellow boots.
  • Jared (voiced by David Berni) – JoJo's older brother. He is sixteen years old and is in Tom Gates' class, where the two of them have been friends ever since they graduated from elementary school. Compared to his sister, Jared is a bit egotistical and often causes trouble for others. He is best friends with Reef, Lex, Allan and Jeffrey. He's not ready to admit it, but he currently has a crush on TK. Despite his egotistical manner and tendency to be a troublemaker, he can sometimes be good-hearted and always plays it cool when there's a problem. He wears a blue jacket over a white and orange shirt, gray pants and pink shoes, and has a beard.
  • Reef (voiced by Jeff Geddis) – He is sixteen years old, and the new surf instructor of the resort, he has dreamed of going to Sunset Beach all of his life and finally made it. He wiped out once and slammed his jaw into a reef, earning his nickname.
  • Abby Hatcher (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – A bespectacled seven-year-old girl of mixed Canadian and Chinese descent who possesses detective skills. She is equipped with a wrist device called the Fuzzly Spotter which notifies her of a trouble involving a Fuzzly, plus it can operate different things in the hotel.
  • Miranda Hatcher (voiced by Josette Jorge) – Abby's Chinese mother who works as the Brookhaven Hotel's gardener.
  • Lex Hatcher (voiced by Terry McGurrin) – Abby's Canadian father who works at the front desk, and fixes things in the hotel when they break.
  • Wai Po (voiced by Jane Luk) – Abby's grandmother from China. Despite her age, she is quite athletic.
  • Chef Jeff (voiced by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) – The diminutive chef of Abby's hotel. Chef Jeff is also the subject of a running gag where Abby, in her tricycle, passes by the kitchen where he is working on a dish, therefore resulting a comical accident, but he would nonetheless enjoy or find something positive about it. Besides a chef, he is also a tuba player. He has a mother who is a chef too.
  • Allan and Jeffrey (voiced by Christopher Jacot and Jeff Geddis, respectively) – Two men who are seen wandering around outside. Allen is a pale man with brown hair who wears aquamarine glasses, while Jeffrey is a swarthy man with black hair. He and Jeffrey are roommates searching for furniture to adorn their new place. They sometimes hold hands while walking down the street together.
  • Judge Thorn (voiced by Catherine Disher) – A local judge of contests and events. Judge Thorn has a slight resemblance to Carol Burnett. She is also a TV personality.
  • Bozzly (voiced by Wyatt White) – An aquamarine rabbit-like Fuzzly who can turn invisible, and fly (by spinning his ears like a propeller). He also has super sensitive hearing, and has a front pocket containing various objects (some of which are larger than him). He is Abby's best friend and partner.
  • Princess Flug (voiced by Sonja Ball) – A pink slug-like Fuzzly who is made of glitter goo which can either be sticky or slippery. She can blow bubbles that could carry away anything that gets inside them, or neutralize sticky glitter gloo.
  • Teeny Terry (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore) – A small round marigold cat-bird-like Fuzzly with winged arms that allow him to fly. He can inflate like a balloon which enables him to fly higher and carry more load.
  • Otis (voiced by Michael Cohen) – A red raspberry-like Fuzzly with three extendable tentacles on his head which can be used for swinging or reaching things several feet away. His tentacles also have holes that open which can stick to objects or pump air to inflatables.
  • Curly (voiced by Melissa Altro) – A pink and orange rabbit-like Fuzzly with a spiral tail that can work like a spring, thus allowing her to leap high (and to also hold things as she lacks arms). She often says a word three times.
  • Mo and Bo (both voiced by Jesse Vinet) – Twin cat-like Fuzzlies with stretchy torsos that allow them to reach things several feet high, and to slingshot stuff. They also have retractable heads and limbs, the ability to grow multiple extra pairs of legs in the middle, and heads that light up. Mo is a white female while Bo is a black male.
  • Harriet Bouffant (voiced by Stacey DePass) – A ragdoll-like Fuzzly with extendable pink and yellow hair which can be used as extra limbs. When her extended hair gets long enough, it can detach, leaving only a normal size portion on her head.
  • The Squeaky Peepers (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – An octet of small, helium-voiced, rainbow-coloured singing rabbit-like Fuzzlies. Their names are in this order: Big Do (the violet peeper), Re (red), Mi (orange), Fa (yellow with glasses), So (green), La (blue), Ti (indigo), and Little Do (small and pink, sometimes with a blue pacifier in her mouth).
  • Flugtilda (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – An orange slug-like Fuzzly with green eyes who wears glasses and a baseball cap who is the cousin of Princess Flug. She neither possesses powers nor does she have a symbol that would represent her.
  • Grumbles (voiced by Kaden Stephen) – A large purple meerkat-like Fuzzly who has the power to transform into anything. Abby met him in the wilderness, and thought he was some folklore creature.
  • Mumbles (voiced by Dwayne Hill) – A small dark blue meerkat-like Fuzzly who is one of Grumbles' younger cousins. There are rules on how to raise him, and doing any rule wrong would cause him to multiply.
  • The Blossom Band – A quartet of plant-like Fuzzlies who like playing music. Their names are Tulip (voiced by Addison Holley), Rose (voiced by Lucinda Davis), Sweet Pea (voiced by Jennifer Seguin), and Daisy (voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau). Tulip, Rose, and Sweet Pea are females, while Daisy is somehow a male. Tulip plays a saxophone, Rose plays an electric guitar, Sweet Pea plays maracas, and Daisy plays a keytar.
  • Elinor Rabbit (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – A white bunny girl and the only daughter of Mr. Rabbit and his wife, Ranger Rabbit, who, along with Ari and Olive, is in Poko's classroom in the first grade. She is the most observant and curious of everyone in Poko's first grade class, has an inquisitive nature, a sweet personality, and encourages children to follow curiousity, ask questions when they don't understand, and even find answers using science inquiry skills. She introduces children science, nature, and communities through the adventures she, Ari and Olive go on.
  • Ari Bat (voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk) – A funny and imaginative light brown male bat who is one of Elinor's best friends. Unlike Olive and Elinor, he is a picky eater. In season two, Ari enters Poko's cosplay contest, where comes in second place overall as his hair color was a lighter shade of blue. Though he plays basketball with Lunabory and her older sister, Cozybory, at school, he and Lunabory tend to cheat by using their "cheating techniques".
  • Olive Elephant (voiced by Bryn McAuley) – A female elephant-calf girl who is one of Elinor's neighbours and best friends. She often makes charts for whatever sort of questions are being asked by Elinor. Compared to Elinor and Ari, she is probably the smartest of the three, and without a doubt, the most predictable as well. In her earlier appearances, she usually jumped to conclusions when Elinor and another character got into a conflict; by season three, she decided to come to conclusions at proper times.
  • Ranger Rabbit (voiced by Millie Davis) – Elinor's mother and the wife of Mr. Rabbit, who, hence her name, works as a forest ranger along with Silas and does not have a proper name. She previously used to be a babysitter
  • Mr. Rabbit (voiced by Colin Doyle) – Elinor's father and the husband of Ranger Rabbit. Mr. Rabbit is a caring father and husband. He seems to enjoy sleep a great deal, as in episodes taking place in the morning or night, he's shown to be very tired. In Bird Song, before Elinor figured out why, birds would consistently perch outside his window and sing, preventing him from sleeping in. Marshmallows strangely make him sleepy and cause him to have "marshmallow dreams" as evident in season two. In season three, it is revealed that he's prone to making “dad jokes”. He's also seen working on a birdhouse during the same episode. Season five reveals that he loves strawberry jam on his toast, so much so that he can barely stomach eating toast plain. In season six, he is said to be Elinor's favorite storyteller and the one who normally reads books to her.
  • Señor Tapir (voiced by Juan Chioran) – Señor Tapir is very courteous to those around him. He enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, and is primarily seen playing for the children, and even for a small concert in one episode.
  • Ms. Mole (voiced by Shoshana Sperling) – A mole that is also a teacher at the Brookhaven School, and one of Elinor's favorite teachers. Ms. Mole likes reading books to her students and calls them "Little Scientists". While she is not completely blind, her sight is not the greatest, not to mention her glasses only barely manage to help her with her vision.
  • Tito (voiced by Akie Kotabe) – Tito is excitable and energetic. Fitting of an explorer, he's curious and brave. Tito is a student and explorer who can often be seen hanging out with Koa. It's unknown if he is the son of Deputy Mouse. He is a light brown mouse with buck teeth and tufts of hair on his head and a dark brown nose. He wears a light olive green shirt and dark gray shorts.
  • Koa (voiced by David Berni) – Koa is very laid-back, often referring to things as "chill". When questioned regarding the unusual growth of a plant by Elinor and her friends in one of his appearances, he replies several times with simply "nope", before finally answering with "yup" when asked if he ever says anything other than "nope".
  • The Goat Twins (both voiced by Stacey DePass) – The goat twins both refer to twin sisters named Mary Goat and Lizzie Goat, who are identical female white goats. They are recurring characters in the series. Like with most identical twins, it is difficult to distinguish who is whom at first glance. Mary and Lizzie are identical twins who are rarely seen apart. They are very girly and have a high social status in their class, as shown when they easily organize a game of hide and seek, which they are both very good at. Their reputation and leadership is rivaled by only that of Elinor, Ari, and Olive. Despite their popularity, they are fairly nice to their classmates, although they like to be mischievous with their identical appearances. Despite their many similarities, they also have a few differences. For example, Mary likes to dance and Lizzie really doesn’t. Both goats have white fur, curly red hair, a short set of horns and hoofed hands and feet. As pointed out in season two, Lizzie has a slightly longer right horn by an inch or so while Mary's is even. Mary has a dark stripe on one of her hooves. Mary wears a light green jacket and skirt, while Lizzie wears a light blue jacket and skirt. Season four is an exception, where due to Mary getting her clothes dirty, both of them wear blue outfits. Both goats wear light blue barrettes in their hair; Mary wears one with white stars and Lizzie wears hers with white dots.
  • Victor Volt (voiced by Alan Marriott) – One of the U.Z.Z. agents in the series. He wears a blue jumpsuit and rides a purple skybike, and is partnered with Anita. He was recruited at a comic book convention in Calgary, Alberta, and is easily distracted and tends to act childish, often getting him and Anita into trouble or causing a crisis that needs further intervention. His level of competence generally changes, depending on the situations. In some cases, he acts incompetently, whereas only scenes later he may manipulate the situation brilliantly. He is also a vegetarian and is the "ninth grade stone-skipping champion". The only time he had a major role in the series is in the season two episode, "Super-Vic", where he acquires a cloak that gives him super-powers and decides to get carried away with becoming a superhero, though it belongs to the one person that U.Z.Z. fears: Fabulous Moo. The plot for the episode is identical to The Secret Show episode "Super-Vic!", but is instead written by Gerard Lewis and Paul Stoica.
  • Anita Knight (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Anita is one of the few agents in the series. She has blonde hair that ends in a little curl, wears a purple jumpsuit and headband, and rides a green skybike. She is partnered with her friend, Victor Volt. Somehow more intelligent than him, she often has the day whenever Victor lands them into silly situations. She grows a mermaid tail when she is in sea water despite her allergy to it. Adele calls her "snotty pimple chin", which easily annoys her.
  • Changed Daily (voiced by Maurice Dean Wint) – The leader of the secret agent agency who speaks with a strong British accent, and has a mustache and wears a classy suit. He always has a new name in his appearances, and he will mention: "For reasons of security, my name is changed daily. Today, you may call me..." before using his phone to get his latest codename, which turns out to be riduclous to him but amusing to Victor and Anita. Prior to being the commander, he was once a top agent occupying Victor's role.
  • Special Agent Ray (voiced by Justin Landry) – A unit commander for an agency, who provides back-up for Victor and Anita when needed. He is good at keeping his cool under pressure, and is very loyal to others. He has an Elvis-styled hair, an official blue suit, and wears a head phone communicator in his ear and sunglasses. Often running missions behind the scenes, he clears out the set of the show by saying the time slot for his show, The Secret Show, is needed urgently. He is also a vegetarian, although he eats fish, and has a nephew named Roy who is never seen in the series.
  • Sweet Little Granny (voiced by Jayne Eastwood) – The 82-year-old host of "The Fluffy Bunny Show", which is normally played before stuff such as school plays or the actual series are "stolen" by the others for time slots on television. She is married to Sweet Old Grandpa (Paul Soles), who once hosted her show while having a hip replacement operation. When she made her debut, she was known as Sweet Little Girl, and was instead voiced by Alyson Court.
  • The Mayor (voiced by Ian Ronnigen) – The sadistic, cowardly, greedy, sophisticated and failure-intolerant mayor is a 45-year-old man who is an obsessive control freak and tends to act entitled. He makes all sorts of unintended and strange changes to the province of Québec, and enjoys seeing his older brother, the TV Host, in all sorts of shenanigans such as making mistakes while recording Bionic Bunny, as he does not approve of his silly behaviour. The mayor is also a greedy billionaire who is friends with Credit Card, who has an indefinite credit limit with his score somehow being "yes". He and his older brother live in an apartment near Henry.
  • The TV Host (voiced by Tyrone Savage) – The host of Bionic Bunny is the Mayor's older brother, likely around forty-seven years old. Unlike his younger brother, he is laid-back, happy-go-lucky, and free-spirited and loves doing whatever he can at the studio when it comes to filming, writing or even editing episodes of Bionic Bunny. He resides in an apartment room next to Henry, both of which have common interests such as their like for Penguin Patrol, the valuable items they collected over the years, and how they enjoy hanging out with Senór Butterfly, who is Madame Butterfly's husband. It is implied that he has a crush on Cali, despite differing ages.
  • True (voiced by Michela Luci) – An 8-year-old strong heroine. True possesses a warm heart, a clever mind and boundless energy. She accepts every challenge head-on with a beaming smile. What makes True "truly" extraordinary is that she is the only one in the Rainbow Kingdom who can activate the Wishes’ special powers that unleash magical energy.
  • Bartleby (voiced by Jamie Watson) – True's funny cat sidekick, Bartleby, has a lot of bravado and the gift of gab. Only True, his best friend, knows he is actually a bit of a scaredy-cat. He is one opinionated kitty and provides a lot of commentary, which helps trigger True's creative problem-solving skills.
  • Zee (voiced by Nicolas Wheeler-Hughes) – Zee resides in the Wishing Tree, looking after and researching the Wishes using his special tools. Jack and his friends visit him when they have a problem. Best known for his mellow personality, Zee is kind, patient, and always helps Jack when a problem arises. Zee usually invites Jack to sit with him and have a "think" about the current problem, moments before Jack receives an answer from the Wishing Tree. Zee loves it when the siblings are around and loves researching them using his many tools such as the "Wishopedia", a book that defines each Wish and their ability. In spite of his mellow nature, Zee does have his limits. "The Cosmic Sneeze", for example, is the first time his mellow personality fades away. Zee is a human with pale skin and freckles on his cheeks. He has short purple hair and purple eyes (similiar to Jack), and wears a white uniform with grey trim and grey boots. His uniform resembles traditional martial arts Gi.
  • Grizelda (voiced by Anna Bartlam) – Grizelda is a self-centered young princess. Deep down, she realizes she needs a friend like True. Although True tries to reach out to the Princess, Grizelda's self-absorbed ways can make that challenging; however, love in Rainbow Kingdom is unconditional, so True never stops trying. Grizelda is just someone who is a little selfish which only means she needs a little more love.
  • The Wishes – Non-verbal but highly expressive, the wishes communicate with goofy gestures and sweet sounds. Each one has a unique, big personality that complements or contrasts their power. The Wishes share a special bond with True but until they are called to action, they stay busy training with Zee. Each Wish is imbued with a special power that only True can "spark".
  • Luna Sanchez (voiced by Denise Oliver) – A 12-year-old girl and the older sister of Jupiter who is in love with science and is also in the seventh grade at Brookhaven School. She is best friends with Elinor and Jack, loves exploring the world, and enjoys helping her friends when they're feeling down. Although she is blissfully unaware of the fact that Slacksville is Montreal's biggest rival, she gets along very well with Masha, the mayor of Slacksville and of its worst-behaved residents. She does not understand why anyone would want to be mean to Slacksville's residents. She has black hair and wears a purple shirt with a red belt and yellow buckle, and black shoes.
  • Jupiter Sanchez (voiced by Sonja Ball from seasons 1–5, and Julie Lemieux in season six) – Luna's younger brother who is thought to be seven years old and is in the second grade. He wears a light green shirt and blue jeans. Jupiter loves exploring the world, has a collection of all sorts of unique and colourful rocks, and gets along very well with just about everybody besides Slacksville's residents.
  • Mr. Bruno del Anderson Sanchez (voiced by Chad DeRohgth) – Bruno del Anderson Sanchez, best known as Mr. Sanchez, is the patriarch of the Sanchez family household, Daniela's husband, and the father of Luna and Jupiter; a 39-year-old Brazilian-Canadian who currently works as a financial planner and has had several co-workers as the series kept on going. Throughout the series, Mr. Sanchez has been a sensitive, good-natured, caring, direct, and positive guy who cares very much for Luna and Jupiter; the former revealed that he previously went back to school in "Poko's School Picture" to see what it would be like twenty-one years after graduating.
  • Mrs. Daniela Sanchez (voiced by Stacey DePass) – Daniela Sanchez, commonly referred to as Mrs. Sanchez, is the matriarch of the Sanchez family household, Bruno's wife, and the mother of Luna and Jupiter. She is a 42-year-old Brazilian-Canadian, just like her husband, and has a job with her rival, Whammy, at "Big Shirts Computer Repair Services", where they repair computers while somehow wearing big shirts. She had two mothers, as revealed by Bo, implying that her biological mother is a lesbian.
  • Petie Heat & Freeze Louise (voiced by Denise Oliver and Cory Doran, respectively) – Petie Heat and Freeze Louise are generally nice students. Louise goes against the fact that people with ice powers have cold and withdrawn personalities, whereas Petie goes against the fact that those with fire powers are short-tempered. However, they do not know how to control their powers, causing chaos in various areas.
  • The Dolls – A trio of dolls who usually reside in a gigantic dollhouse who also appeared in My Big Big Friend. The three of them are best friends and are apparently siblings, who love tea parties. Their names are Sandra, who has blonde hair, olive green eyes and wears green clothes, Alice, who has brown hair, blue eyes and wears red and blue clothes, and Maggie, who has black hair, brown eyes and wears pink clothes. Sandra is voiced by Alyson Court, Alice is voiced by Catherine Disher, and Maggie is voiced by Lucinda Davis.
  • Ollie Allen (voiced by Rick Jones) – Ollie is an ordinary boy who never thought he would be the "Chosen One". He currently protects the "Monster-Verse" and owns a backpack, and sometimes saves the Earth with his best friends, Cleo and Bernie. The three of them are shown to like "sprawling", as shown in "Something to Do with Drama". Ollie is the owner of the school's film club.
  • Oliver and June Allen (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch and Laurie Elliott, respectively) – Ollie and Pyper's parents. Ollie's father is involved with a backpack that Ollie would claim, which has a badge on the backpack's symbol. He wears a dark blue T-shirt with a light blue circle in the middle, along with black jeans, brown shoes, a green jacket with a pocket on the left, a darker hue of brown hair unlike his wife, and an earring on his left ear. June cares very much for him and their children and tries to keep Ollie and Pyper out of trouble all the time. She has medium-length red hair, earrings, a blue shirt over a light blue shirt, black jeans, and boots.
  • Pyper Allen (voiced by Camden Angelis) – Ollie's younger sister who is in Nico and Yoki's class. Whenever Ollie is injured, she will become the protector of his backpack, which likely chose her because she too is the child of the preceding protector, their father. Pyper is a young girl, smaller than Ollie, with freckles on her cheeks, large eyes, long hip-length orange hair, a slim body, and fair skin. She wears a purple shirt with lightning in a slightly lighter tone, indigo shorts, a blue bracelet on her right arm, a pink bracelet on her left, triangular earrings on her ear, white socks, and pink shoes.
  • Duncan Badette (voiced by Fabian Lapham) – Cleo's older brother, who would appear to be around sixteen or seventeen years old. He can be snarky, full of himself, and rather competitive. Although he hung out with Tom Jones, Professor, Adele and Sanjay in their appearances in Ratty Catty and often did what he wanted them to do, as he believes he is the "large and in charge guy", though Professor and Tom are, both at 6'4". He hates songs involving brushing his teeth but still flosses everyday.
  • Cleo Badette (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) – The younger sister of Duncan, and Bernie and Ollie's best friend who is a member and one of the creators of the Film Club. She is attracted to Beard Boy, has never touched an instrument in her life, and does not like black olives on pizzas, preferring anchovies and pineapple. She is a brave, adventurous comic relief who says her name is short for "Cleopatra". Cleo is a young female with dark skin, possibly of Black Canadian descent just like JoJo her older brother, Jared, and Brody. She has frizzy, purple hair with shaved sides, tied in a ponytail. She has a white shirt with a pink stripe in the center, a blue hoodie with two pockets on either side, gray jeans, pink socks and orangish-yellow sneakers. It is never revealed by her or ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. if her hair colour is natural or dyed.
  • Bernie Alves (voiced by David Berni) – Bernie is Ollie's best friend who is a member of both the Science Club and the Film Club. He is normally afraid of dangerous things and doesn't communicate with Toopy and Binoo's friends as often in later episodes. He makes friends with those who make him feel comfortable, such as Cleo, Ollie, Jared, Topher, Bo and Binoo. He and Ping seem to have a good connection. Bernie hasn't reunited with Vana Glama, especially after she accepted Toopy's feelings during the events of "Taking Command to Impress Chad" despite him not appearing in the episode.
  • Bruce and Brenda Alves (voiced by Pat Fry and Sarah Gadon, respectively) – Bernie's parents. Bruce is always unaware of the fact that Bernie is friends with Ratty and Catty. He is sometimes dimwitted and behaves rather strange, but on other occasions can be honest and caring, especially towards his neighbours and friends. He revealed that he was once a famous stage magician and apparently enjoys practicing the piano, which he can only do if he has a song; otherwise, he won't be able to play it. Brenda, on the other hand, can usually be a bit of a busy homemaker, though she often has the time to involve his son and his friends in all sorts of different things now and then. Occasionally, Ratty and Catty helped her around the Alves' family house and were rewarded with things from her, such as an old board game ("Board Lames") and even an old race track ("The Big Race Against Time"). Brenda has a light complexion, blonde hair, black eyebrows and a white beaded necklace; she also wears a red shirt. Bruce is a tall man with an apricot complexion, blonde hair, dark brown eyebrows and shaved facial hair. He wears a white shirt underneath a teal jacket.
  • Cool Paul (voiced by Thor Bishopric) – Paul, sometimes referred to as "Cool Paul", is a student who was in Bo's class before she turned fifteen and went to tenth grade. He likes to try and beat Chad in all sorts of crazy events to prove that he can have authority over the playground at recess, and loves playing the electric guitar. When he competed on Poko's game show, similiar to Press Your Luck in season four, he was succesfully able to win with a total of $89,591 and not getting a Whammy after his third; a fourth would mean he would be eliminated, leaving just Chad and Mr. Alves. He has blonde hair, light skin, and wears a purple headband and a silver earring. He usually wears a green jacket over a white shirt and a pair of pink sunglasses rotated counterclockwise, around ninety degrees on them.
  • Brody (voiced by Steven Crowder) – Brody is Bo's frenemy. He, just like JoJo and Jared, is a Black Canadian boy, who enjoys playing "Wall Ball" at recess with Beard Boy and Ivy, and tries whatever she can to get Buddy and Krupa in a bisexual relationship, despite being brothers who are against his "shipping them". Although Brody gets along with the others in his class very well, he is secretly a narcissistic guy who was once an antagonist in season five, and often tortures Allan Amazing for no apparent reason. In season three, Brody briefly became a member of the Student Council Club but quit after a couple of months because Vana is against him pepper spraying Allan. Brody has black hair with dark brown outlines. He wears a blue baseball hat and a lime green T-shirt with yellow lines at the end of the sleeves.
  • Beard Boy (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – Beard Boy is a muscular boy who is gifted in arts, and is Cleo's possible boyfriend. His muscular strength was a result of being struck by lightning on a boat ride, as confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc., and is a talented artist who is currently the vice-president of the art club. He has a beard, hence his name, which he also reveals is his actual name. He once sang during the school's yearly "Open Mic Night" but almost got suspended because his song, as mentioned by R.C., was what he thinks is "a pile of crap". He usually wears a light blue shirt with what appears to be a light yellow star under a green jacket.
  • Tag (voiced by Chad DeRohgth) – Tag is a tough, egotistical guy who enjoys to continue bullying Bernie for no reason, he is a possible criminal who has went to juvenile detention on several occasions, and is against people who try to be nice to him. He was previously a member of the Student Council Club but was removed indefinitely for pepper spraying Pong, and has been known to be greedy all the time, similiar to the Mayor. Tag has green hair that spikes up at the front, yellow glasses, peach skin and wears a purple sleeveless shirt.
  • Ivy (voiced by Bryn McAuley) – Ivy is Ollie's romantic interest who is sweet, considerate and peaceful, and hardly ever gets annoyed or disappointed unless it comes to conflict, where she will then start acting stubborn, inconsiderate and impatient, though she can calm down pretty quickly with the help of Esme's glitter jar. She is a member of one of the school's animal charities, and reveals that she, along with Amy Porter, is a vegetarian after having her last ever fast food dinner at home, inspiring Ollie to become a vegan in season two. Ivy is a tall girl with a thin body, tan skin, and long, dark brown hair. She wears a light blue jacket over a red shirt, blue jeans, and red boots. Her favorite color, confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc., is a shade of light blue she likes to call "business cyan".
  • Niceness Guy (voiced by Christopher Jacot) – Niceness Guy, hence his name, is probably the sweetest student in all of Brookhaven School. He always chooses to play things safe, think before he acts or jumps to conclusions, encourage other students, cheer others up when they're feeling down, and even help others when they have a problem. He doesn't understand why anyone would want to get into an argument, and believes that world peace can eventually be established if others work together. Niceness Guy is a short guy with a thin body and peach skin. He has dark brown hair and wears brown glasses, a white shirt, a red bowtie, brown suspenders, and light orange shorts.
  • Peter (voiced by Jon Cor) – One of the school's faculty members, Peter is dedicated to do anything he can to enforce the rules at school and never misses out on the opportunity to get a snack from the teacher's lounge every morning before heading into the third grade class to educate his students and help them succeed as they get older and get smarter. There are times where he has been the gym teacher as well, he is able to carry the sports equipment outside for recess and even monitor recess, something Holly does in season six. Peter is around forty-three years old, has a tall build, and purple hair with a short beard. His attire consists of a light green shirt underneath a black jacket, brown pants, and gray, blue and brown sneakers.
  • Vice Principal Magna (voiced by Richard M. Dumont) – The school's strict and uptight vice-principal. He was previously the principal of Brookhaven School before Clementine's mother came in to occupy that role. Usually before lunch, he will do a random inspection on classrooms and school clubs to make sure nobody's breaking any of the major school rules, and dislikes when Ollie, Bernie and Cleo sprawl in the Film Club, which he would threaten to shut down in season four if they did not make a good enough movie. Vice Principal Magna is a tall man, around the age of forty, with a thin body. He has light orange hair, a matching beard, and wears glasses. He also wears a beige shirt, a blue tie, a green sleeveless vest with three yellow buttons and a pocket on the right side, brown jeans, and dark brown shoes. There are five different badges on his vest and he also has what would appear to be his driver's license or information about him on it as well.
  • Paisley Paver (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – Paisley is the CEO of Pave Nature Inc., a business located next to the apartment building that Henry, the TV Director and the Mayor, Weenie, and Oswald reside in. She is very picky, but also very proper and she hates nature and finds all forms of wildlife disgusting. Her goal is to pave over nature everywhere, believing it will be better for future generations. She has shown she is intolerant of delays to her work, stating: "time is money".
  • Rex Paver (voiced by Cory Doran) – Paisley's henchman, who assists her in her plots against the good guys. Though usually enthusiastic, he is still evil, as he loves to operate Paisley's technology and flatten land for her building sites.
  • Donita Donata (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – A fashion designer who travels using a pink jet or boat, and is never without the best comforts life can afford. Her main purpose is her clothing line, Donita Donata's Live Jewelry of Nature. She uses a "pose beam" to paralyze live animals so she can sell them as jewelry or clothing, and has also created robotic mannequins which go out and catch animals for her. Donita is symbolic of real world fashion designers who use animal products in the manufacture their clothing. She is always foiled by Simon and never gets the chance to use the desired animal in her fashion designing plans.
  • Dabio (voiced by Dan Petronijevic) – Donita's muscular and childlike henchman, who tries to help Donita design her fashions, but usually fails to satisfy her. Though usually shown to be unintelligent, Dabio is able to remember facts about animals more correctly than Donita, but in "Mystery of the Mini Monkey Models", he could not say the animal names correctly.
  • Chef Gourmand (voiced by Ian Ronnigen) – A traveling chef with a Louisiana Cajun accent. He prefers to cook and serve rare or endangered animals, which caused him to lose his chef's license because he was attempting to poach critters. He usually travels in a camper that features a fold-out restaurant, but has also been seen using a jet or boat with a fold-out outdoor restaurant and kitchen. He invites other villains, mostly Donita and Zach, to try his food; this usually ends up with them running away when his captured animals are let loose by Simon.
  • Zach Varmitech (voiced by Zachary Bennett) – A robotics inventor who grew up alongside the Kratts and met Aviva at summer camp. He tries to develop robots and inventions by controlling creatures' minds and then use them as workers or by selling the mind-controlled animals as products, and in certain cases, for his own benefit. He is constantly trying to steal the Kratt brothers' technology. He uses a jet while travelling long distances, and usually rides on the shoulders of a Zachbot otherwise. He is frightened of the dark, as seen in "Platypus Cafe", and does not like it when other villains tell his Zachbots what to do.
  • Merry & Chad (voiced by Krystal Meadows and Justin Bradley, respectively) – Two neighbours and best friends who previously competed on Whammy!, the spin-off of Press Your Luck in the same episode. Ever since they graduated from high school, they have been inseparable and tend to visit the school often. Their personalities are very different. Merry has a job at the Laugh Factory and Chad is a promotional spokesperson.
    • Chad Green is a ministry coordinator and a promotional spokesperson for all sorts of different products he has created over the years who was born in California and moved to Canada before spring 2005, and is in a relationship with Merry. It was somehow referenced that he is actually embodied by various different actors, despite being virtually identical. He is named after Chad Hicks, one of the directors, writers and storyboard artists, as one of his suggestions, with a different appearance. When he competes on game shows, he only competes so he can spend money irresponsibly when he wins. According to ROBLOX TV Studios Inc., Chad embodies all of the self-importance and over-statement of contemporary marketing. He reveals he is ashamed of betraying his heritage by doing a stage performance for his siblings ("This will last us a thousand reruns of Whammy! on Game Show Network. Yes, I do this just because I was born in California."), something confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios as well. At one point in the series he lended his job as a spokesperson to his rival, Whammy, until he gets reinstated by Merry's sister, Patty. He is also the eldest child of five siblings at the age of eighteen, older than Topher (sixteen), Billy and Mac (both twelve), and Marina (ten), and hates Whammy with a passion. ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. describes him as a very giving, creative guy who often does whatever he can to help Poko and his friends. He has an apricot complexion, a tall build, has light brown hair that slicks back, and has hazel eyes. He wears a long-sleeved dark green shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers.
    • Merry Watson is Chad's best friend and love interest and the older sister of Sandy and Patty who has been inseparable with him ever since they started hanging out in elementary school. She's a sweet, honest and good-natured high school graduate who never resists helping her boyfriend, Chad, or anyone else on any sort of occasion. She and Chad share many common interests, such as their dislike for Whammy and his greedy attitude, or even their love for nature. Despite her positive attitude and cheery personality, there are times where she can be unlucky. She has hopes that she can save up her money for a vacation on a cruise with her boyfriend. Merry is slightly shorter than Chad, has a light complexion, and has blonde hair. She wears a blue shirt, black jeans and indigo high heels.
  • Patty Watson (voiced by Evany Rosen) – Merry's fifteen-year-old sister. She is a highly odd and delusional student in the tenth grade. She has been shown to be good-natured but generally irresponsible. She also had a love affair with Blocky, and played the role of Whammy in "Lights, Camera, Poko!". As of season three, she has been hanging out with Blocky and somehow makes her the brother-in-law of Pen, Eraser, Snowball and Blocky. She once attended a trial in Toronto, Ontario between Poko's show and Max and Ruby's show, where she was sitting next to Morris. In season four, she persuades Clementine's mother to rename her high school to Patty Watson High School.
  • Sandy Watson (voiced by Sarah Evans) – Merry's thirteen-year-old sister and the youngest i the Watson family. She formerly owned and ran her own supermarket, but would eventually quit and pass on her job to David and Sophie so she could spend more time with her sisters, come up with a plan to marry Billy, and later have her own family at the age of eighteen. She would later return to her supermarket in season five and now works as a stocker.
  • Mrs. Watson (voiced by Jennifer Seguin in her first appearance, and Kenzie Bryant in later appearances) – The 39-year-old former school news anchor and talk show hostess, and the mother of Merry, Sandy and Patty. She orchestrates a plot to go back in time to when she was eighteen and marry Chad and frame Meg, but she also accidentally frames Bizou (unintentionally), PJ Crenshaw, her daughter Patty (both framed by Chad upon becoming witnessses to the plot), and Mr. Alves (who was framed when attempting to tell Chad).
  • DeAnn Sullivan (voiced by Paula Davis) – The school's eighteen-year-old weather forecast reporter, and the daughter of Mrs. Sullivan. She rarely spoke in earlier appearances for any more than five seconds, with her weather forecasts always being rapidly spoken and occasionally loud. Her hyperkinetic style was somehow an inspiration to Whammy when he was eight. She has spoken for longer than five seconds after season one, such as when she and Bree were in a rainstorm with Bree's umbrella blown away, and in "Poko's Story", where she recaps the things that Mr. Murphy didn't hear when Poko came up with a story during a class picnic.
  • Mrs. Sullivan (voiced by Lori Alan in seasons one to four, and Jane Woods as of season five) – The mother of DeAnn who has only been heard but hasn't been shown in any episodes. As of the sixth season, she had undergone a change in her personality, more calm and timid and less stubborn. It was revealed she has been married and divorced twice.
  • Whammy (voiced by Kevin Duhaney) – A red cartoon creature with a raspy, high-pitched voice (though he would sometimes have a low-pitched, monotone voice), who is one of the antagonists of the series. He is the eponymous character of Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck and was known for being on Press Your Luck as well. Landing on any Whammy space in the Press Your Luck series would cause a contestant to go bankrupt and start over from zero dollars, accompanied by an animation that showed him taking the loot, but occasionally getting blown up or otherwise humiliated in the process. The idea of bringing Whammy into a Treehouse TV and Nick Jr. show was the idea of Aiyden Prosser, who was originally going to voice him.
  • Mrs. Haynes (voiced by Alyson Court) – The caretaker at Little Tots Daycare Center. She is always happy to see her former attenders at the daycare, who have since grown a lot after attending preschool. Though she's always happy to see her previous daycare attenders, she doesn't like when someone doesn't share or be gentle to others. It was revealed that Poko was her favorite of the group, as he played very nicely with his friends. Another episode also confirms her full name is Jennifer Delia Haynes. She has blonde hair and purple eyes. As for attire, she wears a green dress, black jeans, and black high heels.
  • Raymond "Ray" Jones (voiced by Brian Froud) – Ray is a dark brown-haired fifteen-year-old teenager. He loves causing trouble and can't resist being a victim when crimes are being solved. He is also shown to enjoy playing pranks on others, as he once competed in Poko's reality show and sabotaged the votes to make it look like everybody had voted off Billy Bean, or when he encouraged Toopy on Press Your Luck to press his buzzer whenever the glowing light would be on the Whammy. His outfit consists of a purple hooded shirt and blue jeans.
  • Billy Bean (voiced by Rick Jones) – A sixteen-year-old detective with a big heart and stomach and an even bigger sense of humour in spite of his dark past. Despite his constant joking around and occasional mix-ups, he loves being a detective and can do anything he can to protect him and his best friends, Drago and Sean, no matter what.
  • Shawn Jared Beaulieu "Sean" Gagnon (voiced by Tom Edwards) – A tough guy who is dedicated to his friends and family. Despite some conflict with Drago, the two of them will do just about anything they can to protect each other and Billy Bean as they go around solving all sorts of mysteries in their hometown in Québec. He won't admit it, but he has a crush on Patty.
  • Drago (voiced by Jonathan Tan) – A cool and composed boy with a razor sharp wit and an interest in music. He is Sean's frenemy and takes his duties as one of the town's protectors rather seriously.
  • The Bear (Richard M. Dumont) – The Bear is the troublemaker and Whammy's occasional sidekick of the series. He enjoys causing the most mischief, the most out of any character, often doing things without thinking of the consequences. He also likes making noises by using loud things such as a megaphone, and even enjoys taking time out of other characters' days to cause trouble with them. He also has a major habit of leading others into trouble when it comes to anything; his favorite thing in the whole world when he isn't tricking others is performing magic tricks, though he also likes juggling.
  • Raven (voiced by Lyon Smith in his first appearance, and Ross Lynch in later appearances) –
  • Snail Mail (voiced by Darren Frost) – Snail Mail is the slowest of the group of "people" residing in Melody Meadows, but without a doubt, the most clever of the group. In his first appearance, he showed up at Poko's house to deliver a package for his older sister, Bo, but was late by a few months, though in later episodes, he'd somehow be able to move faster, simply by using a magic carpet. Being one of the smartest residents in Melody Meadows, he is able to sort out the logos of domestic, foreign and European car brands, can skip count up to nineteen, and can even recite the digits of Pi. When he isn't delivering mail to the neighbours, he can usually be seen hanging out with Djembe, Changed Daily, Bonnie, Roger, Mrs. Weebler, Fried Okra and R.C. at Daddy Deary's diner.
  • Door-to-Door Door Salesman (voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau) – Door to Door Door Salesman, also known as D2DD Salesman or just Door Salesman, is a sleazy salesman who might steal your doors. Woken by a doorbell, anyone would go to their doorway and notices a lack of said door. On his porch stands a somewhat sleazy looking businessman, with a pile of... doors behind him? What could he have to say?
  • Ratty and Catty (voiced by Daniel Brochu and Ray Hogg, respectively) – A cat and mouse duo and the Jones family pets. A free-spirited, happy-go-lucky dreamer who loves letting his spirits follow him on all of his adventures with his family, Ratty is always in a good mood, and never refuses to miss out on any sort of fun event, whether it's inside the Happy Home or if it's not. He is the father of four children, who reside in a secret area in the Happy Home. He is able to go through mouse holes in the Happy Home to get to places quicker and can even use the air vents. Catty is very loyal to his brother, Ratty, and even towards his family. He likes to invent things, though sometimes his inventions won't normally work at the beginning. He's also an artist, as he is able to paint things from his memory, and is inspired by whatever he sees in front of him. Catty is also a comedian, as he enjoys making jokes to his friends.
  • Jeremy Jones (voiced by Sam Lee) – Jeremy is a self-assured, young adult who is married to Penelope Jones. He has a lot of love for opera-singing and usually practices his opera singing in front of his bedroom mirror. He also acts quite dim-witted and behaves different than his family members sometimes, as he sometimes walks into something, such as a wall, without noticing. He has black hair, black dotted eyes, a pair of sunglasses, a teal hoodie underneath a long-sleeved purple shirt, blue jeans (beginning in "Without a Clue"), and black shoes. He also wears a red-lined gold cape.
  • Penelope Jones (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Penelope is a peaceful homemaker in the Happy Home. She is married to Jeremy and is usually seen working around the house. She often gets help from her two sons and daughter, and seems to enjoy knitting in the living room when she isn't busy doing stuff around the house. Penelope has shoulder-length blonde hair and wears a pink dress, a magenta skirt and light pink shoes.
  • Tom Jones (voiced by Michael Caldwell) – Tom is the eldest child in the Jones family, at fifteen years old. He is portrayed as a cocky, stubborn and direct person, who often thinks of himself too highly and sometimes has others do things for him against their own wills. He also doubted his younger brother, Robby, as a valuable knight in "Knights of Happy Home's Dining Room Table" and had placed the blame onto Ratty and Catty when he had to chance. However, he also acts helpful and understanding in later episodes, and is usually seen hanging out with his group of friends. Tom has dark blue hair and wears an indigo long-sleeved plaid shirt, blue jeans, and faded blue shoes. His hair reverts back to light brown whenever it gets wet. He also sometimes wears a hooded, dark red cape with a skull brooch.
  • Adele Anderson (voiced by Angela Galuppo) – Adele, who has just moved to the city, fits in just about anything almost instantly. She is usually best friends with Muffy and Bart, good friends with Duncan, Tom, Sanjay and Sebastian and rivals with Ursula; she is the most caring of the group, always giving advice and encouraging others when they're down. In season one, he had a crush on Sanjay, but as of season three, he is more infatuated with Sebastian, who is currently her boyfriend as of "Jack TV". Occasionally, when she isn't hanging out with her friends, she is seen helping Jeremy around the house.
  • Sanjay Dhar Hertz (voiced by Jason Deline) –
  • Tuxedo Mask (voiced by Jeff Geddis) –
  • Ariel Jones (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) – Ariel is the second-oldest child in the Jones family and was originally the middle child at thirteen years old before Kyan and Salty became main characters in season four. She appears to be a future model wannabe and likes to take all sorts of pictures on her phone to send to the internet. She also once entered a fashion show in the episode "Fashion Famous" for the sole purpose of winning the Grand Prize, though she only won a thousand dollars for coming in third place. Ariel also enjoys catching up on all sorts of events she misses out on when using her phone, and doesn't seem to bother putting her phone down for even fifteen seconds... unless another event is going on. Ariel has brown hair and mainly wears a black shirt with a dark purple heart in the middle, an indigo skirt, blue jeans, and magenta sandals.
  • Robby Jones (voiced by Mark Camacho) – At the age of ten, Robby is the second-youngest of the Jones family. He is usually upbeat and positive, almost like Ratty in a way. He also likes to collect things, as he has a whole collection of different items he's collected over the years, such as colorful rocks, books, and a lot more. He also once became a detective in "Detective Robby", and he went outside to try and solve all sorts of different crimes, though he immediately gave up after finding out there weren't any crimes going on. Robby is also the only one out of the entire Jones family to not have a phone or a laptop, so he instead uses the tablet he got for his seventh birthday instead. Robby has orange-red hair and usually wears a long-sleeved dark red shirt underneath a short-sleeved light red shirt, light gray jeans and maroon shoes.
  • Salty Jones (voiced by Thor Bishopric) – Salty is a friendly, laid-back, and funny boy with white hair, who is a younger version of his father, physically and intellectually. He often shows more potential, as demonstrated from moments of coherence and articulation within his speech.
  • The Mouse Babies (voiced by Eleanor Noble, Michelle Black, Julie Lemieux and Sarah Camacho) – Ratty's children who live in the Happy Home. They were each born two minutes before each other and were adopted by Ratty prior to the beginning of the series; he often checks on them to see how they're doing and sometimes goes to the fridge to find food.
  • Homer Simpson (voiced by Danny Smith) – As the nominal foreman of the paternally eponymous family, Homer and his wife Marge have three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. As the family's provider, he works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as safety inspector. Homer embodies many American working class stereotypes: he is obese, immature, outspoken, aggressive, balding, lazy, ignorant, unprofessional, and addicted to beer, junk food and watching television. However, he is fundamentally a good man and is staunchly protective of his family, especially when they need him the most. Despite the suburban blue-collar routine of his life, he has had a number of remarkable experiences.
  • Marge Simpson (voiced by Lauren Lipson) – Marge is the matriarch of the Simpson family. With her husband Homer, she has three children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Marge is the moralistic force in her family and often provides a grounding voice in the midst of her family's antics by trying to maintain order in the Simpson household. She is often portrayed as a stereotypical television mother and is often included on lists of top "TV moms".
  • Bart Simpson (voiced by Justin Landry) – At ten years old, Bart is the eldest child and only son of Homer and Marge, and the brother of Lisa and Maggie. Bart's most prominent and popular character traits are his mischievousness, rebelliousness and disrespect for authority. Hallmarks of the character include his chalkboard gags in the opening sequence, his prank calls to Moe, and his catchphrases "Eat my shorts!", "¡Ay, caramba!", "Don't have a cow, man!", and "I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?". However, with the exception of "Ay, caramba!", these hallmarks have been retired or are not often used.
  • Milhouse van Houten (voiced by Cory Doran) – Milhouse is Bart Simpson's best friend in the fourth grade class at the Brookhaven School. He is an insecure, gullible, and less popular child than Bart who is often led into trouble by Bart, who takes advantage of his friend's naïveté. Milhouse is a regular target for school bully Binky Barnes and his friends, Marcus Meldrew, Blazzip and Ren. Milhouse has a crush on Bart's sister, Lisa, a common plot element.
  • Lisa Simpson (voiced by Krystal Meadows) – Intelligent, kind and passionate about the planet and all living things, Lisa Simpson, at eight years old, is the second child of Homer and Marge, the younger sister of Bart, and the older sister of Maggie. Lisa's high intellect and left-wing political stance creates a barrier between her and other children her age; therefore she is a bit of a loner and social outcast. Lisa is a vegetarian, a strong environmentalist, a feminist, and a Buddhist. Lisa's character develops many times over the course of the show: she becomes a vegetarian in season four and converts to Buddhism in season five. A strong liberal and activist for peace, equality and the environment, Lisa advocates for a variety of political causes (e.g. standing with the Tibetan independence movement) which usually sets her against most of the people in Springfield. However, she can also be somewhat intolerant of opinions that differ from her own, often refusing to consider alternative perspectives and showing a feeling of self-righteousness. In her free time, Lisa enjoys many hobbies such as reading and playing the baritone saxophone, despite her father's annoyance regarding the latter.
  • Maggie Simpson (voiced by Sonja Ball, inner monologue provided by Jennifer Tilly) – Maggie is the youngest child of Homer and Marge, and the younger sister to Bart and Lisa. She is often seen sucking on her red-orange pacifier and, when she walks, she trips over her clothing and falls on her face (this running gag is used much more in earlier seasons). Being an infant, she has not yet learned how to talk. However, she did appear to talk in the first Tracey Ullman Show short.
  • Delia Gates-Weebler (voiced by Megan Fahlenbock) – Delia Gates (née Weebler, prior to moving in with her) was Tom, Bo, and Poko's seventeen-year-old (later eighteen) sister and formerly the eldest child. She was normally grumpy and rarely ever smiled in earlier appearances, and was normally seen with Poko's siblings before moving out on her eighteenth birthday at the end of "Delia's Birthday Wish", where she'd later move out and reside in Binoo's neighbourhood with his next-door neighbour, Mrs. Weebler. She is friends with Blooter, Mr. Prickles and Vana.
  • Derek Fingle (voiced by Ron Pardo) – Derek is Tom's determined, self-assured classmate and is also one of his best friends. He tends to be overly confident and sometimes vain, but his intentions are nothing but the best as he sometimes helps Tom solve problems with his athletic skills. He is the "Athlete of the Month" at Brookhaven School, is in a relationship with Florence Mitchell, and plans to become the future president of the Sports Club when Basketball, the current school president, retires.
  • Dennis and Denise Fingle (voiced by Ross Lynch and Evany Rosen, respectively) – Derek's honest, caring parents. Dennis works at the nearby supermarket while Denise works at the daycare center. While Denise is normally sweet and caring for others, she tends to get worried when her son gets into trouble at school and will do anything she can to keep her son out of trouble. Dennis, on the other hand, is a comedian who enjoys telling jokes, and was once a professional soccer player when he went to the second grade.
  • Amy Porter (voiced by Jenna Wheeler-Hughes) – Amy is Tom's vegetarian classmate and another one of his best friends. She is good-hearted, loves the outdoors, and can also make dolphin noises. She has been known to help Tom out on several occasions and is in a relationship with him. At the school, Amy was the former vice-president of the Gardening Club, has went back to seventh grade again and then skipped eighth grade to date Tom, and has plans to help some of her favorite charities. She was attracted to Billy, Mac's twin brother.
  • Alice and Alfred Porter (voiced by Chantelle Wilson and Pat Fry, respectively) – Amy's parents. Alfred is often clumsy and dimwitted, much to his wife's displeasure, but has only the greatest intentions and does anything he can to keep his daughter safe. Alice, on the other hand, is Merry's best friend who is a world-famous musician, and enjoys working on practicing her instruments, with that mentioned she owns just about every instrument imaginable.
  • Marcus Meldrew (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – Marcus is Tom's self-conscious, egotistical classmate and his frenemy. He is a narcissistic but somehow smart guy who somehow believes that "sunshine" is a part of playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors", likes the idea of Lollipop secretly being a Lesbian, and was one of the Student Council Club members but quit to make room for Pong, who would become the new president of the club. Marcus would later join Chaz Monerainian and Allan Amazing in the school news program but does not work at the news studio. Despite him quitting the Student Council Club, he still carries around pepper spray and will easily frame Tom for just about anything he can think of. It is revealed he previously had to go back to ninth grade for the first quarter of his tenth grade school year due to him arriving late for class at least five times (though the school doesn't accept him or anyone else being late any more than three times).
  • Michael and Molly Meldrew (voiced by Alex House and Sunday Muse, respectively) –
  • Florence Mitchell (voiced by Camden Angelis) – Florence is Tom's easygoing and cheerful classmate and love interest. In season five, Florence finally goes on a date with Tom, with both Brad Galloway and Delia helping to push their relationship even further despite it causing some setbacks for the four of them. Florence is the older sister of Saturn, a no-nonsense, competitive law student who is distrustful of others after her previous relationship who is also the only object character to be a sibling.
  • Frank and Fiona Mitchell (voiced by Joseph Motiki and Tajja Isen, respectively) –
  • Indrani Hindle (voiced by Stacey DePass) – Indrani is Tom's foreign exchange classmate and one of his good friends, who enjoys hanging out with Leroy on all sorts of occasions and listens to radio podcasts every morning before going to school. He is apparently the guy behind a time loop created in the series, which makes everyday either Wednesday, April 15, 2012 or Saturday, April 18, 2012 (although neither of those days took place on a Wednesday or Saturday in real life). Indrani is interested in science fiction and reads all sorts of science fiction books at the library.
  • Ingrid and Isabelle Hindle (voiced by Tony Daniels and Heather Bambrick, respectively) –
  • Leroy Jenkins (voiced by Jon Cor) – Leroy is one of Tom's good friends and classmates who is more often than not ridiculed by the others around him, and doesn't enjoy when Mr. Fullerman annoys Tom. He is a champion at playing basketball, and is close friends with Tom Pinsent, one of Topher's best friends who is partners with Jen and describe themselves as "every Instagram model and fashion YouTuber ever". Leroy is described as a sensitive, sometimes dimwitted guy who believes Tom was the one who started his fashion blog with Jen as the blog's "secretary".
  • Larry and Laurie Jenkins (voiced by Nicole Stamp and Frank Meschkuleit, respectively) –
  • Bradley "Brad" Galloway (voiced by Ross Lynch) – Brad is another one of Tom's classmates, and one of his close friends who seems to be more interested in hanging out with Roger. He is usually clever, sensitive and honest to others, has been chosen to participate in all sorts of events by Mr. Fullerman, and has hardly ever escorted to violence. He enjoys watching Saturday morning cartoons and had grown up in Toronto, Ontario, where he had met Tyrone Savage, the voice of Lightning in the Total Drama series.
  • Brian and Brianna Galloway (voiced by Thor Bishopric and Stacey DePass, respectively) –
  • Rita Gates (voiced by Heidi Lynne Weeks) – The matriarch of the Gates family, Frank's 43-year-old wife, Mrs. Weebler's cousin in-law, and the mother of Delia, Tom, Bo and Poko. She is the more stricter one of the two, often showing ignorant behaviour towards her children and does not approve of her husband's constant letting their imaginations roam free. Nonetheless, they have both been inseparable and have been married for the past fifteen years. Before getting married to Frank, she was an actress and gave birth to Delia on March 5th, 1990. She was hired to write a parenting article for the newspaper and is close friends with Changed Daily and Hershel the Handsaw.
  • Frank Gates (voiced by Justin Bradley) – The patriarch of the Gates family, Rita's 42-year-old husband, Mrs. Weebler's cousin in-law, and the father of Delia, Tom, Bo and Poko. He is the more passionate, caring one of the two, always letting them feel free to let their imaginations run wild and teaching them how to do things if he has any time to. He sometimes works at Ostrich's general store, where he is the Employee of the Year, and is good friends with Peter, Stan, Mrs. Weebler and Bonnie.
  • Mr. Fullerman (voiced by Richard M. Dumont) – Tom's highly intelligent, grumpy and stern teacher at Brookhaven School. He teaches the eleventh grade class and does not approve of Tom's habit of goofing around and playing his guitar instead of doing his work. When Mr. Fullerman attempts to get Tom's attention, he will be distracted by Amy Porter and Florence Mitchell or be told to look out one of the windows for something. It was revealed that when he was a kid, he used to play "Wall Ball", a game that Ollie Allen, Cleo Badette and Bernie Alves play; he was also the reason why the game became popular at the school, especially since he created it at the age of six.
  • Lowly Worm (voiced by David Berni) – Lowly Worm is Huckle's anthropomorphic pet worm and typical companion. He is usually seen wearing a green hat and is known to drive an apple car with helicopter blades. A new resident in the city, Lowly fits in just about anything almost instantly and was able to make friends easily. He likes to bring back souvenirs from the places he travels whenever he goes across the world, and enjoys helping Sally and Huckle when Poko gets himself in a different kind of situation.
  • Blooter (voiced by Cory Doran) – A blue dog who wears an orange backpack and rides a scooter, and one of Bo's friends. He is an eleven-year-old member of the "Poppets Gang" who likes to try and help others out as best as he can. A very crafty, helpful guy, he only has the best intentions when it comes to his knack for inventing and helping out when there's a problem. Whenever he gets into a situation he can't solve, he always knows his best friends, Bobby and Patty, will be with him.
  • Bobby (voiced by Danny Brochu) – An orange bear who wears a blue beret and carries a camera, and one of Blooter's best friends. He is a photographer who is a member of the school's Photography Club, where he helps edit the school newspaper, and is attracted to Patty, who appears to like him back. Poko says that if there's anything he'd describe The Secret Show as, he believes he would describe it as "a secret show about secret people doing secret things". He is the co-owner of the Zanimo Wagon.
  • Patty (voiced by Bryn McAuley) – A cat who wears a pink dress with light pink flowers, who owns a helicopter and is good friends with Blooter. She is a self-assured and honest member of the school's photography club and is in charge of adding blurbs underneath photos that are printed for the school newspaper. She is attracted to Bobby, and has attempted to flirt with him in season three. She enjoys listening to Sweet Little Granny's song, The Fluffy Bunny Song, and apparently enjoys messing with Victor Volt, who she dislikes for no apparent reason.
  • Tomik and Bellgarde (voiced by Michael Caldwell and Ryan Belleville, respectively) – Two foreign guys with blonde hair who both have been living in Canada almost long enough to sound just like everyone else that is residing in Montreal.
  • Chaz Lang (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) – Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Chaz has just returned from being away at private school; he refused to attend it anymore, because he had found the other kids to be too snooby. He is athletic, really cool and is an amazing skateboarder, and appears to share a mutual crush with Six, which makes Nine very jealous. He doesn't get along very well with Chaz Monerainian, as his down-to-earth demeanor makes him the "black sheep" of his otherwise snooty family. He's unaware of Chaz Monerainian's dual role though it's hinted Chaz eventually revaled his secret.
  • Noah Parker (voiced by Robby Duncan Sharpe) – David's best friend and Sophie's boyfriend. Although he's not really much of a nerd, he is an honour-roll student who enjoys writing and studying mathematics, making him a target for being bullied. Unlike David, he's not too athletic, with the only sport he seems to be any good at being baseball. He also has a strong crush on David's sister, Sophie, though she seems to be mostly oblivious about it, and is generally jealous of whatever boy she's with.
  • Madame Butterfly (voiced by Denise Oliver) – Madame Butterfly, the 41-year-old proprietor of the diner, one of Poko and his friends' favorite lunch stops and Seńor Butterfly's wife, is a typically sweet and generous butterfly who is always open to suggestions. Originally, she resided in the fictional province, Slacksville, best known for being Montreal's biggest rival in the series, but she quickly moved to Québec at the age of seven, as the residents were very bossy, neat and stubborn, and nobody seems to have found out about her original hometown. She is good friends with Sid, Poko, Bibi, Oswald, Mrs. Weebler and Francine Smith.
  • Seńor Butterfly (voiced by Fábio Lucindo, and Daniel DeSanto in the Brazilian and Latin American dubs, so that what he says can be translated in English) – Madame Butterfly's 43-year-old husband from Brazil. He is a calm and reserved indigo butterfly who works at his wife's diner where he is the "Employee of the Month", as he's the only one to work at the diner besides Madame Butterfly. He speaks with a strong Spanish accent. His wife is able to translate the things he says and he hardly ever gets annoyed, unless he is somehow around High Commander even though he does not reside on the planet Beano.
  • The Colour Crew – Six friends who hang out together. There are three males and three females in the group, each of which wear different coloured clothes and, starting in season three, have hair colours that match the outfits they wear. The colours they wear also represent their personalities.
    • Ren (voiced by Alan Marriott) – Ren is a member of the crew and Kaiser's best friend. He had black hair in the first two seasons, and dyed his hair red in season three to match his outfit. He is an overly-confident, hot-headed and occasionally stubborn fifteen-year-old who represents the red zone of the group. He believes he should have control of leading the group and will easily disagree on just about anything he finds too "stupid". He is attracted to Unity and is of Asian descent.
    • Liberty (voiced by Krystal Meadows) – Liberty is one of the three females of the crew, and the only one of Hispanic descent. She had dark brown hair in the first two seasons, and dyed her hair orange to match the colours of her clothes. Liberty is a confident, intelligent fifteen-year-old and Unity's frenemy who represents the group's "orange zone". Occasionally the leader of the group, she is determined and tends to boss the others around. She is in love with Kaiser.
    • Amy (voiced by Samantha Weinstein) – Amy is the logical, sometimes easy to excite member of the group. She is the only one to not dye her hair, as her hair is blonde which matches yellow. Amy is sometimes shy and exciteable, and is good friends with Aiyden, who she is attracted to. Her physical appearance resembles the "yellow zone" of the group.
    • Kaiser (voiced by Justin Bradley) – The nicest one of the group and Ren's best friend, Kaiser is a Caucasian boy who had brown hair in the first two seasons, though he would dye his hair green in season three to match his outfit. Kaiser is always positive, guided by his spirit for adventure and hardly ever gets irritated, whose physical appearance resembles the group's "green zone". He is attracted to Liberty, who likes him back, and loves listening to classical music.
    • Aiyden (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – A sensitive but normally passive guy, Aiyden is the leader of the group who has brown hair, which would later become blue in season three to match the colours of his outfit, which resembles the blue zone of the crew. Though he is usually the crew's leader, he often lets Liberty lead the group, which he believes is not the best idea. He and Amy are attracted to each other and both have the same opinions as each other.
    • Unity (voiced by Novie Edwards) – A romantic, flirty member of the group, Unity is one of the three females of the crew, and the only one of African-Canadian descent. She wears purple and originally had black hair until season two, where she'd later dye the lower part of it purple. Unity is the creator of the school's Announcement Room who enjoys trying to set up dates for other characters, and is often seen flirting with Ren. Her physical appearance and personality describes her as a part of the crew's purple zone.
  • Kermit the Frog (puppeteered by Andre Meunier, voiced by Rick Jones) – A friendly but often stubborn frog who was previously a star in The Muppets. He is currently roommates with Elmo in an apartment building, and is the next-door neighbour of Eduardo, Jon and Mark (on the left) and Lollipop, Teardrop, Balloony and Gelatin (on the right). He does not appreciate Elmo trying to help out with things and dislikes him for no apparent reason. He was once a door salesman, often trying to encourage others to buy their own pillows again, and was asked to give a lecture at school about the ways others feel, but was interrupted by Elmo. His family consists of his grandfather, his cousins Timrek (who likes doing magic tricks and is apparently the most powerful being in the world), Constantine (who speaks with a Russian accent), Craig (who is a professional NASCAR racer), and Dewey (who wears a shirt that says "Nervous" and is afraid of the same things Woody and Steggy are afraid of, such as game console power cords).
  • Elmo (puppeteered by Sam Lee, voiced by Sonja Ball) – A furry, red monster who speaks with a high falsetto and the star of Elmo's World. Elmo resides in an apartment building with Kermit, and does his best to try and help him out in the best way he can. He is disliked by Kermit without a reason. Elmo was once the owner of a movie theater and had accidentally interrupted Kermit when doing a lecture about how his friends feel at school.
  • Corn (voiced by Jason Deline) – A blue unicorn with a darker blue mane and tail, and wears a red jacket. He idolizes Captain Thunderhoof and has dedicated his life to doing good deeds for others along with his best friend, Peg. He used to be shy and scared of making friends until he met Peg at a bench while they were in preschool. He can use his horn if there is a need for light, or he can use it to pop or cut things. He can sometimes get goofy and clumsy and has kind of a big appetite, but he is still very loyal and often likes to encourage Peg by branding her as the best at everything that she does.
  • Peg (voiced by Melissa Altro) – A pink Pegasus with a golden-yellow mane and tail with flowers, and wears a turquoise dress. She's Corn's best friend and is rarely ever seen without him. Like Corn, she also idolizes Captain Thunderhoof and is dedicated to doing good deeds for others. Being a Pegasus, she is capable of flight, but because her wings are so tiny, she can't reach high altitudes and is limited to how much hang time she can have while airborne. She's also pretty strong for a foal her size. Peg loves to laugh at Corn's antics and doesn't get annoyed at all by his goofiness.
  • Cookie Monster (puppeteered by Sam Lee, voiced by Dwayne Hill) – Cookie Monster is a blue Muppet character who revealed that his real name is "Sid". He is best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating catchphrases, such as "Me want cookie!". Although he eats almost anything, including normally inedible objects, as his name suggests, his preferred food is cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite kind. "Me" is the only way Cookie Monster refers to himself, as he stays away from using "I", "My", and "Mine" like normal people do when referring to themselves. Despite his voracious appetite for cookies, Cookie Monster shows awareness of healthy eating habits for young children and also enjoys fruits and eggplant.
  • Big Bird (puppeteered by André Meunier, voiced by Terrence Scammell) – An eight-foot two-inch (249 cm) tall bright yellow anthropomorphic bird, he can roller skate, ice skate, dance, swim, sing, write poetry, draw, and ride a unicycle. Despite this wide array of talents, he is prone to frequent misunderstandings, on one occasion even singing the alphabet as one long word (from the song called "ABC-DEF-GHI", pronounced /æbkədɛfgi:dʒɛkəlmɪnɒpkwɜrstu:vwɪksɪz/), pondering what it could mean. He lives in a large nest behind the brownstone and right next to Oscar the Grouch's trash can. He also has a teddy bear named Radar. As of 2016, Big Bird's large nest is now sitting within a small, furnished maple tree, and is no longer hidden by used construction doors.
  • Bert & Ernie (both puppeteered by Jeff Sweeney, voiced by Wyatt Bowen and Danny Smith, respectively) – Bert and Ernie are two Muppet characters who appear together in numerous skits on the long-running PBS/HBO children's television show, Sesame Street. Bert is a “hand rod puppet", which means that while the puppeteer's right arm is inserted into Bert's head to control the mouth, the puppeteer's left hand uses rods to control the arms of the puppet. Bert has one large eyebrow, known as a unibrow. Ernie is a "live hand puppet", meaning that while operating the head of the puppet with his right hand, the puppeteer inserts his left hand into a T shaped sleeve, capped off with a glove that matches the fabric "skin" of the puppet, thus "becoming" the left arm of the puppet. A second puppeteer usually provides the right arm.
  • Murray (puppeteered and voiced by Cary Huang) –
  • Abby Cadabby (puppeteered by Sylvie Comtois, voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) –
  • Grover (puppeteered by Jeff Sweeney, voiced by Michael Cohen) –
  • Djembe (voiced by Sonja Ball) – Djembe is an eight-year-old zebra from Africa, and the older sister of five brothers. She mainly appeared in the first two seasons, only making frequent appearances after that with very few speaking parts. It is implied that she had served in an army and often deals with behavioral disorders and depression.
  • Djembe's Brothers – Djembe's little brothers, also known as Buddy, Jerome, Ollie, Montclair and LeVar, are Djembe's five-year-old brothers and fellow students in Binoo's kindergarten class. Though their personalities are different, they enjoy listening to a CD that Trix-06 made after a song at the Melody Meadows Variety Show, as well as Matilda's empanadas.
    • Buddy is the second youngest of the five siblings, and the only one to be in high school as of season four, as his teachers believed he was smarter than everyone else in previous grades he went to, justl like his brother, Jerome. In earlier appearances, he was a self-conscious, insecure, sensitive guy who was more often than not ridiculed and ignored by those around him, though in later appearances, when he started to go to eleventh grade with Six, Tina Kwee, Tom Gates, Topher, he became good friends with Topher and changed his ways, despite them differing ages. He's currently in charge of editing the school newspaper, and also has a job in season two episode "Café Poko", where he was given the title "Employee of the Month". He and Buddy the drum are often mistakened for each other since they have the same name. He is voiced by Graham Taylor and Bryan Ndubisi in some of his appearances in season two.
    • Jerome is the second oldest and without a doubt, the smartest. He does very well in his kindergarten class, often cleaning up his own messes and often helping out the caretaker, Madame Butterfly, with things. He is generally sweet to others and it is implied that he does very well on tests. Jerome somehow joins Mrs. Hoo's eighth grade with class in the season three episode "Poko's Mixed-Up Day", as the teachers believed he was too smart for previous grades. He is voiced by Jessica Kardos in most episodes and Mike Henry in a few of his appearances in season two.
    • Ollie is the middle brother. A friendly, laid-back and funny guy who is a younger version of her older sister, he often shows more potential as demonstrated from moments of coherence and articulation within his speech. It is implied by Bo that he previously owned a Windows XP computer, which had been upgraded to Windows 7 upon being released on October 22, 2009. He speaks with a British accent. He is voiced by Pilar Orti.
    • Montclair is the youngest of the five, born two minutes after Buddy. He often behaves in grown-up ways when he's around Poko and his friends, such as speaking in different accents and going to concerts without his siblings knowing. Out of everyone in Binoo's kindergarten class, he likes Sam the most and liked Binoo the least, though he would befriend him in the season four episode "Poko's Phantom". He is voiced by Sonja Ball.
    • LeVar is the oldest of the five, born eight minutes ahead of his siblings, and is also a professional wrestler. He enjoys it when Pong is in misery as he does not approve of his choice of a friendship, and believes that he is usually unintelligent. He is the shortest, despite also being the oldest one of the five brothers. It is implied that he can somehow drive a Renault Samsung car, despite how he and his siblings aren't sixteen. He is voiced by Thor Bishopric, and in some season two episodes, Arif Zahir.
  • François (voiced by Thor Bishopric) – François is a cheerful and positive French-speaking beaver, and one of Montreal's first residents, who is seen wearing a blue toque. He enjoys having winter carnivals, building snow sculptures, and loves the sound of spoons, his favorite "instrument". It was revealed by him in season two that he had to go back to the tenth grade a second time after failing it the first time, but was succesfully able to make it into eleventh grade after winter break.
  • Cali (voiced by Katie Bergin) – Cali is one of the residents of Melody Meadows. An Australian survivalist who usually makes didgeridoos out of hollowed tree branches with the help of termites, she is very outgoing and intimidating, though she also cares a lot for her friends (specifically the neighbours in Melody Meadows), and her crush, Genie. It was confirmed that she was the only one residing in Melody Meadows to be temporarily stuck in an arcade machine in Quahog, Rhode Island, the location that Fox series Family Guy took place in.
  • Peter Griffin (voiced by Rick Jones) – The patriarch of the Griffin family household; a 45-year-old blue-collar worker of Irish descent, who is the father of Meg, Chris and Stewie. In most of his appearances, he is an obese, unintelligent, lazy, outspoken and typically childish character.
  • Lois Griffin (voiced by Jennifer Sulitaneau) – The matriarch of the Griffin family, Peter's wife, and the mother of Chris, Stewie and Meg. She is forty-three years old and is of German descent, and has a Jewish mother who is a Holocaust survivor.
  • Meg Griffin (voiced by Nicole Stamp, singing voice in "The Pokoodles" by Liz Macrae) – The Griffins' seventeen-year-old (later eighteen) daughter and eldest child. A self-conscious, insecure and sensitive teenager, she and Buddy are more often than not ridiculed and ignored by those around them.
  • Chris Griffin (voiced by Christian Potenza) – The Griffins' fifteen-year-old son and the middle child. While he's been shown to be a friendly, laid-back and funny teenager, and a younger version of Peter, he often shows more potential, as demonstrated from the coherence and articulation within both his and Ollie's speech.
  • Stewie Griffin (voiced by Robert Tinkler) – The Griffins' infant child who often behaves in adult ways, such as speaking in an affected upper-class British dialect.
  • Brian Griffin (voiced by Akie Kotabe) – The ten-year-old anthropomorphic talking white Labrador Retriever of the Griffin family, and Stewie and Peter's best friend.
  • Glenn Quagmire (voiced by Tom Edwards) – One of Peter's best friends. An airline pilot for Spirit Airlines and a former member of the US Navy, in Poko and Friends, he is best known for not having his addiction in Family Guy and still says "giggity", "alright" or yells "Oh!" after his innuendos.
  • Cleveland Brown (voiced by Mike Henry) – Peter's mild-mannered, mustached friend who had formerly owned and ran a deli. He would eventually leave in the season one episode "Poko's Moving Day" until the end of season two, where he would then start working as a mailman.
  • Joe Swanson (voiced by Ron Pardo) – The Griffins' neighbour and Peter's friend. He is a 46-year-old police officer who proves to be extremely skilled, constantly pursuing criminals or rescuing victims and even goes so far to abandon things to complete work. Unlike his Family Guy counterpart, he doesn't have a wheelchair.
  • Bonnie Swanson (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) – Joe's calm and soft-spoken wife.
  • Mort Goldman (voiced by David Huband) – A jewish pharmacist of Polish-Jewish descent and one of Peter's friends. He runs a pharmacy that Toopy frequently works at and is the Employee of the Month. He is a decent person who gets along well with others.
  • Robby (voiced by Tom Edwards) – A cheeky seal and Pingu's friend.
  • Pingu (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – A playful and cheeky penguin, Pingu is best known for his babbling and constant saying "Noot noot!", with the latter bothering other characters. He is sometimes stubborn and is easily known for having frequent outbursts. He and Robby are good friends and he apparently lives in an igloo that doesn't melt during either the spring, summer, or fall.
  • Genius Genie (voiced by Brian Froud) – The Genie dresses in classic genie attire and floats over the ground. When he’s around, magic and humour abound.
  • Penelope Cottontail (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Penelope Bunny is 6 years old. She lives with her mother, Mrs. Cottontail, in the trunk of a fallen tree near the willow. Usually upbeat and guided by her spirit of adventure, Penelope is Toopy and Binoo's best friend. She usually takes the time out of her day to hang out with Toopy and Binoo, though her friends are often unaware of this.
  • Lili and Leo (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Lili is a 6-year-old duckling, and Leo’s twin. She lives with her brother and Daddy Deary on the bottom floor of the huge willow tree that’s like a triplex. Leo is also a 6-year-old duckling and Lili’s twin. He also lives with his sister and Daddy Deary in the bottom floor apartment of the willow tree triplex.
  • Prairie Dawn (voiced by Lisette St. Louis) –
  • Jonas (voiced by Colin Doyle) – Jonas is a goblin who is five years old and loves science. He collects dirt and has a surprisingly large collection. His skin is green with purple hair and he wears eyeglasses and a propeller cap. Often in his explanations, he would include his catchphrase "It's very scientific!". Loulou is his little sister, and Baby Hippo is his sister in-law. Elinor possibly has a crush on him.
  • Loulou (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Loulou is Jonas's three and a half-year old sister. She wants to be like the bigger kids, yet isn't quite ready to make the jump. She is capable of understanding Bo's baby-jabber. Her complexion is yellow-green, and she wears eyeglasses and has purple hair like her brother, tied in a high ponytail decorated in a bow.
  • Baby Hippo (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – The Baby Hippo is Jonas and Loulou's adopted infant brother. He only communicates with characters he feels comfortable around, and can be rather ignorant towards people. Like Loulou, he is capable of understanding Wimzie's brother, Bo, making his "baby-jabber". He is a light purple hippo, hence his name, and usually wears a yellow pacifier. He is also the only member of Jonas and Loulou's family to not be a goblin.
  • Horace (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore) – Horace is a four-year-old troll, Horace isn't as smart as the other kids, but is always asking questions and learning things. He is the strongest of all the children, but angers easily and can sometimes be rough. He gets along best with Bo and his big sister Wimzie. His skin is light blue and his hair is orange and very straight. He also has a cousin named Morris who looks a lot like him and they are both voiced by the same actor. A running gag throughout the show shows always saying, "Uh/um...question." and then another character would usually respond by saying, "Yes Horace?".
  • Omblar Hand (voiced by Mark Rendall) – An eight-year-old talking hand puppet. He lives in a small house with his roommate, Cuckoo Hand. He tends to get along with most characters pretty well, but is annoyed rather easily as Cuckoo bothers him almost all the time. In season three, Omblar reveals that he was originally a part of the Jones' family, but was given up for an adoption since he was the only member of the family (other than Catty and Ratty) to not be a human ("Crime Stoppers").
  • Cuckoo Hand (voiced by Stephan Blanchette) – A seven-year-old anthropomorphic hand puppet, and Omblar Hand's roommate. Unlike Omblar, he tends to be more comedic and goofy, and likes bothering Omblar to get his attention. He loves listening to the "Boing Boing Boing" song, which annoys Omblar very easily. Cuckoo also owns his very own portable radio.
  • True (voiced by Paige Meunier) – An 8-year-old strong heroine, True possesses a warm heart, a clever mind and boundless energy. She accepts every challenge head-on with a beaming smile. What makes True "truly" extraordinary is that she is the only one in the Rainbow Kingdom who can activate the Wishes’ special powers that unleash magical energy.
  • Bartleby (voiced by Jamie Watson) – True's funny cat sidekick, Bartleby, has a lot of bravado and the gift of gab. Only True, his best friend, knows he is actually a bit of a scaredy-cat. He is one opinionated kitty and provides a lot of commentary, which helps trigger True's creative problem-solving skills.
  • Zee (voiced by Nicolas Wheeler-Hughes) – Zee is True's buddy, an apprentice to the Rainbow King, and the wish keeper. One or two years older than True, Zee is a trained "Wishologist", which means he takes care of the Wishes and knows all about their strengths and powers. Once a problem arises in the kingdom, True seeks out Zee's advice and wish help in the Wishing Tree.
  • Grizelda (voiced by Denise Oliver) – Grizelda is a self-centered young princess. Deep down, she realizes she needs a friend like True. Although True tries to reach out to the Princess, Grizelda's self-absorbed ways can make that challenging; however, love in Rainbow Kingdom is unconditional, so True never stops trying. Grizelda is just someone who is a little selfish which only means she needs a little more love.
  • The Wishes – Non-verbal but highly expressive, the wishes communicate with goofy gestures and sweet sounds. Each one has a unique, big personality that complements or contrasts their power. The Wishes share a special bond with True but until they are called to action, they stay busy training with Zee. Each Wish is imbued with a special power that only True can "Spark".
  • Buckaroo and Mr. Moon (voiced by Michael Cohen and Neil Crone, respectively) –
  • Jack, Jake and Joanna (voiced by Lyon Smith, Alan Marriott and Millie Davis, respectively) –
  • Red Ball and Green Ball (both voiced by Rick Jones) –
  • Inspector Gadget (voiced by Rick Jones (2007-2009), Joshua Graham (2010-2020) and Alan Marriott (2021-present)) – Inspector Gadget is still the same powerful but unintelligent, gullible, and incompetent cyborg he was in the 1983 series and the Gadgetinis series, but now he's accompanied by Penny on his missions. As always, he's the bumbling "hero", only inadvertently saving the day and typically leaving a path of destruction in doing so. While he loves his niece, he still generally doesn't listen to Penny, even though she's his new assistant. Gadget is noticeably more egotistical than he was in the original series. He also has a new Gadget Mobile (since the old one turned to scrap after he repeatedly jinxed its condition), which is snug and more efficient than the previous one.
  • Penny (voiced by Samantha Reynolds) – Inspector Gadget's niece, an agent in training. She is brave, clever and willing to fight villains. She has a crush on Talon, Dr. Claw's nephew. Despite her crush, she never lets him get away with his and his uncle's evil plans. Unlike other Inspector Gadget productions, she now joins Gadget in his assignments and despite the show's title, she is effectively the protagonist. Also unlike the 80's series, she is a relatively adept fighter, only seldom getting caught by M.A.D. agents. Penny is still typically the one who really saves the day but never gets any recognition for it, generally happy to let her uncle take all the credit for completing the mission. Penny acts like a normal teenage girl when she's not on duty. Her computer book and watch have been replaced with a holographic tablet called the codex. Her middle name is Ruth.
  • Brain (voiced by Scott McCord) – Penny's dog, best friend and her sidekick and he always accompanies her to every mission. As always, he is a master of disguise and usually Gadget mistakes him and tries to apprehend him, even when Brain is attempting to save him or when Penny tries to tell him it's really Brain.
  • Talon Claw (voiced by Lyon Smith) – Introduced in this series, Talon is Dr. Claw's evil nephew who rescued him in the first episode. He is clever, handsome and manipulative. Talon is aware of his handsomeness and knows how to apply it. He secretly has a crush on Penny, but they cannot be together because they are enemies. In each possible situation that Talon wants to impress Penny, she mostly ignores him. He eventually gets attracted to Anita.
  • Sophie and David (voiced by Leah Vanderberg and David Berni, respectively) – Sophie and David are two siblings who both discovered and released three amazing creatures from special science jars, hand-made by the famous naturalist, Albert Derwent. Although the creatures, Barka, Crunch and Ooble, who aren't seen but are mentioned and are not ready for repatriation, Sophie, with the help of "Derwent's Big Book", introduces them to her "Survival of Species" program. Sophie and David reference the two main protagonists from Grossology, Abby and Ty Archer.
    • David is Sophie's younger brother, but is also a hard kid to face. He has a high level of intelligence, possessing a cool, active, analytical mind that will take anything in. He sees himself as a future scientist with Cheese Slice, and he takes his job pretty seriously. His goal is to be remembered, among the very best within the scientific community. He owns a chemistry set, and does analyses on anything he finds. He and his friend, Mr. Prickles, share many common interests. On the soccer field at school, David is one of the team captains, and is great at strategic maneuvers. His quick thinking usually saves the day a lot. In fact, he's the most intelligent out of anyone on his soccer team, being smarter than his older sister Sophie and even Snowball. He has a crush on Ping, who eventually becomes his girlfriend in "Binoo and the Jar". He has short brown hair and wears blue.
    • Sophie, on the other hand, unravels mysteries so weird, no one else would even step foot within them. She is just as intelligent as David, and loves anything that's gross or slimy. She likes testing her limits to see if there's something that can make even her turn green. So far, nothing came close, although she closely resisted gagging on one occasion. Despite this, she is deathly afraid of leeches. She gets covered in mud the most, with being dirty having yet to affect her hair. She is a competitive player when playing soccer; she also holds a severe grudge against not only others like Snowball, but her school rival, Pong. Unlike David, she is rather athletic and participates in other school sports such as basketball. She depends on her instincts and feelings at times, occasionally clouding her own judgement. She has long, brown hair and mostly wears purple and green.
  • Stan Smith (voiced by Adrian Truss) – The protagonist of American Dad!. He has an exaggeratedly masculine voice and manner about him. He is Francine's husband and the father of Steve and Hayley, though the latter may or might not be his biological daughter despite being regarded as so. As the family breadwinner of the Smiths, he is a CIA agent.
  • Francine Smith (voiced by Brittany Drisdelle) – Stan's wife and the mother of Steve and Hayley. Indignant, she can usually be seen nagging and scolding her family, particularly Stan, over their wrongdoings. She often nags at them to uphold certain virtues, and over any unwholesome or reprehensible behaviours they'll engage themselves in. Ironiclaly, it's mostly in the midst of all her moralizing and urging others to do the right thing. Sporadically, while engaged in moralizing others, she'll randomly throw in remarks and behaviours that are in bad taste and lack all propriety.
  • Hayley Smith (voiced by Jessica Kardos) – Stan and Francine's new-aged hippie daughter and college-aged oldest and the older sister of Steve. One to stand up for her beliefs, she is passionate, insistent and vocal in her convictions.
  • Steve Smith (voiced by Jonathan Tan) – Steve is the baby of the Smith family and sometimes the middle child who is Stan and Francine's high-school aged son and the younger brother of Hayley. He attends the same high school as the other characters (Mr. Prickles also goes to high school, but not as a student; he is instead a part of the Student Council Club with his friends).
  • Klaus Smith (voiced by Frank Meschkuleit) – The Smith family's anthropomorphic goldfish. He speaks in a German accent.
  • Roger Boisvert-Smith (voiced by David Berni) – The very zany, pansexual alien who formerly lived in the Smith family attic before being kicked out of the family and moving in with Nico and Sam. Blithely so, he is depraved, devious and cruel, and exhibits a lighthearted, carefree temperament while also engaged in his freakish grossness, outrageous malice and rascally shenanigans. Having no limits on his shocking and brazen ways, he typically says and does just about everything that'll come to his mind. He has to wear a disguise in order to leave the house.
  • Harvey Bennett (voiced by Adrian Truss) –
  • Franklin (voiced by Cameron Ansell) – Franklin is a green turtle. He is a big brother who takes care of his pet goldfish, Goldie, and also has a stuffed dog named Sam, who, despite getting older, hangs onto and communicates with. He enjoys playing baseball and hockey and likes swimming. His best friend is Bear. He is capable of removing his shell entirely; his shell is a combination of both clothing and a backpack. He wears a red baseball cap and a neckerchief and has brown eyes.
  • Manon (voiced by Sarah Camacho) – The little queen of animals who likes to do secret poetry. She can usually be bossy to her friends, to which they are no more or less used to. She usually has her dog Bingo and her cat Melba on her side.
  • Bingo and Melba (voiced by Thor Bishopric and Claudia Besso, respectively) – Manon's companions. Melba can be a bit stubborn and rude due to her behavior, while Bingo is upbeat and sometimes a prankster. Bingo can also be lazy sometimes, which Manon doesn't like.
  • Esmeralda "Esme" (voiced by Liz Macrae) – A nine-year-old girl and Teté's best friend. She usually has a skill for inventing things to help her friends out with the help of her "Monstercase", full of fun and games able to encourage her friends to play many games for their problems to be solved, and usually turns into a motorized scooter. It is confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. that she is of African-Canadian descent, along with Clementine and Unity.
  • Roy (voiced by Rick Jones) – Esme's best friend, who is a tall, yellow monster. He is lovable and silly, knows everything about the other monsters with his "Monster Fact" book, and loves to eat meatballs. He has went through a "monster-sitter meltdown" three times, though Poko and his classmates helped cheer him up with Esme's "belly breathing song".
  • Dumpling (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – Esme and Roy's pet monster. She can roll herself up into a ball and loves to dance. Out of all the monsters, she is the only one out of all of them who speaks broken English. It is revealed by Esme that she's still in kindergarten and is around the same age as Caillou, but she got to skip going to preschool for somehow being the smartest.
  • Hugo & Fig Ooga (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel and Sonja Ball, respectively) – Two siblings who live in Poko's neighbourhood. Hugo is in Caillou's daycare class at Happy Tots Daycare Center, while Fig is currently not in school. Hugo is the theatrical, four-year-old older brother with wings. He loves to be the star of the show and can create a unique spotlight, simply by clapping his hands. Unlike her brother, Fig has no wings, and while small, has super strength. She can demonstrate it by picking up Marcus Meldrew. If she smells a "Sludgeflower", she will start to shrink.
  • Tillie Plink (voiced by Denise Oliver) – An active, three-year-old monster with pink fur, blue eyes, and red hair tied into pigtails with a pair of blue hairbows. She is active and has a need for speed, along with a ton of love for cars and playing rough and tumble games. She spins really fast a lot, like a dervish when either sad, for dancing or for fun. She refers to herself in the third-person, much like what Grassy does in Battle for B.F.D.I. and what Elmo does in Sesame Street.
  • Snugs Muzzywump (voiced by Samantha Reynolds) – An adorable, blue monster who is three years old and isn't in school at the moment. He loves to hug and snuggle with people and monsters alike, and puffs up whenever he gets scared, to the point where he fits in his entire house. However, he easily calms down whenever asked to. He and Steggy are frightened by thunder.
  • Simon Swoozle (voiced by Justin Bradley) – An eight-year-old, six-tentacled green monster with blonde hair, brown eyes and blue glasses. He loves to enforce routines and all sorts of others, is very artistic and smart, and loves stinky cheese sandwiches. He is in Nico and Yoki's third grade class.
  • Sid & Lucy Hoozlewoo (voiced by David Berni and Denise Oliver, respectively) – Pink monster siblings who can change colours, copy whatever they like to do, and bounce around on their springy tails. It is likely that Lucy is the older sibling because she is taller, whereas Sid is shorter. They also have the same hair colors.
  • Frank & Franny Bleederblop (voiced by Stacey DePass and Stephanie Anne Mills, respectively) – Twin dragon-like monster siblings. They are the only monsters in the series whose ages are not revealed but it is likely that since Frank is in Poko's first grade classroom and that Franny is attending Happy Tots Daycare Center, Frank could most likely be the older sibling while Franny is the younger one.
  • Mrs. Hoo (voiced by Jennifer Seguin) – Mrs. Hoo is an owl who wears a green blouse and hat with a yellow flower in it. She lives in a small apartment on the third and last floor of the willow tree. Though she is a positive, sensitive and passive teacher, she's sometimes easy to make mad, and can be a bit stubborn. She usually has things to do, and she carries a notebook that she usually uses so she doesn't forget what has to be done.
  • Daddy Deary (voiced by Brian Froud) – Daddy Deary the raccoon is Lili and Leo’s adoptive father. He lives on the main floor of the large willow along with his two children, and knows how to cook as he says that he has appeared on many kitchen cook-off competitions.
  • Mrs. Cottontail (voiced by Jennifer Séguin) – Mrs Cottontail is a mother rabbit. She lives with Penelope in the trunk of a toppled tree near the big willow. Although she's not one of the major antagonists, she can be pretty stubborn towards her neighbours and has a strong hatred towards Toopy and Binoo playing pranks on her without telling her. She can also be jealous sometimes whenever one of her neighbours or friends have something that she doesn't, as she is shown to be jealous that Mrs. Hoo has a and the latter still doesn't. She also has a habit on joining in with Mr. John when he gets all "violent".
  • Mr. Jack and Mr. John (voiced by Brian Froud) – Mr. John and Mr. Jack are elderly squirrels. They live on the second floor of the great willow. They both get along very well and share a lot of different interests. While Mr. Jack is normally positive and sees both sides of disagreement, Mr. John is usually stubborn, though he does enjoy Mr. Jack's childlike behaviour.
  • Harry (voiced by Andrew Chalmers) – The six-year-old protagonist of Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. He and his dinosaurs like to hang out with Charley in Dino World, though they often hang out with Poko so they can get to know more about him. His mother and nana are seen in the original series but they don't appear in Poko's spinoff series. His bucket allows him and the other dinosaurs to get to Dino World quicker. He, Charley and Sam are in the second grade.
  • Charley (voiced by Amanda Soha) – Harry's best friend. She is a sensitive but generally sweet person who likes joining Harry and his dinosaurs on their adventures. Her parents are never seen in the series, but they are mentioned in various episodes, such as how Charley's father was the one who bought his wife a Saturn Outlook from the dealership for their three-year anniversary. She is easily annoyed by Mrs. Weebler's stubborn desires.
  • Sam (voiced by Bryn McAuley) – Harry's sixteen-year-old sister and eldest child in her family. She is an intelligent, pushy and insecure teenager attending the eleventh grade, and is also the founder/owner of the school's Sports Club. Though she usually attends her weekly tennis lessons that her tennis instructor and boyfriend, Harvey, gives her, she personally does not like tennis and would rather face David and his soccer team.
  • Taury (voiced by Rick Jones) – A Tyrannosaurus rex and friend of Toopy and Binoo's who usually hangs out with the others in Dino World.
  • Trike (voiced by Joshua Graham) – A Triceratops who often doesn't know about things. He also does things without thinking, such as when he cross-teamed up with Penelope in "Brick Battle", when Penelope was on the yellow team and Trike was on the purple team.
  • Pterence (voiced by Sam Lee) – A Pterodactyl and the only one out of Harry's dinosaurs that can fly. In "Toopy's Choice", Pterence and Sebee both wanted to be the stars of a movie, though it was up to Toopy to determine who would be the main character of the film, eventually choosing the both of them so they wouldnèt argue with Toopy.
  • Patsy (voiced by Stacey DePass) – An Apatosaurus. She usually thinks of something both bad or good either better or worse than one of her friends either somewhere or holding something. She is also the tallest out of all of Harry's dinosaurs.
  • Sid (voiced by Juan Chioran) – A Scelidosaurus who is very smart and usually brings a book on his adventures. He is also able to calculate things successfully, as well as being able to film a movie in "Toopy's Choice". Sid also knows about science, which he usually mentions when he appears in episodes.
  • Steggy (voiced by Adam Katz) – A Stegosaurus who doesn't like certain things. He later overcomes his fears, similiar to what season four debuting character Woody does, and eventually teams up with him and Blocky in season six, forming "Blocky, Woody and Steggy's Funny Doings International".
  • Raymond – Yaya's toy dragon and companion that often comes to life. He is soft and unable to speak, and instead bleats.
  • Oswald (voiced by Joshua Graham) – Oswald is a blue octopus who lives in an apartment complex with Henry and some of his friends. As a very gentle, polite and big-hearted octopus, he is always willing to go out of his way to help his friends. He likes to sing and play the piano when he isn't busy doing things.
  • Henry (voiced by Michael Cohen) – Henry is the downstairs neighbour and best friend of Oswald. He is a creature of habit in every way, usually shunning the idea of doing or trying different things, though he can sometimes be persuaded otherwise. His rigid schedule includes taking care of an extensive spoon collection, watching "Penguin Patrol" every evening, and dancing to the "Penguin Polka" before his bedtime. He always puts two marshmallows in his hot chocolate, saying: "No more, no less!". He hates getting wet with a passion.
  • Daisy (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) – Daisy is a tall orange, yellow and green daisy (hence her name). Free-spirited and energetic, Daisy participates in sports and other activities. She is a close friend of both Oswald and Henry; the three of them often go on adventures together. Daisy loves sunflower sundaes, riding her unicycle, has a large leaf collection and loves peppermint tea. Daisy is very excitable and often has to be hushed by Oswald when she speaks too loudly.
  • Johnny Snowman (voiced by Michael Caldwell) – A laid-back snowman who operates an ice cream shop and also has an ice cream truck. Johnny wears a black top hat, sports a carrot nose, and has a deep, baritone voice.
  • Weenie (voiced by Sonja Ball) – Weenie is Oswald's pet dachshund. Weenie bears a strong resemblance to a hot dog and only communicates in "bark-speak". Weenie accompanies Oswald everywhere he goes, and her favorite food is vanilla dog biscuits.
  • Arthur Timothy Read (voiced by Michael Yarmush) – Arthur is an aardvark boy who attends third grade. He has two younger sisters, D.W. and Kate, and a dog named Pal. He is shown to play the piano and wears a yellow cotton sweater, a white dress shirt, blue jeans, and round brown glasses.
  • D.W. Read (voiced by Oliver Grainger) – D.W. is the four-year-old middle child of the Read family, who usually wears a white long-sleeved blouse and a pink sleeveless knee-length dress. She attends preschool and loves watching Mary Moo Cow and listening to Crazy Bus, much to the annoyance of her older brother, Arthur. Unlike most children her age, she is fully literate, and can be shown to read complex material in all sorts of episodes. She can be bossy and selfish, but despite this, she has a good heart.
  • David Read (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore) – David Leonard Read is Jane's husband and the father of Baby Kate, D.W. and Arthur. He runs a catering business from home, and is frequently shown garnishing trays of hors d'œuvre either in the family kitchen or in a custom-designed workshop behind the garage. He delivers his food in a dedicated commercial vehicle. Many of his recipes are questionable at first glance, and Arthur and D.W. often refuse to eat them, but at times they genuinely appreciate his cooking. He is often shown in a white sweater with blue accents and khaki pants, and sometimes has an apron and chef's hat on.
  • Jane Read (voiced by Sonja Ball) – Jane Read is David's wife and the mother of Arthur, D.W. and Baby Kate. She is a work-at-home tax accountant. She has short shaggy brown hair and wears a pink sweater with a white collared shirt and blue jeans. In the books, she generally wears different clothes.
  • Kate Read (voiced by Jesse Vinet) – Kate is Arthur and D.W.'s baby sister. Although she can't talk to older characters yet, she communicates with Pelusin, Penelope and Zouk. She starts becoming more mature, eventually losing communication with Zouk, but also starts understanding other characters' speeches.
  • Buster Baxter (voiced by Danny Brochu) – Buster is Arthur's best friend. He is a white rabbit who wears a turquoise long-sleeve polo shirt and jeans. He has asthma, is obsessed with aliens, is interested in comedy, is an amateur detective, and plays the tuba. He loves eating, practices gardening, and keeps expired food in his room and school desk. He is an only child whose parents divorced when he was younger.
  • Francine Frensky (voiced by Jodie Lynn Resther) – Francine Alice Frensky is a tomboyish and sporty monkey girl who has short brown hair clipped with two yellow barrettes on both sides and usually wears blue jeans and a maroon sweater. She enjoys playing sports, playing the drums, and horseback riding. Her family is Jewish, and is seen observing Yom Kippur and Hanukkah and attending a cousin's Bar Mitzvah in some episodes. Francine's best friend is Muffy, with both sharing the same middle name. In earlier appearances, she did pick on Arthur such as when he got glasses and when his baby tooth would not come out. She has an older sister named Catherine.
  • Muffy Crosswire (voiced by Melissa Altro) – Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire is a monkey girl who usually has long red hair, which she usually wears in two braids adorned with purple bows that usually match her purple and white dress. She is one of two children born to Ed Crosswire, the owner of the used car dealership Crosswire Motors, and his wife, Millicent Crosswire, the other being her older brother, Chip. Muffy is the quintessential daddy's girl, with Ed believing that his daughter can do no wrong and constantly buying her expensive, trendy items such as cell phones and designer clothing. Because of her upbringing, Muffy sometimes shows herself to be rude and haughty, and having lived in a mansion and waited on by servants her entire life, she has no sense of what it means to be lower or middle class. She is best friends with Francine Frensky, despite the two both having similar strong-willed personalities, and oftentimes, it is Francine who will rein Muffy in when her rudeness reaches an unacceptable level.
  • Alan "Brain" Powers (voiced by Tom Edwards) – Alan "Brain" Powers is a bear boy of Senegalese descent who celebrates Kwanzaa. He usually wears a grey sweater. Highly academic and holding an A average, he is well educated on a multitude of subjects, especially science and math. His classmates call him "Brain" or (when referring to him in third-person) "The Brain". His family owns an ice cream parlor, where his classmates frequently visit after school and on weekends. He was held back in kindergarten for crying and being afraid of swimming, but can be seen swimming in some episodes.
  • Binky Barnes (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore) – Shelley "Binky" Barnes is a yellow bulldog boy who usually wears an orange shirt, blue jeans, a light blue belt, and brown shoes. He is in the third grade for a second time after failing third grade and having to retake it. He is a member of the Tough Customers, which are a group of bullies, but has a soft side and is one of Arthur's friends. He plays the clarinet, catches butterflies, and enjoys ballet. It was revealed that he has a severe allergy to peanuts. Binky has an adopted baby sister from China named Mei-Lin. Despite being a bully, he is close with Arthur and his friends, he loves art and he once took the effort to help Arthur and Buster. He compliments George's guitar by saying "Woah, nice guitar! Can I see?". After giving the guitar back to George, he likes the chord George plays. Despite not being good at school, he actually reads an assigned book and receives an A on the test.
  • Sue Ellen Armstrong (voiced by Jessica Kardos) – Sue Ellen Armstrong is a third-grader cat girl at the school. She officially moved to Brookhaven in the winter of her third grade school year (but has appeared in Mr. Marco's second grade class). Her father is a diplomat, so her family has lived in various spots around the world. Unlike Emily, Tommy and Timmy, she traveled with her parents. She is very close to nature, and becomes a vegetarian in Season 16. She also has a deep interest in world culture and is skilled in the martial arts. She practices karate (taekwondo in earlier seasons) and plays the saxophone. Sue Ellen was born as an only child and keeps in touch with her brother-like pen pal, Tenzin Wangdu, in Tibet. She is usually depicted wearing a teal "T-shirt dress", a cream vest with red buttons, red high-top shoes with lime green "slouch" socks, and curly orange hair bound up in "messy-buns" by lime green scrunchies.
  • Fern Walters (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Fern Walters is a light brown dog girl and one of Arthur's classmates. She enjoys reading poetry and novels (especially Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein's Monster), and is particularly interested in gothic and horror themes. She has written many poems and stories of her own, holds group poetry readings at the library, and is an amateur detective. Fern is usually a very shy and nervous girl. She usually wears a purple long-sleeved blouse with yellow collars and cuffs, yellow pants, and a red ribbon on her head. Her close friend is George, as they both have similar personalities and sometimes act like detectives.
  • George Lungdren (voiced by Samantha Reynolds in "Snail Mail's Song", and Eleanor Noble in later appearances) – George Lungdren is a moose boy of Norwegian and Swedish descent, and wears an orange shirt with khaki pants and green sneakers. It is revealed that he has dyslexia. He is very clumsy, but is capable of building items such as marionettes and constantly wins the school's contests. He is also very shy and introverted, but as the series goes on, it shows that George is generally accepted by the others. In season six, he was appointed as Lakewood Elementary's hall monitor.
  • Prunella Deegan (voiced by Angela Galuppo) – Prunella Deegan is a poodle girl. She is interested in yoga, fortune telling, and paranormal phenomena. She loves Henry Skreever (based on Harry Potter) and has studied Braille. One issue Prunella struggled with is hoarding, outlined in the episode Prunella the Packrat. She is a fourth grader who usually wears a blue dress with a white collar and a purple bow in her hair.
  • Maria Pappas (voiced by Stacey DePass) – Maria Pappas is a rabbit girl in Mr. Ratburn's class. Her clothing usually consists of a striped shirt with blue dress. Her hair is brown. Maria is a participant in many clubs and activities but was never the center of attention. She appears in many episodes in the background, except for when Francine insulted her, and her breakout episode, which reveals that she talks with a stutter when she is chosen to be the reporter for the school's news program. Her best friend is Jenna Morgan.
  • Emily Leduc (voiced by Sally Taylor-Isherwood) – Emily Leduc is a white rabbit girl with blonde hair, wearing a pink dress before season 6, and a blue dress since season 6. She is D.W.'s best friend in preschool. She is an expert in gymnastics and is knowledgeable in French culture. She has a French nanny named Marie Hélène.
  • Tommy & Timmy Tibble (voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk and Devan Cohen, respectively) – Tommy and Timmy Tibble are identical twin bear brothers who are four years old and routinely exasperate others with their destructive antics. Tommy wears a red scarf and Timmy wears a blue scarf. They stay with their grandmother. Their parents work overseas and travel the world, giving them souvenirs and gifts. The Twins torment D.W. Occasionally, they manipulate her into doing silly and unusual things that only gets her into trouble even though D.W. had acknowledged many times that they always lie.
  • Alex Davidson (voiced by Riley Moreau) – Alex is a gray rabbit boy who is usually seen wearing a tan collared sweater, long brown jeans, and blue and white sneakers. In season five episodes, Alex wore a white shirt that had purple on it, purple shorts with green on it, long green socks, and red and white sneakers as an example.
  • Jenna Morgan (voiced by Brigid Tierney) – Jenna is one of Arthur's classmates. She is a gray cat girl who usually wears a pink dress with yellow buttons. She is lactose intolerant, plays badminton, helps coach soccer, and received an "Athlete of the Year" award from Michelle Kwan. Jenna is rather shy, and in "Jenna's Bedtime Blues", it is reveled that she dislikes being the center of attention and dreaded an invitation to Muffy's slumber party due to her fear of children discovering that she had nocturnal enuresis.
  • Ladonna Compson (voiced by Krystal Meadows) – Ladonna is a new student at Lakewood Elementary. Ladonna is a rabbit girl with brownish-tan complexion who speaks with a dominant southern accent, and is native to Montreal, Quebec. When she first appeared in "The Toy Plane", she showed Jack, Chip and the siblings the toy planes she invented, implying she could be a part-time inventor. One episode reveals that Ladonna is behind Big Bird being called "Long Legs". She is depicted wearing a lime green sweater and has modern scarlet hair.
  • Caillou (voiced by Annie Bovaird) – Caillou, referred to as "The Prince of Imagination" by Yaya, is a four-year-old boy. He is an imaginative boy with a love for all sorts of transportive machinery, such as airplanes and rocket ships. He is inclined to frequent dream sequences in some of his appearances, visualizing his daydreams or wishes. Many episodes he appeared in described his normal, daily experiences with his parents, neighbours and friends.
  • Rosie (voiced by Jesse Vinet) – Caillou's lively younger sister who is a typical toddler. She is two years old. She always wants to take part in the same activities as Caillou. In later seasons of the series, she becomes more talkative and independent. She wears a blue dress, red socks and blue Mary Jane shoes. Rosie sometimes argues with Caillou for some reasons, but they still love each other. She appears to be the only family member with red hair.
  • Boris (voiced by Pat Fry) – Caillou's father. He wears a green sweater with a red trim and blue jeans. He says he once worked at a restaurant and made pizza. He and Caillou occasionally work on projects around the house together; they also help Toopy and Binoo with things as well starting in "Bein' Handy Ain't Dandy", and some episodes of season four.
  • Clementine (voiced by Brigid Tierney) – Clementine was the first to befriend Caillou. While she may get bossy for some reasons, she is pretty understanding. Like Esme, she is also of African-Canadian descent.
  • Sarah (voiced by Amanda Tilson) – Sarah is one of Caillou's friends; she is of Chinese descent, and celebrates Chinese New Year. She has a cousin who isn't seen in any episodes of The Adventures of Toopy and Binoo itself, but is seen in Caillou. She invited him to school for "Bring Your Younger Siblings to School Day" since she has no other siblings.
  • Leo (voiced by Johanne Garneau) – A boy who started out as a bully in the season one episode "Best of Enemies, Worst of Friends", though he quickly befriended Toopy in the same episode. He and Caillou have been inseperable best friends ever since Caillou's first day of daycare. He is of Jewish faith, and celebrates Hanukkah.
  • Paul Hinkle (voiced by Mike Henry) – Caillou's neighbour who has a gold tooth. In the episode "Without a Clue", when Jeremy Jones and Muffy are interviewing him on which pet should win the yearly pet show, it is stated that his first name is Paul.
  • André (voiced by Lyon Smith) – A redheaded boy, André is introduced in the episode "Petie Beats the Heat", being the last character that Smith voiced debuts, and usually wears red sandals. Caillou plays with him every Saturday. André enjoys biking and soccer.
  • Julie (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Caillou's and Rosie's teenage babysitter. She has blonde hair in a ponytail, and enjoys playing with Caillou and Rosie.
  • Jason and Jeffrey (both voiced by Tim Beresford until season five, where Jason would be voiced by Sergio Di Zio) – Identical twin brothers who are of Hispanic descent, just like Allan Amazing. They both enjoy eating pizza. Initially, they wore identical clothes. By season five, though, Jason was instead voiced by Sergio Di Zio so it could be a little easier to tell them apart. They are both in Caillou's preschool class.
  • Billy – Clementine's older brother. He is usually seen playing in a band with his friends or playing sports.
  • Jonas – Boris' friend from before he met Doris. He lives on a ranch and has a horse named Lucky.
  • Emma – A girl in Caillou's playschool class who dislikes loud noises. wearing red. It is stated in an episode that she has Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Xavier – A boy in Caillou's playschool class who has brown hair and wears blue overalls.
  • Dog and Pony (voiced by Cary Huang and Jonathan Koengsen, respectively) – Toopy's brothers in-law. Pony usually causes trouble with his magic tail, while Dog acts rather sensible and smart. They are a part of their very own group where they show support for nature. Pony's magic tail has been shown to do some major trouble to other characters, such as Toopy.
  • Danny Vasquez (voiced by Danny Brochu) – The snarky friend of Void's. He is also one of the few inventors in the series, his inventions include a time machine (which was destroyed by an alternate version of himself in "Time After Time After Time") and Robo-Toopy. Unlike Toopy and Binoo, who both grew up in their "Invisible Hideout", Danny was raised in the "martian badlands".
  • Jonas (voiced by Deven Mack) – Dog and Pony's mild-mannered, 62-year-old friend, who considers himself a scientist, as shown by the things he has invented. He has plans to advance his theories in science-related questions that Brookhaven University so far refuses to consider, and is friends with José, Mario and Richard; that being said, he often hangs out with them at the radio station. Although Jonas has invented many things, he still has yet to invent time travel and time stop. He usually wears a blue plaid shirt and a beige vest.
  • Misty (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) – The town's 42-year-old yoga instructor and one of Dog and Pony's friends; she has red hair and wears pink. She visits the gym all the time for her daily exercise, and is able to stretch out her arms because of this. On other occasions, Misty will visit the neighbourhood and help out when things get to a hardcore level. Despite her tendency to help others by stretching her arms out and reaching items, she's more of an anti-hero, similiar to Billy and Mac, as shown by her making fun of Madame Butterfly for being a resident of Slacksville.
  • Silas (voiced by Terry McGurrin) – A ranger and the only police officer in the series. He is often seen giving the neighbours tickets for reasons unknown, though sometimes he is the victim of getting tickets if he doesn't do a simple favour from another character. He formerly lead the Nature Scouts, a role that was passed onto Ranger Betty. It could be implied that Silas and Betty are married.
  • Alphonse (voiced by Daniel DeSanto) – The 46-year-old local chef at Daddy Deary's diner, and another one of Dog and Pony's friends. He is an expert chef who knows how to make all sorts of delicate foods, and can surprisingly cook much better than the now infrequent appearing lunch lady Muriel. There are also times where Alphonse helps Madame Butterfly and her husband, Senór Butterfly, as he is friends with the both of them.
  • Zoe and Chloe (voiced by Krystal Meadows and Lauren Lipson, respectively) – Zoe and Chloe are two 14-year-old twin sisters who attend ninth grade at Brookhaven School. While they look alike, they have different attire; in this case, Zoe wears a beige sweater and an orange hat while Chloe wears a green hat and wears a purple dress with light blue flowers. The two of them are based on Total Drama Island contestants Katie and Sadie.
  • Samantha (voiced by Alyson Leah) – Toopy's black-haired love interest who usually bangs her head on her desk. She possibly likes trains, which is what caused Toopy to form a relationship with her after breaking up with Vana Glama.
  • Emily (voiced by Alyson Leah) – Binoo's love interest who tries to get Leo and Lili into trouble. In the future, she plans to be a police officer, and will likely get colored contacts as her drawing as a police officer shows she has brown eyes instead of green ones.
  • José Gaudet (voiced by Shawn Baichoo) – Mario and Richard's friend who works at the radio station.
  • Mario Tessier (voiced by Carlo Mestroni) – José and Richard's friend who also works at the radio station. He doesn't seem to believe in ghosts unlike his two friends.
  • Richard Turcotte (voiced by Thor Bishopric ) – José and Mario's friend who also works at the radio station.
  • Felipe (voiced by Rick Jones) – A student in Toopy and Binoo's class. He likes to get into group photos with his classmates.
  • Sammy Scoops (voiced by Joshua Graham) – An ice cream vendor who tends to be a smarty pants know-it-all that actually doesn't, though he is still full of voluble explanations. As Penelope claims, the weirder and more unpredictable, the better! He's likely to do or say anything and practically loves playing jokes, especially to Toopy in "Let's Get Giggling!". His favorite things to do, as he claims, would be "too long to list".
  • Ping (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Ping is a yellow bird who loves making music. She and Pong are often hanging out, though she is often being given time to do stuff by herself. She is the treasurer of the student council. Usually mysterious as a student council member, she is sometimes calm and relaxed most of the time. Sometimes, her friends find her unsettling.
  • Pong (voiced by Sonja Ball) – Pong is an orange dog who has an appreciation for making music as well. He often gives Ping the time to do things on her own. He is the secretary of the student council. At first glance he usually seems ditzy and airheaded, but has never failed in his duties. He has a very large number of admirers as a student council member.
  • Matilda (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – A cat and one of Ping and Pong's friends. She is the only one out of the three of them, along with Trix-06 and Mr. Prickles, to not be in the student council though she also carries pepper spray with them just to defend herself from victims or enemies.
  • Mr. Prickles (voiced by Thor Bishopric) – A hedgehog who likes gardening. He is the enforcer of the student council. He is charged with the task of maintaning peace throughout the school. He often uses his physical intimidations to enforce the rules.
  • Trix-06 – A robot who usually communicates by speaking in Morse Code. He was last year's student council president, and is currently their vice-president. He currently substitutes for Pony, the previous president, who doesn't come in often. He is known for being formal at all times.
  • Pocoyo (voiced by Sonja Ball) – Pocoyo is a four-year-old boy who is full of curiosity and loves to play games and discover new things. He is very acrobatic and moves at a quick speed. Pocoyo is a very innocent, cute, and childish little boy who is always depicted wearing blue clothes and a hat. His best friends are Pato, Elly, Loula, Sleepy bird, and Baby Bird. He has a vehicle called the "Vamoosh", which he can use to travel under the water, in the air, and through space. Although he is very friendly and sweet and almost always in a good mood, Pocoyo is also highly self-centered, distracted by the simplest things, easily frustrated, frequently jealous of his friends, and can be very disobedient but tries his hardest to fight his flaws and learn morals and he is also very affectionate and caring towards others and shows it often.
  • Nina (voiced by Akela Yimtatu in her first appearance, and Addison Holley in later appearances) – Nina is another human character that Pocoyo is friends with. She is a young girl similar to Pocoyo, likely younger than him, who has red hair, wears a lime green hoodie with two antennas, lime green shorts, and lime green shoes. Like Pato, She greatly loves plants and nature. She naturally speaks mostly a form of gibberish with Japanese or Spanish accent, but can also speak fluent English, though not as much as Pocoyo. She appears to be very fond of Pocoyo, always playing together like siblings. One episode shows Nina kissing Pocoyo's cheeks, implying that they have a possible relationship. Her name resembles "niña", Spanish for "girl". Thanks to her robotic pet called Roberto, it has the ability to shrink where anyone can be shrunk as well.
  • Elly (voiced by Laura Teasdale) – Elly is a pink elephant who always wears a blue backpack. She loves making biscuits and tea and has a doll that she loves very much. Despite her size, she is graceful and gentle, capable of ballet dancing, and as a big sister to Pocoyo, being forgiving and always takes care of him. She, however, can be very bossy and generally does things her way. She usually rides around on her pink scooter.
  • Pato (voiced by Mark Hauser) – Pato is a yellow duck who wears nothing but a small green hat. He has a fondness for gardening and is often seen watering plants and flowerbeds. Pato means "duck" in Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, Tok Pisin, and Papiamento (hence his name). He is a favorite out of all of Pocoyo's friends amongst the young children due to his enjoyable dancing and the fact that his beak turns 360 degrees. Although friendly, Pato is the most fussy and impatient character (indicated by his beak that bends in an angle when disappointed or shocked); on occasion he completely loses his temper, jumping up and down and quacking furiously with his beak spinning rapidly. He is sometimes used as a jackhammer or missile and can become a helicopter.
  • Loula (voiced by Susan Roman) – Loula is Pocoyo's orange-yellow pet puppy and companion. She is also strictly a dog as she walks on all four of her legs. She sometimes hops as she is walking.
  • Baby Bird (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Baby Bird is the small, always active (though he has not inherited his mother's fondness of sleeping), and loud baby of Sleepy Bird, who gets into tricky situations from which he is rescued by Pocoyo. He is best friends with Caterpillar.
  • Sleepy Bird (voiced by Angela Galuppo) – Sleepy Bird is a teal-colored bird. She does little but sleep, and usually flies with her eyes closed. She is named "Pajaroto" in the Spanish version of the series, reportedly named after a Zinkia employee nicknamed "Maroto", and bearing a strong resemblance to him. The character is also known as "Pajaro Dormilon" in the LATAM-Latin American Spanish version. For the episodes in which Nina is present, she was removed from the opening credits to make room for her.
  • Caterpillar (voiced by Ashley Botting) – Caterpillar (named "Valentina" or "Oruga" in Spanish) is a yellow caterpillar with a blue bow on top of her head. She speaks in gibberish and has the ability to change into a butterfly and back when she wants. She is best friends with Baby Bird, and good friends with Angry Alien. When overjoyed or frustrated, she tends to slam her face forward into the ground.
  • Fred (voiced by Rick Jones) – Fred the Octopus/Octopus (AKA Pulpo in the Spanish version) is a lunatic red octopus, (although he's only shown with only four legs, which is to make animation rendering simpler), who speaks in gibberish like Caterpillar, and is very fond of opera singing. He appears in a variety of episodes, sometimes as a major character, sometimes in passing. As of season two, he is sometimes referred to as just "Fred". His vocal style is reminiscent of Pee-wee Herman.
  • Angry Alien (voiced by Thor Bishopric) –
  • Princess Bizou (voiced by Paula Davis) – An eight-year-old resident of Montreal who loves all sorts of animals, who love her back. She lives in a tipi with her off-screen mother, her roommate Twinkle Toes the bear, and her goldfish, Kitty Catfish, and attends the third grade. The stories she reads are inspired by aboriginal legends. Bizou also has all sorts of drawings of all the animals she has seen, and gets curious about just about everything. In "The Down with Bizou Club", Chaz and Tamara create an "anti-Bizou club" after getting Chaz suspended from the news desk and attempting to frame Muffy for it.
  • Twinkle Toes – A non-verbal bear and Bizou's dim-witted roommate. She tends to wake Bizou up every morning a different way, with Bizou always saying: "Good morning, Twinkle Toes. You rascal!". Out of everyone living in Bizou's tipi, Twinkle Toes is probably the most troublesome.
  • Kitty Catfish (voiced by Stacey DePass) – Bizou's pet goldfish and occasional companion, who likes trivia games. She is generally quiet, good-willed and sensitive, and can be a bit of a copycat when it comes to what her owner Bizou does. She loves learning how to say all sorts of words in Aboriginal languages.
  • Marvin (voiced by Tom Edwards) –
  • Ricki Durundith (voiced by Julie Lemieux) –
  • Rhonda Durundith (voiced by Laurie Elliott) –
  • Steve "Stephen" Hazlett (voiced by David Berni) –
  • George Hazlett (voiced by André Meunier) –
  • Matthew "Matt" Burke-Davidson (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) –
  • Janet "Jane" Burke-Davidson (voiced by Krystal Meadows) –
  • Jacob Burke-Davidson (voiced by Lyon Smith) –
  • Joyce Meunier (voiced by Sonja Ball) –
  • Thomas Meunier (voiced by Daniel Brochu) –
  • Annie "Ann" Thompson (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) –
  • Rosie Thompson (voiced by Jennifer Seguin) –
  • Takashi H. Lee (voiced by Jeff Geddis) –
  • Anthony Harris "Anthone" Daigle (voiced by Darren Frost) –
  • Eleesha Ndubisi Bryant (voiced by Julia Chantrey) –
  • Binoo's Mom (voiced by Jennifer Seguin) – Binoo's mother who first debuted in "Binoo's New Year" and made her latest appearance in "Binoo's House". Although she didn't have a ton of appearances, she was shown to have a well-defined personality. Her personality is a lot similiar to Mrs. Cottontail's, the only difference being she is less stubborn.
  • Binoo's Dad (voiced by Adam Katz) – Binoo's father who first appeared in "Binoo's New Year", and his latest appearance is in "Binoo's House". Despite his irrelevant appearance, he had a defined personality. He is shown to be polie to anyone, regardless of the substance. He confirmed in "Binoo's House" that he had won the award for "Most Popular" at school.
  • Cobalt (voiced by Stephan Blanchette) – A beatboxer. He was the champion for solo beatboxing for the past five years. He and his best friend Chad are often seen hanging out, though at times, they're usually by themselves. Cobalt will take on any dare, especially if it's going against one of his friends in a beatbox battle. One of his nightmares, according to his biography in Bree's Room, is to lose his title of "Solo Beatbox Champion". Cobalt has red hair and wears a blue hoodie and blue jeans.
  • Chad (voiced by Robbie Nino) – Cobalt's best friend and the leader of a group that all the "cool dudes" seem to be a part of. In the episode "Toopy the Cool Dude", Toopy impresses him and Cobalt by taking a pinata and destroying it himself. He is also shown to be very good at burping contests and mostly has control over the entire playground along with Cobalt. According to his Bree's Room biography, Chad is often helping Cobalt with his pranks he plays on the playroom friends. Chad has fair skin, dark hair, and wears a blue-gray jacket over an orange shirt, and blue jeans.
  • The Aliens (all three voiced by Rick Jones) – Three aliens who are green, blue and pink. They landed on Earth after accidentally crashing their UFO into the center of the town. The aliens are daredevils, as they're always about movement and physicality. They are compelled to triumph, even if they don't have the skills. They'll keep on trying until they can make something happen. Soldiers and siblings who can take on any mission. One thing is definitely certain, though; we can always count on the aliens to play with Toopy, Binoo, and all their friends!
  • Void (voiced by Jeff Geddis) – Void is a cosmic pop star with an ego as massive as a black hole. Void's whole body is composed of various particles and space gasses, infinitely compressed so that they actually form a solid substance. When touch, it somehow feels like a cross between skin and felt. The spikes on his head are slightly less compressed, giving them a hair-like softness. Void's face is intangible, composed of super-condensed light particles. Because his face has no physical features, it's completely malleable, and along with simply morphing to show expressions, it could technically take any shape he chooses. Although he can produce light from his clothing/body, Void is not bioluminescent. Void appears as a humanoid figure with purple skin and purple hair. He wears a faded purple shirt, underneath that shirt is an indigo tuxedo that is unbuttoned. He wears a lavender tie and dark purple shoes. He also wears silver headphones.
  • Teté (voiced by Ian Ingram) – Teté is Esme's best friend and a close friend of Toopy and Binoo's. He is the typical "bookworm". 7-year-old Tete loves to read, and has a dictionary to learn words, and above all, has books on nature, ecology, sciences, and space. He knows the characteristics of different flowers and animals.....and he is a huge fan of dinosaurs! He has a toy dinosaur called Dino, and they are his favorite out of all animals.... Well, out of all animals because you can no longer find dinosaurs, because they are extinct, and he doesn't like dogs or cats because they bite and scratch. Unlike his brother, Pelusin, he is the smartest out of the two and doesn't mind helping out.
  • Pelusin (voiced by Lucius Hoyos) – Pelusin is Tete's younger brother and Maripi's younger sister. Pelusin has a lot of hair covering his face as he has heterocromic eyes. Green on the right, blue on the left. Though he hardly shows them, Pelusin is not much of an athletic but more of an artist with a superhero or an astronaut personality. If Toopy is the adventurous and daring character, 5-year-old Pelusin is the complete opposite. He is calm, analytical, and very sensitive, so he is the one who always foresees the consequences of Toopy's adventures. Even though he hardly ever misses the opportunity to warn him, it never does any good, because Toopy always does what he wants. Besides, Toopy always, always ends up roping him into all of his adventures.
  • Maripi (voiced by Kathy Laskey) – Maripi is the middle child out of her, Pelusin and Tete. Maripí is more of the "sweet" and dainty type, she loves dancing ballet and is sometimes competitive to Holly as a rival more than Marty, but Maripí can sometimes get grumpy with him as well. In the middle of so much chaos, Maripí is very organized, clean, above all, theatrical to the core. She loves being the center of attention. Maripí is somewhat a poop-tongued beauty queen and a bit bossy. She has a bad temper sometimes. When she wants something, she will use her arsenal to get it. She is a little drama queen! But the truth is she is very talented when it comes to the arts. She is such an artist. Theatre, dance, and sing... Well, she sings normally. Okay, actually, she sings really good! She is sassy, but sometimes she’s nice to Penelope.
  • Cupid (voiced by Zachary Bennett) –
  • Mr. Bishop (voiced by Tom Edwards) –
  • Cassandra Jones (voiced by Nicki Burke) –
  • Jackie Bouchard (voiced by Dawn Ford) –
  • James Carter (voiced by Clé Bennett) –
  • Dr. Sean Greene (voiced by Justin Bradley) –
  • Martin Chevalier (voiced by Mark Hauser) –
  • Jason "Jay" Gallant (voiced by Fab Filippo) –
  • Saul Martineau (voiced by Lyon Smith) –
  • Bennett Martineau (voiced by Ray Hogg) –
  • Philip Parkman (voiced by Noah Cappe) –
  • Fernando Marques (voiced by Robbie Nino) –
  • Edward "Eddy" Smith (voiced by Sam Lee) –
  • Kaneda Chang (voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau) –
  • James Altro (voiced by Thor Bishopric) –
  • Pamela Felcher (voiced by Kathleen Fee) –
  • Martian (voiced by Wyatt Bowen) –
  • McFadden (voiced by Michael Yarmush) –
  • 2PO (voiced by Cameron Ansell) –
  • Binti (voiced by Christian Potenza) –
  • Kate Forbes (voiced by Lucie Beauvais) –
  • Match Boy (voiced by Jason Deline) –
  • Match Girl (voiced by Laura Teasdale) –
  • The Snuggies (voiced by Brian Froud, Mark Camacho and Joshua Graham) –
  • Thomas "Tom" Pinsent (voiced by Jeff Geddis) – Tom is confident and tries hard, but doesn't have many skills beyond understanding fashion. He is always looking for new styles to try and never passes up the chance to show off his latest fashion trend, no matter how outlandish, even if they aren't well received at first. Flamboyant, yet fabulous, he tends to comically overreact to failure, scary challenges, winning, losing, lattes... everything. But other than that, he is still sure that his impeccable taste and trending skills will guarantee his victory in challening games. He also secretly judges what his friends' appearances are when they're talking to him. Despite Tom's flamboyant nature, he remains a loyal friend and partner and sticks by the side of his friends. He plans to join Toopy and Binoo while teaching the others a little something about style. He was the only child of the Pinsent Family and is sixteen years old (though he says he is twenty-four in his first appearance).
  • Muriel the Lunch Lady (voiced by Sam Lee) – The school's former 64-year-old lunch lady who speaks with a very deep voice, has green eyes, gray hair, a mole, and has only known how to cook "Meat Slop Surprise" for the past twenty years. Muriel attempts to flirt with Special Agent Ray at one point in season two, but was given a restraining order by Anita and Victor to prevent her from getting anywhere closer to him. It is confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. that she stopped appearing in season three as she was disliked by almost all of the writers, leading to her possible death in the series.
  • Judy and Tyrone (voiced by Tyrone Savage and Annick Obonsawin, respectively) – A married couple who have both been inseperable ever since they were married before the series began. They started off as guests in season one and have been given recurring roles since season two.
  • Ace Ripley (voiced by Lyon Smith) – A curious, adventre-loving, mischief-making, proudlyy nerdy twelve-year-old boy who suddenly learns he holds an incredible ability to manipulate DNA by fusing the genres of a living thing with any other thing to create something entirely new. The hero in the making continues to use his newfound powers to create ridiculous, amazing, and sometimes even terrifying mashed up creatures, and tries to save others from total chaos while having the time of his life. Despite him and Tom differing ages, they are still good friends.
  • Sloane Plunderman (voiced by Samantha Weinstein) – Sloane is Ace's best friend who often yells at him when annoyed by his behaviour, which happens often. But besides that, she has been good-hearted, intelligent, spunky and tomboyish. She's also very determined and self-assured, often coming across as overconfident and selfish, to her displeasure.
  • Mendel (voiced by Juan Chioran) – A talking 500-year-old immortal squirrel who was actually the first animal to be mutated by a meteorite that fell on top of him. He has also sworn himself to be the guardian of the meteor from anybody who has evil desires. With the help of Ace's ancestor, they created the DNA Scrambler.
  • Stu Ripley (voiced by Rob Tinkler) is Ace's older stepbrother.
  • Huxley Plunderman (voiced by Taylor Abrahamse in "Poko Fights Crime", Ross Lynch from "Poko's Day Off" to "All About Mr. Murphy" and Tyrone Savage starting in "Poko's Frenemy") – One of the primary antagonists of the series, the CEO of Plunderman Enterprises, and the evil brother of Sloane. He is later given a recurring role as an antagonist when he fires Lollipop and becomes a target to some of her attacks ("See Poko Run").
  • Crabby (voiced by Luke Gordon)-
  • Snout Hammer (voiced by Athena Karkanis)-
  • Heidi (voiced by Evany Rosen) –
  • Digby (voiced by David Berni) –
  • Cobra Tot -
  • Boom Hound -
  • Hosefly -
  • Chopper -
  • Rachel 2 (voiced by Angela Maiorano-Thruston) -
  • Sharkuum-
  • Cluck-Cluck-Boom/CC-
  • Bivalvo-
  • Cuckarocka (voiced by Mac Heywood)
  • Chlorhofile/Chlo-
  • Elasti-Kitty-
  • Snot Rocket-
  • Head Wig-
  • Beef Plungington-
  • Scarrathorn-
  • Night Leaper (voiced by Andrew Jackson)
  • Polly Roger-
  • Rhinestone-
  • Bear B.Que-
  • Sammy-Rye-
  • MonkeyFloss/Moe-
  • Sparkbug-
  • Razzle Dazzle-
  • Sir Quills-
  • OctoGraph-
  • Bucky BlowTorch-
  • Toolio-
  • Lazerine-
  • Frostbite-
  • Arachnotist/Ari-
  • Power Wash/PDubs-
  • CompuFox-
  • Solar Ray-
  • Vault Boy (voiced by Ross Lynch) –
  • Daisy and Donald Duck (voiced by Tyrone Savage and Amanda Tilson, respectively) – Donald and Daisy are two of Mickey's friends. Daisy is Donald's girlfriend, and though the two of them both have fiery tempers, she is shown to be less intelligent and more wacky and obnoxious. Donald, on the other hand, is well known for his temper which often lashes out by his immaturity and arrogance.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse (voiced by Aiyden Prosser and Laurie Elliott, respectively) – Mickey and Minnie are two friends. Mickey goes on various misadventures due to his mischief, but has a good heart, whereas Minnie is often angered by his mischief and Daisy's bossiness, despite maturing for her age.
  • Pluto (voiced by Rick Jones) – Mickey's loyal dog who is often aggressive towards some others.
  • Goofy (voiced by Aiyden Prosser) – Goofy is one of Mickey's friends. He isn't the smartest character on the show, plus stupidity usually makes his friends very angered, despite his naivety, he is brave, however, commonly cowardly.
  • Chip and Dale (voiced by Daniel DeSanto and David Berni, respectively) –
  • Marty (voiced by Brian Froud) – The mascot of the ToonMart, and its only employee.
  • Burnie (voiced by Mike Patterson) – Marty's friend who is a part of the school's news program. Burnie is quite naive sometimes. He is good friends with Marty, but he can sometimes get angry at him in some episodes. Burnie is really not friends with Chaz Monerainian, his competition, as both of them don't get along. As shown in the episode "Awful Waffle", Burnie and Chaz's eyes are shown widescreen as the two say their names at each other angrily. Burnie is a villain-in-training. His father Burnatron is a villain, so Burnie wants to be evil, much like his father. Burnie is a fat, pale kid with spiky red hair pointing to the left and freckles. He wears a red shirt with a picture of a flame on it. He wears matching red pants and shoes. He also wears a blue cape, yellow gloves, and a belt.
  • Tina Kwee (voiced by Krystal Meadows) –
  • Chaz Monerainian (voiced by Jeff Geddis) – Burnie's competition and senior news anchor on the school's news program. He is always pushing Burnie out of the camera and read out his share of news. Chaz hosts his own show called "Chaz's Corner". He is self-absorbed, obsesses about his appearance, and likes to hog the camera. He had footage of a prank which Toopy later obtains and, with Binoo, discovers who switched his bag. He is also scared of getting sick and having messy hair. He has flirted with Vana Glama. His father is also a news presenter. He is also the main antagonist of season three along with Burnatron, the father of Burnie.
  • Holly (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) – Holly is a blue robot who hangs out with Marty and Burnie, though she often despises Burnie. She is the eponymous character of "The Burnie, Chaz and Holly Show". She also shares her name with her voice actor.
  • Jack (voiced by Brett Schaenfield) – Jack is a mole who wears glasses. He is the owner of the ToonMart, and Marty's boss.
  • Topher Green (voiced by Christopher Jacot) – Sixteen-year-old Topher is a such a huge fan of Total Drama host Chris McLean that he gave himself the nickname "Chris 2.0", and even has a cat named after co-host Chef Hatchet. He frequently goes out of his way to try and talk to Nina, which usually causes him to not be very much help for his team. He can be quite arrogant and frequently admires himself. He is very ambitious in all sorts of endeavors, eventually stealing Ranger Rabbit's cell phone to and using it to contact the producers and frequently insulting Toopy's age to imply that they need a younger host for his show, such as himself. This situations beg the question of whether or not Topher truly does admire Toopy, or was just stroking his ego so as to lower his guard and attempt to steal his job. While he was originally an antagonist in Toopy and Binoo World, he turned to the good side by the time Bali and You! aired, and was free of his trouble-making habits; he also is Nina's boyfriend.
  • The Terrible Pajamas Big Band (voiced by Cory Bowles, Stacey DePass, Jeff Geddis and Chantelle Wilson) – A band of dinosaurs who are often making a ton of loud noise, especially when Mr. Bear is sleeping. They keep each other quite busy at night. We often see them on stage performing, which gives their members an audio presence. They're never far away from each other, as they're always together when they're present and are loving loud noise, just like Mr. Owl!
  • Mr. Dragon (voiced by Jonathan Wilson) – A red dragon with big cyan wings who is in love with Mrs. Dragon. The two have been shown to make out with each other in certain episodes and like to share a laugh with each other every time they make a joke that their friends think don't make sense.
  • Mrs. Dragon (voiced by Erin Agostino) – A green dragon with red glasses, light purple horns, a cyan stomach, blonde hair, and small cyan wings. She may not be seen often, but there is indeed a loving dragon addicted to another one. Mr. Dragon is shown to give her great praise in the episode "The Love Letter".
  • Suki (voiced by Erin Agostino) – Since Suki is a blue-haired anime magical girl, she can go crazy at times and can be very hyper since she eats Mega Fun Time Candy. Suki is a blue-haired anime magical girl who cannot tell apart if it is Marty and will ignore him if he does not have his red hat. She likes to eat anime candy called "Mega Fun Time Candy" from the Super Happy Rainbow Cafe located in Animeland, and has some in her pockets.
  • Carly – Carly is normally very sweet, care-free and happy most of the time, however she can sometimes get a little annoyed or sad, despite it not being often. She and Mrs. Octopus are the only characters who debuted in season one to not speak, with Conch Shell and Teardrop debuting in season four and not talking in any episodes either.
  • Chef and Chicken (voiced by Tom Rack and Leslie Sellers) – Two rivals. Chef always tries to catch Chicken, and eventually gets tired of so in later episodes. He and Chicken also act differently in "Mrs. Bird's Big News", which could be possibly due to a curse from a blue moon Lili and Leo saw.
  • Burnatron (voiced by Brian Froud) – Burnie's father and the rival of Super Simon. He is the main antagonist of season three, along with Chaz Monerainian.
  • Super Simon (voiced by Stephan Blanchette) – The rival of Burnatron and a superhero who saves the place over and over again.
  • Dr. Smartypants (voiced by Stacey DePass) – A monkey doctor. Her voice actor is also known for voicing Emma from Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race and Mandy Struction, one of the recurring characters in the YTV show Sidekick.
  • Julius (voiced by Denis Kopotun) – One of Zouk's friends and companions who, along with Aziz, Menu Maurice, Judith and Corinne, live at the bottom of Zouk's bed. Out of all of Zouk's stuffed animals, Julius is the only one that can fly, because he is an owl.
  • Aziz (voiced by Susan Glover) – Another one of Zouk's stuffed animals that lives under Zouk's bed as well. He is the only one who was known to live in the Arctic, seeing as he is a polar bear, and has a love for snow cones. He instantly became friends with Sammy Scoops once they began interacting in "Something About the Colour Green", both agreeing with Zouk that green is a bad color in their opinions.
  • Corinne (voiced by Stacey DePass) – Zouk's third stuffed animal who also lives under Zouk's bed. She is a really loyal friend of Mr. King of Hearts' and Genius Genie, as the three are elephants.
  • Judith (voiced by Angela Galuppo) – Judith is the childlike crocodile of Zouk's stuffed animals, and the one who acts the most silliest out of Zouk's stuffed animals. She also has a habit of following Sammy Scoops whenever it comes to him playing pranks on his friends.
  • Menu Maurice (voiced by Nigel Lambert) – The vain and slightly arrogant stuffed animal of Zouk's. He works at a restaurant and is always seen messing up Mr. John's orders, similiar to how Grover messes up Mr. Johnson's orders. He is also an octopus.
  • Grunt Monster (voiced by Ellen David) – A yellow and orange monster and Binoo's best friend who likes to embark on adventures of his own.
  • Super Liz (voiced by Jesse Vinet) – A superhero who saves Toopy and Binoo's place from danger.
  • Princess (voiced by Annie Bovaird) – A figurine who, like Mr. King of Hearts, lives in a really high tower, though she doesn't need a key to unlock her door, as she claims to have laser eye vision, making her the only female character other than Super Liz with a secret ability.
  • Lulu (voiced by Jon Glover) – An ogre who has only one eye. He is often the victim of Super Liz's jokes, which is something he started off hating before getting used to being the joke victim in season four and onwards. This also inspired him to have his friends become the victim of his own jokes.
  • Mr. King of Hearts (voiced by Thor Bishopric) – A king who lives in a high tower that he is sometimes getting locked out of if it's because of the windy weather or his missing key, and strongly hates Genius Genie even though they're the same species.
  • Mr. Big Bad Wolf (voiced by Matt Holland) – A wolf who used to hate Christmas. He used to live with a lot of siblings, and started to not like Christmas when he thought Santa forgot him when his stocking fell off the fireplace and landed behind a pile of logs.
  • The Three Little Pigs (voiced by Annie Bovaird, Ellen David and Jeremy Thibodeau) – Possible siblings who like to deliver gifts to everyone on Christmas. They usually get excited easily and will say "Happy, happy, happy!".
  • Sebee (voiced by Rick Jones) – A vain, bold and arrogant human who speaks with a British accent. He claims he is "Friknob", and will often say "Disaster!", "Do not!" and "Disrespecc!". He is also the main antagonist of the first season, telling everyone what to do in certain episodes he appears in..He also had an entire twenty-minute episode with two segments focusing on him titled "Sebee's Cafe Experience" and "The Sebee Show".
  • Mr. Owl (voiced by Frank Meschkuleit) – An owl who keeps saying something terrible might happen.
  • Mrs. Sheep (voiced by Ellen David) – A sheep who is possibly the older or younger sister of Mr. Sheep. She and Mr. Sheep came from Binoo's drawing in "The Hiccup Hunters", and is pink. She does not like getting the hiccups and will often want to stay in Montreal instead of going somewhere outside of the area.
  • Mr. Sheep (voiced by Matt Holland) – The blue sheep from Binoo's drawing who has several possible relatives. He likes to play "Leap Frog" and is probably the older or younger sibling of Mrs. Sheep.
  • The Sheep (voiced by Rick Jones) – Sheep who have either white or black-coloured wool. They made occasional appearances in the original series, along with a speaking role in "Binoo the Brave". They've applied to be a part of a babysitting club, as hinted in "Binoo Gets Grounded".
  • Mrs. Dragon Princess (voiced by Jesse Vinet) – A princess who appeared in "Binoo the Brave". She is possibly sisters with Mrs. Sea Serpent Princess and Mrs. Wolf Princess as the three cheer "Sisters!" to each other.
  • Mrs. Godmother (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) – A fairy godmother who will occasionally tell Toopy and Binoo everything they wish for is her command. She also likes the way CJ and his band "Starlight Mayhem" performs on stage.
  • Mr. Polar Bear (voiced by Mark Camacho) – A customer at Toopy and Binoo's favourite fancy restaurant. He is a picky eater at the restaurant and confirmed in "What's with Menu Maurice?" that he would never come back to Menu Maurice's fancy restaurant over the size of a pizza. He also found out that Menu Maurice works at Toopy and Binoo's ice cream store down the street.
  • Mr. "Wolf"-Owl (voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau) – An owl who claims he's a wolf just by howling like one, though he isn't an actual wolf.
  • The Magic Mirror (voiced by Matthew Mackay) – A talking mirror who gives everybody his honest opinions on their physical appearances.
  • Mrs. Bird (voiced by Jennifer Seguin) – An arrogant blue bird who hates the Terrible Pajamas Big Band's singing. Whenever she and Mr. Jack are around, they are usually keeping their distances from them despite how much Mr. John loves their performing.
  • Rudolph (voiced by Danny Brochu) – A student in Toopy and Binoo's classroom who is secretly a fan of CJ's band, though he's never said anything about his love for CJ's band, though it was confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc.
  • Cameel Habib Habab (voiced by Pierre Lenoir) – Cameel Habib Habab (Cameel as in Camel/Lego, Habib Habab as in corn on the cob/bob for apples) is a talking camel from the Middle East with a job of collecting debt. It is unknown whether his job involves actually collecting debt or scamming people. His Middle Eastern accent seems to suggest the latter as that is a common stereotype which Toopy and Binoo are no stranger to. He is known to be friendly to CJ and Rudolph, but it is unknown what his affiliation with Vana Glama is, though they're likely enemies some of the time. He also rhymes when he talks sometimes, usually rhyming using his name. He is also the father of Roxanne Leblanc and her brothers Jared and Jeremy, and possibly of Genius Genie as a temporary adoptive relative. He is a debt collector, text support worker and was a customer support employee for a toy company. He was thought to be one of the workers for Toopy at a parody of Geico; however, that was not him, but rather Hump Day Camel, a lookalike and possible relative of his who is potrayed with the same puppet. This lookable of his kept annoying Toopy on Wednesday with his catchphrase "Hump Day!", just like Senor Chang's saying from The Community.
  • Roxanne Leblanc (voiced by Sonja Ball) – Toopy's friend who is often seen hanging out after school with him or being around her brothers Jared and Jeremy.
  • Jeremy Leblanc (voiced by Philip Lemeistre) – Roxanne's older brother. He and his twin brother Jared love listening to Starlight Mayhem's songs, and is the more arrogant and bossy one of the two, often telling his brother Jared what to do and what not to do. He has purple hair (dyed), and mainly wears normal and dark purple.
  • Jared Leblanc (voiced by Philip Lemeistre) – Jeremy's twin brother. He and Jeremy love listening to Starlight Mayhem's songs. Jared is also the more loyal and polite one of the two, always following the rules everywhere, and getting along with everyone more easily than his brother. For the first three seasons, he had orange hair, and mostly wore the colours orange and yellow. As of season four, he now has light blue hair (dyed), as well as light blue eyes (likely because he got colored contacts). He also wears light blue and teal.
  • Vana Glama (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) – The former love interest of Toopy. Vana is a hyper-ambitious prima donna who is not easily impressed and is extremely shallow. After breaking up with Toopy before the end of the fourth season of the previous series, she is often seeing torturing Toopy and now hates him for no apparent reason, although she is not aware of it. Despite this, Toopy still has a bit of a crush on her (as of the fifth season), often oblivious to her selfish, snobby, and more-often-than-not sour-hearted character.
  • Allan Amazing (voiced by Scott McCord) – Allan is a handsome student who is popular with the female students, including Penelope and Yaya. Although he acts nice and sensible, he has an immense hatred for Binoo and is a narcissist who will do anything to best anyone, especially towards Binoo.
  • CJ (voiced by Pierre Lenoir) – The main antagonist of the second season. Not much information is given about his personality, but, from what we can piece together, he seems to be a fairly confident person and occasionally overconfident over some things. He also admits to things, such as him not being the best at vocals. He likes playing the guitar, slacking off, meat, music, and action shows. He is also shown to present his canines to Toopy in "Emphasis on Wish", saying "See, my canines are pretty sharp, aren't they?".
  • Abel (voiced by Jeremy Thibodeao) – The guitarist of CJ's band and the co-main antagonist of the second season. He may be the co-main antagonist of the second season, while being the villainous sidekick of CJ, but he is still a fun-seeking, ultra-positive optimist, who is blissfully unaware of the chaos constantly surrounding him. Almost every time, this chaos is caused by his best friend and band's singer, CJ. They share a mutual love for anything he and CJ can think of, such as their favorite video games, their love for playing basketball, and even their knack for adventure too! No matter what happens, they’ll always have each other’s backs. Abel is a dark-skinned man with curly, razor cut black hair. He wears a blue jacket over a striped gray shirt, and black pants and gray shoes. He also has a blue and gray electric guitar.
  • Bobby Play (voiced by Jeff Geddis) – The friend of Daddy Deary who often helps him with things around his house. The episode "Cooking with Bobby Play" shows Toopy and Binoo having a bold game of skill and chopping against him.
  • Mr. Raccoon (voiced by Cameron Ansell) – A comic book reader and the biggest fan of a superhero named "Fabulous Moo", who makes occasional appearances in every season. He also appears in "A Day at the Park", where he is peacefully sitting on a bench.
  • Mr. Gopher (voiced by Thor Bishopric) – A gopher that wears a red hat and a blue coat and is friends with Mr. Polar Bear.
  • Mrs. Octopus – A green octopus who doesn't speak. She can play more than one instrument with her eight legs, as well as stretch them out.
  • Lunabory (voiced by Erin Agostino) – One of Toopy and Binoo's cousins. She is an 8-year-old yellow bory, and is Cozy's sister. Her super sense is the ability of sight she can see far distances with her super senses usually when the situation calls for it like when they need to find the gury that is usually causing trouble for the episode. Her catchphrase is "Seeing is believing!", and has a habit of saying it when she uses her powers. One time, in "Bowling Mania", she used her powers to help her get a perfect score in bowling, but in the end she learned her lesson of cheating.
  • Cozybory (voiced by Annie Bovaird) – One of Toopy and Binoo's cousins. She is a 9-year-old purple bory, who is the younger sister of Lunabory, who is usually painting pictures or doing other feminine things while not out with Toopy and Binoo. She wears a pink dress and likes to touch things. She and Bobby Play are currently dating as of "Super Zeroes".
  • Totobory (voiced by Lyon Smith in the English dub and Guillaume Champoux in the French dub) – Totobory is an 8-year-old brown bory, who is a friend of Toopy and Binoo's and the cousin of Lunabory and Cozybory. His supersense taste is him being able to taste things without actually eating the food. He also has two leaf like petals on his head that act like tentacles that can allow him to pick things that are either far away from him or are too high.
  • Crystal Ball (voiced by Brian Froud) – A wizard who often scams Toopy and Binoo out of their money to "fix" situations.
  • Fabulous Moo (voiced by Brian Froud) – Mr. Raccoon's biggest fan. He hates Super Liz and claims that she doesn't really "save" the place even though she's always saving the town from crime. His physical appearance also resembles a cow and, despite his name, is lactose intolerant.
  • Red Triangle – Red Triangle is an exciteable shape; a loud, hyperactive object who loves, and we mean totally loves, Onion Ring. Red Triangle uses her abilities to create signs to encourage Onion Ring, and to let him know that he's a special type of food object. Red Triangle loves Onion Ring so much that she'll battle anyone who doesn't share either enthusiasm of them. To this day, Onion Ring hasn't acknowledged Red Triangle once. Red Triangle believes that Onion Ring deserves a lot more screen time out of anyone in the whole show. Voiced by Taylor Baruchel.
  • Red Pipe – Red Pipe likes to spend most of her time with her friends, but on other times she's hanging by herself. Red Pipe is always nice to Toopy and Binoo, offering them to take her place in anything that takes her too long, She also likes to make up silly words, and often speaks in rhymes. However, this personaltiy only lasts until "Never Gonna Give Up Hope", when her roommate Blocky thought she was Woody and sent her out of the house. Red Pipe would be unable to forget about it and would add it to her "horrible memories list". Voiced by Jennifer Sulitaneau.
  • Toopy's Father – Toopy's father is normally strict, and is the one who happens to ground his son occasionally. He works at the SizzleBurger Restaurant, and doesn't always abide by the rules there, rebelling against regulations if he feels it isn't right, as shown when he stood up to Mrs. Hoo and engaged her in a clog-cannon battle with him. Despite him having a harsh exterior and a menacing accent, deep down, he cares for Toopy. It was confirmed that he's a clone of him, as shown in the season six episode "The Hilton Hotels Clone War". While all the other adult characters are somehow clones of intelligent figures in history, he's a clone of Toopy's actual father. He is later reunited with his original non-clone father. Toopy's father first appeared in an episode of The Adventures of Toopy and Binoo, titled "A Perfect Picture". It was revealed he and Toopy's mother have been married for ten years, revealing they've been married since September 20, 1998. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Toopy's Mother – Toopy's mother, unlike her husband, is more liberal with her son, Toopy. He has a secret past involving being on the run all the time and even being looked upon a lot of times in the past. She is somehow tied with the Student Council, who were her former allies before it was revealed that everyone in the Student Council Club (besides Chaz) were revealed to be evil, despite them admitting all of their mistakes in season six. Whenever Binoo has soccer practice with the rest of his class, Toopy's mother is the only one who doesn't cheer when Binoo scores a goal with Toopy's help. She also made Mr. John promise to have Toopy and his basketball team go to the championship, even after he wrote down Toopy's number (#5). Voiced by Liz Macrae.
  • Red Monster – The red monster seems to be the quietest of the three. He is the eldest in his family, at the age of around seventeen billion years old. He enjoys knitting things, that being said, he's been shown to knit all sorts of things, some for himself, most other things being for his brothers or friends. He also really enjoys listening to all sorts of music, because according to him, all music is good music. Even a type of music that Purple Monster doesn't like. With all that out of the way, it also seems that Red Monster happens to like listening to the sounds of his own bedroom. One of his favorites is actually the sound of his two knitting needles. He even managed to save Ostrich's life and was declared an official hero. Way to go, Red Monster! Sometimes, whenever Red Monster is knitting something, he has to be very careful with the size and width, otherwise whatever he made wouldn't be useful for him or his brothers. Red Monster is around the same height as Toopy, and has short black lines for "hair". He wears a dark and light purple shirt and has four purple dots on either side of his head, underneath his eyes. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Umbrella – A red umbrella who could possibly be Paddle's friend, as they are shown getting along at the start of "The Egg", where they're making pancakes, much to Waffle's displeasure. Voiced by Ashley Peters.
  • Umbrella Jr. – Umbrella Jr. is an agreeable person. He speaks loudly and likes to copy what others are doing. Umbrella Jr. is shown to be very ticklish, and loves to eat cake. He doesn't mind having things rattle around in front of him. He is an optimistic umbrella who can only be blown away by the powers of Robo-Toopy and Robo-Binoo. Umbrella Jr. had misheard Toopy reading a fantasy novel and was confused as to why he wasn't the one to impress, unlike Chad. Voiced by Michael G. Rudder.
  • Roboty – A red and green robot who often hangs out at the waterfall, often having the others not know where he is. He competes on the Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team. Voiced by "Morse Code".
  • Iro – Iro is an exuberant, young ninja, whose dream is to be the Chop Chop Ninja. He claims to be "the best ninja ever", despite the fact that he can be dumb sometimes. He, along with the other Chop Chops, have moved into Toopy and Binoo's neighborhood. Voiced by Jason Deline.
  • Skitter – A red squirrel who acts rather cheerful and excited, though he may normally seem self-centered and cocky to others. He plans on going far in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! so he can willingly sacrifice his long-time rival, Mr. Prickles, who has the exact same plan as him. Skitter also knows how to make other characters become rainbow, and he happened to be the one who had a floating rainbow orb in front of Princess' castle in "Colour Chaos". Voiced by André Meunier.
  • Nat – Nat acts one of Toopy and Binoo's trusty friends. He is shown to be the guardian of the Iconicles (Skitter, Rumple, Splish, Splash, and Mrs. Moo). He might act dim-witted and weird sometimes, though he also acts smart and intelligent as well. He sometimes doesn't realize how much time is left in an episode, and might be a contrarian to the Iconicles. He holds several grudges against Wimzie and might possibly have a crush on Graziella. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Michal – Michal is one of Cobalt's close friends. He enjoys taking the time out of his days to practice beatboxing in front of his own mirror and then practicing in front of his friends on a stage. He believes Cobalt can go far in beatbox competitions which may show he serves as a contrarian to him. Michal sometimes speaks with the same bland, monotone voice as 8-Ball, but most of the time uses his normal voice when speaking to others. Michal prefers to be called "Sherman" instead of a nerdy, blonde-haired Jimmy Neutron. Voiced by Michael Caldwell.
  • Jock Jockerson – Jock is a very self-centred person and enjoys picking on Toopy and Binoo and anyone else he lacks respect for. He loves sports, especially football. He is egotistical and is very popular. He is however quite stupid and known to be honest, while also admitting when Binoo and Toopy do something to surprise him. Voiced by Michael Caldwell.
  • Flaggy – Flaggy, who resembles the American flag, can send and receive infrared signals. He loves going around the world, because without going across the place, he would faint. He definitely has feelings, even with his voice. One of those feelings he has is to be somebody else, and not a flag. Regardless, he is willing to help as a data-storage flag so that others can track their rates. Flaggy gets the best wireless signals out of anyone which can be both helpful, and dangerous. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Paint Bucket – Paint Bucket appears to be a "natural" when it comes to stuff such as the performing arts. He thinks quite highly of himself and studies in his own office somehow. Yes, an office he actually owns. Very strange if you ask him. He also holds others to decent standards and often takes out most of the time in a day to study to become a full-time comedian... since he's only a part-time comedian. When it comes to comedy, on the other hand, Paint Bucket doesn't actually make the best, nor the funniest jokes, to say the least. This doesn't mean he's gonna give up right away, though; the weirder and more unpredictable, the better the character can get! Paint Bucket stayed back in 12th grade for the past two school years so that he could compete in Field Day at school one more time. But he was given detention by Mr. Sparks, the archenemy of Mrs. Hoo, at the start of Field Day just to be taken from Mrs. Hoo's team.
  • Lawn Mower – Lawn Mower is a red and gray lawn mower with sharp blades. He holds other characters to a high standard, often studying each of the characters' behaviors, and letting them know what he believes they're doing wrong. His favorite number is thirty-one, but 89,276,313,384 is a close second. Lawn Mower believes that caring about what others think of somebody else is considered shameful. Yet, he expects people to care about what he thinks of them. Without his exquisite red color, Lawn Mower would be the same color as Pan. Voiced by Martin Watier.
  • Baron – Baron is a friendly horse who lives on Manon's barn. He acts generally calm, naturally reliable to others, and even offering others help when it comes to all sorts of things. Baron can normally trust some of the others he's near, especially when it's one of his mortal enemies. In fact, that's why he once trusted his worst enemy, Pedro, when delivering a package to the barn! Baron is also quite smart as he knows about the answers to all sorts of questions; he even enjoys science and research. This can be seen in season six as he is currently working for Doowee at "Doowee & Baron Headquarters", which is located near the library. Baron is, overall, probably one of season's four calmest, most peacefully introduced characters. Baron can't stand it when somebody sends him the wrong package at the post office. That's why he normally trusts his closest friends. Nobody else... well, other than Pedro. Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Sticker – A red sticker with a gold star. He usually carries a "Fast Potion" and has a pair of shoes called the "Booster Shoes 2000", which allows him to fly. Voiced by Lyon Smith.
  • Sticker Jr. – Sticker Jr. avoids conflict, that is, if he can. He doesn't want to put himself in the middle of trouble. In contrast, his highest place of comfort is at the interview place Daddy Deary has for those who are applying to work at his restaurant. Sticker Jr. often speaks different languages; that's why nobody can understand some of the things he says. He isn't very interactive, but surprisingly, his interactions with Void have been going well, which means they could likely be starting to become friends. Sticker Jr. has been in detention as many times as Teardrop has spoken: none. Voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Doris – A busy homemaker most of the time but is seen to work in an office as well. Toopy and Binoo occasionally help her with different chores, and she often takes time to involve them and their friends in activities such as crafts and baking. She is also rather understanding, as she realizes she was just about to be eliminated from Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! for costing her team a singing contest. However, this is mainly because of Vana Glama singing the 4 Square song, "Little One Blues", for her the exact way Melissa Stylianou did. She received only 301 votes to rejoin Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! which was the least out of any eliminated contestant as of Onigiri's elimination. She is predominantly dressed in a red blouse with yellow trim, blue headband, ankle-length blue jeans and blue shoes with green soles. Voiced by Jessica Kardos.
  • Strawberry – A red strawberry who doesn't seem to pay attention to Waffle when eating waffles or pancakes. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Strawberry Jr. – She may cause trouble easily, but Strawberry Jr. is still happy and carefree. At first, she might seem to worry a lot, but in reality, she's just looking out for her friends. She is shown to be very courageous, and can be counted on when things get rough. She is easily excited, especially by the ideas Toopy has. Her best friends are Silas and Waffle Jr., although she sometimes has a mixed relationship with Waffle Jr. at times. Strawberry Jr. subscribes to the same how-to-magazine as Bubble, which includes issues like "How to Be Transparent with Friends". Voiced by Laura Teasdale.
  • Blocky – A red building block who likes to pull pranks. He competes on The Blocky Podcast Members! team. Voiced by Michael G. Rudder.
  • Pin – A member of "W.O.A.H. Bunch" who acts rather helpful towards Toopy and Binoo. She competes on the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Tyler – An uncoordinated athlete. His fear of chickens costs his team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! one of the challenges. He and Lindsay begin dating during the first season of Total Drama, but after his elimination, Lindsay has a hard time remembering who he is. In the third season of Total Drama, Lindsay doesn't even remember his name until soon before Lindsay's elimination challenge. He allies himself with friends he can trust, but might cost others certain things. In Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, he seemed to be more coordinated and skilled and is planning to go far in the series like most other contestants. He insisted on competing for the Light Riders team because he was friends with Jock Jockerson and Deltoid. Voiced by Peter Oldring.
  • Magnet – Magnet loves metal things. In fact, metal is his most favorite thing in the world! He'll find himself attracted to anything that's metal, too! As soon as anyone mentions his favorite thing, he'll run to the exact person who said it in an instant, even if they didn't or did say it! He also loves the color gray. Voiced by Lyon Smith.
  • Hazardous TV – Hazardous TV loves conflict. He enjoys being an egotistical television from the past that ropes others into all sorts of dangerous and crazy issues. He'll normally be portrayed as a jerk; arrogant in all things and often acting like others would want him reinstated at things. Hazardous TV also seems to make more enemies than friends; he is long-time rivals with Johnny from Johnny and the Sprites and the Imagination Movers, despite competing on the exact same team as them. Hazardous TV also enjoys trying to date Manon, though this turns out to not work every time. Above all, it's easy for Toopy and Binoo to say this: Hazardous TV's not quite the person one would want to meet, just like Fanny and Sotp Sign. Voiced by Paul Haddad.
  • Flag – Flag's not exactly the smartest of the group, nor is he the brightest. But what others can say is, he sure knows how to turn any problem into something exciting as fast as you think. He acts as a dim-witted, entertaining type of comic relief and sometimes never passes up on the chance to try and make a joke. For example, at the grocery store, he tried balancing eggs on him. And when he dropped them on Ping? Well, he said: "Looks like the yolk's on you!". Flag also became a mere follower for the Student Council Club at school, most likely since he's the one who came up with it. No wonder it was so easy for him to befriend all of the members of the club! "Disclaimer: Flag does not endorse random trivia facts." Voiced by Neil Crone.
  • Squid Phone – Squid Phone is, to say the least, rather joyful and expressive. He enjoys exploring the whole world, almost like the other characters who enjoy traveling. While being joyful and energetic, he's also quite impressive at working at the airport near the billiard ball family house. Cheerful, and quite humble, he does have the tendency to react to things in a very awkward style when it comes to, well, anything. Squid Phone also enjoys roping his friends into all his adventures. Squid Phone's sworn rival and occasional frenemy is 10-Ball. Voiced by Michael Cohen.
  • Peanut Butter – Imagine being a full, unopened jar of peanut butter 24/7. This Peanut Butter, on the other hand, doesn't have to. He has a high opinion on himself, believing he is serious, smart, practical, and often sensible. Some people don't think that highly of Peanut Butter, because they incorrectly believe his brain is being polluted by things, which makes him incredibly upset. After all, he did answer a question in the behind the scenes of "The Purple Face Variety Hour", correctly! When Peanut Butter feels like making a sandwich, he can't use himself to get the peanut butter out, because it would have no effect to him. Voiced by Jeremy Jordan.
  • Fruit Punch – Fruit Punch is a nonbinary cup of juice. They like to collect things, such as jawbreakers, their favorite numbers, friends, trinkets, and various artifacts from previous episodes. If you aren't careful, Fruit Punch might even try to collect something of yours! Fruit Punch encourages their friends when things get tough. They sometimes have trouble saying consonants and says Two's name as "Too". Fruit Punch feels comfortable in their own "body", but they get strange looks when they share this with others. Voiced by Neil Shee.
  • Canned Beans – Canned Beans is often a mysterious character. That's because she doesn't want to interact with other objects, or seems to be shy. She can be rather implusive, like when she had kicked Bucket of Pufferfish in "Eraser's Variety Hour" without thinking of the consequences during the production of a variety show Marker and Eraser insisted on making. Canned Beans once fell of a balance beam when she pushed off somebody else during the production of season five; it happens to be "F" Key. Canned Beans also acts smart and competitive. She's one of the most divisive characters with campaigns to both keep her and to eliminate her running strong in reality shows. Surprisingly, the elimination campaign had won. Canned Beans has gotten involved in yearly Thanksgiving "egg fights", the number of times Teardrop ever spoke and as many times Roboty had his chest compartment opened: none. Voiced by Angela Galuppo.
  • Miss Piggy – Miss Piggy is a slender, yet robust pig with blonde hair and blue eyes. She acts overbearing, vivacious, bossy, glamorous, stubborn, aggressive, spoiled, feisty, vain, short-tempered, influential, demanding, rude, mean, impatient, immature, insecure, vulnerable, excitable, envious, shallow, weird-hating, strict, unapologetic... just about anything you can imagine. She is sometimes selfish to others but is also rather funny towards others. She sometimes acts as a minor antagonist/anti-hero in season five, as shown by her sometimes helping Blazzip to cause trouble. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Poker Chip – Poker Chip is Chaz's neighbor and rival. He believes that he is superior to him in every way, spending much of his life attempting to outdo Chaz in everything, from house extensions to satellite dishes and even superpowers. He is also the most antagonistic of the objects, as he would not only make fun of Chaz and the gang at every opportunity, but also push his friend Swappy around. According to a flashback scene in "How Chaz and Poker Chip's Rivalry Began", his rivalry with Chaz stems from an incident in school. Poker Chip has a detailed painting of his friend Swappy as his entry to his class's art contest, while Chaz has a drawing of himself as a superhero as his entry. Chaz wins the contest and the entire class taunts Poker Chip for coming in second, which is why he spends most of his time trying to outdo Chaz in everything. Despite his general antagonism towards Chaz, his gang, and even his own friends, he has some moments that suggest that he can be caring at times. The episode "Poker Chip's Love Finds a Way" shows that he was once in a relationship with PB&J, and his wistful sigh implies that his relationship with her was, at least largely, a happy one. In "The Colour Orange is Never Sus", he angrily wishes that Swappy was never around, but he does not take it well when Swappy leaves his side for season six. In "When Rivals Become Friends", he is visibly depressed about it, to the point he has become somewhat shut-in. In addition, he was also surprised and amazed when Chaz apologized for making fun of him at school, because even he admits that Poker Chip deserved first place for the picture. Voiced by Ryan de Sauliner.
  • Meatball – Binoo's missing meatball from the episode "Meatball Western". He is very sneaky and disguises as stuff he sees almost all the time. Voiced by Bruce Dinsmore.
  • Lego Brick – Lego Brick is the smallest object out of everyone from the "Object Planet", but he still likes to think of himself as the one in charge. He also has soem trouble with his sight, as he accidentally sits in places where someone will accidentally step on him. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Fries – The saltiest character in the show who hates the smell of his own fries gone rotten, which is why he's ALWAYS replacing them. He competes on the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicions team. Voiced by Bruce Dinsmore.
  • Lightning Cherry – Lightning Cherry acts very competitive and jock-like. He is shown to be arrogant, prejudiced, and cocky, believing himself superior to most of the others, whether they're armless or even if they're the opposing gender as him. He acted very stubborn and lacked a lot of teamwork and would often ditch or hurt his teammates, believing this makes him on the right. Whether or not someone happens to make him mad, he can become rather violent on a whim, and even abusive just like Snowball. He acts very untelligent, as he doesn't know how to write his own name on tests. His lack of intelligence might also be mocked by Foldy who says his brain is "teeny tiny". He isn't self-aware either as he once called Tennis Ball stupid even though the former was smarter than him, despite him not being very smart himself, and he once even took off bridge railings, not knowing they were meant to support its structure and referring to them as mere "dumb sticks". Lightning Cherry also acts very ignorant and doesn't listen to advice from others; this is evident when he once ignored Pen's requests of building stable structures, which resulted in him falling many times. This also happened when he told Pencil to stop talking to him when offering advice. He appears to be less hurtful and arrogant halfway through season five. He showed mile tolerance, and sympathy to some of the others, but he still holds a strong, competitive spirit despite being less violent. He also appeared to somewhat have less dislike for Foldy even though she declined the offer of adding him to the Blocky Podcast Members! team, the team Foldy is currently on in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!. But he still retains his violent and reckless demeanor and threatens those weaker than him, even going as far as to intimidating Disco Ball into giving him the BFDIDDS gaming console. He is also more willing to help others out when in need of help, when he saved his teammates, 5-Ball, TNT, Friendship Bracelet, Yaya, Zouk, Carly and Mr. John, from being crushed by the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again members and the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicions. Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • TNT – TNT acts as a feisty character who enjoys destroying things, but only other characters' businesses in particular, like Gelatin's steakhouse. He used to affiliate with rude characters, such as Diamond and Snowball. He seems to take orders from others, when it comes to who he's supposed to go after. He also appears to require clarification for things, although since season six he hasn't been asking for any clarification. He also seems to be nosy and curious, when he questions why others had so many nicknames for Golf Ball, or when he doubts others might not find things. Voiced by Tom Rack.
  • Knifeball – Knifeball's personality was shrouded in mystery as he's either completely silent, or prefers not to speak unless hinted. However, he was portrayed as competitive, but also fairly intelligent. He can be impulsive, as shown by him kicking Tennis Ball to outer space without thinking of the consequences. He fell off a balance beam once after pushing off Pie, too. Knifeball was also smart and competitive. He's also one of the most divisive characters, with campaigns to both keep him in and to eliminate him running strong in 2020. The elimination campaign is likely winning. Knifeball sometimes chooses to be silent though it's not confirmed if it's by choice or inability. He communicates with his facial expressions, gestures, movement and laser powers. He will often be teased or hassled by others because of this. Voiced by Christian Potenza.
  • Salt Lamp – A household object in Toopy and Binoo's bedroom who is almost always sitting on their table. She competes on the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicions team. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Cheese – If Cheese Orb could change his appearance for one day, he would want to look like his nonbinary cousin, Cheese. Cheese interfaces with technology and converts sensory inputs into their own data. When they speak, they act rather emotional depending on their mood. Like Celly, Cheese acts rather demanding and selfish, but they believe they have more integrity than Celly. They're also competitive and rather capable of disobeying orders whenever they say they're wrong. This sometimes causes trouble with Tom. Apparently, Toopy knows Cheese has a centerpiece that's also a lens. Voiced by Jonathan Tan.
  • Apple – When we first met Apple, he was sweet and sensitive, almost like the Gem Sisters in a way. Despite his brilliance, others may see him as an irresponsible scatterbrain. He acts before he thinks, which often leads to major mistakes. According to his definition in Book, Apple has fans just as enthusiastic as he is, saying his name hundreds yet thousands of times in each episode he appears in. Toopy is acknowledged by the fact that Apple can eat way more sugar in one day, unlike the others do in a whole month, combined. Voiced by Ian Ingram.
  • Gifty – Whenever Gifty's around, fun is awaiting for her friends! She'll always have her friends embarking on crazy adventures, and sometimes, they end up in really sticky situations! She always wonders what's inside her, but always leaves it a mystery, as she doesn't like it when someone asks her what's inside. She also has a habit for blowing balloons and having her nonbinary friend Spiderball popping them with their eight legs. The good times just never end when Gifty's around, she's got a whole new world that's waiting! Gifty was red and light yellow until season six; her colors were changed to pink and blue in season six by Spectra Animation. Voiced by Marie-Marguerite Sabongui.
  • Red Delicious Apple – Red Delicious Apple happens to be all sorts of apples at once. He's a red one, he's from an orchard, he lives with his apple brothers and he even has a lot of different jobs. Red Delicious Apple and Mouse have formed what Red Delicious Apple claims is an "irresponsible bonding experience", as he always protects Mouse. He also formed a close relationship with Binoo, but he won't go as far as to eating Binoo's cereal. In a platform game Boy and Girl programmed and coded, Red Delicious Apple was the first character the others could play as. Red Delicious Apple is a clone of the green Apple, who claims to be an astronaut. Voiced by Thor Bishopric.
  • Bacon Flakes – Bacon Flakes is a genderfluid bowl of the cereal "Bacon Flakes" from The Fudsim and Stacey Show who uses he/them pronouns. Apparently, he easily feels pressure and his bowl breaks when he gets stressed out. He's also both very hot and very cold, which has made him a popular candidate to cool down and make certain places warmer. Bacon Flakes isn't physically strong, and doesn't speak as often as others, yet if someone wrongs him he wants revenge... and gets it. One recipient of this is when CJ accidentally placed Bowling Ball Jr. in his bowl. The bowl ended up shattering into pieces... oops! Another two recipients are Bernie, who accidentally squashed his lucky cereal box, and Kiki, who accidentally robbed him of fifty thousand points due to bad basketball throws. Bacon Flakes regrets escaping from places, as it's been giving him a criminal record. Voiced by Taylor Baruchel.
  • Brick – Brick, hence his name, is a brick that is able to stick to concrete easily. His luckiest possession is a pair of wired headphones that has a big wire to swing on, although nobody knows what it's attached to. He doesn't like it when someone pulls on it or climbs it, but, believe us: many of the characters had tried. Apparently, his headphones' wire can conduct electricity, because a dozen of the object characters have been zapped by Lightning, all at once doing so. Brick is close friends with Cobalt, Holly and Pillow. Brick can change the volume of his headphones to whatever volume he desires. Voiced by Stephan Blanchette.
  • Fidget Spinner – Fidget Spinner gets an idea from anything he sees in front of him. He's always inventing new things out of the stuff in front of him, and often naming them silly stuff. He also loves chicken nuggets, which he is seen eating with Winner and Loser at a park bench ("Genie Battle"). He also likes to write songs about the inventions of his, though sometimes half of his lyrics make no sense to his friends. One thing's certain for this friend of ours, though! We can always count on him and experience something new when he's around! Voiced by Justin Bradley.
  • Miss Martin – One of the teachers at the school Toopy and Binoo attend. She is usually passive and seems pretty nice to her students, but sometimes acts stubborn towards Mr. Sparks, the long-time rival of both her and Mrs. Hoo. She teaches the class right near Toopy and Binoo's on the second floor, and she teaches the characters who are numeric membranes. Voiced by Ellen David.
  • Petunia Archer – Abby and Ty's mother. Like her husband, Harvey, they both are shown to be gullible and are completely unaware of their children's secret jobs as "Grossologists". Petunia is shown to teach entomology and studies all sorts of bugs and has a fear of heights. Voiced by Karen Hines.
  • Ornament – Ornament is a peppy and rather joyful little red Christmas ornament who just loves it when something unexpected tends to happen, and always loves a good laugh at just about anything in general. She sees both sides of everything as something positive and always knows how to lighten up the room with her cheery, exciteable attitude. She hopes to become a princess, and if she does, she'll have glitter in the sky, she'll make every day Friday, and she'll turn her house into a half-castle, half-mansion. She also says she'll have "sugarriffic" foods at her royal banquet. Toopy is unsure why Ornament's the most happy, but he's quite proud for her. Especially since her dream could come soon any day now, too. The result at the end of the day always tends to be the same when Ornament's around: with everybody having the best time ever with her around. Ornament is currently the only object character or season four debut to have graduated from school. She and Mr. John both decided to return for a little while to see what it would be like. Voiced by Kathleen Fee.
  • Stopwatchy – Stopwatchy has a rather deadpan attitude, and is sometimes serious when it comes to things he happens to be good at. He is sometimes strict and uptight towards others, mainly because of his military-like personality. He doesn't mess around in his duties as an army member and always has others follow his directions and rules, such as not "emoting", not standing on the yellow line without moving, and a lot of others. Stopwatchy is, however, understanding sometimes when it comes to things that his friends tell him, and he often goes as far as to cancelling military duties to do things, even with his cousins in-law, Clock and Alarmy. The unrefined characters could never understand the appeal of Stopwatchy's character. Voiced by Jean-Luc Bilodeau.
  • Buddy & Krupa – Buddy and Krupa are a pair of drums who are a part of the Razzberry Jazzberry Jam. Buddy is the sweet, peppy and innocent one and speaks with a falsetto voice, while Krupa is the sassy, pessimistic one who speaks with a regular voice. They both have kind intentions to each other, though they also wish they were independent of each other. Buddy believes that everybody deserves praise, and Krupa's perfectionism stems from a desire for everybody to be talented. In their spare times they often visit Toopy and Binoo and give them music lessons, which happen to end rather early unless Toopy's parents are around, where Toopy's mother will tell them to send them back to the basement until they completed their first lessons. Like all the other members of the Razzberry Jazzberry Jam, both Krupa and Buddy are named after musicians. In this case, Buddy is named for Buddy Rich, while Krupa is named for Gene Krupa. Buddy is voiced by Danny Brochu and Krupa is voiced by Ricky Collins.
  • Ring – Ring is a talented member and leader of the Trulli chefs. He is shown to be generous and kind in the main series, but in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, he can be self-confident and rather vain. He is good at cooking, as is the one in the group he is in who selects ingredients for every recipe. His wand, as shown in the short interview series, Toopy and Binoo's Interview Show, is a fork which is also a magnet. He has brown hair and dark eyes and wears red. Voiced by Eleanor Noble.
  • Three – Three is a number who appeared in "Lights, Camera, Major Action". At the beginning of the episode, he is seen playing catch with Five. Later on, he is jealous at Lili and Leo when they find out they're in luck, when Toopy and Binoo let them use Camera and Clapboard to make a movie, while with One, the two of them make thirteen, an unlucky number to try and get the others' attention. Voiced by Richard M. Dumont.
  • Red Cream Soda – Red Cream Soda personally lacks a lot of communication. He usually has trouble cooperating with his friends and often doesn't communicate with them. Red Cream Soda also has a problem following and listening to directions, as he once defaced a stop sign and got Neeko blamed for a prank in "Neeko the Prankster". But above all, to no avail, he's one strange object to be friends with! Voiced by Philip Lemeistre.
  • Ping Pong Paddle – Ping Pong Paddle is naturally curious and often acts humble in his work. He has been long-time rivals with Paddle and doesn't tend to answer questions he believes will waste his time. Ping Pong Paddle usually follows directions, but also has a hard time following them; he also likes paying his sister, Paddle, to do stuff against her will. Ping Pong Paddle's career, as confirmed in "Career Day" by Toopy, is working at the aquarium. Toopy also confirms that Ping Pong Paddle eats at the buffet everyday, as well as sitting around mostly doing nothing when he's not working. Voiced by Jeremy Jordan.
  • Ray Zord – In season four, Ray Zord thought very highly of himself and was hoping to become the next future solo beatboxing champion. Additionally, he was picky and stubborn and often made others do things against their own wills. Starting in later episodes, though, he becomes less stubborn and thinks of himself a little less than before. He also expands his group of friends by hanging out with characters he hasn't met at the moment, such as Soap and Pen. Ray Zord is close friends with Michal, Real One Rev and Cobalt and is the enemy of Legacy. In "Genie Battle", Ray Zord kept track of Mr. Genie and Genius Genie's scores in an event of minigames. Fortunately, he had to do it in Mr. Sparks' classroom because Toopy and Binoo wanted to temporarily "reserve" it. Voiced by Rik Goddard.
  • Ornament – Ornament is the younger sister of Gamer Ball, apparently by three minutes, and is the good one of the two. The both of them are the children of Snowflake and Christmas Tree, despite them not appearing. She is inspired by many things and often acts as humble as Ping Pong Paddle in her work. She is apparently known to have a criminal record, even if what she does is or isn't legal. Binoo happens to know that Ornament is the opposite of Gamer Ball, who is greedy all the time. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • Spencer Wright – Spencer is a 14-year-old budding filmmaker and makes his own amateur films on a regular basis. He aspires to be a famous film director. Spencer is a particular fan of horror films, with nearly all of his own homemade films having to do with either zombies, serial killers, demons, or monsters in some way. Spencer wears a blue guitar pick necklace that used to belong to Billy Joe Cobra in order to see him. Because he is fairly new to Beverly Heights and is very different from the norm (in that he isn't wealthy, trendy, or the 'Hollywood type') he clashes with many people at his school and has garnered a number of enemies (Principal Ponzi, Lolo, and Kleet) although he receives help dealing with them from Billy. Likewise, Spencer helps Billy by protecting him from his enemies, like Dragonfly and Sami. He also normally has to help solve problems caused by Billy as well, mostly pertaining to the effects of his ectoplasm and/or general antics. Voiced by David Kitchen.
  • H – Almost nothing is known about H, but from what we can piece together, he is rather intelligent and sometimes stubborn. He often leaves some of his object friends behind, which is why his team's mostly in the bottom three during Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!. Somehow, H is trying to speak like Cameel Habib Habab, but his Middle East accent is often messed up, making him need more practice. Voiced by Cary Huang.
  • Marco Diaz – Marco is Star Butterfly's best human friend, and currently is best friends with Miss Piggy as of Toopy and Binoo World. He is of mixed white and Hispanic descent, and typically wears a red hoodie, having said that he owns a dozen of them. He helped others out during fights against the antagonists of season four to onwards, using mostly martial arts moves from training in a karate dojo. He currently has a crush on his closest friend, Tallulah. Voiced by Jeff Geddis.
  • Pocket Knife – Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Meat – The next-door neighbor of Otamatone, Meat is usually portrayed as a naughty, hyperactive piece of uncooked meat, and always thinks about having fun. She lives in a house near the supermarket, where there's a path that leads to Toopy and Binoo's house. Meat enjoys hanging out with her friends, but in her reality, she often tends to create problems towards the others. Her imaginary friend, Candy Bar, isn't shown despite being mentioned. Meat has a lot of love for playing video games, jumping into buckets, attempting to bore herself, hanging out with others, and many more. Meat's character combines the charteristics of both six-year-olds, and adult skills. Apparently, Meat has six legs. She uses the ones on both her left and right sides to carry things. Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Sewing Machine – Sewing Machine is usually portrayed as a rather mysterious character who is rather predictable. However, she's not the best at identifying what she can and can't use again, and often puts things in the wrong places. It's also best if one doesn't ask when Sewing Machine was last used. Trust her, some of the others would definitely not like to know. Other than these first couple of traits she can also be rather smart when it comes to science; her and Swappy both live in a house that looks like a science lab. A future goal Sewing Machine has is to be the oldest object in the series, believing she can live to at least five hundred years old. At the day's end, Sewing Machine, who may act rather smart while also a bit awkward, does her best to make the most out of hers and everyone else's days. As the owner of several instruments, Sewing Machine is capable of playing the 20th Television Fox logo from the 1980's in the high-pitched version. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Stop Sign – Stop Sign is a short-tempered stop sign who gets angry at everyone easily, and thinks of things such as himself that he finds worthy of hate. He also likes Fanny's short temper, as the two have formed the longest friendship before the two actually started appearing. Stop Sign also likes thinking that it's against the law to like or dislike certain things, and he also disobeys commands from anyone but Fanny. He's also a fan of how shallow Vana can get to Toopy when they interact. At the end of the day, it just comes to show that if one's looking for a friend, then Stop Sign is definitely not someone you'd want to become friends with! Voiced by Mike Patterson.
  • Grian – Grian is one of Void's friends who enjoys playing video games, often with him and his other friends. He appears to be incredibly good at building things, as he once tried recreating things, even going as far as to make all of Canada using square blocks in a Minecraft-esque way. He also has a non-player character clone (voiced by Michael Caldwell) who is obsessed with nothing but rustic houses. He even has a robot clone that took his place in a build battle, too! Grian can open a portal to trillions of alternate dimensions. He hates certain ones more than the others. Voiced by Chad Hicks.
  • Spiderball – Spiderball is a wannabe. They're a nonbinary person and a feirce teammate in dodgeball. Their eight legs also treat as their limbs, which they can also stretch their own limbs out though they find it painful to do so sometimes. In the fourth season, Spiderball seems to worship Tom and Jen and wants to be like them. They also like cosplaying and singing, as they cosplayed as Toopy and sung his friendship song about Binoo ("Topher's Party"). Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Match – Pencil and Bubble's friend who, along with Pencil, leads an alliance consisting of themselves, Bubble, Ruby, Ice Cube and Book. She competes on Theiance team. Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • VHSy – VHSy appears to be somewhat tidy, as he is first shown fixing the loose tape that came out of him. He also appears to not like witty humor, judging by his reaction to Two's jokes and nicknames. He competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge. Voiced by Pierre Lenoir.
  • Mango Lollipop – Mango Lollipop is a soon-to-retire clone of Lollipop who lives in a house shaped like an eggplant, right next to 8-Ball's house. Her past occupation makes her very talented in performing arts, such as juggling, unicycling, and even stage magic, although she's known to dabble into some other hobbies, and even some intellectual pursuits. Some episodes feature flashbacks when she remembers her childhood as a different flavor in the same house. She has a huge heart and is the mother-like figure of her sister in-law, Lollipop, as well as a friendly person to her. She resided in Vancouver before residing to Québec. Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • Yuya – Yuya is a gentle, easy-going person. He acts relaxed, kind, honest, sensitive, and innocent. As a laid-back, free spirited dreamer, he lives at his own pace and never rushes into anything. Deep down, he might worry a lot. He is from Kanagawa, Japan, and made a big mistake in his part-time job. Voiced by Thor Bishopric.
  • Orange – Orange is a free-spirited dreamer. He enjoys letting his imagination set free and lead him on all sorts of adventures; however, this could more than likely because of his optimistic and rather child-like personality. He lets dreams take him anywhere, even if it leads to the tiniest ounce of trouble, and once believed if one were to look away from another person, then they wouldn't seem to care about what's on the other person's mind. Fortunately, this is where Pillow swoops in to correct what he said. However, Toopy and Binoo still believe Orange is a nice little fruit to be around. Orange, similiar to Miss Spider, believes we should be nice to fruit. All of them. Even himself. Voiced by Karl Ang.
  • Peach – Pear's brother who has a goal just like Rubber Spatula, Peach's objective is to become the new Apple. He enjoys taking suggestions and loves nothing more than hardcore songs. A sweet progression for sure! Peach secretly enjoys free-style rapping and is better off not listening to what others have to sing about; he even managed to write his own song with lyrics that actually rhyme! The complete opposite of Boxie. That's for sure. Peach's brother, Pear, doesn't like the fact that he's always trying to replace Apple. That's why Pear's the one always thinking before he acts. Voiced by Bruce Dow.
  • Ten – Ten is a passionate integer who is usually friendly to his numeric friends. He seems to enjoy the taste of key lime pie and watching TV. Ten also enjoys helping out others, shown by him saving Nine's cat, Six's cat, and Seven from trees. He also helped him with jacknjellify's subscriber count situation. Ten also enjoys the spotlight, seen by his happy reaction to everyone being happy with him around, and saying he's happy to have the spotlight on him in jacknjellify's subscriber count. Voiced by Dean Hagopian.
  • Maple – Maple isn't exactly the easiest of the object characters to impress, and often acts stubborn and rather irritatable. He'll often mess around with someone, and hates Tetsuo without a reason. He once turned purple during the behind the scenes of the episode "Penelope's Peace Sign", in order to match the color of the peace sign Penelope was making in front of the hollow willow tree house. He is also unable to be stopped when he sets his mind to, well, anything. Voiced by Ian Woodside.
  • Basketball – Basketball is very loyal to 8-Ball, usually supporting his endeavors. Basketball also cares about the well-being of her fellow contestants, as she picked Grassy for her team when no one else would in Battle for BFB, and she felt that Mr. John's violence was getting out of hand ("Whatever Floats Your Boat"). She's also generally a curious person and can be quite handy, and will solve any problem in any situation regardless of her surroundings, such as helping her friends to make sure they were still able to defend themselves using Robot Flower from losing the area they were in in "The Lion Dance", despite still being in Toopy and Binoo's neighbourhood, although her plan backfired. Basketball also appears to become nervous under pressure, as shown when she shouts to stop controlling Remote when things went haywire, and appeared to be sweating when she was discovered impersonating Rocky ("A Point to Prove"). Like all basketballs filled with air, Basketball is quite bouncy. Basketball sometimes worries that she might be too bouncy. Some consider her to be nothing more than a follower, but she is always in the middle of the action. Basketball is good friends with 8-Ball and Grassy. On the other hand, she's not super close with Golf Ball and Tennis Ball, but does share their affinity for scientific exploration. However, she treats the discipline differently, applying her discoveries more humbly. She competes on Emphasis on Wish team. Voiced by Angela Galuppo.
  • Volcano – Probably coming into the series as one of the worst objects with a job, Volcano works at a hotel. However, over the last few months, she's had bad receptions, thus having her become the owner of the one-star hotel. She doesn't offer room service to anyone unless it's someone she's friends with. On the surface, Volcano is also acknowledged when it comes to pranks, which she helps Blocky with almost all the time. She also has trouble following and listening to other characters' directions; an example being her ignorantly maxing out Credit Card and having him cut up, and another being when she escaped from the prison a year before she was supposed to be freed. Voiced by Maria Bircher.
  • Coffin – Coffin isn't really meant to strike the same place twice, but don't tell that to her. She loves to make self-portraits of others, especially Jon! In fact, she'll make self-portraits of him over and over and over again. This might make Coffin seem like a jerk, but she's just following orders to please the others. Due to her luminescence, Coffin hasn't ever witnessed a tombstone, and is confused when others claim they're scared of her as well. Voiced by Kathy Laskey.
  • Nutella – Nutella somehow eats islands, just like Dora. If not, then both of them will somehow starve. Who knows why? Well, all we know is, they both refuse to eat other stuff. Perhaps the nutritional values of these "islands" is what gives them the need to open things with their heads. The language Nutella speaks, which is made up by him, is one of the most difficult languages to possibly pick up. He really, really dislikes Peanut Butter, and tried getting him suspended from school several times. Nutella loves singing his own songs almost like Boxie, but he's not sure if he can make songs with lyrics that rhyme. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Dog – Dog is extremely loyal to Boy. He enjoys rules and taking things seriously, but he also has a playful side which often comes out due to his canine instincts. He can also make stupid mistakes or misunderstand things at times. Voiced by Jeremy Jordan.
  • Woody – Woody is a piece of balsa wood that is almost scared of everything. As of the episode "Fearless", Woody has overcame his fears and later joins Blocky in "Pranks for Nothing". He competes on Theiance team. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Bell – A bell who has a string that she doesn't want anyone climbing. Her string is attached to Yaya and Zouk's friend, Lulu the ogre. She competes on the Aw Seriously team. Voiced by Susan Glover.
  • Clay Pot – Despite having questionable skills and confidence, Clay Pot is often seen as annoying to other characters. Clay Pot is the only nonbinary object character to have a job, well, actually, they've had a ton of jobs, but they've gotten fired from almost every single one of them. Luckily, Topher was able to find them a perfect job: at the Hippogriff Navy. Clay Pot's favorite job, out of all of the ones they had, was the video game store. Something that makes Clay Pot talented and confident is them singing the 4 Square song "Drip" the same way Kellylee Evans did. Voiced by Nigel Lambert.
  • Minecraft Boat – Minecraft Boat is generally reliable and likes attempting to maintain peace, rules and harmony around the place, even in the sea. He often does things without thinking, like eating leaves from trees without washing them, or putting back healthy things from the grocery store during a challenge in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!. When there's a situation that leads to tons of chaos, Toopy and Binoo often rely on Minecraft Boat, though at times he's often messing up something. Despite his flaws, he was able to make sure peace was maintained the place. Minecraft Boat is somehow able to be used anywhere, whether it is or isn't near the ocean. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Ladder – On the surface, Ladder is often goofy and tries making bad jokes in front of everyone. On another surface, however, he's been shown to be rather antagonistic, often using his bad jokes as reasons to make fun of others. This is what causes his team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! to end up nearly losing challenges, and sometimes even losing them. He also has problems when it comes to being used for challenges and has an irrational fear of green foods, such as fruit and vegetables that happen to be green. If Ladder causes his team "The Mushy Bananas" (consisting of him, Plank, Holly, Bernie Alves, Ollie Allen, Cleo Badette, Uniqua and Austin), then he'll put the blame on his teammates, which could eventually result in him being eliminated from the competition. Voiced by Justin Bradley.
  • Cowboy Hat – Possible friends with Squirtgun and seems to be athletic, seeing as he can dodge anything being thrown at him. Voiced by Justin Bradley.
  • Cowboy Hat Jr. – Cowboy Hat Jr. may seem to be stingy, demanding and irritating, but he wants to do well with his friends. Specifically, he has helped his friends in multiple situations. Because of his secret abilities, he doesn't find it funny when someone throws stuff at him. Cowboy Hat Jr. is often standing up for those who hav been wronged, especially if it's Robo-Binoo that does someone wrong. He's currently in a truce with Jo, but is now weird due to Robo-Binoo barging into it. Cowboy Hat Jr. can change the position of his limbs whenever he wants, but if he waits for them to move naturally they're shown to be really powerful. Voiced by Tod Fennell.
  • Pie – A blueberry pie who can easily explode. She is apparently living in Toopy and Binoo's neighborhood to continue doing what she and her teammates did in Battle for B.F.D.I. before Two showed up, which is prevent death with her teammates (all of which but Liy later switched to The Power of Two) Pen (switched to Are You Okay), Black Hole, Remote, Liy (still in the E.X.I.T. during the time), Pillow (switched to Just Not), Tree, and Bottle (switched to The S!). In "Putting Up a Confusion", Toopy gets confused whether Pie is a boy or a girl. She competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team. Voiced by Tom Rack.
  • Donut – A round donut who is a member of "W.O.A.H. Bunch". He is possibly friends with Barf Bag, seeing as he patched her up in "Sneak Leak". He competes on the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Taco – A character who Toopy and Binoo think about whenever Book and Lollipop mention her "abandonding them". She competes on the Another Name 2.0 team. Voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • Treasure Chest – The interactions Treasure Chest has had with Toopy after the events of "Toopy Goes Bananas" has became a problem between Toopy and him. Treasure Chest keeps being left out of anything Toopy wants to do. However, when he's by himself, he sees the world as a grayscale dimension, with barely any colors. His behavior can be what causes him and some of his pals to get in trouble, but at the end of the day, that just shows how much fun Treasure Chest had with his pals. Voiced by Adam Reid.
  • Chicken Leg – Chicken Leg is a positive, typical go with the flow kind of guy. He acts laid-back and never misses out on the stuff that goes on. In fact, he happens to go everywhere, it doesn't matter where he heads to! He's also super energetic, as he was the fastest runner back in second grade. And the deal Ping said was: the fastest runner would have the "power", which secretly means all the female students would fall in love with him. And that's what the result was. But nowadays, things are just getting a lot more complicated for him. Chicken Leg enjoys being included in things, but he's unsure why Polly Parrot doesn't include him in things she does with her friends. Maybe it's because Chicken Leg is best friends with her. He's unsure. Voiced by Len Carlson.
  • Bread – An entire loaf of bread who doesn't like getting soggy, but likes playing marbles with Clover. Voiced by Jesse Camacho.
  • Bread Jr. – Bread Jr. is the typical spoiled brat. Like, for sure! Bread Jr. is a clone of Bread who never gets soggy when she's in the water. She is caring when it comes to her friends, though she might also seem lazy and/or selfish, mainly because of her constant "Break Times". She also complains for a ton of unexplained reasons. Bread Jr. is best friends with Pony, one of Toopy's brothers in-law, and the two usually become devastated when they're told to leave Ping and Pong alone. Bread Jr. doesn't really seem to like Pelusin, and has developed a hand-clapping game to mock him. Apparently, Bread Jr. has an irrational fear of the color gray. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Sami – Sami is a smarty pants know-it-all who actually doesn’t know it all, but he is still full of voluble explanations, as Foldy says in "House Guest Trouble": the weirder and more unpredictable the better. He’s likely to say or do anything and he loves playing the Fool, especially in the Drama Club. His favorite treats are Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Voiced by Kimia Esfahani.
  • R.C. the Double Bass – A fellow founding member of the Razzberry Jazzberry Jam besides Louis, R.C. is very calm and sometimes quiet. Whenever he talks, however, the other Jazzberries always listen. He seems much more serious about his looks compared to the other members, because he once preferred to dress in a fancy outfit instead of a costume for a performance in "Phantom of the Town Area".
  • Cross – Cross is often strange and awkward to others. Occasionally, he thinks of himself as the "highest authority" in the place, even though he's not really a determined leader, especially in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! when he realizes he had accidentally chosen certain teammates who aren't exactly good at challenges, or when Paint Bucket was wondering about him when he was visiting Toronto, Ontario. One thing Cross does know, however, is he's good at playing "Go Fish" with Tangy and Shampoo, since he knows that they'll have the cards he thinks they don't have. Cross once gave Holly a necklace because he thought she was the smartest and most intelligent at the school. Turns out she didn't like the necklace because it barely had any detail... at all. Voiced by David Berni.
  • Onion Ring – Onion Ring is a much more happy version of Donut. He often says "I'll definitely be wearing these shoes on the dance floor tonight!" whenever he wears them. He also thinks it's funny playing pranks on others, like throwing down eggs from the balcony on his house that's shaped like an onion. Chaz wishes Onion Ring would paint his house light blue because he believes it would be more "state of the art" to him. Voiced by Ross Lynch.
  • Tangy – What's your favorite type of fragrance? Sweet? Sour? Bitter? If you're a lover of tangy things, then Tangy is the one for you! He's a lemon who acts as a natural person, but this doesn't mean he's the best at being a natural at, well, stuff. He wants to have his problems resolved rather quickly, so he often looks for rather hasty situations. This leads him expecting far too much from the people he leads. Tangy has an unusually high freezing and burning point, both of which being at a thousand degrees Celsius, or 1,832 Fahrenheit. Voiced by Michael G. Rudder.
  • Ollie Allen – Ollie is an ordinary boy who never thought he would be the "Chosen One". He currently protects the "Monster-Verse" and saves the Earth with his best friend, Bernie. The both of them are shown to like "sprawling", as shown in "Something to Do with Drama". Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Conch Shell – An orange shell who rarely ever speaks. She competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge. She and Teardrop are the only characters in the series who aren't voiced by anybody.
  • Pizza – A talking piece of pepperoni pizza who is also the host of Battle for Luxurious Hotel. As of the episode "The Hostile Takeover", he has been ripped by Blazzip, the main antagonist of the show, after he turned him into paper. He was finally recovered by Four in "Blazzip's Bad Habit". Voiced by Jeff Geddis.
  • Pizza Jr. – Pizza Jr. is a worrier and often doesn't believe in himself. He often suggests giving up, and is almost always complaining about how certain things can be. Interestingly, he used to be the exact opposite as mentioned in the episode "Neeko's Surprise Party", usually saying "I just know I'll win the golden statue of Luxurious Hotel signed by my brother Pizza!". He once believed that he'd become the new host of Battle for Luxurious Hotel, but that dream has since faded. Due to the events of the season six episode "Playin' It Cool with Pizza Jr. and Chad", Pizza Jr. is currently the sixth most popular at the school, and he is forecasted to be the fifth in just a couple weeks. Pizza Jr. also has a way with words, even his favorite catchphrases! Some of his absolute favorites are "This pizza smells something that just ain't right!", "Student Council, you've taught us well!", and "Signed none other than Pizza, the non-Jr. version!". Voiced by Cameron Davidson.
  • Sam C. Lee – Voiced by himself.
  • Gluestick – Gluestick is an overprotective and polite friend to his pals. He has a habit of following everyone on their adventures, even when it's not Toopy and Binoo he follows. He also likes to be as cheery as Steamy as the two like getting under the spotlight and take over many things they find fun. Gluestick's biggest fear, however, is being stuck to a wall without being able to get unstuck, which is why he doesn't have his cap off at all. Despite this one flaw of his, we can certainly count on Gluestick to help out on any occasion! Voiced by Terrence Scammell.
  • Amazon Prime Package – We're not sure what's inside Amazon Prime Package, but what we do know about him is how he's often confident and never fails in his duties. He usually takes the jobs he has rather seriously, and doesn't seem to fail in his duties. Something he is shown to be good at doing in his job is the ability to have packages loaded into a delivery truck and sent to the neighborhood, hinting at the fact that he's working at the post office. Another one of the jobs he has is at the town hall, where he's attempting to run for mayor, despite often being humiliated by Carly during presentations. Amazon Prime Package can speak without moving his mouth, and his face is somehow underneath him, just like Hilarihous in a way. Voiced by Terrence Scammell.
  • Pan Flute – Pan Flute, hence his name, is a pan flute, who, as it seems, doesn't need someone to operate him. None of his friends are quite exactly sure as to how he operates. It's impossible to mention Pan Flute without talking about his rather long catchphrase, "Hey, can I vent to you? I don't have anybody to talk to about this, and I've been waiting to get this off my chest for a long time. So, here it goes... I don't have a favorite instrument in the school band. I hope nobody judges me for that; please don't think of me in a negative light!", which he's only said to Cake. His dislike for things can get him into arguments, even with Pencil and Match. One thing that can make Pan Flute happy though, is how he sounds when played by somebody. Pan Flute dislikes when the members of Theiance read random facts about him whenever he's around. Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Burrito – Burrito tends to act like a cool dude, and it isn't because he's Taco's brother in-law. He acts as a goofball who does things because he believes that are amusing. He doesn't really seem to have a conscience, though he doesn't have a desire to do dumb things either. For example, he enjoys messing around with Sebee's pet parrot, Molly, who resembles Polly Parrot from Peppa Pig, and doesn't care about what she has to say about him. Still, when others ask Burrito for help, he'll always find a way. Burrito appears to be claustrophobic, since he doesn't like tight spaces. This gives him a reason to push other contestants off Puffball. Voiced by Adrian Truss.
  • Golden Bridge – Golden Bridge is stern and reasonable, as shown by him scolding others for immediately going to Black Hole to ask him for help with things. He also refused to help Polly Parrot get Woody to overcome his fear of snakes. Despite this, he's not a very active character, mostly because he turned into Black Hole for assistance in things. He was also shown to be hypocrticial by scolding Polly Parrot for asking him first. Voiced by Paul Zakaib.
  • Hexagon – Super Liz always needs a fearless mentor with her, which is the role Hexagon fills in for everyday! Ready to encourage her and Super Simon in every language possible, he always has a smile on his face and is ready to suggest new methods to learn to control their powers. They both don't know if he has his own superpowers, but some of the stuff he does seems pretty extraordinary. Of course, Hexagon also helps teach some of the most important superpowers Super Liz can learn - the superpowers of science! Problem-solving by using science is an important skill for her and Super Simon to know, and Hexagon is always ready to walk through the next steps, and keep them both on track and lookin' super! Hexagon is the namesake of some of the clubs at school. Some of them include Cobalt and Mark's Drama Club, Grian's Gaming Club, Swappy's Science Club, Monarch's Home Economics Club, and even Petie Heat's Book Club. Voiced by Samuel Holden.
  • Cheese Cracker – During every type of problem you can think of, Cheese Cracker decides to play it cool in every event. He doesn't seem to mind losing or winning, as he believes everybody wins in his "book". That being said, Cheese Cracker is also the older brother of Fish Cracker by three years. He even spent half of his time attempting to become a famous singer. In fact, he even made his own poem for the "Poetry Anthology" and it actually got put in the book! And the person to thank for that? No one other than Bree. If Cheese Cracker were to ever lose his natural, orange color, that color would be given to Portable Music Player. He doesn't know how to control things like this. Voiced by Terrence Scammell.
  • Monarch – When Monarch was first introduced, he was super excited to meet other characters outside of all the objects/non-objects he had already met. In fact, he was so excited to meet them, he was one of the few characters to actually befriend everybody! He also happens to be friends with everyone in alphabetical order, meaning his closest and mere best friend is 2-Ball. Monarch has plans to go far in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! so he can attempt to split the ten billion dollars equally with everyone else. We're not sure if he actually can, though, so Toopy and Binoo might as well just have to increase the amount. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Autumn – Autumn is Leafy's sister in-law. In season four, she was always up for challenges, and would frequently make up difficult competitions against other characters; however, she would almost always end up quitting and letting somebody else win. Autumn's favorite instrument, as confirmed in season five, is the harmonica, which she plays when demonstrating a presentation, in an attempt to keep the class from getting bored. Something else the other characters know Autumn for is her signature catchprase, "I'm not a blue crew member, I'm Autumn!", which she also says to Coolboy when they want to connect their teams at the start of Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, and when their team finishes in third place in the first episode. Voiced by Denise Oliver.
  • Roar E. Saurus – An orange toy dinosaur who likes practing his roaring. He acts rather cheerful and sometimes enjoys making new friends, especially to do dumb things with them. Voiced by Stephen Ouimette.
  • 5-Ball – 5-Ball is the missing twin brother of 8-Ball and 9-Ball. He once saw a stop sign and stood right next to it for an entire year before he finally came back home, only to discover his brother and sister never actually saw where he was for the last year. Ever since he's been acting a little different, becoming less nice to his siblings and eventually getting into a "sibling rivalry" plot that lasted until the near end of the fifth season. After the events of their rivalry plot, the three made up and have since started to go back to being the exact same ways they were before. Seems like 8-Ball was right about the "happy" ending after all! Voiced by Tom Edwards.
  • Milkshake – Milkshake hates finding herself in the wrong places, as she's always looking for directions. However, with the help of Map, the two developed an instant friendship and Map's now giving the latter the directions to the places she needs to go to! With the power of teamwork these two will never stop joining each other on their wicked adventures! Now that's what we'd call "friendship" in our book! Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Neeko – Neeko is the only ninja out of the Chop Chops who is a cat. He is known for being a huge prankster, and possibly one of the most vengeful ninjas. He (along with Jo) can shoot from far distances. He also claims to be the "coolest cat in town". He also won "Prank of the Year" in "Neeko the Prankster" for the second time in a row after havoc happened in the town. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Pencil – Match's friend who is the leader of an alliance consisting of her and Match, Bubble, Ruby, Ice Cube and Book. She competes on Theiance team. Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills.
  • Firey – Ice Cube's opposite. He competes on The Spares! team. Voiced by Matthew Mackay.
  • Firey Jr. – A possible clone of Firey Jr. who is also Ice Cube's opposite. He competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge team. Voiced by Jacob Holden.
  • Mr. Potato – Mr. Potato is shown to be a popular television star. He believes the other characters should at least eat five different fruits everyday, as well as certain vegetables. Voiced by Ricky Mabe.
  • Suitcase – Suitcase, sometimes referred to as Duffel Bag, is no more or less evil than Briefcase, but his high IQ and button-pushing tendencies are always getting him into trouble with the law, the laws of gravity, the local wildlife, and even the neighbors. Though he usually avoids the worst of consequences thanks to his sharp wit and incredible dumb luck, his best pal Briefcase does not avoid them, and in fact, tends to always receive the brunt of Suitcase's karmic punishment. Voiced by Christopher Jacot.
  • Mouse Trap – A confident object who often takes on anything, Mouse Trap is intelligent and often finds himself leaving his friends behind. He is also rather dumb sometimes, as he once managed to sneak his way into an arcade machine in one scene in the episode "Genie Battle". He often hangs out with Bacon Flakes, Sand Castle, Contraption and Meteor, usually playing cards in the school plaza area. He also used to date a pencil with googly eyes. Voiced by Lyon Smith.
  • Rafael Diaz – Rafael Diaz is the father of Marco. Fully aware of Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, he and his wife, Angie, are both fully aware of Toopy and Binoo's new magic powers and abilities, as well as their origins. They both are not casual about the challenges they're put through, though they're both enthusiastic at the prospect of their son being more adventurous and less of a "safe kid". Rafael and Angie are both very supportive and nurturing of Marco, with the whole Diaz family sharing enthusiasm for activities such as travelling, hosting for foreign students, cooking and art. Speaking of hosting for foreign students, they once had a party for Euro, mainly since he was the only one to be from another location; in this case, he is British. Their casual approach with Marco has led to them somewhat losing touch with their son, unaware of the time he spent in a different dimension, as shown in "Spares". Voiced by Jeff Geddis.
  • Danger Sign – Danger Sign is independent, creative, self-reliant and somehow reserved. He's comfortable doing his own stuff and thinks outside of the box. Laid back and doing things his own way, he's also rather carefree and unique. Danger Sign is also thoughtful and introspective, great at thinking things all the way through, while also analyzing issues from every angle. Some episodes depict him to be self-suffiicient and highly individual, thus making him not show a lot of outward emotions but has a lot of stuff deep down inside going on. Other episodes depict him as imaginiative and inspirational, happiest when creating something and is able to find beauty in both everyone and everything around him. Above all, Danger Sign acts rather peaceful and independent, even when others happen to find things unsettling. Danger Sign wishes to participate in all sorts of events for his classmates, that way every time the tiles on the school roof are broken, he can raise the money to fix them,. Voiced by Ryan Belleville.
  • Wand – Wand is a cheerful, easy to excite yellow and purple wand who often gets guided by her own spirits of adventure. She's always on her feet and will never say 'no' to going on adventures. In fact, she completely loves it when she gets to come on the crazy adventures the other characters happen to have. She even knows how to do poetry, because half the time, whenever she's around, she helps Red Pipe with her "secret" poetry. Wand sometimes contributes to other characters' projects, too, even if somebody tells her that what they're doing is something they can do by themselves. Fortunately, that doesn't make Wand a very good listener. Wand once tried to use some of the make-up Doris uses to make her old toy doll look more "pretty". She was worried about the consequences that would happen if so, especially since Julie was involved in the situation. Voiced by Michelle Black.
  • Fish Cracker – In the middle of all sorts of chaos, Fish Cracker is shown to be rather organized, clean, and above all, pretty theatrical, similiar to Maripi. He enjoys being the center of an object's attention. He is somehow shown to be a bossy person to other objects, and whenever he wants something, he tends to use his arsenal to get it. He also acts as the "king of drama", as hinted by Allan Amazing. The truth is, Fish Cracker is very talented whenever it comes to the arts, and he's even an artist; theater, dancing, and even singing! While he may be stubborn to others, he's mostly nice to his "allies". Voiced by Lyon Smith.
  • Cookie – Suitcase remains a quite healthy rivalry with the happy-go-lucky Cookie, his next-door neighbor. Cookie is a friendly, if somewhat dim, chocolate chip cookie who just loooooooves Toopy and Binoo and would very much like to become their best friend, or even just get good picture of herself from them. Toopy and Binoo, however, are mostly oblivious, which forces Cookie to up her game, resulting in outlandish plays for attention, that drive Suitcase insane with jealousy. Voiced by Chantelle Wilson.
  • Yellow Face – A badly-drawn face who likes to advertise certain products for his own warehouse, though he has yet to try some of his own products. His rival is the "No More Advertisements Foundation". He competes on the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Coiny – Former arch-enemy of Firey who used to slap him a lot, mainly since Coiny forgot water is Firey's poison. The two have, since then, started to build up a possible friendship. He competes on the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team. Voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Loser – An orange cube who Toopy and Binoo go crazy for. He is Winner's companion, who, like Winner, performs, tours and eats chicken nuggets with him. He competes on Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team. Voiced by Richard M. Dumont.
  • Horn – Voiced by Rik Goddard.
  • CM – CM is naturally curious and enjoys venturing off on all sorts of adventures, which often leaves his friends behind. His best friend, Birdhouse, is always on his side, believing it's best to never, ever leave a best friend behind. CM can also dream many things and has the ability to even get rid of them; he's even a master at taking freezing cold ice baths. CM often takes time out of his day to hang out with the others if there's nothing special planned out, though he's usually going around, asking trivia questions and making him rather curious about the Québec area. He's also admired by the way Pelusin can paint, and how Void is a really popular pop star from space, basking in his own fame. CM often brings Birdhouse to hang out with the other characters and often joins Birdhouse on her own adventures. A dream that CM has had for the past few years is to help Mr. King of Hearts down from the same tower he got stuck in back in 2007, with Birdhouse helping him find a key. Above all, CM had a rather defined personality. It's unknown what his parents look like, though he mentions them in frequent episodes. CM also enjoys being called the "center of attention" by other objects and characters. He and Void also served as the storyboard correction artists for a movie Toopy and Binoo planned to make in the season six episode "Lights, Camera, Action... Trouble!", called "The King of Cool". Voiced by Ryan Belleville.
  • Stella – Stella is a carefree, super positive nine-year-old girl who attends the same school as Toopy and Binoo. For her, an average, daily life can be turned into all sorts of crazy challenges that she happens to rope others into, even without thinking of the consequences on those adventures. While she also enjoys giving her brother, Sam, some time by himself, she often does things without thinking, and sometimes happens to receive the brunt of consequences with the other characters she ropes others into with on adventures. Stella has curly, shoulder-length, red hair. Stella's deepest, darkest secret is she's secretly in the Student Council Club. That's why she doesn't get told to make space for the current Student Council Club members. Voiced by Rachel Marcus.
  • Kitchen Sink – A helpful sink who is usually being repaired whenever water is leaking from her. Despite the fact that her name is Kitchen Sink, she looks more like a bathroom sink. She competes on the Aw Seriously team. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Dog Tag – Voiced by Sarah Camacho.
  • Smore's Milkshake – Smore's Milkshake is always happy and exciteable, though Toopy often sees this as a strange trait. She'll be an easy target at dodgeball, but she's still sure she can make friends with everyone. She's also quite positive and upbeat, just like Churro. Only Binoo and Toopy know what Smore's Milkshake is up to, and it's always a mystery! Voiced by Sarah Camacho.
  • Cornbread – Cornbread always wonders what it would be like to be her friends. She's often trying to help Chaz Monerainian and Allan Amazing, and at times, works on her own news broadcasts without anyone else's help. Cornbread is also very curious as to why X's aloe vera isn't growing the way he thought. Cornbread seems to have figured out that there's too little sun where X grows his crops. Cornbread also knows all about cooking, as she's been in her kitchen almost everyday. Her authority also made her in charge of recording episodes of the shows Seashell and Churro work on at their studio. She's also sung one of the season six songs, which is "Chapter Complete" ("The Series Recap"). Voiced by Eramelinda Bonquer.
  • Beaver – Beaver is always repeating "yup" and "nope" a lot and loves fixing things for his friends. He's sometimes grumpy on rare occasions, but tries enjoying life and having great times, especially with his new friends. His catchphrases are and what he usually says are "okey dokey", "looking good", "clean as a whistle", and easily, "oh". He is Dragon's closest friend. Beaver enjoys having BBQ competitions. Without his grill, he wouldn't be able to have any competitions. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Chocolate Bar – Chocolate Bar is one of the two smartest characters in the financial industry on the news. He and Tennis Ball meet up at a penthouse, where Chocolate Bar shows how to make money, while Tennis Ball takes other people's money. The two of them also don't get along, as Tennis Ball once called Chocolate Bar's sunglasses "fake", and even asking what "Bad, Beyond Bad and B-Sides of Bad" had to offer with the financial industry. He also hosts a show on the news called "My Strange Addiction", and he believes an addiction to the show doesn't count as strange. When Toopy and Binoo interviewed Chocolate Bar in "Toopy and Binoo's Variety Hour", he was able to advertise the "Sploosh Ball". Voiced by Richard M. Dumont.
  • Nugget – Nugget likes to be included in tons of things. He loves being included to help Gelatin and Bottle build the biggest fork tower, being involved in a court session, becoming the new star of the show, anything! However, his friends don't realize when he's around, as they keep thinking he's invisible, though it's only meant to be taken as a joke Blocky came up with. The "Invisible Nugget" joke seems to really bother him as episodes process. The more his friends think that he's invisible, the more mad he gets at them, and the more likely he'll stop being friends with everyone. Nugget has, however, managed to sneak into the Newbie Alliance that was made by Gelatin and Lollipop, before Gelatin later added Teardrop, and Flower later joined. Nugget also likes taking pictures of the Battle for B.F.D.I./B.F.B. contestants, though he wants some of Four's contestants to stand near Two and have some of Two's contestants stand near Four, as that's what he thinks the split should've been. Voiced by Todd Doldersum.
  • Tyrone – Tyrone is a red-haired orange moose who is laid-back and cool-headed. He wears a red-and-blue striped shirt. He is best friends with Pablo, and he is almost the complete opposite of Pablo in terms of personality, with his calm and easygoing character. Tyrone is known for his sarcastic comments, one of them being "That certainly was convenient!". At the end of most episodes, he says, "That was an excellent (type) adventure, don't you think?". Despite not appearing to wear trousers, Tyrone somehow manages to put his hands in his pockets. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Tasha – Tasha is a strong-willed yellow hippo who is rational, skeptical, and highly motivated to get her own way. Tasha wears red Mary-Jane shoes and an orange dress with a flower pattern. She is the most serious of the Backyardigans, though she can be just as easygoing as the others from time to time. Her catchphrase is, "Oh, for goodness sakes!". Pterence describes Tasha as deceptively sweet and tough-as-nails. Voiced by Eleanor Noble.
  • Rousso – Wimzie's father. He is a calm dragon with orange skin and blond hair. He works as a firefighter. When not on the job, Rousso likes to relax. He's a little slow but very kind-hearted. It has been revealed that he has a sister named Alice who is Wimzie's aunt. Voiced by Oliver Grainger.
  • Jack-o-Lantern – Yellow Face and Jack-o-Lantern have had bad interactions. Ever since Yellow Face invented "Pumpkin 2.0", which is enginereed for the perfect jack-o-lantern experience, though Golf Ball, Remote and Firey are the only three to be shown reviewing it, they've had a ton of dislike for each other. Currently, Jack-o-Lantern is the only character not to participate or audition to join a season of Battle for Dream Island with a goal. His goal is to prove everyone wrong about the "Pumpkin 2.0" situation, though everyone around him doubts him. Voiced by Craig Francis.
  • Churro – Churro is friendly and super positive, an upbeat object who loves to laugh, mostly at herself and her friend Wizard Hat. She has a big big heart and is both highly excitable, and highly entertaining, much like Abel's personality. Through her misadventures with her love interest, Seashell, viewers will see that it's okay to be awkward, to make mistakes, to try again, to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to always, ALWAYS stand up for your best friend. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • File Folder – File Folder always wants to inform others that he doesn't have a favorite color. In fact, this is probably one of his biggest habits ever other than the others he's had. He usually acts stern and reasonable, and might say something without thinking, like most of the other characters. File Folder also has an ability to break open jawbreakers the same way Yellow Face can, he even uses his own set of teeth to break one open in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! the same way 8-Ball did in "The Freedom is Waiting". He also seems to be caring sometimes, when he apologizes for the sarcasm he brought to the show, and to the other characters. So, as Binoo says, sometimes the most reasonable characters can also be the most understanding. File Folder wants to lose his folder color so he can look just like Nine. Voiced by Adrian Truss.
  • Bag of Sand – Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Music Box – If Gachapon Capsule enjoys finding a new way to have fun with her friend, Music Box, then he's the complete opposite. He prefers to be calm, sensible and sometimes quite serious, too. He often gets misguided when following Gachapon Capsule, and sometimes ends up getting involved in all of her adventures. Half the time, when joining Gachapon Capsule (against his own will), Music Box will often think of his friend's actions and the consequences that'll follow the both of them later on. The other half, however, shows he doesn't really care about which path Gachapon Capsule takes as her free-spirited, cheery personality. At the day's end, it seems as if Music Box can't avoid the brunt of consequences from Gachapon Capsule's adventures the same way Briefcase does. Music Box can teleport through walls of up to twelve inches wide. Any more than twelve inches won't work, though. Voiced by Austin Dilulio.
  • Pizza Box – For most of season four, Pizza Box acted rather unreliable, dimwitted and goofy in many ways. She also used to have a poor sense of humor and sometimes created bad puns. As of season five Pizza Box is often helping Swappy and Poker Chip antagonize Chaz. Her tendencies to annoy him makes her as arrogant as him to anything in substance. Pizza Box would join the news team after Burnie quit before the start of season six. Pizza Box also likes annoying the others with her "Dun dun duuuuun!" sound effect that she'd use whenever she'd hear or see something that she thinks is "dramatic", such as when she used the sound effect when Chaz got temporarily suspended from the school news desk in season six, to Poker Chip's displeasure. Chaz would later return to the News Team, leaving Pizza Box to quit and having Chaz as the only one in control of the News Team. Pizza Box is also generally crazy as she sometimes has an insane look on her face. She also constantly advertised Toopy's projects and will even ask for things that are related to his stuff in return. Voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • Waffle – Waffle is a much different looking clone of the Waffle from Battle for Luxurious Hotel, who contains some measure of syrup. Most people think Waffle is gross, and others are upset that he once scraped off the part of a statue ("Tricky Me"). Despite these setbacks, Waffle is great at carrying bread. The amount of loaves he can carry is a baker's dozen, which is thirteen! Good job, Waffle! His best buds are Spongy and Watermelon. Waffle and Spongy also have been the reigning champions of "airplane sailing" for three years in a row! Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Boxie – Boxie is always looking for songs to sing. She has a group called the "Superior Singers", consisting of herself as the leader, along with her backup singers, Apple, Chestnut, and Emerald Book. The four of them like to sing every day at school during recess, although this can easily annoy Toopy. Whatever happens to Boxie though, she and her singing group are here to play... and come up with catchy songs! Voiced by Pauline Little.
  • Pancake – Pancake is always playing it cool when she's around her friends. She doesn't involve herself in Boxie's singing telegram, nor does she get involved in Burnie and Chaz's conflict; she does what she feels like at recess or in class with her friend Waffle and his somewhat different-looking clone, as they share a lot in common, such as their dislike for seeing anyone eating pancakes or waffles. Pancake also plays it cool with the others at school, being the most popular object at the school and showing many optimistic views about the place. and even helping out around town when something seems to be broken down. Who knew Pancake could be good at so many things? Voiced by Stacey DePass.
  • Cup – Cup is a professional high school dropout who often doesn't talk. She is best known for dropping out of high school and frequently being seen at the grocery store near Cobalt's house, and usually making long speeches, almost as fast as Toopy in a way. Cup is often shy and gets curious sometimes, even acting rather humble in her job at the grocery store. Sometimes, Cup also acts rather crazy for challenges, as hinted by her in the season six behind the scenes, having her friends control her life for a whole day, and often says yes to dares when someone says it's something she can't do. Above all, Cup showed a lot throughout the series. Voiced by Heidi Lynne Weeks.
  • Smore's – Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Paper Bag – Paper Bag is an upside-down grocery store bag who is somehow able to glide on currents of air. How does he do it? It's the magic of the dimensions of his appearance and if there isn't anything in him, which Ollie can't seem to grasp. Despite his pleasant appearance, Paper Bag often holds onto several types of grudges, mainly against his enemies. That being said, Gamer Ball is his best and dearest friend. Their bond might be stronger than any of the others in the series; they fight for, stand up for, and do lots of stuff for one another. So sweet! Paper Bag's weight gets heavier if you put groceries in him. Voiced by Cary Huang.
  • Medicine – Medicine isn't exactly everyone's favorite to be around. He thinks he's so cool to do, well, anything. Medicine is like the student in class believing he's better than anybody else; the only difference is that he's always bored and grumpy. Medicine thinks very highly of himself, and hates it when somebody doesn't say he's cool. Medicine wants to be respected, and currently, he's learning how to gain respect by listening to what the others have to say about him. Medicine weighs up to 9,041 kg (19,932 lbs). This is commonly used to turn his empty container into a heavy weight. Voiced by Cary Huang.
  • Apple Pie – The unrefined characters could never understand the appeal of Apple Pie and his exquisite behavior. He acts proper and civilized, but sometimes worries he might be a bit bossy towards others. He also acts rather pushy, picky and competitive, and can also be quite goal-driven and short-tempered. Being a rather "busy bee", he does hard work in his duties as an archaeologist. He always rises to challenges, but can be a bit of a scatterbrain to the others. Apple Pie also acts humble and goal-driven and might not notice where or when certain things will be or will happen, such as when he didn't notice he had crumbs on him, as well as a crab on top of him, either. Above all, this humble Apple Pie tends to be a rather tough leader that trusts in his instincts but might stress when things aren't the way he'd expect. Apple Pie can never seem to relax unless his curiosity is fully satisfied, and insects will often fly into his house as soon as he opens one of the windows. Voiced by Tom Edwards.
  • Apple JuiceBoom! Why is Apple Juice almost always exploding? She's a cup filled with apple juice, and sometimes, apples can be explosive around the place. Apple Juice often detonates whenever her emotions get the best of her, or when a fork goes for the cup, to name a few causes. Apple Juice is usually mellow and rather laid-back, even though she's often explosive. She can be easygoing about all sorts of stuff, and can contort herself in all sorts of different positions, by bending her limbs in rather unnatural ways. Apple Juice knows the digits of pi. Each and every single one of the digits. Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • SSR – SSR is a typical inanimate object character, who is naturally a born leader despite how he can be rather demanding. SSR normally gets Pink Lightning to zap anybody who annoys him, especially Tangy, Chad and Purple Face. SSR is an expert when it comes to staring contests, even managing to "out-stare" the legendary Pencil herself. SSR was the winner of Battle for the Privilige of Meeting Six, a competition that was planned out before Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, making him the first ever winner of a competition. Voiced by Paul Zakaib.
  • Apple Sauce – Apple Sauce has a tendency to act a bit insane, and also gets quite easily agitated. Whenever he says "friend" in a bad way, then he knows one of his friends is in trouble. He's not as short-tempered as Snowball, but can easily get mad when teased or called a nickname that he doesn't like. Apple Sauce also hates the smell of him gone bad which is why he's always asking Four to recover him without a reason. Apple Sauce's short temper can also cause some of his friends to get mad at each other, though his friends quickly cool off and things go back to normal. Apple Sauce is, overall, an easily annoyed object who won't hesitate to lose patience. Voiced by Richard M. Dumont.
  • Sketchpad/Notebook – Sketchpad, also known as Notebook, didn't come to life for fun. She came to life because she was tired of Lili and Leo using her pages as paper boats after the Genius Genie episode "Floating Boats". She is a little more stubborn than Steamy, often looking for advice in early episodes of her debut season. Eventually, she'd become more flexable and calmer as episodes of the series went on. She'd became a lot more compassionate in season six, eventually giving advice to others rather than looking for so, when she talked to Toopy about his interaction with Super Simon, telling him to let Super Simon do what he wants instead of what Toopy wants in a similiar way to Pin telling Book about letting Taco do what she wants instead of what the latter wants in the Battle for B.F.D.I. episode "Don't Dig Straight Down". Voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • Plastic Sun – When Plastic Sun is excited, her sunrays turn. Plastic Sun will often speak in the third person, and she likes to sit on people such as Binoo, Vana and Jo. When Plastic Sun is standing on the sun in "Plastic Sun's Space Mission", she feels like she's standing in her "hair". Plastic Sun also feels tingly when she does photosynthesis. Plastic Sun knows to speak up when she's not getting the respect she deserves. Sometimes, it's difficult to find words for what she means, but Chaz helps her out with that! Plastic Sun also enjoys words that rhyme with "respect", such as "protect". Plastic Sun is not afraid of her sunrays, which only give her the chance to shine. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • Miss Spider – Like three of her children, Miss Spider is an adoptee, adopted by Betty Beetle when she could not find her biological mother. Miss Spider tries to be a kind and caring mom and give equal time to all of her many children. She strongly believes that we have to be good to bugs. All bugs. Voiced by Lucinda Davis.
  • You Tried Star – As the first ever character to come to Earth after living in the sky for many years, "You Tried Star" is a mischievous five-pointed star that loves to prank people. She does not like fire as she's highly worried about the risks of fire. She once melted Ice Cube to put out a fire, filled the Are You Okay members' bedrooms with thumbtacks, had Four recover Marty, causing them to weigh down a tree, causing them to fall, and used Anvil on a trampoline to squish Two. You Tried Star seems to play these jokes when she knows the result of her pranks will be okay. She especially thinks it's fun to pop Balloony. Despite being massively successful among friends, the prankster series Blocky does with help from her and Woody (in season six), is actually not international. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Ice Cream – Ice Cream says his life centers around three different flavors: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. He views the strawberry flavor as an empty glass (being his least favorite), getting into crazy situations and often losing his sanity to do something really crazy, such as sneaking into a studio to see if another season of one of his favorite shows can come back. He views the chocolatey side as a half-full glass (right in the middle), as he sometimes thinks wisely before doing something, and sometimes doing something before thinking. His favorite is the "classic" vanilla one, as he's always seeking adventure everday. Voiced by Denis Kopotun.
  • Seashell – Seashell is Churro's love interest, and the owner of his own business called "Seashell and Churro Inc.", where he serves as the president. He mentioned that he as won an award in "The Grand Awards" for "Best Reboot Series", which is the reboot of Toopy's favorite show: Chop Chop Ninja. Seashell and Churro Inc. is an award-winning production company spearheaded by industry veteran Seashell and his girlfirend Churro. They are committed to creating and executing great content for their friends. Depending on the target audience and genre, Seashell and Churro are driven by an unparallelled passion for their creative industry! Voiced by Pierre Lenoir.
  • Stool – Whenever Binoo has a problem, Stool's always by his side to lend him a helping hand. Stool has been one of the most helpful objects in the show as she's been helping everyone out with stuff, even though some of the things she'd helped fix haven't been things she actually had to do, such as when she fixed Toopy's favorite cereal bowl, and when she repaired the school bus for Mr. Jack so that none of her classmates would be late. Stool also knows a lot about the adventures Toopy and Binoo had over the years, and she even has her own little "island" in her own bedroom! Stool is certainly one helpful person from what Toopy and Binoo could piece together. Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • PB&J – PB&J works as a firefighter at the Station 19 Fire Station located near Swappy's house and Sid's science lab. She usually needs her suit to protect her from fire, and so she can also "fight" it, as well as her firetruck she drives though she usly gets it stuck. As the first ever firefighter in the series, she has authority to outrank and change rankings towards her fellow firefighting team members. Her attitude is also what gives her lots of respect from the other firefighters, though she can also be forgetting, such as when she forgets about her ladder, and getting a hose. She has also ranked Fanny to "Co-Manager" of the team in "Firefighter Fanny", even though she hasn't changed any rankings to the other team members yet. Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • Lemonade Box – Lemonade Box is a mellow but still quite joyful juice box, though he'll often remind others that if they have a "funny" dream, it isn't that funny. He usually helps out others whenever he has the opportunity, especially because he helped Cleo Badette, friend of Ollie and Bernie, become the class president so she could somehow ban the upcoming club that Mr. Sparks was about to start. He sees his own world as a half-full glass and just loves finding himself a way to keep him occupied when bored, or even helping other characters out. Lemonade Box was originally going to be yellow-orange instead of light yellow, but was changed during the season four production. Voiced by Aaryn Doyle.
  • Cheese – Cheese has a flair for the dramatic. She can occasionally be egotistical and somewhat selfish, but loves her siblings and is willing to help them when she can. It is hinted that she's a very dramatic diva, and enjoys throwing parties and writing fantasy novels. Voiced by Alyson Leah.
  • Stella – Stella is the most vaporous character in the show. Although most of the time, she can be inattentive, distracted, careless, naive and childish, she can also be good-natured, sensitive, sweet, polite and king. She's talented in decorating because she uses her abilities to decorate all sorts of dishes. Her wand was revealed to be a spatula. She uses it to decorate the food she and her friends make. She has brown hair and eyes, and is dressed in yellow. Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • Rubber Spatula – A yellow spatula who likes to thank everyone who supports him. He's also the only male character to be introduced in the fourth season with a goal, which is to try and get rid of an annoying fly in Yaya and Zouk's house. He competes on The Blocky Podcast Members! team Voiced by Adam Reid.
  • Eggy – An egg with yellow polka dots. Binoo thinks of her as someone who's "basic" and "boring". Eggy will also add "blah blah blah" to somebody's sentence when she thinks nobody's paying attention to her. She competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge. Voiced by Marie-Marguerite Sabongui.
  • Friendship Token – Friendship Token, hence his name, is a yellow coin, but not like anybody you've ever seen before. He's allergic to sunrises, and can duplicate himself whenever he sings. He's immune to both bugs, and the powers of Black Hole. His personality is often a mystery, and he is antisocial as well. Whenever conflict starts rising, Friendship Token will yell out his catchphrase: "We should be building bridges, not walls!". Friendship Token had been cloned many times, to the point that a sea of clones had populated a region called "Friendship Token-Land". The first mention of him was in the season one episode "Teacher's Pet", which didn't have any explanation until he made his official debut in "The Rusty Coin, Steamy and Clip Agency". Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Toxic Waste – Toxic Waste is shown to be rather sassy, and is best friends with Contraption; he's also the only person other than Iro that knows about Toopy's secret identity. Toxic Waste occasionally covers for somebody when they need an excuse to do something, and has fought alongside others if the situation had called for it. He has a job at a Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Yellow Ball – Yellow Ball is burly, rugged and no-nonsense. He is shown to be rather impatient, opinionated, and does everything he can to counteract the adventures other characters go on. Voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Banana – A purple-eyed banana who likes telling jokes and will often offer Toopy and Binoo a tomato. Voiced by Francis Craig.
  • Banana Jr. – Banana Jr. is a clone of Banana who loves giving tomatoes. One of his favorite hobbies is making viral videos. He always knows what teammate will be best at certain challenges (with a brief example being Chad in the episode of Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, "There Will Be Rivalry and There Will Be Revenge, Too"). He also likes making long speeches nobody seems to care about. He and Cobalt have been rivals for as long as they can both remember, and they still are to this day, especially after becoming friends in season five. One result of this rivalry is when Cobalt was challening Banana Jr. in a beatbox battle, and when he chose Banana Jr. to try and do better at beatboxing than him last. Contrary to what some might say, Banana Jr. isn't actually the younger brother of Banana; he seems to be older than him by three minutes. Voiced by Nigel Lambert.
  • Crown – Crown seems to claim to be a "fan favourite", despite his bossy attitude and arrogance towards Toopy and Binoo. In "Silly Day", he gets laughed at by everyone after accidentally saying "I'm not being funny" with the "B" where the "F" is and the latter where the "B" is. Voiced by Tom Rack.
  • Crown Jr. – Crown may be proud that he's the center of attention in the object group, but Crown Jr. on the other hand is actually quite humble! Anything that comes near him meant to make him mad immediately frustrates him. Despite his seemingly stubborn desire, he seems to be great to have on anyone's team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!; even Maripi thinks that! Everyone is constantly asking for his help apparently. Crown Jr. can be a know-it-all of sorts and is spouting random trivia facts almost all of the time. Still, he's shown to be an easygoing, less stubborn than his brother, character. Crown Jr. is sometimes a danger to the structural integrity of the hotel Toopy and Binoo own in their contest. Voiced by Thomas Chick.
  • Wubbzy – Wubbzy is a childish friendly yellow member of an uncategorizable mammalian clade. He is small, cute and obsessed with his tail, on which he can bounce like a pogo stick. His closest friends are Widget, Daizy, and Walden. He's also friends with Toopy, Binoo, Cleo, Pillow, Penelope, Zouk and Yaya as well. Voiced by David Berni.
  • Waffle – A waffle who doesn't like anyone eating himself or pancakes as he is made out of batter. Voiced by Jacob Holden.
  • Waffle Jr. – Waffle Jr. just loves to win. He also enjoys being complimented, though he's also hard to pin down. He doesn't seem to fit neatly into the categories everyone else has. Some categories he's part of include: a deathly fear of heights, a fear of going missing, being unable to swim, and apparently trying to get Chad's team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! ("The Greatest Team on the Planet") to lose to team "Aw Seriously". Waffle Jr. seems to be a fast runner, while 6-Ball, on the other hand, isn't. Waffle Jr. can cook without an oven, but 6-Ball on the other can't do that either. He's also immune to poison while 6-Ball still isn't. As shown in season five, Waffle Jr. absolutely loves chocolate. I wonder what 6-Ball thinks of chocolate... Apparently, Waffle Jr. is the heaviest of all the Battle for Luxurious Hotel Jr. characters, being weighed down by both his arms and legs. Voiced by Francis Craig.
  • Key – Key is normally sweet and overly caring. He worries far too much about his friends, and he's always concerned about what kind of trouble someone else could get into. Voiced by Mark Camacho.
  • Lemonade Juice Box – Lemonade Juice Box is shown to be slow-witted and flatulent. Others refer to her as "Juice Box", and are convinced that she's an undercover villain, plotting to take down others from the inside, while Yaya completely adores her, describing her as "the most amazing object friend she ever made". Voiced by Addison Holley.
  • Grapefruit – Grapefruit is confident at all sorts of things, including minigames. While he may not have arms, he still shows others a ton of interesting new skills in "Epic Minigames" and gets pretty decent rankings in each of them. When he believes that someone will be impressed at his skills, he'll eventually get to find out what his "imminent" victory will be. Fortunately, until Grapefruit finally gains arms, he's gonna be stuck placing fourth to seventh. But hey, that's better than being in the bottom twelve, right? Grapefruit practices for the "Epic Minigames" events at an academy that Cleo Badette owns. That's the reason why he does great at every minigame. Voiced by Ian Ronnigen.
  • X – X seems to be much more friendly than his partner Four, and is usually seen to be quite happy and friendly towards the others. However, X also seems to be quite soft, as he cries after Four stated that nobody noticed his disappearance (despite Cloudy asking about X), and became frightened after Four screeched at him and when Snowball threatened him in "Where Friends Come First". He can also be considered a bit ignorant, such as thanking the ground for "catching" the members of the Battle for B.F.D.I. team Beep (Roboty, Leafy (despite her elimination in BFB 2 before returning in BFB 11), Nickel (switched to TPOT and joined Just Not), Woody, Cloudy (switched and joined The S!), David, Balloony and Rocky (switched and joined The S!), after they fell from their plane, or even asking to get screeched by Four ("The Plane Ride"). He can also show to get very nervous under pressure. As he does the game Toopy and Binoo join on in "Where Friends Come First", he's very hesitant while talking and tends to mess up things, such as when the members of Free Food let go of a cage in the wrong order. X is overall quite docile by nature and remains loyal to Four, even after the times Four has mistreated him. In "X Finds Out His Value", he has become more confident in hosting a show that would later be hosted by Toopy and Binoo (that is expected to premiere after season six ends). However in "X's Arcade", he shows off a more irritable, somewhat bratty side to his character as he begins subtracting points from the others for petty and minor reasons. Voiced by Richard M. Dumont.
  • 9-Ball – 9-Ball does not care about letters, similar to how 8-Ball does not care about numbers, despite writing "I don't have a favourite number" on a chalkboard in "The Long Number", "Chop Chop Ninja: The Movie", "The Princess of Rizon", "Someone from Anywhere", "Dinka Dinko", and "The Red Blixer Remade". She has a deadpan attitude as well and seems to have trouble spelling out long numbers. She competes on the Ice Cube Superfan Team. Voiced by Amanda Tilson.
  • Jocko – Jocko was first shown to be rather mysterious, as shown in his first appearance, "Fun in the Mud". Thinking he was a monster, Toopy, Binoo, Chad and Penelope had decided to set traps on him in hopes of catching the monster. However, towards the end of the episode, it turns out Binoo was the one who ordered a pizza during a rainy day, and never told Chad, Toopy and Penelope. Jocko's character becomes more defined in later episodes, as he becomes solid and clever. He would later become friends with Esme and would give her a job at his current place, the pizzeria. Jocko can also be rather dumb sometimes, as shown at the end of the episode "Mrs. Bird's Big News", when he finds out he didn't take his final exam unlike Mr. John did, as shown by Mrs. Hoo looking at the folders. In the episode "Back to School, Jocko", he is shown to be more intelligent, as he seems to remember the answers of his final exam. Mrs. Hoo would later find out that Jocko did pass and Mr. John was the one that had to retake the exam. He was the second-last character in Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese to be picked for a team. He teamed up with Six, Silas, Crown, Strawberry, Paddle, CRT Monitor and Tillie Plink, and chose the team name "No Nut November". He was also the second character to choose a name for his team, and the first male character to choose a team name, as Pink Lightning had chosen her team name first ("Julio von Spit"). Jocko has light skin and light brown hair. He wears a white shirt underneath a yellow coat and dark gray jeans. He also doesn't wear shoes and usually has a pair of safety lights on the top of his head. Voiced by Danny Brochu in every episode, and Robbie Nino in one scene in the episode "The Red Spy and the Blue Spy".
  • Spongy – A flammable yellow sponge who usually likes to play ping-pong/table tennis and a lot of other stuff. He's also friends with Barf Bag. He competes on the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team, since he decided to switch to W.O.A.H. Bunch in the BFDIA episode "Zeeky Boogy Doog" for Yellow Face. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Symbol – It's unknown what kind of symbol resembles Symbol's appearance, but what we do know is Symbol likes writing things behind him, such as "Symbol will rock this world!". Symbol is good-natured and cheerful. He also loves to play games! His favorite is "Snack Attack", but he's willing to play plenty of other games with his friends Abel and CJ. He's not so good at Rock Paper Scissors, though, because he keeps getting his fingers twisted into different shapes. Another thing Symbol likes to write on him is "Symbol's Clues", meaning he is likely hosting a parody of Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!, especially since Win Token, one of Symbol's friends, saw and wanted to help him. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Lightning – A thunder bolt who is also a zig-zag. He can electrocute anyone whenever one of his friends tell him to electocute someone. He competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team, where he promised to stay with Black Hole, Liy, Pie, Remote and Tree. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Sand Castle – Sand Castle is a bitter and envious former helper of Mr. John's, and is responsible for many things such as transforming inanimate objects into characters, done in attempts to replace others. While he does have a wide assortment of things to use, by himself, he is nothing more than a strange character, who lives in Marker's basement. He frequently tries to force others to accept him as a hero, but his incompetence and lack of communication and things fail to win him over. Voiced by Robbie Nino.
  • Louis the Trumpet – Louis is the charismatic showman of the Jazzberries and has been a part of the band ever since its creation besides R.C. the double bass. He is an understanding, kind leader, though he can also be quite impulsive. He was named after Louis Armstrong. Voiced by Cle Bennett.
  • Popcorn – Popcorn has been direct and condescending when interacting with people and speaking in general. He often speaks very formally but without regard to others' feelings. He is apathetic and inadvertently orders around, yells at, and insults people. He also seems to have a difficult time owning up to his mistakes, such as when he doubted Binoo as a valuable knight; thus placing the blame onto his friends CJ and Tom. While his demeanor is antagonistic, he has shown himself to be helpful when asked, and he is often seen playing games and hanging out with object friends. Voiced by Jason Deline.
  • Birthday Cake – Birthday Cake seems to be cheeky and quick to excite, but also full of herself, believing that she's better than fifty of the object characters. She is also the second cake character in the show, the first being Cake (Battle for B.F.D.I. and The Power of Two). The two of them also share the same voice actors. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • Lemonade – Lemonade likes to use his quote "Carry on, Orbital!" when he can. He's often in a sometimes sweet but sometimes sour mood, and can get quite cocky when it comes to someone using his quote whenever he claims it's his property, when it's really in the public domain. Not long after that, by season five, Lemonade read the document about his quote being in the public domain. As of season six, he has finally admitted that his quote was never his property. Voiced by Burke Lawrence.
  • Rubix Cube – The current mayor of the series. He often tries to replace Toopy and Binoo because he doesn't like the collateral damage they sometimes cause on adventures, and occasionally in their battles against various other characters. Voiced by Danny Blanco-Hall.
  • Flying Circle – Flying Circle is an eccentric billionaire who lives in a hilltop mansion outside of Québec. He is constantly bored and decides to entertain himself with a variety of gadgets and experiments, often forcing others to step in and stop him from causing too much destruction around the place. He's the only season four debut in the series to not live in Québec; in this case, he lives in Ottawa instead, near Mercury Filmworks' studio. Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • Cheese Slice – Whenever there's something involving science happening, Cheese Slice will easily follow everyone to the exact place they're going, with the help of a teleportation device of hers! She also likes to give surveys involving certain things, such as when she gave Toopy a survey in "Deadly Unserious" involving if he thought Flower's vomit-repelling merchandise was important to her plot. Voiced by Amanda Tilson.
  • Bucket of Pufferfish – Bucket of Pufferfish is a no-nonsense bucket filled with water and pufferfish, and he's proud of it. He thinks others have to toughen up, and learn how to use their bare hands to make it into this kind of world. He believes everybody should live, work and play hard, and has high expectations for other characters. No friend of his is gonna be soft! He claims that things such as video games, certain subjects at school, and silent characters have ruined the generation forever, and don't get him started on him seeing Joey Felt walking around all day with his "stupid" puppet hanging out of his pocket! Bucket of Pufferfish has a thing for the love of eating pickles, as he uses a special jar to keep others from getting a hold of them. Voiced by Dean Hagopian.
  • Program – Almost nothing is known about the mysterious mechanical mind, Program. From what we can piece together, Program was first shown talking to Toopy on social media in the season four behind the scenes. During the recording for the season six episode "Meet and Somehow Greet", Toopy finds out they made a teleporter. Program would later befriend Toopy and they would both bother others on the internet. It is also hinted that Program's a magician as they made Toopy rainbow; they also take arguing with Toopy rather serious mainly after Toopy thought Program looked like Tablety. Voiced by Lucius Hoyos.
  • Candle – Candle was originally from Saskatchewan before she moved to Québec. She is a straight-A student in every class at the school, except for science class, where she has a C. On her first day of eighth grade, she was framed for a mind-blowing prank and received detention for a year, and a grounding the same exact length. Everyday since, she snuck out of detention to collect evidence in attempt to clear her name. It turns out she's had a crush on Mr. Jack since second grade. Her name is accidentally mistaken for Cake Pop's in season five by 6-Ball. Voiced by Angela Galuppo.
  • Leshawna – Leshawna is a loyal and sassy, but normally affectionate and caring cast member. If one shows respect, she will reciprocate it indefinitely. Leshawna tells it like it is, and has no fear whatsoever of calling people out on their mistakes. However, she is not one to be messed with, and will not hold back on someone who has wronged her. Voiced by Novie Edwards.
  • Sugar Cube – Sugar Cube is a highly sensible, yet also mysterious character. She doesn't talk much often, and if she ever does, certain characters don't really understand her. She usually holds a small-sized shopping cart on her head since she's one of the characters to not have arms, and often works as a "hiccup specialist". Most of the time, Sugar Cube also does her best to help out with other stuff besides being a hiccup specalist; she once tried to help Toopy and Binoo clean the clogged gutters on Toopy's roof. She even watched Lili and Leo for their current babysitter, Julie, after Daddy Deary had to go out. Another thing Sugar Cube was shown to do for a different character was substitute for Mrs. Hoo when she had to attend a meeting with the other teachers at the school, and merged all the students into Mrs. Hoo's classroom. Sugar Cube doesn't enjoy being bothered by others, so if anyone wants her attention, she'll normally ask them to wait for a few minutes. Voiced by Barbara Budd.
  • Edible Snow – When someone hears Edible Snow's catchphrase: "The story ends now...", they know she'll be coming, most of the time to cause trouble. She's shown to be annoyed and rather easy to make mad, as shown by her facial expressions and her voice. Believing she's better than any other character, Edible Snow had been challenge to work at many different places; however, she was fired from nearly all of them. Apparently, when she's feeling warm, she has to be turned into a rainbow in order for the curse to break; strange for a pile of snow, right? Contrary to what some others might have to say, Edible Snow is not actually snow. She just goes by that name for fun because others found out she was a criminal. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Soup – Soup is a more than likely energetic bowl of soup, hence his name, who enjoys instigating, as well as being known for wanted attention, especially in season five; he's been busy spying on others, despite living next door to Cobalt, who he's spied on before. He's been trying to figure out what others were hiding and he adruptly figured others are no more than each other, much to the dismay of others. Kitchen Sink and Bobbin had assigned a robot caricature of themselves in order to get Soup to think the robot one was the real one, instead of Bobbin himself. However, this went out of control as the robot was on target to destroy Soup, as both of them chase him into a haunted house, and therefore, having him frightened by things popping out of nowhere. Voiced by Tom Rack.
  • Fweg – Can Fweg do, well, anything? Depends on what he's good at! Fweg is good at a lot of things, but he had lost the ability to play dodgeball in "Discy Plays Dodgeball". When he does "try" at dodgeball, it's by being lazy. Yet, like a dodgeball superhero, he can use all sorts of his skills to propel himself, melt stuff, and even create spectacular shapes with clouds. Others have became so enamored by this powerful prodigy, every other character had voted him first for entry in "Battle for Permission to Meet Ten Again". However, others might still have to carry him around as he almost always likes sitting still. When Fweg had to make a cake in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! in "Sweet Tooth", both Chaz Monerainian and Cobalt gave it a score of ten points by overall score. Voiced by Danny Blanco-Hall.
  • Sponge Cake – Sponge Cake is often vlogging at home, as her goal is to become one of the most popular vloggers on the Internet. However, her goal is the same exact goal that Vana has, therefore making the two archenemies. The two are also having a battle as to who's better at vlogging, similiar to Yellow Face and Lollipop's warehouse battle. Voiced by Addison Holley.
  • Globy – Globy has went to many places by herself, but she's always thinking of her new home as the weirdest place on Earth. She also likes to think of herself as a scientist just like Pillow, but much differently. She's been to everywhere on Earth, and she even went to everywhere in Canada! But the only place Toopy and Binoo thought she'd never been to in Canada is in Montreal, Quebec. Can Globy make the most of what she can in Montreal? Voiced by Tara Charendoff.
  • Goldy – Goldy is one of the nonbinary characters. They once found themselves in a gold mine. Ever since, they've experienced the "real" world, making tons of friends easily. Goldy can also be quite clever, and they also have a quote. Their quote is "Burpy dude in the house!", though Toopy and Binoo personally don't think they can think of an even worse quote. Other than that Goldy is sure to have a good time as they make new friends everyday! Voiced by Ricky Mabe.
  • Scissors – A pair of yellow and green scissors who apparently claims to make cuts all the time. He competes on the Aw Seriously team. Voiced by Cory Doran.
  • Barf Bag – Bomby and Spongy's friend. She once leaked in "How a Future House Base is Made", when Neeko and Iro used her as a landing in the "Buried Forest, Descidiously Insulated", located in an underground tunnel. She competes on the Another Name 2.0 team. Voiced by Pauline Little.
  • Tennis Ball – Golf Ball's loyal friend who sometimes makes spelling mistakes and is known for being rather clumsy. He is also the smartest object in the series, as Teté tells Penelope all about him in "The Trivial Pursuit". He competes on the Another Name 2.0 team. Voiced by Shawn Baichoo.
  • Fred Luckpuig – Frederick "Fred" Luckpuig is a sixteen-year-old with purple-colored hair. Fred Luckpuig is a high school freshman, he is shown to be upbeat, cheerful and enthusiastic; a rather impulsive and social guy. Like most 15-year-olds, Fred prefers to take the easy way, or the coolest way, when it comes to solving difficult problems, especially if they involve school. He tries his hardest when he wants to impress his buddies, or the girl he likes. Fred has a somewhat unworried self-confidence and is loyal to death to his friends Friday and Brains. Sometimes, when panic strikes him, he gets in a tizzy and can't make any decisions or he makes the worst of them. No doubt that Fred is not the most suitable person to look after such a powerful robot as Friday. Unfortunately, Fred can't give it back, and even if he could, he wouldn't. And that's because Fred loves his robot friend and carefully looks after him. He really enjoys being with him. Can there be anything more fun than a transformer-robot that can turn into a huge 4x4 car for mud races? Or anything handier than a friend capable of turning into a tunneling machine when you fancy going underneath the earth's crust? Voiced by Peter Kelegham.
  • Akira – Almost nothing seems to be known about Akira's personality, but from what could be put together by the series, he is a soon-to-be-father from Hyogo, Japan. He enjoys making "Swapdoodle" videos, and states that he doesn't like spicy food; he says spicy food is "too hot" for him. He also acts as a rather carefree guide to other characters and was once a contrarian to Wimzie. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau in season four, Danny Brochu in season five, and Ray Hogg in season six.
  • Ashley – Ashley is Bree's older sister. She is optimistic and always goes with the flow, and turns any type of problem into something fun within the blink of an eye. All her friends are normally on her side, as shown by them wanting to team up in the first episode of Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!. Her closest friends happen to be Colin and Connor, but she likes hanging out with her younger sister, Bree, a bit more than them. She also likes doing the best she can to enjoy everyday of her life, which sometimes often leads to all sorts of mischief. Ashley wants to save up all her allowance money and get to ten thousand dollars so she can finally go on her first trip to space. She also says that even if someone has a funny dream, it isn't really that funny. Voiced by Tristyn Prosser.
  • Yoshi's Egg – If you were about to make breakfast and you didn't have an egg than it would be completely fine to use Yoshi's Egg, He's very fragile and can withstand hot temperatures. Still, being used as breakfast material isn't really his calling. It's not that he doesn't like himself, although he might, but it's quite possible that he doesn't like being used. We have to wonder why, and then others wonder what he likes to experiment with his color. When Yoshi's Egg wants to nibble on snacks, he has to be really careful about which set of teeth he needs to use. Voiced by Stephan Blanchette.
  • Bobbin – Bobbin is someone who just hates to be mistaken for Pea. Most others accidentally call him Pea by accident, or even say Pea's name for unrelated reasons, but Toopy says so on purpose. "Pea" is a competitive player, and he's a faster runner than Void. This hasn't been confirmed just yet, but we all know it could be true. Over previous seasons, Bobbin's asset had appeared seven different times, the most out of anybody listed in the "Characters introduced in Season 4" category! Bobbin technically has three eyes, but it's unknown where his third can be. Voiced by Martin Watier.
  • Pea – Pea, sometimes referred to as "Pea in a Pod", is bossy, but most of the times, he seems to be right. He often puts himself into a position of authority, mainly because he always has a great plan on how to execute things. Pea doesn't exactly have the best skills when it comes to interaction. Once, he got mad at Tom just for how his latest blog he did was. Not cool! However, he does have impressive writing skills, and he's the self-published author of "The Big Book About Us!", which shows each character's definition. He can even twist a dismal thirty-fourth place to an impressive eleventh place, and he's great at rhythmic poetry, even when he doesn't really mean to! Pea is capable of deciphering the ancient lettering that Golf Ball can, known as "Yoylese". Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Plantain – Plantain is the typical male spoiled brat, "like, for sure!". Plantain never feels heat or cold when outside. Plantain is caring when it comes to his friends, but he might also seem rather lazy or selfish because of his constant "Break Times" with other characters. He also complains a lot. Plantain is best friends with Celly, and the two become devastated whenever unexpected situations occur. Plantain doesn't really enjoy Holly, and had developed a hand-clapping game called "Holly Cake" to mock her. Plantain has an irrational fear of handheld gaming devices like Nintendo Switch. Voiced by Russell Yen.
  • Watermelon – Watermelon looks like an old-fashioned version of Spongy. He's a lot like Woody and Paddle, but his primary fear is being cut up. Watermelon, despite having no arms, always seems to be holding a hamburger and a soda bottle. Don't mess with his burger, because he will get angry. Watermelon doesn't speak much, and when he does, he's hard to understand because he talks quickly and his voice is very low-pitched. You could say he has a short fuse, just like Bomby. Watermelon's greatest fear rather than being cut up is the color orange. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Win Token – Win Tokens were originally prizes in Battle for Dream Island that could be used so half of a contestant's votes don't count. Pin was the first one to ever receive a Win Token, which she now has two of them. Needle and Golf Ball later got Win Tokens, and they used theirs. However, they still ended up with the highest amount of votes to be eliminated. Eraser, Pen, Firey and Blocky also had Win Tokens, although everyone of the four except Eraser never used theirs. The Win Tokens would be traded for fifteen bonus points. As of the fourth season of Toopy and Binoo World, Win Token has became a major recurring character who likes to only be used when he feels like he can, even though it's unknown if he's still able to be used or if he's not. He has a brother named Graditute Token, which Pin also used to have before being exchanged when Leafy came back to the battle for B.F.D.I. on The Losers!, which was the only team to have a full team after Dora's elimination, while Loser was still in the E.X.I.T., and before Two came to do his own show. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Dummy3 – Dummy3 is a mechanical mind who only makes computer sounds. They do nod their head replying "yes" or "no" to questions, especially when they once competed on Buzzer's gameshow. However, whenever Dummy3 competes, they never actually answer the questions unless they activate the Internet. Dummy3 is also the only character without a gender to be introduced in a season to not actually speak.
  • Leafy – A lemon leaf who turns out to be a football. She and Firey also get into fights in some episodes. She competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge team. Voiced by Erin Agostino.
  • Monocot – Monocot likes sparing things even though she doesn't tend to do so. She accidentally broke two things, both of them being Camera and CRT Monitor. She's very self-confident, and is rather eager to participate. Monocot is rather fond of puns, a play on words. Others may not enjoy that, but many others secretly appreciate it a lot. Every time Monocot uses the quote "I can be anything I want, you know!", she loses a friend. Right now, she's at nineteen friends, as she's only used it once, in front of Celly. Voiced by Sarah Camacho.
  • Borex – In the middle of tons of chaos, Borex is rather chill and peaceful. He often makes frequent visits to Pancake's Diner and Take-Out and Edible Snow's Lunch and Breakfast during really intense and dramatic moments, much to other characters' displeasures. Borex is also rather irritating to others, and some characters might find him weird, as shown by his goofy personality, or when Celly shows appreciation towards him at the electronics store, buying two phones for each other. Borex is a human who appears to be light green and has neon green hair. He wears a neon green shirt. Voiced by Al Goulem.
  • Notebook – Notebook seems to have a very patronizing, dignified personality. This was first shown in "Don't Toss the Ball", where she misinterpreted and perpetuated that other characters' gestures indicated them not caring. She also acts rather condescending, which is shown by her calling a suggestion of Chad's useless in the same episode. The condescending aspect of her character appears again in "The Train of a Lifetime", when she is shown mocking Void as she tries to reassure his friends. Just like Golf Ball, Notebook also appears to be rather interested in scientific research, but unlike her, doesn't seem to have a bossy side. She also seems to like taking notes, as she can be seen writing in a sketchbook when Tom infects himself with a "Twinkle of Contagion". She's also illiterate as she enjoys picking up Sketchpad to look at drawings instead of doing other things. Notebook has a rather eccentric side to things, because she joined a team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! when she heard Grave say "take some notes", licking Mango Lollipop out of hunger, and randomly picking Sketchpad up to look at the drawings in her. She also has a kinder side, though, as she had realized Toopy would need to be protected from a fork and volunteered to block the forks herself so her team could get Celly to suck them up. This shows that Notebook might be quite self-sacrificial, as she may often risk her own life to save her current teammates. Voiced by Annick Matern.
  • Boy – Boy is rather unique and socially awkward. Until season five, he had no friends, and his siblings often say that he's boring. He has niche hobbies such as collecting bobble head toys and organizing sock drawers. However, he is kind-hearted and understanding, especially at the start of Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, when he realized Chad and Dog were teaming up and didn't want to team up with him. He was the last Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese character to be picked for a team and was chosen to be a member of the team "Low Carrying Capacity" with Cheese, Maripi, Swappy, Seashell, Whiteboard, Matilda and Mrs. Bird. He accidentally chose the team name for Cheese when she said: "If we want our team to be succesful, we gotta choose a better name than 'Emphasis on Wish'. So we gotta choose something else!", more than likely because Mrs. Bird wanted her team name to be the same as 8-Ball's team, Emphasis on Wish. Boy is a 14-year old boy with brown skin, brown hair, and black eyes. He wears a green hoodie with a yellow button-down shirt underneath, blue jeans, and black shoes. Voiced by Cary Huang.
  • Two – Two usually shows a friendly and optimistic disposition, firstly greeting the others while approaching from space and maintaining a positive mood as he advertises his stuff to the other characters ("All Around Town"). He also like to show off his powers to the others, and even promises to give their powers to them if they join him in a game of his. However, Two isn't devoid of negative traits as he can also be arrogant and somewhat sadistic, as he grins smugly when Toopy and Binoo don't join, using his powers to attack them, judging by how eager he was to get rid of Toopy and Binoo and even saying "Finally!" when they were gone, and how he refers to X as a "silly boy" when the others take him away. Two tends to lose his cool and gets irritated when he gets interrupted or is kept waiting. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Italian Flag – Italian Flag defends himself from anything, but what he keeps forgetting to defend is his apple tree in his backyard, as it was once invaded by bats, leading to him and the others singing about their personal opinions about the vampire fruit bats ("Stop the Bats!"). Italian Flag does, however, know how to defend his friends from anyone or anything that causes trouble, such as when he told Chaz and Credit Card to stop fighting after Credit Card was done with his restraining order against the latter. He also knows how to deal with Blocky when he was originally mean to Woody, which annoyed both him and Taco if they appeared in the same episodes. Italian Flag thinks about whatever others think of, too, and is loyal to his flag friends by doing everything for them, even when not required. Voiced by Cameron Davidson.
  • Calculator – One of the smartest characters. She is shown to be very well at math, as she can use herself to add, subtract, multiply or divide numbers. Voiced by Marcel Jeannin.
  • Doowee – A boy who is currently best friends with Swappy. He assists Swappy with his science projects and technology-related problems, often by using technology invented by himself. He has red hair. He also likes the Fuzzy Frogs. Voiced by Brandon Lising (season four) and Jeremy Thibodeau (season five-present).
  • Louise – Ruby's best friend who has tan/auburn fur. She is also 7 years old and attends the Bunny Scouts. Her cousin, Morris, is shown to be rather antagonistic, as shown by him causing trouble in season five. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Morris – Louise's two-year-old cousin and a friend of Max. He and Max start speaking full sentences by season five. Morris also acts as the co-main antagonist of season five, often going as far as to helping Blazzip and his temporary sidekick, Topher, to cause trouble. Morris is close friends with Bernie, Holly and Tallulah, is normally best friends with Max, and is often the frenemy of Squid Phone. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Mrs. Moo – Mrs. Moo is a yellow and green cow and one of the Iconicles. She usually has strict rules to keep the town clean, though in later episodes she doesn't seem to care about keeping the place clean. It was shortly revealed in season four that Mrs. Moo was in Toopy and Binoo's yearbook. She won the title "Best Dressed" with Flower, and also won the title of "Best Friends" with Sotp Sign. Mrs. Moo's strict personality might make her rather disliked to other characters, similiar to Eyeball in a way, who is disliked by others for their appearance. Voiced by Chantelle Wilson.
  • Polly Parrot – Polly Parrot, hence her name, is Sebee's pet parrot. She was a one-time character in the first season of Toopy and Binoo World before becoming a recurring character introduced in season four, same with Patchy-Patch, even though he appeared briefly in each season. Polly Parrot, sometimes referred to as "Molly", is a talking parrot. Like other parrots, she usually copies what others tell her to say. However, she can be rather ignorant and might make fun of Saw for breathing in 8-Ball's fumes. Whenever an event happens, Polly suspects that her best friend, Pillow, won't leave to go to the table for a conversation. She also likes to be noisy, as shown by her waking up Foldy. It's also been revealed that Polly has built a house in a parody of Minecraft for Bree's SBOX in Bree's Room, which has since then been blown up by Chad and Cobalt, who were both using TNT's in the game to explode it. There was a secret entryway that lead to all sorts of gems and diamonds hidden in treasure chests, too. Now she has to build it all over again! The only person she won't copy is Sami. It's still unknown why they hate each other so much. Voiced by Amanda Tilson.
  • Sonia – The school principal. She often checks to see how Miss Martin, Mr. Sparks and Mrs. Hoo are doing with their classes, though she also spends most of the time in her office. She also volunteers at the school library once every month for story time. Voiced by Alison Neale.
  • Patchy-Patch – Patchy-Patch is Binoo's talking toy snake. He briefly appeared in each season before making a grand debut in season four. Patchy-Patch is a typically calm and peaceful companion, though he can get mad when something unexpected happens, or when he gets into trouble for something he doesn't do. He is shown to be a professional at putting up pictures, as he once put up a picture of Toopy and Binoo for them when he came back from visiting Mr. Jack and Mr. John's apartment on the willow tree in "A Perfect Picture". It turns out that he has three different clones with different emotions that can control his brain. Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Bunny – Voiced by Sylvie Comtois.
  • Pear – Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Bernie – Bernie is Ollie's best friend who is a member of both the Science Club and the Film Club. He is normally afraid of dangerous things and doesn't communicate with Toopy and Binoo's friends as often in later episodes. He makes friends with those who make him feel comfortable. He and Ping seem to have a good connection. Bernie hasn't reunited with Vana Glama, especially after she accepted Toopy's feelings during the events of "Taking Command to Impress Chad" despite him not appearing in the episode. Voiced by David Berni.
  • Grassy – Some uncut grass. He usually asks for respect and is best friends with Basketball and likely Robot Flower. He also isn't afraid of lawn mowers as they give him a "haircut". He also likes words that rhyme with "respect", such as "protect". He competes on the Emphasis on Wish team. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Gelatin – A green-coloured Jello. He, Lollipop and Teardrop are in a "newbie alliance" that he and Lollipop added before adding Teardrop in the alliance in "Three's a Crowd". He also has a bunch of other clones, all of which are voiced by Rick Jones and Erin Agostino. He competes on the Emphasis on Wish team, and was meant to choose the team name for Flower when she wanted to be "Theiance" as well. He is also shown to be the only object character with a relative. Voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Grandma Gelatin – Fun loving, her house features an attic with dress up clothes and a treasure box with a picture of herself and her husband wearing fancy clothes at a festival. Often Toopy believes that Grandma Gelatin will not like Binoo's ideas, however she is always revealed to like both ideas equally. When Toopy assumes Grandma Gelatin will love her idea better or is set on doing things a particular way, Grandma Gelatin, surprisingly to Toopy, usually appreciates Binoo's contribution more. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Squirt – A curious and adventurous green spider, Squirt is considered to be the leader of Miss Spider's children and as such, more stories center around his character than any other. He enjoys surfing the air on his webs, dreams of flying like Shimmer or Dragon, and is often ready to take the lead in an adventure. Because of his impulsive and curious personality, he often needs the advice of his parents to help him with situations. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • Clover – Bread's possible friend who likes to play marbles. He is a four-leaf clover that Toopy found in his backyard in the episode "Backyard Zoo". He and Bread also like to play marbles. Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • Clover Jr. – He might easily find himself in different spots, but Clover Jr. still remains to be carefree and excited. At first, he may seem to worry a ton, but in reality he is just looking out for his friends! He's actually very courageous and can be counted on when the adventures he sets off on go downhill. Clover Jr. can easily be excited, especially by Headphones Jr. and Tie Jr. hanging out with him. His best friends are Pony and Abel, though he sometimes has a mixed relationship with Pony. Clover Jr. subscribes to a how-to-magazine that included all sorts of issues, a prime example being "How to Stop Diamond from Antagonizing Waffle". Voiced by Tara Charendoff.
  • Marimo Ball – Whenever adventure awaits, then we guarantee there isn't any chance that Marimo Ball will join in. She prefers being calm and timid, often choosing to think before she acts. She sees one half of the world in no color, and the other half with color, and also enjoys either practicing her flute for the school band or simply just minding her own business; however, this doesn't last very long as her two closest friends, Pablo and Spinner, often rope her into their adventures. Marimo Ball is mostly friends with Ray Zord, Legacy, Cobalt, Real One Rev and Michal, and is enemies with Purple Face, Skitter, Mr. John and Zach. Marimo Ball is also one of the only characters to think before saying or doing anything. The only other person to do so is Penelope. Everyone else, however, decides to say or do something without thinking of the positive and negative traits. Voiced by Amanda Tilson.
  • Leek – A calm and enthusiastic character. He can be shown to do a cartwheel just like how a Toopy clone showed the other Toopy clones in the episode Magic Mirror from the original series. Leek also likes to be included in many things, seeing as he can be caring about receiving a nickname from Toopy and Binoo rather than actually hanging out. He competes on the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicions team. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Avocado – Shopping Cart and Shampoo's friend who speaks his mind and can be a bit rude along with Battery. He competes on The Blocky Podcast Members! team. Voiced by Philip Lemeistre.
  • Film Clapper – Voiced by David Huband.
  • PDA – Mrs. Cottontail's personal digital assistant. She can be a bit rude to Toopy and Binoo, letting them know how much help they require. She competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Tree – A tree whose goal is to try and prevent death along with his teammates. He, along with his teammates, accept new students when they want to learn to prevent death. Woody and Pencil are parts of trees, but Tree is the real thing. He is a tree with leaves, although he seems to be evergreen. It doesn't matter. Tree is not anchored by roots, but he thinks of himself as a with-it-down-to-earth type of guy; only Loser's charming charisma can sweep him on his feet. When he sees a problem, Tree knows what not to do, although he hasn't a clue on what he should do. When Tree is fed up, he'll walk away and tell people that he is "leafing". Tree is a non-coniferous evergreen. He competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team. Voiced by Mike Patterson.
  • Squirtgun – Cowboy Hat's friend. Squirtgun will often spray his friends to get their attention or to stop fighting. Voiced by Carlo Mestroni.
  • Squirtgun Jr. – Squirtgun Jr. is anything but someone his friends can't stand. This clone of Squirtgun tends to be, without a doubt, the most popular contestant, which is why his friends let him be the team leader of his team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, "The Squirtgun Jr. Fans!". Squirtgun Jr. is the most charitable and kindhearted person ever! He often prevents conflict, and tells everyone things to make them feel good. He also saved Chad from a heavy basket, and is so skilled at playing with toys, he'll even play with them before they were even invented! He also seems to like watching Toopy and Binoo do their eliminations, even if his team's not up for elimination. Somehow, Squirtgun Jr. has more fans on Earth than there are in people, same with Loser. Voiced by Dean Hagopian.
  • Joey Felt – Joey Felt is a 12-year-old who literally holds the power in his hand to reactivate Captain Atomic’s superpowers. Through all the years Joey had spent with his nose buried in comics, never in his wildest dreams, did he think one day he’d actually get to be a superhero! But when his idol, Captain Atomic, is transformed into a puppet named AP, Joey discovers he can reactivate the puppet’s superpowers by placing him on his fist. In most of it in terms of AP, who usually tends to take things in direct of his way, as AP doesn't always agree much with Joey if things don't go his way and can lead Joey suspect able to troubles caused by AP's shenanigans, as Joey tries to get AP to stop trying to go further into trouble as ignorant as AP does this at least once a while, Joey seems to be more of the brains while AP is mostly brawn. He has long, dark reddish brown hair that sticks up. He is incredibly thin by his arms and legs, although his torso is mostly wider, but shorter than his leg and arms are. He has brown freckles on both sides of his face. He wears a light olive green jacket, a white shirt with red lining and a "Captain Atomic" logo in the middle, dark olive green pants and black and white sneakers. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Broccoli – Broccoli is the nonbinary twin of Cauliflower, who is slightly taller than the latter. Broccoli is the more patient and calm one of the two, similiar to Jared Leblanc, as they both follow the rules and regulations of the town. Broccoli also has their own pair of headphones that they wear so that Cauliflower doesn't have to violently scream at their twin. Just comes to show Broccoli has more patience! Voiced by Jonathan Tan.
  • Cali – Naturally curious, Cali is one of the most adventurous characters in Toopy and Binoo World. She is the twin sister of the Battle for Luxurious Hotel Calculator. To some, though, she is somewhat pushy. She's always forcing others to do as she wants them to do, such as trying to get to wiggle Teardrop's vocal cords to get her to talk. Cali is curious and will always look to discover new things, such as the top of Bell's string. Cali wishes that she was an empress, so she could say "I, Empress, am impressed... and still impressed!" when toggled skillfully. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Apple – Apple thinks that him being eaten a day keeps the doctor away. Right? Not to Toopy! Toopy always thinks before he acts, meaning he waits for a response from Apple before he does the thing he wants to that the latter doesn't. Apple said he once lived in an apple orchard, and had a face and grew legs and arms, giving him the ability to walk, hold, and talk. He also thinks of himself as a Big Macintosh apple despite him being a Granny Smith apple. Voiced by Carlo Essagian.
  • Alligator – Alligator loves making music and playing his bongos. He's almost always calling Dragon "Little Blue Dude", and sometimes by his real name most of the time. Most of the time, he begins a sentence by saying "like", unlike Match, who says "like" at random times in her sentences. He also says "hey" differently. Voiced by Jeremy Jordan.
  • Bushy – Bushy is always on a schedule of his. He does a daily routine unlike everyone else, who tend to do the things they have to do at a time no earlier nor later than him. Bushy is also Cloudy's twin brother, who, unlike his twin brother, can't fly. We often see him growing berries or learning his "kitchen sounds" though not necessary. He also regrets decisions easily, such as when Binoo sung about the "sound" of a sock in one of the song segments in season six. Voiced by Russell Yen.
  • Emerald Book – Emerald Book always thinks outside of the box, unlike her cousin Book, who thinks the opposite. She thinks of herself as the rarest one of her family of books and will do anything it takes to get Book and Lollipop to stop thinking about Taco abandoning them. Just like Jen, whatever Emerald Book sets her mind to will happen. She also has a job at the airport where she scans everyone's stuff. That is, if they're bringing anything with them. Voiced by Ellen David.
  • Tape – A quick thinker who can get cocky very quickly but meeken when confronted, as she uses her tape quickly before being dropped by Toopy. Tape is also a bit goofy, as shown by her making a sticky pun because she used her tape. She is also pretty easy going, as she is shown smiling at Zouk and getting into a group photo with him in "Picture Perfect", despite her not being friends with Zouk. She competes on the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicions team. Voiced by Denise Oliver.
  • Balloony – A green helium balloon who often feels pressure. He competes on the Another Name 2.0 team. Voiced by Tony Daniels.
  • Battery – A possible AA battery. Like Avocado, he can be a bit rude and speaks his mind. He competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team Voiced by Justin Bradley.
  • Beach Ball – A green, blue and yellow beach ball who is often being bullied by Bowling Ball for no apparent reason. Voiced by Cory Doran.
  • Beach Ball Jr. – Beach Ball Jr. has a history of being bossy and making mistakes that annoy his friends. One of these examples is when he was stealing Bracelety's signs for Ice Cube in a failed attempt to become the new Bracelety. When he realized no one liked him at the start he tried making friends by motivating them to do things. Still, he's often feeling isolated, and once mentioned in season four that 9-Ball was the only one who hasn't said she hates him. Beach Ball Jr. can apparently change the color of his sweat to reflect his current emotion, almost like a mood ring. Voiced by Matthew Mackay.
  • P-Switch – On the surface, P-Switch is rather kind and he's very open when he's around others that he is shown to trust. He also seemingly values safety; he felt comfortable and safe when he was a younger P-Switch, a P-Switch inside of another one, and wanted to get through challenges in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! without causing any danger. This trait is rather fitting as he might break under pressure. He does, however, have a rude side, as he blamed Ollie for ruining his team's winning streak, and never felt the need to listen to Binoo's contest rules. Voiced by Francis Craig.
  • Book – A green and blue dictionary who says everyone should believe her. She and Lollipop think Taco abandons them in some episodes, and also doesn't like being read by anyone. She also has a good memory as she remembered in The Power of Two that Nickel and Bomby (who are on Just Not, the same team as her) helped her crank the HPHPRCC. She competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge. Voiced by Stacey DePass.
  • Moona – A moon fairy who usually brings the moon up to the sky. She also likes hosting anniversaries for swans, as hinted by Puzzley. She also gets rather cocky, such as when she told Toopy and Binoo about the dinner she was trying to make using her microwave. She also appears to be the champion of the arena at school. Voiced by Stefanie Buxton.
  • Violet – Violet is the game master. She is a free thinker who refuses to follow the others around at school, has a ton of wit and tenacity, and a tendency to be self-indulgent and acts as a little Scoundrel. Her games and her behavior are never mean or cruel, but if she gets into trouble, it's somehow due more to her youthful enthusiasm rather than any malicious intent. She is easily distracted by the sparkles or whatever is pink. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • The Do Whas – The Do Whas are a group of puppets who appeared in 4 Square. They usually talk in unison and usually join in with other characters when they sing songs, similiar to what they did in 4 Square. They also enjoy playing games with each other and don't tend to focus on challenges in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! which might cost their team each challenge. Since they teamed up with the four protagonists of Snowsnaps, the eight of them might have to split supporters with each other. Two of the Do-Whas have an orange skintone, while the other two have a blue skintone. One of them has blue hair and a light blue nose. One of the others has purple hair and a purple nose. Another one has green hair, dotted eyes and a green nose. The other one has red hair and an orange nose, with an ear piercing. The four of them all wear green T-shirts. Their legs aren't shown since they usually stand behind a purple table, but it's revealed that they are all barefoot. Their names, as confirmed by ROBLOX TV Studios Inc., are Austin, Bobby, Jackson and Piper. They're puppeteered by Sam Lee, André Meunier, Sylvie Comtois and Lucie Beauvais. Bobby is voiced by Jessica Kardos, Austin is voiced by Danny Brochu, Piper is voiced by Liz Macrae and Jackson is voiced by Lucinda Davis.
  • Tie – A striped green and blue tie who acts rather grumpy and bored most of the time and happens to enjoy Net being called boring. Voiced by Pierre Lenoir.
  • Tie Jr. – Tie Jr. is very proud of himself, and believes he's better than everybody. Due to his enormous physical strength, such as being able to make a block tower collapse with ease, he thinks people would be helpess without him. Pssh! Cheese Slice can't stand Tie Jr. because she claims that his brain is really tiny. Even though he's friends with Void, they rarely hang out together anymore. The hightest test score that Tie Jr. had ever gotten was a 3%. Hold on, apparently, it was a 35%, but Tie Jr. was apparently able to rip off the five in a rage. Voiced by Russell Yen.
  • Bottle – A glass bottle who, up until "The Joy Preventers", was all about preventing death and creating trust with her teammates (similiar to Battle for B.F.D.I.), before going over to the "Fun Side" in The Power of Two, abandonding Pie, Tree, Remote and Black Hole (although Lightning, Fanny and Marker later join), who are on Death PACT Again, and joining Winner, Clock, Yellow Face, Ice Cube, Rocky and Cloudy as the final member on The S! before their team was full. She later competes on the Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Plus – Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Shiny Blue Coiny – Shiny Blue Coiny always likes to remind others that he doesn't have a favorite color, despite how every room in his house is multi-colored. He speaks with a bland, monotone voice, except for certain moments when he gets emotional and nearly starts to cry when apologizing to Mouse Trap. He succesfully managed a team of his in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! after Sakura Tree lost her leaves without being controlling or bossy. Shiny Blue Coiny's excellent leadership skills gave him the title of team captain eight episodes into the series. However, he became a contrarian to Sakura Tree in later episodes; it was later revealed he was just kidding around and tried adding humor to his team the entire time. The others, however, still chose to obey him instead of Sakura Tree, causing his team to nearly lose six times. Shiny Blue Coiny's attempts at humor shows that he tries to lift the spirits of his team and boost morale with good intentions even though he often comes across as a somehow dim-witted person, not seeing the negative effects of his sarcasm. Voiced by Paul Zakaib.
  • Lose Token – Voiced by Paul Soles.
  • Gratitude Token – Voiced by Adam Reid.
  • Jen – Jen is a world-renowned fashion blogger, along with her best friend Tom, who updates her blog on a daily basis about what's hot and what's not. She is a sweet fashionista who debuted in "The Rusty Coin, Steamy and Clip Agency", who is sure that her fabulous taste, trending skills, undying spirit and her huge will to win will guarantee her victory. According to her, when she sets her mind on something, it happens. Jen is also constantly working on her tan and often falls victim to the allure of spontaneous shopping sprees. She and her partner Tom plan to go join Toopy and Binoo on adventures, while teaching the others a little something about playing the games they come up with style. Voiced by Ashley Botting.
  • Billy Joe Cobra – He is a funny, mischievous ghost and best friend of Spencer, as well as his distant relative or cousin. Before he died, he was an extremely famous pop star, and is still very popular posthumously. He can not be seen or heard by others unless they wear a personal item that belonged to him before his death (for example, the necklace worn by Spencer). Billy's personality consists of both a bro-centric best friend and a stereotypical narcissistic celebrity. He tries to help Spencer with his films and more to fit into life in Hollywood, although many of his efforts usually cause more problems. He often describes his days as a rock star, in which it is shown that he was extremely difficult to work with, loved to trash hotel rooms and wreck music video shoots, and treated his crew and staff horribly. He can also be somewhat temperamental, especially when someone insults him or his music. Nearly every one of Billy's songs involve him singing about how much he loves himself or how much everyone else loves him although sometimes they are about things related to stereotypically extravagant lifestyles. Billy is extremely wealthy: possessing a custom limo, several private jets, planes, and yachts, a pet crocodile, and the large mansion that Spencer's family now live in. Voiced by David Kitchen.
  • Ender Pearl – Ender Pearl appears to be a pretty happy person. He seems to be unaware of his surroundings, and isn't very affected by them. He appears to get amused rather easily. Voiced by Adrian Truss.
  • Crayon – Crayon is always setting off on adventures, but he makes sure to calculate his chances of something bad happening everyday. Crayon may not be the smartest of the object bunch, but he's always curious and wonders about, well, everything. If you have a question to ask, Crayon always has an answer, unless he's the one asking you the question. He's also good at answering questions that relate to the quizzes he's participated in over the years. Crayon might also be an artist, as he can use himself, as well as his other 119 crayons, to draw things without going over the lines he traced. He is a light blue crayon, and his voice is the same as Nickel (Inanimate Insanity and Battle for Dream Island Again). Voiced by Adam Katz.
  • Amoeba – Amoeba likes impressing others, as shown by him seeming to try and show off launching stuff at long distances. Other than this, he seems to go with the flow, doing whatever he sees that's big at the moment. Being a transgender character, Amoeba is a male despite the fact that he's voiced by a female. Voiced by Alyson Wener.
  • Inhaler – Inhaler appears to be highly opinionated, and is prejudiced towards those who were "cursed" from an archaeic temple. He is easy to change his mind as well, such as when Blueberry was upset that he grabbed him, and made him let go of Melba when she quit Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! in the episode "Quitters Not Jitters". Voiced by Stephan Blanchette.
  • Triangular Ruler – Triangular Ruler appears to be happy, calm, and childlike, as seen by him randomly holding Camera's lens cap in his mouth, just like what Onigiri sometimes does in season four episodes. He feels no pain from hard objects as he gets hit with a cannonball and doesn't feel any pain. Voiced by John Koengsen.
  • Hyperdeath – Hyperdeath is normally assertive, as they demand to be let into events by convincing others in demanding tone, including that they make the "cut" all the time. Like Naily and Scissors, Hyperdeath enjoys making puns about themselves. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Foldy – A folded teal piece of paper, who, if you have twelve of, makes a dodecahedron. Foldy is typically a kind, passive character who is usually eager to participate in stuff and help others, such as Marker. She also seems to be fond of playing Rock Paper Scissors with Stapy and Marker. She is seen as more kind and calm than Stapy. It seems that she's easy to hold strong grudges against other people, notably Liy, and recently, all of FreeSmart, one of the rival teams in Toopy and Binoo's upcoming show. The full extent of her vengeful nature is shown in "The Big Kitchen Contest", where she violently attacks Pillow while the two (along with their teams) make it to the final round of a kitchen cook-off contest, wishing to make FreeSmart (Book, Bubble, Ice Cube, Match, Pencil and Ruby) lose to avenge Stapy. She competes on The Blocky Podcast Members! team. Voiced by Liz Macrae.
  • Pentagon – Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Zip – Zip is the sportsman of the Trulli group. He is mostly funny and nice, but sometimes he can prove that he is moody and impatient. He does the mincing, blending and cutting the ingredients that Ring selects. He uses a kitchen whisk for a wand which can create wind. He has orange hair and green eyes and he is dressed in blue.
  • Alarmy – Voiced by Lucie Beauvais.
  • Microscope – Microscope has a rather undefined personality; she enjoys hanging out with Golf Ball, only so she can go out with Tennis Ball. She also enjoys trying to take things from others, such as stealing a rope from Dog. One of the hardest jobs Microscope has had was as a real estate agent, thus making things rather challening for her. On the surface, Microscope will do whatever it takes for Tennis Ball to go out with her. And as for her current job? She prefers not to talk about it. Microscope normally misses her school bus 95% of the time. She doesn't know why or how, however. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • BFDI – The BFDI is typically a calm, friendly character. However, he can get mad rather quickly, but this is usually caused by his best friend, IV Machine, being physically harmed by somebody. He prefers to sit back in things, but if he's asked to help with something, or if he sees opportunities to help out, he'll try to take so. He also has the tendency to sass others as shown by him talking to Polly Parrot and when he teased 6-Ball. However, he does appear to have a bad memory when he enters trances and attempts to cause trouble to the closest character or thing in sight to him. It appears the BFDI was unaware of that and sometimes tends to use it as his excuse. Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • Harvey Archer – Ty and Abby's father. He and Petunia Archer are shown to be gullible, and as such, are completely unaware of their children's secret jobs as Grossologists. Harvey manages the city's water treatment plant while Petunia teaches entomology. Voiced by Richard Binsley.
  • Cat Toy Rod – Cat Toy Rod appears to be a melodramatic, forgetful character. This is shown by him not noticing that Steamy's made of water. His voice is generally peppy, and he can act rather dramatic over things, often rapidly getting discomfortable. However, for the most part he was perky and sweet and loved to use figurative language in almost all of his sentences. He also has trust issues and is sometimes unforgiving to others for things that happened in the past, as shown with Purple Face. He's not generally rude, but occasionally has his own moments, such as him being disgusted at Yellow Face's advertising for Fork Attractant. Voiced by Tod Fennell.
  • Dango – Dango is generally a shy and effeminate object, not talking much unless necessary. The three of them have also been show to be dependent, often relying on Book for support, as they're very loyal to her. Dango can also be frightened easily. However, in season six, their personalities changed. The three of them stated there's a reason for Book to be eliminated from TPOT, despite the fact that they rely on her for help and support, meaning it's possible for Dango to get closer to anyone who the three of them believe are capable with providing help and immediately having their backs turned if they believe that person's influence is bad. This anger towards Book was short-lived, though, as Dango had entered a quiz Jocko was hosting and they knew the answer to one of the questions, but were too worried to say so because Book didn't show up to give support. Eventually, Dango finally got enough courage so they could answer the question correcttly after getting an influencing speech from Leek. Voiced by Sam Lee, Aiyden Prosser and Liz Macrae.
  • Bracelety – Ice Cube's biggest fan, which can be seen by her holding up signs, praising for her. She came up with the team name "The Ice Cube Superfan Team!" before Puffball could come up with a good team name for her team, which is the team she is currently competing on. Voiced by Pauline Little (every episode until "The First Blue Ranger") and Aiyden Prosser (as of "The First Blue Ranger").
  • Calvin – Voiced by Calvin Millan.
  • Trulli King – Trulli King was the former ruler of Trulli Land. Ever since he and the Trulli gang moved to Canada, he became the new ruler of the province. He has a collection of donkey antiques. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Fruit Salad – Fruit Salad is shown to get irritated quite easily, with no fear to speak his own mind. He's a bit bold, along with being rather vigilant and curious, by his attempt to unlock one of the hotel doors in the room he's in. Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • IV Machine – Prior to being a member of Planet Fitness Gram Pacer Test in the season six episode of the same name, IV Machine had acted very self-righteous, being quick to condemn Marker, Foldy, Stapy and Liy, despite the first three not doing anything wrong. He was also rather slow when it came to forming a truce with Six and snapping at him when he tried messing with him. When IV Machine joined Toopy and Binoo's gym, he began acting in a more calm, sophisticated manner and was eager during multiple events, such as launching baskets, allowing Two to mess with the controls on him to open things, and even using different motions to move items. He also volunteered to investigate what was cracking one of X's baskets, showing that sometimes his eagerness to help may get into his proper judgement or common senses. Voiced by Al Goulem.
  • Gumball – Gumball is witty and alert. He also enjoys using his legs to get other characters' attention. Similiarly to Camera, Clapboard and Boom Mic, he uses allegories related to making films. Gumball is also shown to be rather snarky and is kind of a bully, as he makes fun of Vinyl Record when he sees him closing down his business, "Vinyl Record's Records Store". But, also caring about his public image, Gumball will normally request to have his face obscured with all sorts of objects in moments of embarrassment. Voiced by Justin Bradley.
  • Balloon – Balloon is calm and timid. This is shown by him getting low-spirited, upon learning that he's about to be eliminated from his team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, assuming that he doesn't have fans. However, his mood can be turned around easily, demonstrating him being rather grateful for his voters in positive manners. Voiced by Philip Pretten.
  • Butter – In all sorts of events, this stick of Butter is shown to be rather sensitive and tries maintaining peace around the place. He seems ditzy and awkward sometimes, but never fails in his duties at places. He usually enforces rules around the school, which often leads to trouble. Butter is also a director at a studio, where he films the Nick Jr. Productions logo from 1999, since he had to fire the other logos from the past. Other than being sensitive and having fun maintaning peace around certain places, he is also rather careless, as he says he doesn't care about X's bad mood, and telling others to leave him alone. Above all, Butter seems like a mixture of Sotp Sign and Whiteboard, with a bit of a blooper making craze at the studio. Voiced by Carlo Mestroni.
  • Teardrop – A member of Gelatin and Lollipop's newbie alliance. She competes on the Emphasis on Wish team. She, along with Conch Shell, don't speak and are the only characters who don't have a voice actor.
  • Blue Monster – The second-youngest member of the Monster family, the Blue Monster is a determined, confident monster who is about fourteen million years old. He's a nerdy, logical voice of reason who learns all sorts of information from the books he's been reading over the years, even the ones he happens to borrow every now at then at the library. Blue Monster also happens to enjoy sponsoring all sorts of things, such as an RGB lighting company that sent him two different types of lights that can fit anywhere in the Monster family house. His favorite is the "Sound Reactive" lights, that go to his own voice, too. Blue Monster has "Super Bowl parties" every year, but every time he hosts them, Grunt Monster eats all the food and has to go with Red and Purple Monster to get more food for the party. One time, he also ate a Carolina Reaper chicken wing with Carolina Reaper sauce on it. He had to focus on surviving to live, and when he did, got revenge on Purple Monster. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Billie – The daughter of the musician Elmore the guitar (who was never seen in the series). Billie is a blue guitar and is also a diva, who's very aware of her talents, and is a huge perfectionist as a result. Her impulsive and often competitive personality combines with the other instruments sometimes. She was named after Billie Holiday. Her regular voice is done by Kathleen Fee, and her singing voice is done by Kathy Laskey.
  • Shopping Cart – An exciteable metal shopping cart who is Avocado and Shampoo's best friend. Toopy and Binoo keep thinking she's a boy. She's often sad when she isn't chosen for something. Being the last object chosen for a team, she is currently competing on the Another Name 2.0 team. Voiced by Terrence Scammell (every episode until "The Object Band") and Stacey DePass (as of "The Object Band").
  • Tomas – Tomas is open-faced and controlled by his heart of gold. Like all innocents, he is generous and open-minded. He tends to see both sides of any disagreement. A natural peacemaker with an intense sense of fairness, he does not seem to stand conflict, especially with Snowball. Terry the Penguin (voiced by Danny Blanco-Hall) is his favorite toy, what's yours? Voiced by Brandon Lising.
  • Max – Max is Ruby's younger brother. He is a 3 1⁄2-year-old bunny. He has white fur, some clothes including some long overalls and is Ruby's younger brother. Prior to earlier episodes, Max said one word. In later episodes, he and Morris start speaking full sentences. Voiced by Tyler Nathan.
  • Tetsuo – Tetsuo is a ninja but is also a samurai. He is a nice guy who likes cute animals and the "Odd Turkey". He also has the might of a thousand bulls and the appetite of a thousand more as well, and loves eating. Voiced by Mark Camacho.
  • Bowling Ball – Beach Ball's enemy who often bullies him without a reason. He is also called to the principal's office at Toopy and Binoo's school every time this happens. Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • Bowling Ball Jr. – Bowling Ball Jr. is the frequent enemy of Chaz Monerainian, who, as it seems, doesn't need to roll around on bowling lanes to get strikes at bowling. No one's quite sure how he works. It's impossible to mention him without talking about his catchprase, where he says that he hates everything, from seeing Toopy impress Chad, to Cobalt's beatboxing, to Whiteboard's personality. His negative attitude is often causing him to get into arguments, especially with Mr. John. One thing that does make him happy, on the other hand, is spinning with one of his hands on the ground and making it his "dance". Apparently, Bowling Ball Jr. hates when others read random facts about him. Voiced by Philip Pretten.
  • Jon – Jon is insecure and sensitive. He does his best to impress his new roomates, Lollipop and Balloony, and would take his time to make fun of Toopy and Binoo with them, to which Balloony doesn't really like. Though he would may be less rude than Balloony and Lollipop, he still has tendencies to make fun of his neighbors. Voiced by Pierre Lenoir.
  • Bubble – A soap bubble who is a part of Pencil and Match's alliance and is often being demoted to a "Bember". She and Teardrop are also the only water-based specimens from the Battle for Dream Island series (other than Steamy) to be introduced in the series. She competes on Theiance team. Voiced by Katie Griffin.
  • Pen – A pen with a blue ballpoint. His legal name is "Ben". He is also friends with Eraser, Coiny, Snowball and Blocky and wants to help Blocky out with his pranks, despite him originally having a "death preventing and trust creating" plot with his team, Death PACT, in Battle for B.F.D.I., before he switched to Are You Okay in The Power of Two after seeing his friend Eraser joining the team Basketball, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Fries and Puffball joined. He competes on the Most Powerful Team in the Entire Universe team, when he saw Snowball and Blocky joining the team. He once met a group of "super Pen fans" who tried to wear his pen cap, even though it was too narrow. One of them has, in fact, ended up in the emergency room. He competes on The Spares! team. Voiced by Jeff Geddis.
  • Spinner – Voiced by Lyon Smith.
  • Pablo – Pablo is a blue penguin with a yellow beak who is high-strung, frenetic, and tends to overreact. He wears a blue bow tie and a propeller beanie. Due to his energy and impetuousness, he often goes into a "panic attack" when he faces an obstacle, running around in circles and telling everyone not to worry until someone gets his attention by calling his name three times. Pablo's panic attacks became less prominent after season one, though in the later episode of season six, "Revenge of the Robots", his propensity for getting overexcited is the main plot point. Voiced by Philip Lemeistre.
  • Six – Six did not have a strong defined personality until "Tale of the Parodies". Before then, Six was shown to be somewhat vengeful after Seven kicked him out of the "Equation Playground" part at the school. In "Tale of the Parodies", Six appears to be somewhat irritable but also knowledgeable, as he knew that Seven was squishy, and that was how he was able to kick Seven. He also thinks that he has a style of his own, much different than Nine's. Nine calls Six his "brother of another color", which he is appalled by. Voiced by Florence Chappell.
  • Punching Bag – Punching Bag might normally act demanding and annoying to others, but she wants to do well in all sorts of challenges. She is rather vengeful and likes holding presentations. There's not much more things known about the mysterious Punching Bag, but from what we can piece together, she is also an artist; she can draw pictures of other characters by memory. She is also shown to draw plans as well, such as when she planned on taking extreme challenges. Voiced by Stacey DePass.
  • Mister Shapes – Mister Shapes, hence his name, is a cube who loves, and we mean just loves, every single shape there ever is to name; he also tends to act like Whiteboard in a way. He often stays behind to help others when they have trouble and often has trouble listening to his friends. He also enjoys experiencing action-packed interactive physics, collecting badges, causing chaos and unlocking new tools to experiment with. And when we say "causing chaos", we mean, he loves causing all sorts of chaos, too. Mister Shapes likes to be called "Bucket Mand", and likes trading for things. Voiced by Christopher Jacot.
  • Atomic Puppet – AP was originally known as Captain Atomic, Mega City's famous hero, who, for reasons unknown, was transformed into a puppet by Mookie, aka Sergeant Sub Atomic and Nuclear Boy, who is his former yet washed up sidekick who turned on him. This was due to his intense jealously from not getting any appreciation for all the hard work he had done protecting Mega City alongside Captain Atomic. He had other association with certain people who makes up with creating merchandise for him, as the relationships between them are rather strained as Captain Atomic seem less satisfied or more angered of anything that doesn't suit his expectations, for example, when Mr. Inkwood created a comic for him, all he complained about not adding dimples in the right way or so and when the time when the Toymaker created some type of toy which had it as a ballerina which had angered Captain Atomic, causing him to destroy whatever was left in the labs. While unpowered, AP looks like a dull blue sock puppet with a light gray chin. He has yellow fabric details on the top of his head, reassembling Captain Atomic's mask accessories. His eyes are two large yellow buttons that are attached via yellow string. He has a patch with a red letter A and a white oval embroidered into his chest. His arms have light gray fabric resembling bare skin, as well as red fabric representing his gloves. His lower body has two red strips running across it. There are visible stitches in various parts of his body, as well as a red cape attached to his back. Voiced by Jeremy Jordan.
  • One – After X finds out his value, which is seven, One is seen watching Four and X with an angry expression on his face. Three, who is next to One, is also seen angry at Four and X. This could likely be due to seven being a lucky number, as Four mentions, and One and Three forming Thirteen, which is an unlucky number. Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • Fanny – A blue fan who hates just about everything. Whenever someone mentions the word "haters", she often gets rather excited. She also seems to not be as powerful as Genius Genie. She competes on the Another Name 2.0 team when she hears Tennis Ball say that Basketball and 8-Ball are "haters" of him. Voiced by Gayle Garfinkle.
  • Cereal Bowl – Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Blazzip – The main antagonist of the fourth season and onward who often tries to overrule Toopy and Binoo. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Hot Chocolate – Hot Chocolate will often solve problems by propelling herself with the hot chocolate that's inside her. She is also cheeky and mischievous as she had accidentally used a glue stick to glue Nine to the ground, making him unable to move, or hijacking the skateboard he has. Voiced by Ashley Botting.
  • Portable Music Player – Not much is known about Portable Music Player. However, he appeared to appreciate the makeup of Purple Face's stomach acids. He also seems to be forgetful and oblivious, as he suddenly realizes he doesn't know where he is just before dying. From his little dialogue, his voice and tone seemed very formal. Voiced by Cory Bowles.
  • Vending Machine – Is Vending Machine full of fun or not so full of fun? No one knows. Obviously she is not happy nor mad, but she does operate badly, though, a fact that Mrs. Cottontail is eager to state. Despite this, Vending Machine is very confident, which often leads her to pick out flaws in others. According to Vending Machine, in the past she never spoke much and was much more content. Also, apparently she used to be in another vending machine. A vending machine somehow inside of another one if you will. If she suspects that someone isn't paying attention to her, she'll test them by adding "blah blah blah" to her sentence. Snowball once shook her insanely at the start of "Write or Wrong", because he didn't want to pay for a bag of pretzels even though his team members on his current team in The Power of Two (The Strongest Team on Earth, also consisting of Bell, Foldy, Grassy, Basketball, Robot Flower and Eggy) knew how to handle the situation they were involved in. Voiced by Katie Griffin.
  • Image – Voiced by Zachary Bennett.
  • Icey – Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Bounce – A blue bedbug and one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptive children. He is a two-legged, high-energy bug and the only bug character in the series to have teeth. He and Dragon have been "best bug buddies" ever since they met because of their similar experiences regarding their original families. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Stabby – Stabby is almost like Naily in a way. He is sometimes mistaken for a bigger version of Crayon or Stylus, and has to prove to his friends that he's not by stabbing something. His big ego is what makes him think everyone should respect him, though the others think of him as the pebble Flower used to be safe from elimination in the Battle for B.F.B. episode "The Tweested Temple" at best, and at worst, Bottle being shattered to pieces and not being recovered. Stabby also has trouble identifying what's in front of him, as he usually thinks Toopy is his best friend Binoo. Stabby also once did his own electrical repairing job, which explains why he's not as powerful as he thinks. Voiced by Justin Chapman (season four) and Florence Chappell (season five-present).
  • Profile Picture/Profily – Profily is mainly calm, kind, and easily excitable. They are also very skilled, as they were able to complete every contest Four gave them faster than any other contestant. They desire feeling included, due to allegedly being apart of the show since the beginning and being neglected since no one remembered them. They are also shown to be thoughtful and empathetic as they felt that Four became the desert due to feeling unwanted and ignored, which is how they felt for a long time ("The Test of the Best"). They compete on the Blocky Podcast Members! team. Voiced by Jonathan Wilson.
  • Soda Can – Soda Can is the unofficial friend of Vending Machine. She's a blue soda can and she represents her uncommon senses that tend to make the situation she and Vending Machine get in unintentionally worse as she's the only one of the two without actual senses. She'll sometimes provide answers to her situations. Soda Can doesn't have any ideas for games, unlike her friend Vending Machine, who has the ability to come up with many games. Voiced by Julie Burroughs.
  • Mr. Sparks – One of the teachers at the school Toopy and Binoo attend. Out of him, Miss Martin and Mrs. Hoo, he is the easiest of the three to make mad, as shown by him grading his students' assignments very disappoinntingly. He is the arch-nemesis of Mrs. Hoo and Miss Martin. Voiced by Carlos Diaz.
  • 6-Ball – 6-Ball is one of the billiard ball brothers, the teal six to be exact. He is rather stubbborn and obnoxious, though he does like helping his sister 9-Ball with projects and other things. He's also rather humble in his job and never chooses to give up. He also knows how to make friends easily, as he has befriended Chad in the episode "The Red Blixer Remade". 6-Ball has never counted to seven. Voiced by Sean Cullen.
  • Fweeby Dude – Toopy's always getting confused whether David's blue or grayscale. Fweeby Dude, who, looks like David, is the blue one and likely the brother or cousin of him. He knows how to speak actual sentences rather than "Aw, seriously?!" and "No!". He also said to Topher in "It's in the Bag" that he has participated in many soccer games and has made the team every time by professionally blocking the other team's shots. Voiced by Cory Doran.
  • Headphones – A pair of wireless blue headphones. The two of them like to slap each other. They are also twins, one having arms and the other having legs. The left side of Headphones (the one with arms) is voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau, and the right side of Headphones (the one with legs) is voiced by Jonathan Tan.
  • Record – Almost nothing is known about Record, but from her appearances in the series, Record tries to stay undercover and hides on top of others to make sure she can be safe; she also seems helpless without getting any assistance from others. Voiced by Ellen David.
  • Top Hat – Nothing much is known about the mysterious Top Hat, either. However, she seems to be resourceful and clever, going as far to scribbling a face on herself as an entry for an art contest at school. Voiced by Lucinda Davis.
  • Ottoman – Ottoman seems to be used by others a lot, causing him to be slowed down at things. He also appears to be rather vengeful when he justifably sabotages Robot Flower. Sometimes, Ottoman can be seen either grumpy or angry in some scenes. Voiced by Graeme Cornies.
  • 2-Ball – Voiced by Anand Rajaram.
  • Blueberry – Blueberry seems to go on his own pace, careful not to cause trouble. Unfortunately, he can be used against others, as shown in season five. He's also not the brightest of all the objects, as he gets disqualified from a race for crossing the finish line in an incorrect position, facing front instead of backwards as suggested by Mrs. Hoo. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Four – Although Four seems to be calm most of the time, he does get angry in "Viral Video", "The Wavy Sea Adventure", "Penelope's Painting", and "Customer Support". Four was well-mannered in his debut episode, "All Around Town", however, and didn't screech. But in later episodes, he has a mysterious, sadistic personality where he uses his powers to harm the others just for his fun, though he is capable of recovery. He is currently an intern and backup host for Toopy and Binoo. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Paddle – A blue ping-pong paddle who, like Woody, is usually scared of most things. She and Umbrella could also potentially be friends. Paddle also pours syrup on pancakes and waffles differently compared to Toopy and Binoo. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Paddle Jr. – How can Paddle Jr. not be afraid of things, while Paddle, on the other hand, does? This question always perplexes Paddle Jr. a ton. Although he's sometimes seen by others as stubborn, in reality, he's not. He's a very responsible clone of Paddle and always wants to make sure things go according to plans. He knows he's not popular and deals with this situation as best as possible. Paddle Jr. is also very skilled at giving motivational speeches to his teammates and getting away with stealing the golden statue of Luxurious Hotel that was signed by Pizza Jr. himself. Apparently, Paddle Jr. has the ability to replenish his color if he's losing it in the rain. Voiced by Brett Schaenfield.
  • Dragon – Dragon is a curious blue dragon who will often follow his nose wherever it leads him, thus making him more creative. He is almost always happy and helpful with lending a helping hand though he'll occasionally cause trouble. Dragon's not scared to pursue anything that comes to mind. He would do some stuff on his own whenever he gets bored. Voiced by Ross Lynch.
  • Mail Mouse – Mail Mouse goes out and delivers mail to everyone since that's her job. She carries a big giant mailbag which seems very heavy for her, but she doesn't seem to mind or not care since it's great exercise. In "The Flight Problem", she is strapped into her seatbelt on the plane very tightly because of her being really loud and showing that she isn't calm all because of Beaver saying the word "bomb" on the plane. Voiced by Sandra Oh.
  • Splish and Splash – The polar bear twins. They usually act civilized and happy, though they might also act greedy and ignorant towards other characters. They both use small syringes to change the colors of other characters every time they decide to test it out. Splish is also the more exciteable one while Splash might act a tad more serious than her twin brother. Voiced by Lucie Beauvais and Jennifer Seguin.
  • Petie Heat – Voiced by Rik Goddard.
  • Map – Map is friendly and polite to everyone, as she's always helping Milkshake find the directions to where she wants to go. Map also likes to play a game of hers called "Catch the Churro", much to the displeasure of Churro. Map also starred as the main protagonist of her own show that was a parody of the Nick Jr. show Dora the Explorer, where she and Container would go on adventures. However, after being somewhat eaten by Purple Face and then being recovered by Four, Map decided to retire and gave the role to her friend Milkshake, who is now the new star of her show. Voiced by Julie Burroughs.
  • Transgender Flag – Transgender Flag is an optimistic and sometimes cheeky flag who doesn't have a gender. They are often in the spotlight, sometimes even being interviewed as a guest on Chaz's own segment in most episodes that he calls "Chaz's Corner". Transgender Flag also likes to help their siblings when they're having some trouble of their own, too. Transgender Flag might also act as cheery and irritable as Steamy and annoyed as Five, as they try to keep their cool when they get into extreme situations that don't or do involve them. Their favorite food is apparently strawberries. Voiced by Tom Rack and Athena Karkanis.
  • Wizard Hat – Wizard Hat was raised weirdly over the years. His family, to say the least, is really, really unlucky, and Wizard Hat's probably the most unlucky one of his family, as he's always bringing his bad luck with him everywhere and sometimes accidentally causing things to fall over or break, such as when he accidentally flew to the moon with a deflated Balloony in his presence. Nonetheless, Wizard Hat's still an enthusiastic guy, always trying to fix broken things when he can! Voiced by Craig Francis.
  • Ali Mohamdani – Voiced by Tom Mason.
  • Friendship Bracelet – Friendship Bracelet shares many traits with her sister Bracelety. They both have love for another character, with Bracelety showing support for Ice Cube while Friendship Bracelet, on the other hand, supports Vana Glama, and later, Jen. The two also are mere followers, to which Fries says that followers can never win something. Or can the two of them win something for the first time? Voiced by Eramelinda Boquer.
  • Choo Choo the Train – Choo Choo the Train is always happy to help his friends out when something unexpected happens. He's most certainly proud of Clip when he helped Toopy and Binoo attach a roof to him, and he's also proud of himself for how long he's been operated for. However, Choo Choo the Train isn't always who he thinks he is, as he gets himself involved in situations that don't involve him, such as when he thought no one other than Cloudy noticed X was gone, or when he went to talk to Chaz Monerainian in the hallway about his personal opinion on Boxie and her friends' habits of singing at recess everyday. Despite this, Choo Choo the Train just loves it when he can operate himself with ease! Voiced by Ricky Mabe.
  • Credit Card – Tom makes sure to never leave his pal Credit Card in unsafe places. When Credit Card comes to life, humor abounds, and so does his love for poetry. He is sure that he'll become the new school cartoonist as well although his buddy Tom already has the role and isn't giving it up. Credit Card also knows about lawsuits and contracts, as he once filed a temporary restraining order against the pompous and arrogant Chaz Monerainian in "Mrs. Hoo Quits" because he was getting tired of his news broadcasts that Burnie and Mr. Jack (who would join the news team in season five) never get to finish. If there's anything Credit Card's learned during his time in Montreal, he'll always let Tom know to be placed in a safe spot! Voiced by Carlo Mestroni.
  • Tyler "Ty" Archer – Ty is Abby's younger brother and a hard kid to face. He is very intelligent, possessing a cool, active and analytical mind that takes everything in. He sees himself as a scientist and takes his job as a grossologist very seriously. His goal is to be remembered among the very best within the scientific community. He even owns a chemistry set and does analyses on things he finds (e.g. Hairball's hairballs). He and Lab Rat share many common interests. On the field, Ty pilots the GRS-1 and is great at strategic maneuvers. His quick thinking has saved the day many times. In fact, he is hinted to be the most intelligent of the team, being smarter than Abby and even than Lab Rat. After moving from the Bureau of Grossology, he had a crush on Djembe the Zebra, Ping's friend from Africa, who eventually becomes his new love interest in the series. Voiced by Michael Cohen.
  • Hailarihous – Hailarihous is a blue dictionary that Ratty and Catty, the two main protagonists of the series Ratty Catty drew a face on in "The Hailarihous". He's found his way to Montreal with ease and plans to stay to learn more about the place. His only concern is why his face is downward instead of on his front cover. This makes things uneasy for him as he has to walk while being turned upside-down, while also making it hard for him to walk or run. Voiced by Thor Bishopric.
  • Diskette – In her first appearance, Diskette cared about her appearance more than anything. She's been worrying about her appearance ever since her debut and keeps thinking she neeeds a new look. Luckily, Tom and Jen have just the solution for her! One visit from them, and she'll be looking a whole lot different than we thought she did! The more Diskette visits Tom and Jen, the less concerned about her appearance she'll be! Who knew that Diskette could overcome something in less than ten seconds? Voiced by Ashley Peters.
  • Zach – Zach is one of Chad's closest friends who attends the same school as him. He seems to enjoy movies as long as they have good qualities, and will say: "This is seriously the worst movie I've ever seen!" whenever he sees a bad movie. He also enjoys causing mischief, sometimes shown by him trying to help Blazzip and his former sidekick, Evil Leafy, who is currently nowhere to be seen as of the latest episode of season six. Zach is also rather stubborrn and bossy, which can be shown by him wanting his team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!, consisting of himself, Ollie, Bernie, Celly, Six, Wimzie and Rousso, to build a bowl so they can make a "Yoylestew" out of random ingredients. Another one of his stubborn traits is when he gets mad about being in the bottom two with the Light Riders team, consisting of Chad, Chaz Monerainian, Cobalt, Deltoid, Jock, Tom, Topher, and Void. Above all, while Zach might normally act impatient and cocky sometimes, he still has a solid personality that doesn't happen to affect other characters. Zach is a nervy, logical voice of reason. Voiced by David Berni.
  • Shovel – A snow shovel that Toopy will often use when shoveling the snow outside if it's blocking something in his way. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Shovel Jr. – On the surface, Shovel Jr. seems awfully nice. If there's something that needs to be done, Shovel Jr. will be more than proud to do it with a smile! Sometimes, others will be unhappy with his unrelenting enthusiasm, however. Once, he wanted to show Toopy a cool bowling ball trick. Toopy ended up missing the chance to get a spare, better luck next time! Due to years of training, Shovel Jr. is shown to be extremely agile. He's practiced in both the art of avoiding things being thrown at him, and teleportation. Shovel Jr. will constantly lose on his seventy-third game of tic-tac-toe, but he doesn't know about this yet. Voiced by A.J. Henderson.
  • Clock – A blue clock. He knows all about Winner and Loser's "duo". He competes on The Spares! team, even though he was planning to join Eggy on The Team with the Flames of Revenge since he doesn't hang out with Cake as often. Voiced by Christopher Jacot.
  • Snare Drum – An instrument who gets easily excited when chosen to be in Toopy and Binoo's band. He also has a strong hatred towards Mrs. Hoo and will do anything to get her notebook. He competes on The Spares! team. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Lab Rat – Voiced by Christian Heywood.
  • Winner – A blue cloud-like character who is Loser's best friend. The two like to perform, tour and eat chicken nuggets together. He also is able to eat things without his mouth, but instead, by placing the item inside him. He competes on the Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team. Voiced by Thor Bishopric.
  • Diamond – Diamond claims to be so cool, yet he doesn't know what a football is. He is also rude to Waffle, seeing as he called him a crybaby in "Worst of Friends, Best of Enemies". Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Diamond Jr. – Diamond Jr., as said by Pony, is BFLH Jr.'s coolest character. He is a smaller version of Diamond and is weighed down by his limbs. When an easy shortcut presents itself, Diamond Jr. knows just how to take it! However, he and Sammy Scoops have to ask for help from Chad and Cobalt. His best friend is Boy. Holly and Rudolph are friends with them both. Despite his skills at solving problems, Diamond Jr.'s empty promises leave him in a debt of 6,938 quintillion times the price of the whole world. Diamond Jr. gets jealous whenever he sees 9-Ball erase something she wrote on Whiteboard. Voiced by Carlo Essagian.
  • Liy – A light switch who often tries to save lives. She competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Mouse – Mouse is very intelligent. He is also the one who tries the hardest to stop his family from fighting. He is rather excitable and he has a short temper. Voiced by Juan Chioran.
  • Gaty – A painted fence whose favorite number is three. She also is friends with Saw. In some episodes, she isn't painted, making her a brown fence instead of a blue one. She also can use her magnet powers, such as when Donut held out Saw in The Power of Two when Donut realized Gaty didn't make it to the top of the building yet for the Team8s to be safe. She competes on the Ice Cube Superfans! team. Voiced by Claudia Besso.
  • Ice Cube – A block of ice who is Firey's opposite. She competes on the Ice Cube Superfans! team. Voiced by Susan Glover.
  • Toilet Paper – Toilet Paper seems to be rather athletic, as he can swim across a river, and carry other characters with ease. He seems to be perfectly fine with sabotage as shown as him sabotaging Marble. Voiced by Sean Cullen.
  • Deltoid – Deltoid is a male, futuristic toy superhero with a white sleeveless shirt, and tall, blonde hair. He aspires to be brave and noble, but is sometimes afraid and naive. Since Smartysaurus isn't in the series he might have a crush on Holly in the series. Voiced by Jesse Camacho.
  • Bottle Cap – Despite appearing in fifteen episodes, there's not really a defined personality for Bottle Cap. However, she appears to say "ribbit" most of the time, like a frog. However, she's not the best at doing headstands as shown in the behind the scenes of season six, where she kept bouncing around after a ton of attempts of trying. She is, however, great at jumping, as shown in many episodes where she can jump rather high, and even jump towards the edges that are the farthest from her. Voiced by Tara Charendoff.
  • Ace – Ace loves playing cards, though they're already a card. They were originally a boy until season five, where they decided to become nonbinary. They seem to enjoy playing cards with their friends, and mostly plays cards with Algodoo Marble or Swappy. They also like being used in Harrison and Magic Wand's magic tricks, and they will usually get excited if they're chosen from the deck. Ace also knows how to take self-defense seriously, as they went to the same academy as the Chop Chops and spent a lot of summers getting better at defeating the dummies that look like Iro. Voiced by Neil Shee.
  • Otamatone – Otamatone uses other characters for his advantages, sometimes failing, and other times, having stuff he expects to go as expected. He also seems to be overdramatic to the extent of screaming after he fell intto a lake. He doesn't seem to stop, and he's shown to be rather expressive, despite him being normally scared and often screaming in other episodes. Voiced by Shawn Baichoo.
  • Gamer Ball – Gamer Ball can normally seem to rely on his friend Laptop for most stuff, although sometimes, it tends to backfire when noticing he hit a flag rather hard. Voiced by Danny Blanco-Hall.
  • Gaming Device – Gaming Device has multiple sides to his character. Sometimes, he's portrayed as stubborn, foolhardy and reckless, and he'll, by any means, do whatever it'll take to win Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! regardless of how his actions can be affective to the others. This can be seen when he first met X, Bottle and Void. Gaming Device can also be resourceful, clever and independent, often seen leading things or taking matters into his own hands instead. He can also be prideful, shown when Lollipop had read eulogies she prepared for him, praising him for being bold and courageous. He also seems to have a much more sensitive and caring side at times; in season five, others might think they abandoned him, so he showed genuine emotions. He also apologized to 6-Ball for ruining one of his science projects, showing his caring side, even when others are mad at him. He shows a great amount of loyalty as well, transferring the Twinkle of Contagion to Bubble, preventing his team from losing to Theiance. Overall, Gaming Device was headstrong and crafty yet foolhardy and prideful as well. Voiced by Shawn Baichoo.
  • Whiteboard – Whiteboard is a generally nice guy, as he politely greets everyone and knows how to use his manners. He's also very generous, giving his friends things they want, and giving them attention when they need it. Whiteboard's also very calm and patient and, unlike Snowball, is friends with Golf Ball. He also has some small grammar mistakes, such as when he corrected Two's sentence when he thought he was a prime number by saying: "You mean, I'm a even prime!". Whiteboard's also a good artist, as he can draw "I don't have a favorite letter" on himself, similiar to what 9-Ball does in her audition for The Power of Two. Out of everyone who debuted in the fourth season, Whiteboard is probably the most polite and kind of them all, showing a lot of patience and loyalty to his friends. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ball – Liquid Nitrogen Ball, similiar to Gerald McBoing-Boing from the Teletoon show of the same name, only made sounds, and is actually praised for her sounds. She has her two speaking pals Swappy and Red Pipe with her, as well as Italian Flag, who sometimes burps though he is usually accompanied by one of the others, usually being Toopy or Binoo. Liquid Nitrogen Ball started off not having a voice, until she was finally able to speak with the help of Pillow. Liquid Nitrogen Ball's goal is to try and get Carly, Mrs. Octopus, Conch Shell and Teardrop to speak as well, though it's likely the four of them won't ever speak in an episode. Pillow made a group for them called the "Silent Types". Liquid Nitrogen Ball is currently deciding what her next goal should be, and she doesn't know what it'll be. Voiced by Susan Roman.
  • Bally – Bally was a part of the Announcer Speaker Box's marble collection, before she was dumped into a ten-foot deep bucket of acid. Luckily, Tennis Ball was able to find her and her sister Marble with the help of his magnet. Ever since, Bally and Marble have started wondering about the things they see, sending them on missions to find the answers to everything they see. They also have a habit of causing mischief with each other, thus making them cheeky and goofy. Bally also seems to have a habit of playing board games with Marble, to which she somehow can't say no to. Voiced by Leslie Sellers.
  • Rectangle Polygon – Voiced by Peter Kelegham.
  • Nine – Nine's personality appears to be based upon the exaggeration of the skater subculture in the late 1990's and early 2000's, using slang such as "tubular", having sunglasses, and owning a skateboard, which was very popular around that time period. As a result of this, Nine acts like he's very cool. Nine also appears to get sensitive at times, as he cries after Six says that he has no "style". He also might not be the brightest of the bunch, as when Six said this to Nine, he decided to glue his feet to his skateboard in response. Voiced by Tony Daniels.
  • Marble – Marble was also a part of the Announcer's marble collection before being dumped into a bucket of acid. Just like her sister Bally, Tennis Ball was able to retrieve his marble collection with his magnet. Marble and Bally are now going on quests to find the answers to their own questions. She also likes to cause mischief, thus making her as goofy and cheeky as her sister. Marble also likes doing things on her own though she does like to play board games with her most of the time. Voiced by Denise Oliver.
  • Eyeball – Eyeball's appearance is what makes them the most feared object in the whole place. Their appearance and personality, however, still makes them what they are. They usually think about the "dark" side of things, and they usually act less or more odd than anyone else. They appear to have an ability to eat many things though their face isn't seen. The only friends Eyeball has made are Toopy, Binoo, Burnie, Tom, Penelope and Chaz. Voiced by Michael Yen.
  • Buzzer – Buzzer likes appearing as a contestant on many gameshows. After all the gameshows she's been on and lost, she's decided to host her very own trivia show! Her trivia show is a parody of the Game Show Network show Press Your Luck, where she has three contestants answer a series of questions that give them spins on a big wheel. The board consists of tons of prizes, and four red squares that are parodies of Whammies, called "Raichus", that will cause the contestant that lands on it to lose their earnings. She also has her own studio that she records her gameshow, with the help of some of her friends. Buzzer's got quite a habit for hosting a gameshow, especially because it's now Binoo's new favorite! Buzzer is also capable of recovery, such as when Void asked her to recover Firey in "Fun in the Mud". Voiced by Jennifer Miller.
  • Wrecking Ball – Wrecking Ball may act demanding and cocky, but he wants to do well at stuff. Most of the time, he enjoys destroying buildings that go out of business, and will often say "This business... is outta here!" just before he can smash through the buildings. He also might show anxiety, more than likely because of coffee, as shown in "Café Toopy". He also enjoys trying to set up a date with his closest friend, Yaya, who Zouk happens to be disgusted by. Wrecking Ball is also short-tempered just like Tornado, and will never refuse to do any kinds of dares, like when he turned his desk at the office he's working at backwards. Or when he wanted his classmates to turn their desks to be facing the opposite direction of Mrs. Hoo. Wrecking Ball doesn't like the color pink. He believes it's the opposite of "manly", despite Eraser calling pink quite manly. Nothing personal, but sorry, Flower, Eraser and Stapy and Shampoo! Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • Tornado – A swirly tornado who acts less cruel to his friends than his enemies and has a rather short temper. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Cartridgey – Cartridgey is an overly loyal and polite object who, unlike Pillow, can do very well with his research. His loyalty can be a problem towards Pillow, as he shows to her that Toopy actually cared about finding the directions to the carnival when he fluttered his arms ("All Grown Up"). He also seems to be eager and exciteable when he has his best friend Lip Gloss over ("Lip Gloss and Cartridgey"), and also cares to give everyone a tour of the town ("The Tour of a Lifetime"). Voiced by Christian Potenza.
  • Professor Singalottasonga – Voiced by Ken Cuperus and Sam Lee.
  • Piano Key – Voiced by Rick Jones and Jennifer Seguin.
  • Quarter – Quarter is mainly very calm and pretty smart. They sometimes use their leg to help benefit them in things, such as picking up things. Despite being sweet and calm, they are shown to be afraid of Purple Face, as shown in season five where they ran away screaming recklessly before they got digested by Purple Face, meeting Portable Music Player. Voiced by Wyatt Bowen.
  • Trash Can – Trash Can is full of life and is always "fun" to have around. She likes to make up weird songs about things, as well as making weird noises, such as when she sang a parody of "What Does the Fox Say?", titled "What Does the Sock Say?" or "The Sock" for her. She also makes gibberish noises and tells Marker that she calls it her "sign language" in "Trash Can's Sounds". Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Hot Chocolate – An energetic cup of hot chocolate full of marshmallows and fun, Hot Chocolate will take on anything. Whatever anyone can name she'll always choose to join in on. She says that marshmallows are what gives her energy ("Thank God It's Friday"), and always decides to take sides with anyone, such as when she took both Mr. Genie and Genius Genie's sides in "Genie Battle". Voiced by Ashley Botting.
  • Chalky – Chalky is an armless, plain old piece of regular chalk. He likes to think of himself as an artist by painting photos of whatever he sees in front of him, such as when he got inspired to paint a picture of Mrs. Cottontail's painting hung up over her couch ("Painter's Project"). He also has the ability to work at many different places, as shown in "Genie Battle", where he was working as one of the ride operators for a ride at the carnival, and later on as a painter who painted Genius Genie and Mr. Genie as "best friends", although as of that episode, they hate each other. He also likes using himself as equipment when Toopy and Binoo decide to draw things during recess at school. Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Missing Piece – Missing Piece isn't very observant of his surroundings, and is shown to fall, sometimes when being hit by one of the flags. He also gets creeped out easily when he's around characters like Puppet. Voiced by Cory Bowles.
  • Wire – Wire is shown to be egotistical and competitive. He can fight rather well, showing how crafty he can be. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Landmine – Landmine likes to sabotage other characters, and is an obstacle for other characters' peers. She also doesn't plan ahead, as shown when others zapped her defenseless flag. Despite being sounding like and being voiced by a male, she is shown to be genderfluid, using she/her pronouns. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • "F" Key – "F" Key is competitive and has a short temper, which is an obstacle for himself and the others during episodes. Voiced by Ian Ingram.
  • Radio – Radio usually sits on Toopy and Binoo's kitchen counter, and she somehow says she uses rechargeable batteries so that she isn't able to shut off and not play music. Toopy once snook her into school, but she didn't have her extra batteries that she only uses for "fun". She'd suggest Toopy and Binoo to play a game where whoever could shake Headphones off their head would win, where she announced Binoo won with a seven-and-a-half second record. She also worries that rock 'n roll can ruin her "brains". Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Charger Box/Plug – Plug is a clumsy laptop charger plug that often trips over something without looking. She fears she might electrocute somebody when she's about three feet from her presence, such as when she thought she might electrocute Woody and Blocky who started to join forces in the season five episode "Whatever Floats Your Boat". She also seems to have a good memory, such as when she realized that Pink Lightning had tracked mud into iance's house for the second time in six years. Her voice is similiar to Total Drama Island, Action and World Tour contestant Leshawna. Voiced by Novie Edwards.
  • Stringy – Stringy is best friends with Safe. The two are in their own secret club and still have yet to let anyone else in. Between the two of them, Stringy is the more outgoing and enthusiaistic one, often making jokes when he can and making friends as easy as he can. Stringy also has a fear of being cut with Scissors, which lead to him filing a permanent restraining order on him as soon as the fifth season began. Stringy also acts out by singing or performing in plays, showing his true talents to everyone. All reason aside, Stringy and Safe have found themselves in the right place: together as best friends, in the same spot as each other! Voiced by Harry Standjofski.
  • Safe – Safe is the best friend of Stringy, who is in a secret club with him. The two haven't let anyone else join as they don't want anyone else finding out. Between him and Stringy, Safe can be quite lazy, often refusing to do certain tasks, as stated by his pal Stringy. He also only chooses to help his pal Stringy if he does something for him or tries to motivate him with pizza. Safe is also worried that Scissors might cut Stringy, which lead to him wanting Stringy to file a restraining order on him. He also does the back-up vocals and background and prop designs in Stringy's plays. However, all reason aside, together as best friends, Safe and Stringy are definitely in the right place, right next to each other! Voiced by Bruce Dinsmore.
  • Briefcase – Briefcase is often busy and we often don't see him unless he's at his work place, where he works at the hair salon, as shown in "Hairstyles Everyday!". Voiced by Tom Edwards.
  • Cauliflower – Broccoli's twin who, just like Broccoli, is nonbinary. They are usually seen working on projects and they often act stubborn and scream violently at each other without a reason. They also like to play with a balloon pump and pop as many balloons as he can ("The Balloon Game"), as well as having fun squirting ketchup at Broccoli in "Squishy Situation". Voiced by Michael Yarmush.
  • Marshmallow – Marshmallow is a happy-go-lucky object that escaped from Hot Chocolate almost all the time. She is always excited an will always want to be included in, well, anything. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Dime – Dime is Nickel's brother. He is always roping his brother Nickel into all sorts of hijinks. Their father is Coiny, though he and everyone else are all completely unaware of it. Like his friend, Crayon, he knows that Two, Four and X are missing and helps him keep it secret from the public or risk mass panic if they ever find out. Voiced by Teddy Lee Dillon.
  • Swappy/Question Mark – Swappy, sometimes referred to as Question Mark, is a confused object and acts concerned for others most of the time. He doesn't know what to do, and usually thinks three times before he makes his final decision. Regardless, he's nice to everyone, often making sure everyone's having a fine day, and often visiting Toopy and Binoo once a week. Swappy also knows about science, which he is no more nor less associated to other than season six debut Neil. He can also compare the other objects' temperature comparison to see how hot they can get before melting. Swappy can also be up to surprises, which he's almost always full of. Swappy also knows how to draw, such as when he drew a picture of Patsy and Golf Ball being "best friends" hanging out at the park. Toopy and Binoo can always count on Swappy and his decisions when it comes to adventure! Voiced by Juan Chioran.
  • Zero – Zero is a number that first appeared in "Encore". He was absent for most season five episodes other than "Whatever Floats Your Boat", "Surprises, Surprises", and "Firefighter Fanny", before he reappeared in "The Number Playground Chronicle!", where he was a former athlete. Voiced by Mark Hauser.
  • Glowstick – Glowstick was adopted by Two before he disappeared. He also started off having a crush on Mangosteem, but later seems to me more infatuated with Lip Gloss. He grew up in an orphanage because he had no known parents, although Daddy Deary did tell Leo that Glowstick once had a dad who spat on his face all the time. He was later adopted by Four. He and his friend Meatball always get into trouble, and they don't have any common sense. He and his pals are often forced to clean up the messes they caused. With Two missing, Glowstick must do all his hosting duties to ensure The Power of Two is safe for him, the six teams (Death PACT Again, The S!, Are You Okay, Team8s, Just Not and The Strongest Team on Earth), and make them think he's still on the job. But unfortunately, he has no limitless powers nor experience to host challenges as good as Two's. Luckily, he has his friends helping him out, giving him good and solid advice about the hosting situations! Voiced by Mike Patterson.
  • Cloudy – A cloud who has a lot of things in his collection and says that he has thirty-seven favorite numbers, seeing as he collects them as well. He competes on the Another Name 2.0 team. Voiced by Christopher Jacot.
  • Golf Ball – Tennis Ball's friend. She, compared to Tennis Ball, is the bossy one of the two and doesn't like it when she's around any of the others that she thinks are "useless". She and Tennis Ball usually stick together, as she and Tennis Ball both compete on the Another Name 2.0 team. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Grave – Grave tries to not get involved in any sort of conflict, and can get scared over challenges. However, he knows how to deal with fierce characters. Voiced by Juan Chioran.
  • Steamy – Steamy appears to have a somewhat ladylike personality and likes to be in the spotlight. She is usually seen with a cheery attitude, but she might act irritable and stubborn. She competes on the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicions team. Voiced by Justin Chapman.
  • Clip – Clip did not talk in his first appearance, but he was happy to help Toopy and Binoo with attaching a roof to their train car in "The Train of a Lifetime". Clip appears again and speaks in "A Point to Prove", where he appears to like clip-related puns, somewhat similarly to Naily who makes nail puns. He competes on Theiance team. Voiced by Justin Chapman.
  • Needle – A sewing needle who will slap anyone who calls her "Needy". She competes on the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team. Voiced by Tristyn Prosser.
  • Refrigerator – Refrigerator hardly ever talks, but he's shown to be sentient. However, he is shown to have the ability to speak in season five. Fellow characters might find this creepy and unsettling. Refrigerator happens to be in a duo with Laptop even though Gamer Ball and Laptop are both best friends. Voiced by Christopher Jacot.
  • Airhorn – Airhorn is always in a bad mood, and she hates socializing. She finds Puppet to be terrifying. Voiced by Katie Griffin.
  • Window – Window is a very cheerful, and social person, though others might find him odd due to his bond with some other characters who he almost always hangs out with. He also appears to like 5-Ball very much, as he was seen disappointed to find out 5-Ball couldn't hang out with him in "The Friendship Issue". After finding out, he appeared to be disappointed until "The End in Friend". Voiced by Russell Yen.
  • Computer – Computer doesn't seem to enjoy doing certain things even though she's completely aware of her surroundings. She lets people lean on her, and doesn't seem to do anything when her stuff gets sabotaged. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Kettle – Voiced by Angela Galuppo.
  • Steel Drum – Voiced by Erin Agostino.
  • Laptop – Laptop is enigmatic and strange. He has the ability to do strange powers such as teleportation and shooting lasers. He also appears to be rather inattentive as he never saw that Holly had finished an eating contest in "My Fifty Thousand Trophies". He didn't seem to do much about this. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Income Tax Return Document – A long piece of paper who often comes to Toopy and Binoo's house to tell them it's time to pay their taxes. He can also fold and unfold himself, as he shows in "The Lion Dance". He competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge. Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Swirly – Swirly doesn't have a very defined personality. However, she appears to be competitive and crafty although this tends to backfire right away, such as when she "ate" almost all of the pizzas in "My Fifty Thousand Trophies" by storing them inside of her and being slowed down by the weight of the pizzas, which lead to her being the slowest character in the series. Voiced by Jennifer Miller.
  • Water Bucket – Water Bucket usually goes at her own pace in events, and often goes under the radars to others. She often gets into muddles, which might cause her downfall in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!. Voiced by Alyson Leah.
  • Disco Ball – Disco Ball appears to be a bit of a braggart, gliding past others on a skateboard, and taking selfies on his phone without caring for the others. He loves riding his skateboard, and will chase after whoever separates it from him. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Lightbulb – Lightbulb often gets caught in the wind in many episodes, which helps him complete things inadvertently. His lack of weight can also be a hindrance too. He's also not afraid of being sly and cheating, as he disintegrated the pizzas with Rocky's vomit, and leaving the other slices left for Wizard Hat, as well as throwing Frozen Yogurt off of a castle and sharing a high-five with her. Lightbulb's also a bad sport as he had his back turned to Airhorn, with a bitter expression as she leaves a secret room in the Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! episode, "Trying to Escape and Exit". Voiced by Matt Holland.
  • Dice – Dice is curious, which is why he's always asking questions. He is especially amused by trivia, especially information that pertains to math. He doesn't shy from speaking up if he knows the facts. His other hobbies include cooking things and enjoying rhymes. He always hangs out with PB&J, but he lets her take the lead. Dice doesn't get along with Taury, who seems to bully him for being clumsy. Despite everyone calling him clumsy, Dice is exceptionally talented at tightrope walking, especially when bandaged to Cobalt, Chad, Void, Trike, Steggy and Vana. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • David – A badly-drawn stick figure who usually says "Aw seriously?" and will say "No!" whenever someone tells him to say something else. He competes on the Aw Seriously team. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Onigiri – A rice ball. She is also friends with Penelope. She competes on the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicion team despite agreeing to stick with Penelope. The reason she joined the team is due to Salt Lamp wanting to add her to the team. Voiced by Liz Macrae.
  • Snowball – A strong character who loathes Golf Ball. He hates it when someone calls him a weakling and has a short temper. He also doesn't lose his dignity as easily as in the Battle for Dream Island series and often calls himself the strongest person in the series. He competes on The Spares!, where he was planning to choose the team name to uphold his honor of not losing his dignity before Cake chose it for him. Voiced by Brian Froud (every episode until "Crooked House"), Jeff Geddis (every episode from "Crooked House" to "Secret Spies") and Christopher Jacot (as of "Secret Spies").
  • Tune – Tune's personality is mostly unknown. According to Waffle, she doesn't speak much, similarly to Teardrop. In season five, she returned with no major redesign, aside from having Check-it Eyebrows due to it being a likely alternate design in that batch. In season six, she returns with a new design. Her headphones are more three-dimensional, her note end no longer curves, and her end note and main body are separated via a black line.
  • Cake Pop – No one knows what personality Cake Pop has. He's covered in sprinkles, he's Lollipop's brother, and round. Whatever he is, he can walk upside-down, regurgitate multi-colored substances when in distress, and change colors when he comes in contact with cold water. Other than that, it's anyone's guess. Cake Pop is self-indulgent and will do anything just for fun. Once, he built a stack of forks with some friends just to knock them down. When asked to make sure Avocado and Winner had slices of cake by the time they'd finish their homework, Cake Pop ate them when no one was looking. He usually goes along with whatever his sister Lollipop tells him what to do. One of Cake Pop's dreams is for him to lose the ability to gain limbs and fly like Puffball, even if just for a day. Voiced by Harry Standjofski.
  • Sickle – Sickle is a hook, apparently filled with fun. He can move around by coming to life, but it sometimes leaves him ignored. Not a good look for a hook. Sickle hates to be told what to do, and he tries to rely on himself to accomplish things because he doesn't trust others to do it right. Despite his sharp handle, it's important for him to apparently avoid sharp objects and not harm anyone. Sickle tried breathing in Saw's fumes that cause her to yell out the "Eight!" just once. It was very painful for him to do that. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Contraption – Contraption will normally use his supernatural appearance for almost everything, with it being his main strategy. Despite him being normally grumpy and bored, he is willing to help others when they struggle with things, such as Currency. Overall, Contraption was a competitive but also kind and rather unique person. Voiced by Carlos Diaz.
  • Naily – A nail who is friends with Price Tag. She competes on the Ice Cube Superfans! team. Her catchphrase is "Nailed it!". Voiced by Sarah Camacho.
  • Euro – Euro's British accent is what can make him the most popular of the objects at school. He originally lived in Europe for a few years, before officially moving to Canada. Now Euro has to try and adapt a new life in the one place he'd thought would be a dream, which would turn out to be a reality now that he's been making interactions with some of the strangest townsfolk. Voiced by Matthew Mackay.
  • Eight – Eight, unlike most of his number friends, seems to exhibit a lot less emotion than them. He speaks in a deadpan tone and he's rather aloof, being indifferent about Seven not leaving the game of theirs. However, he's also easy to get along with and is quite reasonable, being the only one so far to relinquish his place from the subscriber count without force, and telling the viewers to only subscribe if they wanted to. Voiced by Tom Rack.
  • Nickel – Coiny's opposite who says that bad things will happen if they're next to each other. He competes on W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team. Voiced by Tom Rack.
  • Rocky – A rock who likes barfing. He competes on the Aw Seriously team. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Remote – A plastic TV remote. She can instantly be recharged when someone replaces her old battery and puts in another one and comes up with plans every once in a while. She competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team. Voiced by a text-to-speech voice.
  • Triangle – Triangle is initially carefree, not taking things super seriously and climbing at her own paces, becoming dismayed when finding out about things. She puts a lot more effort into things in future episodes but is limited by her slow climbing speed, and is devastated when her effort can't pay off. Triangle acts rather fair as she helped Eggy's team be safe in the Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! episode "The Roulette of the Eggs", when the latter failed to get her egg into a target due to not having arms since she had helped Triangle in the previous episode, "And Then There Was One Less Death P.A.C.T. Member". Voiced by Ellen David.
  • Paint Bucket – Paint Bucket usually seemed nice until losing her paint color. After this, she got extremely annoyed and mad at Purple Face mainly since he emptied her out. According to Liy, Paint Bucket is generally passive but has a fear of losing her color of paint inside her, so she'll be defensive in the cases she may lose her blue paint color. Voiced by Annie Bovaird.
  • Stylus – PDA's friend with an appreciation for sports. He is shown to be very skilled and athletic, and can help his friends win awards, which is what he helps Toopy and Binoo do in "The Annual School Games", even though he didn't participate in any of the events. He also knows how to successfully score tons of points in basketball games, as he once got a hold of eight basketballs and tossed them all in the net, one at a time. His favorite sport, as he claims, is golf. He's the only known character in the series to have gotten the perfect score in an eighteen-hole inning. Sports are Stylus's key to victory, no matter how competitive our sporty friend of PDA's can get! Voiced by Adam Reid.
  • Smokebox – Smokebox enjoys being around Ten all the time, showing that he might possibly be a contrarian to him. He believes that Ten is a real good friend and occasionally asks others about what they think of them both. Sometimes, when either Smokebox and/or Ten rope someone into adventures, they can lead both each other... and their friends, into all sorts of mischief. Ten gets into trouble either by himself or with another character, then Smokebox would help him straight away. Voiced by Matt Holland.
  • Container – Container likes telling made-up stories, and is still trying to figure out who stole Donut's old diary, though he doesn't need to, as Firey has already stolen it and had to clean up the entire train track in the Pillary Ruins that takes the former Battle for BFB contestants to Yellow Face's Warehouse. He usually goes on about his day, but is mostly interrupted by Four, asking him to do something for him when he has something important to do. He's not as fearless as his friends thought, however, as he sometimes gets his hands on something in a high spot and doesn't want to let go. This is overcome shortly after the fifth season, where he is no longer concerned about heights. Voiced by Carlo Mestroni.
  • Lever – Lever has a very laid back personality, making him calmer than others when handling situations. He's presumed to have made "Freeze Juice" and "anti-poison", which indicated he is well-read (pun intended) on chemistry. His concern for others varies as while he saved 6-Ball from the Master Recovery Center, he threw 9-Ball off Puffball on their way to Luxury Land. Lever gained yellow coloring from Yellow Face in the season six episode "A Lever of a Different Colour", but lost it in that exact same episode due to being killed by Two. Voiced by Ian Ingram.
  • Joystick – Joystick acts confident, organized, motivated and focused; he'll tackle any challenge head-on and has great faith in his own abilities. Being an adventurer, he's risk-taking and ambitious and full of energy, doing almost everything on a whim. Once he starts, no one can stop him. He also serves as a diligent, productive and highly efficient designer; a master at coming up with plans and putting them into action. Other times, Joystick acts a highly intelligent brainiac, and he isn't afraid to show it. Knowledgeable about a whole wide range of different subjects, he's always confident at answering almost every question. Joystick may also serve as a determined go-getter. A self-starter who cuts his own path in life, he doesn't let anything or anyone stand in his way; quick at turning all plans into action. Joystick believes he's bigger than Vancouver, British Columbia, and is even bigger than Las Vegas. Voiced by Richard M. Dumont.
  • Spoony – Lollipop absolutely loves spoons, unless they come from Yellow Face's Warehouse. Spoony, Lollipop's friend, is thought to be very shiny, good, and useful. Spoony also dislikes Yellow Face's products he advertises, almost as much as her friend Lollipop. Spoony also has a lot of love for adventure, unlike Lollipop, who prefers selling her Fork Repellent. Spoony also has a deadly fear of forks, too, which is why she and Lollipop are always spraying it on themselves everyday. Lately they've been making a lot of sales on their merchandise and have joined forces, having Lollipop rename her warehouse "Lollipop and Spoony's Warehouse". Spoony also knows how to motivate others, as she once motivated Toopy when he thought Coiny wouldn't come back to hang out with him ("Come Home, Coiny!"). Spoony might also like making art projects, as she's made a ton of her imaginary friends come to life with the help of clay, though her friends' presences are hard to see as they're imaginary. If there's anything we can count on involving Spoony, it's her and Lollipop and their skills we can count on, that's for sure! Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • CRT Monitor – A computer monitor of Toopy's. She is often given an audio presence though we often see her in certain places. She seems to get along very well with Toopy, as she lets him do anything on the computer. She also appears to be a computer in the computer lab class, though she often tries to hide her presence from her classmates, though it's hard for her to hide her presence from Toopy, often having Toopy think about how strange CRT Monitor can be. Overall, CRT Monitor's certainly someone strange, especially for a friend of Toopy's! CRT Monitor was originally genderless, but was changed to be genderfluid (using she/them pronouns in season five), and became a female character in season six despite being voiced by a male. Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Tablety – Tablety is always looking for something to do. She doesn't have much to do most of the time, but her she easily finds herself bored within an hour of the thing she's doing. Luckily for her, her imagination's what keeps her from getting bored! With every dream of hers, good or bad, they'll be sure to come to life, and might even become a reality for everyone! Tablety also knows how to use social media without needing any Internet connection, and she also knows how to charge herself without a plug! We might never know what Tablety's up to, but she's sure in for a fun time imagining and making her wishes and dreams come true! Voiced by Eleanor Noble.
  • Anvil – Anvil can weigh down anything as long as it's flat. He's also quite strong despite his small appearance. His biggest dream is to become the strongest of all the objects, to which Snowball often doesn't agree to and strongly hates. Anvil also mentioned many events in his appearances, and has been to nearly everywhere on Earth, though the only place he hasn't been to is the United States, where Toopy and his friends Mr. John, Daddy Deary and Topher went to go bowling in "A Day with Penelope". Anvil is also able to carry even the heaviest things, even without arms! Way to go, Anvil! Anvil may not be the strongest of all the objects, but he still is a competitive object with such a small appearance. Anvil doesn't like grass, meaning he likely hates Grassy as he is long, uncut grass. Voiced by Mark Hauser.
  • Hockey Puck – Hockey Puck is a great friend of Cream Cookie's, although he's the much smaller one compared to him and Cream Cookie. Although he tries to be protective of his friends, especially Topher and Cream Cookie, Hockey Puck is seen as largely insensitive. He resorts to name-calling most of the time. He is best friends with Cream Cookie, but can't stand Jen, because he thinks she's annoying. He's apparently the lightest of all grayscale characters, only being weighed down by his legs. Voiced by Jason Deline.
  • Checkerboard – Checkerboard is an object somewhat living with PB&J in their own apartment, similiar to Lollipop, Balloony and Jon. Checkerboard frequently reads books, performs his own songs at his recording studio, and also likes visiting Jon. Carly would frequently send Checkerboard postcards until "Power Pencil", before later being sent by Winner, which are delivered by Two. Toopy somehow found out in "The Document" that Checkerboard was adopted by Daddy Deary and Mrs. Cottontail, who are a couple as of season three after the events of the full blue moon that caused Chef and Chicken to act differently ("Genie Battle") and after Neeko was declared "Princess of Rizon" for a day again ("The Princess of Rizon"). Checkerboard is gifted in the art of his own dances, and runs a dance academy as well as a recording studio. Another gift of his is his usual skill to clean anything within thirty seconds or less. He also uses the quote "Oh, come on!" when disappointed about situations. Initially, Checkerboard was as bossy as Golf Ball and as stubborn as Steamy, even when PB&J didn't like it, and wasn't exactly prepared for his new job. Starting in later episodes, Checkerboard made frequent visits to the fancy restaurant Daddy Deary owns that Jon works at, the Bloxburg Fresh Foods supermarket, and his recording studio. His visits to the restaurant show how Checkerboard is good at cooking, while his visits to the supermarket show he is able to go grocery shopping by himself. He also brings PB&J to the school where he helps out with Mrs. Hoo's class. Voiced by Philip Lemeistre.
  • 8-Ball – A billiard ball who doesn't have a favorite number, unlike 9-Ball, who doesn't have a favorite letter. He competes on the Emphasis on Wish team, where he chose his team name much to the displeasure of Flower and the Newbie Alliance. Voiced by Denis Kopotun.
  • Bolf Gall – Voiced by Michael Caldwell and Julie Lemieux.
  • Toaster – Almost nothing is known about the mysterious Toaster since he had only appeared in eight episodes. However, from what was shown in his appearances, Toaster is helpful and friendly and also enjoys "catching" fresh air, as evident in "The Scents of the Great Outdoors". Voiced by Mark Camacho.
  • UFO – UFO first made his sole noteworthy appearance in the episode "The Worst That Could Go Wrong", where he had made a visit to Toopy and Binoo's house and brought them a cake during the start of the episode. Upon him leaving to head back to the planet, several others mourned him and claimed that they're his "friends". He later appeared in "Chopsticks", where he showed Toopy and Binoo how he likes to eat his dinners; this also means that he acts civilized and proper in front of the Aliens. Somehow, there was an UFO Recovery Center shown in "An Outer Space Case", which got destroyed by Pink Alien when she threw it onto the Earth. Voiced by Sean Cullen.
  • Seven – Seven is a person who likes jokes and tries to be funny. However, these jokes seem to usually fall flat, and no one seems to like them. Though Seven cares only about being in the spotlight, according to Eight, Seven is a whiny person, due to him crying over not being in a counting game, and therefore not in the spotlight in "Number Equation Mayhem", as well as him being selfish, stubborn and uncaring to an extent, shown by him being unwilling to help the other numbers catch Six and to leave the game so Eight can take his place in the game. Voiced by Shawn Baichoo.
  • Clapboard – The most common object Toopy and Binoo use when working on a film. He is Toopy and Binoo's possible best friend and sometimes thinks that whenever he has to leave or the episode's over, he'll say "Looks like it's curtains for us...". He competes on the Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team. Voiced by Arthur Holden.
  • Camera – Binoo's video camera who usually sits on a stool. He also says "See you in post production!" whenever Clapboard goes home. He also dislikes having Daddy Deary over at Toopy and Binoo's house. He competes on the Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team. Voiced by Pierre Lenoir.
  • Net – Binoo's butterfly net. Voiced by Tod Fennell.
  • Net Jr. – When we first met Net Jr., he was sweet and sensitive; an absolutely fun object to be around. Despite his brilliance others may see him as an irresponsible scatterbrain. He acts before thinking, which often leads to him making mistakes. His fans are just as enthusastic he is, saying his name hundreds of times during voting. Net Jr. eats more sugar in a day than the others do in a whole month combined. Voiced by Leslie Sellers.
  • Cream Cookie – Throughout the past few years, Cream Cookie was constantly being overlooked at. She was constantly being treated unfairly by her classmates, who are always looking for new ways to punish her. Luckily, Cream Cookie's life was about to be turned the opposite way around, as she saw what her classmates were up to. Cream Cookie would later join her new friends in the school safety patrol, with instant bully protection. Now Cream Cookie's treating her life the way she wants to, and with the help of the Safety Patrol members, too! Voiced by Denise Oliver.
  • Vinyl Record – Is he called Vinyl Record because he's also a songwriter? Or is it because he's always singing with his heart? Whatever it is, Vinyl Record is perpetually happy. He loves to wander off, especially when his friends need him to stay put. He also loves to promote the latest music albums he is selling. If someone doesn't like a product, Vinyl Record easily becomes agitated but is determined to sell it to them anyway. Just like Yellow Face, Vinyl Record's sworn enemy is the No More Advertisements Foundation. Despite endorsing them, Vinyl Record has never listened to his "Looking for a Song", "Marshmallow Moon" or "I'll Follow You" CDs himself, similiar to Yellow Face not using his Bubble Transformer, Box of Paper Slips or Revolutionary Headphones himself. Voiced by Philip Pretten.
  • VR Headset – VR Headset uses himself in a special kind of way; he is used a lot for video games and really like using technology and devices. He also likes to pretend everything he sees is a virtual reality and gets all agitated when someone tells him what's in front of him isn't what he thinks it is. VR Headset also gets quite excited whenever someone mentions his name, and has formed an immediate friendship with Discy, who, just like her, has a face that can only be seen sideway. He also likes to have parties, and organizes them without any assistance needed. In fact, he even organized the surprise party for Topher in his first appearance! VR Headset's personality seems to makes him what he is: never backing down from adventure, using his fertile imagination, partying, anything's an adventure for him! Voiced by Cameron Ansell (every episode until "The Truth Pointer") and Pat Fry (every episode as of "The Truth Pointer").
  • Magic Wand – Magic Wand knows how to perform tricks all by himself, though at times, his magic tricks can go awry. Luckily, with the debut of Harrison in season six, he can finally do all the tricks he's had trouble doing over the years by himself, and even with ease, even if they don't turn out the way he'd expect them to turn out! Magic Wand also gives great praise to Penelope in "Penelope's Painting" for standing up to Winner even though what he did wasn't on purpose. Above all, Magic Wand is a generally polite and nice object friend, and can easily make friends with anyone. Voiced by Jacob Holden (season four only), AJ Henderson (every episode of season five until "Camping Chaos") and Jeremy Thibodeau (as of "Camping Chaos").
  • Cake – A slice of cake who is Eggy and Clock's friend and doesn't like splitting up with either of them. He competes on The Spares! team. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • Chestnut – Chestnut loves to pretend he's a thorny bush because of his spikes on the top of his head. However, he's not as funny as he thought he'd be as his poor sense of humor is what has gotten him to be in detention a lot at school. But what can we say? Chestnut's sense of humor is what makes him what he is! Or what he thinks he is, as Toopy keeps mistaking him for a spiky ball with hair. He and Pillow are friends, as they once discovered two different locations in a mini-movie titled "Chestnut and Pillow: World Tour". Voiced by Neil Shee.
  • Black Hole – A round hole who isn't known for his sense of hearing. He competes on the Another Death P.A.C.T. Yet Again team. Voiced by Pat Fry.
  • Romeo Romero – Romeo Romero is a talented singer. His mustache and beard normally draws the attention of all of the other characters, most of the time being Uniqua or Angie Diaz. He is really attractive that the female characters could just stare at him all day. Well, at least every ten minutes at his own picture, too. He enjoys singing love songs and he lives in a diamond-studded villa. One thing he doesn't enjoy, however, is his long-time rival, Allan Amazing. Romeo Romero has been rivals with him for quite the time now. In fact, not even Sebee can remember how long they've been rivals for, or how it all began! Romeo Romero does not enjoy having others read random facts about him just like Fanny does. Romeo's hair color is black, and he has blue and green eyes in hue. He wears a deep cerise shirt and a suit that matches the exact color of his hair. Voiced by Mitchell Eisner.
  • Tix Top Hat – Tix Top Hat is shown to be overbearing, stating to Binoo that he'll have to make up for him for not letting him name his team in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle!. He is also quite quick with his actions as he observes Pin poking through one of his house's walls, then noticing Stabby coming in. He immediately dodges both of them by tilting ninety degrees horizontally. Voiced by Teddy Lee Dillon.
  • Meteor – Meteor is shown to be cheerful and calm, and they seem to be really social. Compared to Loser, and just like Winner, Meteor seems to be rather more bashful as while Loser humbly accepts the team name being named after him, Meteor and Winner timidly requested Purple Face and Autumn to not put their names in the team names. Meteor is also seen to be somehow quick-thinking and competitive, mainly with how they use their powers to complete several tasks. Voiced by Ryan Belleville.
  • Yarnburger – Yarnburger is shown to be eager and impatient. She is also shown to be quite irritable and rude, as this is seen by her interrupting 6-Ball when announcing that almost all the teams in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! finished the chhallenges, and how she readily had a conflict with the latter. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • Dora – David's possible enemy who is the opposite of him. She likes digging stuff and will normally sing a "song" about islands. She competes on Aw Seriously team. She, like Remote, is also voiced by a text-to-speech voice, with Dora's voice being rather sped up.
  • Hannukah – Hannukah, just like Lipstick and Danger Sign, has a few different traits for his character. He acts outgoing, social, charming and energetic; comfortable in almost every situation and loves making new connections quick and easily. Assertive and highly regarded, he has great faith in his own insticts as a leader, and has no trouble commanding the respect of the other characters. Bold and captivating, he's able to light up a room with his wit and charm as an entertainer, and there won't ever be a dull moment without him around. An outgoing, extremely pleasent charmer to be near; he's able to make friends easily, and can turn almost every problem into a positive situation. As a radiant, always on form trendsetter, he has an effortless style that's admired by others, able to easily adapt new situations. Hanukkah believes he's a natural leader and can charm anybody when it comes to, well, everything. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Backpack – Voiced by David Berni.
  • Slingshot – Most is unknown about Slingshot's personality, other than the fact that he is calm and chill. Slingshot is shown to be pretty relaxed and minds his own business. Voiced by Teddy Lee Dillon.
  • TV – A mechanical mind who sticks with Robot Flower almost all of the time. He competes on the Another Name 2.0 team. He sometimes uses the other characters' lines when speaking, which he is shown to do in season five. Voiced by Graeme Cornies.
  • Real One Rev – Voiced by Rik Goddard.
  • BA Productions – Voiced by Tom Mason.
  • Dry Erase Marker – Dry Erase Marker is Marker's brother in-law who just loves a good old-fashioned game of "Wall Ball" with Ollie and Bernie. He enjoys making up different things with Toopy, who he somehow just can't resist hanging out with on special occasions. Sometimes, when Dry Erase Marker plays "Wall Ball" or comes up with an invention, chaos will begin, and the worst part is – he doesn't seem to know how to stop conflict. The only solution Dry Erase Marker has when it comes to conflict solving and chaos ending? Well, it's a little self-explanatory: not being involved in either a problem, or conflict. Dry Erase Marker DOES know, however, to find a cure for those who lost their voice, by finding blue flowers and making a tea using them. Fortunately, all those blue flowers are missing right now, so Dry Erase Marker's out of luck... at least for now. Every time Dry Erase Marker wants pickles on the side of his hamburgers, the pickles are always on the "side". Voiced by Michael Caldwell.
  • Anchor – A very heavy, dark gray-colored anchor who is shown to very helpful as he spares Yaya the trouble of stuff he enters by making his OWN exit. He also doesn’t complain about being moving into Toopy and Binoo's neighborhood. Anchor is also tough, as he has no issue smashing through floors, and it appears that he never took any damage from it. He competes on the Exhibited Dignity Under False Suspicions team. Voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Boom Mic – Totobory's favorite thing to use when he helps Toopy and Binoo with movies. He'll often bang into a wall, not noticing what it is. He competes on the Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team. Voiced by Brandon Lising.
  • Lightsaber – Lightsaber is shown to be a quiet and happy character. He seems to agree with other characters' opinions on things. He can also be shown as a smart character as he can make science experiments from only pure natural electricities. Voiced by Cory Doran.
  • Bomby – A bomb who likes bananas but hates being set on fire by Firey or Firey Jr. and keeps finding a banana whenever one of his friends (mostly Black Hole), don't have any. He competes on the W.O.A.H. Bunch Again team. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Coal – Coal is an investigator. Whenever he finds mysteries difficult to solve, he says the case seems to be really hard; however his friends usually encorage him before going back to what Scissors says to him. His vehicle communicates by using its horn and can transform into many things. Voiced by David Berni.
  • Joystick – Joystick is a creative and kind character. Her clone friends, as shown in "Joystick's Favorite Song Problem", are extremely high-energy and rather excitable. When running, the Joystick clones, referred to as Joystick Jr., can turn into Tennis Ball. Voiced by Ashley Botting.
  • Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch is rather dimwitted and awkward at first glance; however, that just makes things a lot more fun for other characters. The comedy style of his happiness and the contrast of his everyday fun normally converges into moments of chaos, as Nintendo Switch lands others into hot water and getting the brunt of the blowback from so. He's joyfully oblivious to what the others do with their unsupervised, free time, and no matter how much trouble others get into because of him, Nintendo Switch has friends who accept him the way he is and always having his back. Voiced by Craig Francis.
  • Pan – Pan is shown to be misbehave a lot. He's the mischevious type; not as bad as Coiny or Blocky, but still, pretty bad. He doesn't have a best friend, but he does get along with Kiki, Ollie and Price Tag very well. Although Pan is appalled by school stuff, he is shown to be excellent at spelling as he placed second, right after Pelusin. Butter and Pan are enemies right now since they got into a fight, mainly due to Pan forgetting about Butter's fear of the color yellow. Pan insisted on joining FreeSmart, but Pencil denied him because she wants FreeSmart to be a group consisting of female characters. Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Tape – A dark gray roll of tape who shares the same name as Tape from The Power of Two. However, he seems to not follow the Tape from The Power of Two's ideas and comes up with plans of his own, especially when it comes to getting down from high places. He also owns a robot arm that allows him to throw things farther than five inches. Voiced by Scott McCord.
  • Tape Jr. – Tape Jr. is the version of Tape who's weighed down by his legs, and blushes almost all the time. He is the same dark gray roll of tape as his brother. In case you're curious, he is sometimes entertaining to be around according to Toopy, which entices others to sit on him. Much more than others with their own kind, Tape Jr. strongly emphasizes with inanimate tape, becoming excited when celebrated, but upset when messed around. He relies on others for a ton of support, especially Whiteboard. He clings to Whiteboard since he's a nice guy. Tape Jr. loves to smell gold, though it often makes no sense, especially to Goldy, that is, when they're around him. Voiced by Paul Zakaib.
  • Bug – Bugs mostly come in two varieties: they can either be dark gray with purple spots or light gray with red spots. They can have four or five legs, and some of them have a twin set of venomous stingers. When crushed, bugs leave behind a sticky grey adhesive. Some bugs appear to be passive, but in large groups, they can get aggressive and eat everything in their way, and some bugs with stingers appear to be hostile. Bugs are omnivorous, because once, they ate a rock and the other object characters. During Purple Face's show Purple Face's Torture Time, Flower is placed in a tank with a bug. However, she is no longer afraid of bugs as she's been working on getting over her fear. Purple Face then drops hundreds of bugs inside and this causes her to panic. She gets surrounded by more bugs after getting booed onstage for trying to say her name in different ways. The bugs are the only characters owned by someone without a voice.
  • Poker Chip – Poker Chip looks on the slightly deeper side to find plans involving him and one of his friends. He makes small changes to plans, listens to epidemiologists, and even has something to say whenever he's in front of a podium. Poker Chip is also really good at gambling, as he's been winning the lottery a lot. He also likes to make up games that are, unlike the others' games, somehow rigged. Voiced by Brandon Lising.
  • Coolboy – It's not hard to compare Coolboy with his cousin Purple Face. The only difference between him and Coolboy is that Purple Face has a much darker shade and that he doesn't wear a hat. Coolboy is also the more positive-thinking one of the two as he is fine with being left out of things, and doesn't have a habit of antagonizing his friends. These traits make Coolboy the more liked one of the two. Coolboy also has a lot of optimism when it comes to doing or trying something he's never done or tried before. Voiced by Christian Potenza.
  • Rainbow Flag – Rainbow Flag loves to experience many things. She also has a habit of doing many things. She can tell how someone's feeling, she can count to a thousand by tens, she can even guess the number of branches and leaves on a tree without going over the number! Overall, we think Rainbow Flag's the most talented out of anyone in the whole show, showing over 2,763 unique abilities to her friends. Voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • Kiki – Kiki is a daredevil. She’s all about movement and physicality, just like the Aliens. When in doubt, she acts and says that thinking is for after. She is compelled to triumph, even if she does or doesn't seem to have the skills. She’ll keep on trying until she can make something happen. Just like the Aliens, she tends to be a soldier who’ll take on any mission. One thing is certain, we can always count on Kiki to play as well. Voiced by Annick Matern.
  • Gachapon Capsule – Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Odd Della Robbia – Odd's outlandish appearance accurately symbolizes his character. He is self-confident, self-loving, and proud of his own charisma and charm. He holds a very laid-back attitude towards life, and is always there to fill the void with his jokes, quips, and dramatic flair. He also claims to be the ultimate "ladies-man", despite his reputation as a lover being toxic among the females of Kadic, where just hearing his name was enough to scare any female character away. He is also seen to be very encouraging and optimistic, as well as surprisingly resourceful during life-or-death situations. Odd is a little blonde-haired boy with a purple streak. Odd wears a magenta shirt underneath his long sleeve purple shirt, pants with dark shade purple and light shade purple and gold shoes. Voiced by Peter Keleghan in season four and Michael Caldwell in season five and onwards.
  • Sakura Tree – Sakura Tree loves nothing more in the world than playing around. No matter what happens on her friends' adventures, she always looks for a perfect way to play a new game, and even have a new adventure. She also acts really nice due to her happy and sweet personality that often affects her friends. Voiced by Liz Macrae.
  • Heart – Heart is the younger sister of Onion Ring, and above everything else, loves being around him. Heart loves to be with her friends and copy what they do, to the point that it's almost like having another shadow. She'd do anything for her friends, and she also believes everything someone tells her and shares anything she has to with others. Furthermore, she always acts happy, and shows everything can sound and be fun for her. Overall, Heart is a good-hearted, well-meaning person who is happy and also acts wild-caring, even to the others. Voiced by Jennifer Sulitaneau.
  • Walden – Walden is an ursine brainiac who speaks with an Australian accent. He is a purple polymath and sometimes a scientist. His intellectualism and love for science are a common thread in the show. He is the only recurring character to make an appearance in season four to have not said anything until "Binoo's Dance Class". Voiced by Juan Chioran.
  • Masha – Voiced by Sylvie Comtois.
  • Cotton Candy – If Cross is up for adventure and doesn't say no to any dares, then Cotton Candy is the absolute opposite. He is calm, analytical, and really sensitive so he's also foreseeing the consequences of adventures. Even though Cotton Candy hardly ever misses any opportunity to warn someone it doesn't really do any good as they always do what they like. He is often being roped into someone's adventures. Voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Algodoo Marble – Algodoo Marble likes to be used in marble races. She also likes sharing her emotions by acting out in school plays. Algodoo Marble also has a lot of positive vibes and tons of sensibility towards her friends. Whether she is or isn't included in a game, and if you ARE just like Algodoo Marble, the fun just started and we guarantee that it will never end, ever! Voiced by Liz Macrae.
  • Lipstick – Similiar to Danger Sign, Lipstick is shown to have four different traits for her character. She's generally easygoing, relaxed, open minded and an empathetic, doing things at her own pace in a genuinely honest, kind manner. As an optimist, she is shown to be positive, enthusiastic and always beaming, making sure not only she smiles, but makes sure everybody else can have a good time, too. Lipstick also acts rather sensitive and emotional, and very in tune with the feelings of those around her, making her highly empathetic and quite sentimental as well. She also acts considerate and trustworthy, putting her friends first and working hard to make sure everyone gets along with each other. Lipstick might also act idealistic and romantic, often having her head in the clouds, but also coming up with a lot of great ideas as a result. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Bowling Ball – A purple bowling ball and the brother of Bowling Ball from Battle for Luxurious Hotel. She's more patient, polite, friendly and easy-going unlike her brother, who has a short temper. She also likes being a detective, solving mysteries. She even has a habit of making sculptures out of her friends. She also has a lot of stuff in her own personal collection, making her a bit greedy, but still a solidly loyal friend, even to Blazzip! Voiced by Annie Bovaird.
  • Lockery – Lockery doesn't like Safe. Safe doesn't like him either. They're both long-time rivals who do have something in common, which is their unexpected behavior. They've been acting competitive and somehow even wanted to look for sponsors for Seashell and Churro Inc., the company that Seashell and Churro have owned for many years. This could mean they're likely building a friendship, especially as they do get along for the first time about the sponsorship situation. Lockery is also good at keeping things inside of him without using a locker combination. His catchphrase is "Locked and loaded!". Voiced by Michael O'Reilly.
  • Pauline Bell – Pauline is possibly the only person who knows more insane superhero minutiae than Joey and it drives him insane! To be fair to Pauline, however, her comic knowledge is in her DNA; her uncle owns the local comic shop and she has been raised on super-hero mythology since she was a tiny know-it-all. Pauline is self-assured, quick-witted, and impulsive.  She loves to taunt AP and takes great pride in pushing his buttons. Pauline has hot pink hair and is fair-skinned. She wears a dark navy blue beret with a dark navy blue sleeveless jacket, dark teal blue pants, dark grey boots, and a a lavender t-shirt dress with fuchsia lining. She also wears two black and pink striped wristbands on her wrists. Voiced by Alyson Leah.
  • Mark – Mark is direct and condescending when interacting with people and speaking in general. He often speaks very formally but without regard to others' feelings. He is apathetic and inadvertently orders around, yells at, and insults people. He also seems to have a difficult time owning up to his mistakes, such as when he doubted Binoo as a valuable knight, thus placing the blame onto Ollie and Bernie. While his demeanor is antagonistic, he has shown himself to be helpful when asked, and he is often seen playing games and hanging out with friends. He and Cobalt are the owners of the school's Drama Club. Mark is a teenage boy with auburn hair and pink skin. His body is tall and thin. His face is thin with a pointed chin, arched eyes, and an upturned nose. His hair is messy and his bangs are parted. His eyebrows are arched. Mark wears a hooded, burgundy cloak with a skull brooch. Underneath it, he wears a black tee with a yellow symbol that resembles the Planeswalker symbol from Magic: The Gathering, blue jeans, and large gray boots. He also wears black-rimmed glasses. Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Legacy – Voiced by Chad Hicks.
  • USB – USB is a very nice USB flash drive. He'll always help out others if he can. Unfortunately, he's isolophobic, meaning he has a fear of being left alone. Lucky for him, nobody will ever find out, because if someone's near him, then he won't be alone. USB is friends with Bellflower, Six and You Tried Star, all of them had made an alliance in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! that they hope can last longer than FreeSmart. Voiced by Jon Glover.
  • Currency – Currency is shown to have a very mellow and relaxed personality. He could also be described as apathetic, showing no strong opinions towards losing a game of checkers, having to be on a team with Pelusin and Maripi, or even nearly losing the first contest in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! to Aw Seriously. Another example is when he didn't choose to help Theiance out of the elevator since they weren't dying. Despite this he can be rather excited at Squirtgun Jr.'s appearance. His apathy could result from his tendency to explode when he feels strong emotions. He's shown to be rather faithful and smart to the main objective of his team in later episodes, when he got mad at Maripi when realizing she sent a bomb to Mars, and when he and Fabulous Moo used a strategy to win a contest, also preventing Nail Polish from shoving him off as she did it to him a couple minutes before. He also gets uncharacteristically mad at others when something unexpected goes; his dedication to being a member of the team One Wrong Step Can Cost Our Game can be overbearing at times, as he interrogated and berated Manon when she was in the bottom two with him. Currency could also be sassy, when she told Nail Polish to "move it or lose it" when she got left behind, and when she snarkily ridicules Teté for not trusting Toopy and Binoo, and sarcastically agreeing with Marker that they were safe after Marker accidentally got killed by Toopy. Currency is a transgender character, as shown by his low-pitched voice. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Pandora Book – Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Paint Drop – Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Tack – Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Cheng-Han – Cheng-Han is a free-spirited person who enjoys doing things on his own. With the way he places in minigames, he might be a show-off. However, he also shows incredible powers within him. He enjoys playing games such as "Name That Face", "Button Smashers", and a ton of others. The only participated as a teammate on Eraser's baseball team in "Eraser's Variety Hour", when Marker was making a sports show for the others to watch on Eraser and Marker's upcoming television network. He also spectated a tennis match that Splish and Splash played against Mark and Chaz, and was a boxing coach when Nat wanted to face Yuya. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Purple Monster – In Purple Monster's debut, he was rather quiet and didn't talk much since he recently moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia. In later episodes, he became optimistic, free-spirited and cheerful. He rarely appeared to be in the spotlight although he took the role of the lead character once or twice. Purple Monster is the second oldest in his family, at the age of two billion years old, and is a "get-along" guy who sees both sides of disagreement as positive. Purple Monster happens to like eating subs from the sub shop near the mall. Voiced by Sam Lee.
  • Ella the Piano – Ella is the largest instrument in the Razzberry Jazzberry Jam, and the only one who moves around on wheels, making her self-conscious at times, despite it not bothering anyone. As the kindest, yet also the sweetest member of the band, she is passionate about both music and the House of Jam. She was named for Ella Fitzgerald. Voiced by Jessica Kardos.
  • The Great GooGoo – Not much is known about the mysterious Great GooGoo. From what was pieced together though, he is shown to be rather tall, often being ignored when somebody hears him coming towards them. He's also rather ignorant, as he is shown to be rather ignorant, such as when he drank a whole teapot full of Toopy's "Wah-puh-ba-boo-booh tea". Voiced by Darren Frost.
  • Abby Archer – Abby unravels mysteries so disgusting that no adult will touch them. She is very intelligent and loves everything gross and slimy. She likes to test her limits to see if there is something that can make even her, the Queen of Squeam, turn green. So far nothing has come close, although she closely resisted gagging on a few occasions. The only exception was when she unknowingly drank contaminated water and threw up. Despite all of this, she is terribly afraid of leeches. She gets covered in slop the most, and being dirty has yet to affect her trademark ponytail. On the field, she is a competent fighter. She holds a severe grudge against not only villains like Blazzip, but her current school rival, Ping. Unlike her younger brother Ty, she is athletic and participates in school sports like volleyball. Abby depends on her instincts and feelings at times, which occasionally clouds her judgment. She shares ownership of her beloved pet kitten, Hairball, with Ty. Abby once swapped bodies with Toopy. She was very stubborn and cocky when that happened. Voiced by Krystal Meadows.
  • Celly – Celly is a floating purple circle. They're probably the worst one of the whole group at following rules and almost always ends up in jail. Many others can be scared of then, especially Steggy. Not everyone, though, since they're friends with Mark, Purple Face, Stabby and Topher and best friends with Scissors. Still, Celly isn't the best floating circle or non-object to hang around with. One of Celly's dreams is to make everyone else his "master-mind servants". Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Austin – Austin is a shy but fun-loving purple kangaroo. In his debut, "All Around Town", he is reserved and soft-spoken due to recently moving into the neighbourhood. In later episodes, Austin becomes more outgoing and is revealed to be smart and imaginative. Austin rarely appears in the spotlight, but takes the role of the lead character in a few episodes. He is described as the one pulling up the rear. He's kind of a get-along guy. Voiced by Darren Frost.
  • Minus – Voiced by Jeremy Harris.
  • Nail Polish – Nail Polish wakes her neighbors up with an alarm clock that sounds like Clock himself, every morning. She loves counting and is number-oriented, and keeps a lot of different schedules. She often helps Binoo with math problems. Her best friends are Landmine and Pizza, and they appear alongside each other often, including in the beginning of season four. Both she and Carly want to become teachers in the future so they can teach others all about the great features of life. She lives on top of Maripi's bedroom drawer. Originally, she took the "wake up!" role for everyone, but was changed when 6-Ball went to college in season five. Voiced by Marie-Marguerite Sabongui.
  • Pail – Pail lives in Toopy and Binoo's sandbox in their backyard. She jumps around to get to places since she is one of the few characters who don't have legs. Her catchphrase is "Here we go!" and she dreams of becoming a boat captain in the future. Pail is often seen alongside her friend, Swappy, Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Bellflower – Bellflower is often seen in Toopy and Binoo's backyard, in the garden. She enjoys watering herself and usually gives her friends a helping hand when looking for things. She also has an active imagination, and wants to become a vet when she is an adult, along with Bucket of Pufferfish. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Marker – Stapy's friend who likes playing games involving tossing something or messing around with dirt. He competes on the Blocky Podcast Members! team. Voiced by Tom Edwards.
  • Five – In "Binoo's Dance Class", Five marks his first speaking appearance, and his personality begins to show. He is very irritable and sarcastic, where he complains about Nine being so annoying. However, he is shown to be knowledgeable and is very law-abiding. After Seven is about to explain the "7-Ate(8)-9" joke, Five explains that cannibalism is not allowed in the Equation Playground, and how that is just a joke. Voiced by Brian Froud.
  • Rumple – Rumple is a purple rhino and an Iconicle who might usually act grumpy to others, but he also has a really big heart for his friends, too. Since Keisha only appeared in Bree's Room, Rumple has a crush on Steamy instead. Rumple's biggest fear is freezing inside of his own house. Voiced by Ray Hogg.
  • Purple Face – In his first appearance, Purple Face is shown to have some sort of hostility towards Yellow Face, calling out his products for being outdated and telling customers to boycott them. He also has a voracious appetite to the point of devouring Cameel Habib Habab and other characters indiscriminately, which is most likely derived from his imprisonment or how he was killed by Yellow Face. However, he's not without reason as he is shown to have a kinder side when he calls out Flower for her rudeness and cheers her up by complimenting her sweater ("Deadly Unserious"). Additionally, he can also be full of optimism when it comes to playing and singing, which he is defensive about when criticized for such action being preformed not to the standards of the others in "Topher's Party". He competes on the Purple Face's Variety Hour Helpers team and hosts his own show, "Purple Face's Torture Time", where he does all sorts of things to the other contestants in Toopy and Binoo's character and object elimination show. Voiced by Christian Potenza.
  • Simon – Simon Luckpuig is the father of his son, Fred. He is athletic, strong, energetic, charismatic and an encouraging man, but can be emotional sometimes. One of the things he loved to do the most is spending a father-and-son quality time with his only son like going fishing and do chores as exercise. When there's a problem in the house he warns his son what he should do or else his mother will find out. One thing he loves most is doing things his way, hard work and perseverance with a smile on his face. He is also allergic to carrots. Voiced by Mitchell Eisner.
  • Sam – Voiced by Miles Johnson.
  • Dragon – A purple dragonfly and one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptive children. He is the eldest of the Spider children and often assumes the role of an antagonist, especially towards Squirt. In several episodes, Dragon serves as an example of peer pressure. For example, Dragon poked fun at Squirt when he explained his feelings. Voiced by Paul Soles.
  • Jo – Jo is the only ninja out of the Chop Chops who is a girl. She and Neeko can shoot from far distances. She is also a strong, intelligent, ninja. She is also Yuki's best friend, as seen in "Toopy, Binoo, Jo and Yuki". Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • Mangosteem – Mangosteem is a purple tomato. She loves being around her friends just as much as Toopy, but she's often being left out of many things without anyone realizing how she feels. She and Magnet are also best friends. Voiced by Sarah Camacho.
  • Ongo – Ongo is a purple male Jammbonian who rarely speaks and instead communicates through sounds, dance, and music. Being very quiet, Ongo is depicted as highly mysterious, but still expressive. Ongo is the most skilled musician among the characters. Ongo lives in a "house" that he created, mainly consisting of a couch placed among a floorplan of rooms traced in chalk on the ground, without any walls or ceilings. Due to his original voice actor's death on May 26, 2021, Ongo was voiced by Mark Camacho. Voiced by Paul Soles (season four) and Mark Camacho (season five-present).
  • Lollipop – A purple lollipop. She often tries to sell "Fork Repellent", and as of "Battle of the Warehouses", is having a competition with Yellow Face over whose warehouse is better. She competes on the Emphasis on Wish team. Voiced by Pauline Little.
  • Ostrich – Ostrich runs a grocery store and often pretends to be a superhero. She often helps her friends, even if they don't need help. She often has Dragon as her sidekick, to which Chad is sometimes appalled by. Voiced by Sandra Oh.
  • Pillow – Pillow is a big, fluffy down pillow, who is unpredictable and somehow doesn't know how to write. She can stuff objects in her pillowcase or use it as a weapon. However, she's not all that powerful, as she can't even tell which things she's allowed to eat. Pillow likes to think of herself as a scientist, although her research is often faulty. For instance, she once believed that people who waved their arms didn't care about things. She was wrong. Not a good look for a scientist, don't you agree? She competes on the Blocky Podcast Members! team. Voiced by Ashley Botting.
  • Discy – A DVD disk who can get "eager", and also not be warned about what will happen to her at any point. Her face can only be seen sideways. She competes on the Aw Seriously team. Voiced by Ashley Botting.
  • Puffball – A fluffy pink ball who thinks Golf Ball forgets about her. Whenever she talks, she is multi-colored. She competes on the Ice Cube Superfan Team!. Voiced by Annie Bovaird.
  • Lip Gloss – Lip Gloss, sometimes referred to as "Lipstick", can be nice most of the time, mostly towards her enemies, but most of the time, she is often acting like one of her friends. This also affects most of her friends, where she believes her acting like someone else is manipulating the others into acting the same way the others do. Like most of the others, Lip Gloss has a habit of getting into a lot of trouble, and if she does, it's mostly her strange behavior that causes her to end up in trouble. Lip Gloss is apparently the most expensive of all objects, as Toopy said she can't be replaced. Voiced by Ashley Peters.
  • Girl – Girl is an apathetic but calm and collected girl. She spends most of her time on her phone instead of caring about what's going on with the family. She is often selfish, as shown by her using her siblings (especially Boy) to attain her goals, or tricking other people into doing what she wants. However, she is protective of family if things get difficult and she holds everyone together. She appears to be one of the smartest members of the family, besides Mouse; however, she is rather ignorant, as she can't name common animals in a children's book and almost fails science class because she doesn't learn anything from it. Girl is a 14-year girl with tan skin, hot pink hair with darker pink ends, and freckles. She has black eyes with thick black eyelashes. She wears a pink-collared white tee shirt with a yellow star on it, and blue jacket over the tee shirt. She also wears gold bracelets, a pink skirt, purple pants, and pink and white shoes with yellow lightning bolts and white wings. Voiced by Erin Agostino.
  • Pink Lightning – Pink Lightning is a lot different compared to her brother Lightning. For example, she is more prone to doing things without thinking, such as calling Needle "Needy", eating Shampoo's lunch and attempting to "repair" the Toopymobile, the car Toopy and Binoo own that Toopy apparently named after his slippers that sleep in his bedroom. She is also rather more self-centered, obnoxious, short-tempered, arrogant and competitive. This is the opposite to her brother, who is a nice guy who is capable of zapping anyone his friends tell him to. She does, however, have a nice side, such as when she offered Marty to work at the hotel when she never actually wanted the job after he and Suki temporarily broke up with each other. Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills.
  • Lily – Like her fortune somewhat tells her, Lily is strange and weird, but is rather intelligent regardless. She studies and takes her jobs quite seriously to the point of believing she should be the only object in the world with a job. Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Moon Charm – Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Cat – Cat has a rather hedonistic personality, as she does whatever she feels like regardless of what the situation demands. Unlike the other characters, she lives in her own little world and does not pay much attention to her surroundings. Because of her quiet nature, her siblings tell her any secrets that they need to get off their chests because they know that she'll never tell anyone else. Voiced by Sandra Oh.
  • Wimzie – Wimzie is a dragon/bird hybrid with a unique appearance; she has yellow-orange skin, purple hair tied in pigtails decorated in baby blue bows and red wing-like antlers on the top of her head. She is five years old and performs a few of her own solo songs. Voiced by Amanda Tripp.
  • Soap – Soap is a cheerful object of her namesake. She lives in Toopy and Binoo's bathroom, and likes making others laugh; she insists on becoming a comedian when she grows up. She speaks with a thick New York Accent, and sits on the side of Toopy and Binoo's bathtub when she's not doing anything in her spare time. She uses an "extension" of her appearance to enter through rooms which is impractically long, and can bring her to anywhere she wants. Voiced by Sandra Oh.
  • Tricky – Tricky is sometimes clumsy and often needs help after making messes in places. His favorite thing to bake is cookies. Tricky is also shown to be best friends with Puzzley, as they like each other due to having different personalities. Tricky can somehow speak with a French accent. Voiced by Carlos Diaz.
  • Trash Bag – Trash Bag has a talent for cooking and speaks with a low-pitched voice. He commonly holds things while others don't. Since he was very young, he had loved to swim. He also likes to sing and dance with Gaty in their spare times. Trash Bag is apparently one of the oldest objects in the whole show, at 423 years old, while the other characters are younger, as shown in "All About You and Me". Voiced by Joshua Graham.
  • Shimmer – A pink jewel beetle with an interest in sports and games, Shimmer is different from the rest of the family as she has abilities the others don't, such as heat sensors. She is one of Miss Spider and Holley's adoptive children. Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Graziella – Wimzie's mother. She is a bird-like monster, as she has arms instead of wings, with pink featherless skin and blonde hair in a beehive hairdo. When not on the job, Graziella will spend time with her children, often giving them advice. She works as a pilot and is often away from home for extended periods. Her brother is her uncle, Mario, who forgot to send her a "binga-boinga" for her fifth birthday. Voiced by Lucie Beauvais.
  • Puzzley – A puzzle piece that loves adventure and acts very cheerful. Puzzley's asset is light blue, light yellow, and pink. Her personality might make others think she's weird and insists on winning Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! for fun, and not for the prizes. She also claimed she would give one of her friends the prizes she won and says even if she doesn't win, it'll still be a lot of fun for her to compete. Puzzley aspires to be noble and brave, though sometimes she acts naive and weird on the surface. Something that Puzzley doesn't know just yet is that she'll always lose on her seven thousandth game of tic-tac-toe with Liy. Puzzley might also act unsettling and dumb, as she believes she has the rights to go into places she gets told not to. Voiced by Stacey DePass.
  • Robot Flower – The robot clone of Flower. She competes on Emphasis on Wish team when she and Grassy knew that Basketball and 8-Ball were going to team up with each other. Voiced by Laurie Elliott.
  • Flower – The "fashion queen" who can be rude and arrogant at times. She is also trying to sell her vomit-repelling sweaters to Toopy and Binoo, especially when they refuse. She competes on the Emphasis on Wish team and hopes to win the battle for the B.F.D.I. again. Voiced by Jesse Vinet.
  • Ruby – A 7-year-old white bunny. She has white fur and is Max's older sister. She's the more level-headed of the siblings. She is also a member of the "Bunny Scouts", which appear to function like the Girl Scouts. Voiced by Denise Oliver.
  • Feebee – Feebee is shown to be rather dim-witted and awkward towards others. She likes showing other characters her pink crayon and enjoys riding toy horse floaties. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Uniqua – Uniqua is a pink spotted character who is curious, self-confident, and adventurous. She likes to tell jokes and make her friends laugh. The series uses the name "Uniqua" for both the character and her species. She wears pink, polka-dotted overalls and has a pair of swirled antennae on top of her head. She usually imagines herself having roles that require brains and courage, such as a scientist or pirate captain. ROBLOX TV Studios Inc. describes Uniqua as the child she wishes she was like as a child. Whenever Uniqua has an audio presence in the series, she sounds identical to the 4 Square poetry presenter Paige Meunier. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Bree – Bree is the younger sister of Ashley and the host of the series Bree's Room. She's always optimistic and loves going with the flow. She often makes up all sorts of different games that others seem to enjoy playing; she even gives friendly advice to others, especially towards Toopy and Binoo. Her goal in Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! is to try and go as far as she can, while making as many friends as she can outside of her own playroom. She also seems to be rather understanding and easily makes friends, even going as far as to listening to, well, anybody. According to Toopy, Bree can count backwards all the way from one million to one. Voiced by Ashley Peldon.
  • Widget – Widget is a pink leporine mechanical whiz with an incredibly heavy, stereotypical Southern accent. She is a builder and engineer who builds all manners of thing, always ending with "3000". Her catchphrase is: "That wasn't supposed to happen!". Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • Daizy – Daizy is a childish, puppy-like creature who is Wubbzy's neighbor and Widget, Walden and Wubbzy's best friend. As her name suggests, she loves flowers. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Shampoo – Avocado and Shopping Cart's friend. Like Rubber Spatula, he often thanks everyone who supports him and will usually follow anyone's ideas. He competes on the Blocky Podcast Members! team. Voiced by Jeff Geddis.
  • Saw – A table saw. Her handle was originally brown until "There's Only One True You", where she later lost it in lava, where it was then changed to the color pink. She competes on the Ice Cube Superfan! team. Voiced by Stacey DePass.
  • Rusty Coin – Despite his relatively brief appearance, Rusty Coin's personality was well established. He's shown to be persistent, urging Flower and Leafy to take more party supplies despite their protests ("A Surprise to Apply"). He also seems lonely, shown by his sheer desperation as he takes off after Flower and Leafy in an attempt to be taken back to the surface with him and calling them a trio. Rusty Coin also has trouble taking hints ("The Hint to Take"), as he fails to catch on when Flower tells him that them had given the two enough party supplies, and continuing to chase after the two even as Flower tells him to leave them alone. He competes on the Team with the Flames of Revenge. Voiced by Justin Chapman.
  • Latte – Latte's mood decides what she does, not herself. However she's feeling is what she feels like doing, such as how she was once in the mood for Toopy and Binoo to play basketball at recess ("The Worst That Could Go Wrong"). Her emotions can also be the reason why some of her friends are acting the ways that she does everday. Latte is also unaware of her surroundings, and she somehow isn't able to tell the difference between left and right. Latte also has some trouble with her positions, as she also isn't somehow able to pose perfectly for the perfect picture of her. With all the information Toopy gets about Latte with the passing of episodes, Toopy would later find out all about her and what makes her the way she is. Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills.
  • Wine – Wine always checks twice before looking at something. He always makes sure he's in the right place at the right time. Wine also likes to check things off with a notebook so that he knows he doesn't have to do certain things more than once. Wine's favorite thing to do when he isn't busy is find himself a new job, as he is usually getting fired by his friends without an actual reason. Wine is also compassionate and caring to everyone, even Vana, despite how she doesn't like most of the object characters. Voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau.
  • Plant – Plant has a lot of respect for the outdoors. She loves anything that has to do with nature. Plant is almost always outside, either gardening plants or watering them. She's grown all the crops she can think of, though she's never actually planted aloe vera, which is the same thing X grows in his own garden. She also has a berry bush in her backyard, and sometimes checks up on them, though less often than her actual plants in the garden. Plant's respect for nature definitely makes her the way she is for sure! Voiced by Lucinda Davis.
  • Sun – Sun is the first of the Trulli group class. She is very determined, intelligent and brilliant, though she can sometimes be touchy and stubborn. When she's with her friends, she takes care of cooking dishes. Her wand is a spoon that she can use to control temperatures. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and she is dressed in pink clothes. Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Rita – Rita is a cute, pink female Jammbonian who is tender, sweet, affectionate, and playful. Rita is small and polite and enjoys playing dress-up with Princess, who is a stuffed ragdoll and her best friend. Rita is sometimes impulsive, leading her to ignore the potential dangers of where she's living. Rita loves petting Dodos, but sometimes she does it with too much emotion, making them flee. Luckily, the Dodos run faster than her. Rita loves tea parties, especially with Princess. Rita's best friends are Ongo and Gifty (who she considers her hero), who she wants to be like someday. Rita usually considers Princess as more of her younger sister who has a more simpler wrist, due to her being smaller than Rita herself, and appears to be the youngest of the group. Voiced by Katherine Sun.
  • Rosy
  • Watermelon Slice – Watermelon Slice thinks very highly of himself and is a little arrogant. He judges people by their looks and calls them names. Because of his brash personality, many people are offended by Watermelon Slice, whom they resort to calling "Stupid-Melon Slice". Despite his occasional disrespect, Watermelon Slice writes excellent, heartfelt tributes to those he cares about. Watermelon Slice is also a salesperson for "Fork Attractant", which comes in a spray can. He has sold no units so far as Lollipop has since been coming up with strategies to get Watermelon Slice to stop selling opposing products. Watermelon Slice likes the freedom of having Watermelon being cut up, but it has led to some unwanted eating. Voiced by Mike Patterson.
  • Eraser – An eraser who is scared of pentagons and little bits of him coming off. Even though he says that all cake is good cake, there's only one he doesn't think is good, though he won't say which one. He competes on The Spares! team. Voiced by Danny Brochu.
  • Stapy – Stapy never runs out of staples, which is good, because after all, he is a stapler. Foldy and Stapy are such good friends that Foldy risked her own team's victory to avenge Stapy. Stapy is very curious and loves to play games, especially Rock-Paper-Scissors with Foldy. However, their variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors states that the person who farts silently the most wins the game. To describe why he failed a task, he'll blame his "stapler instincts", whatever those are. Stapy doesn't like to be called "Staply", but he doesn't think correcting people is worth his time. He competes on The Spares! team. Voiced by Craig Francis.
  • Ruby – A shiny gem. She has many other gem clones, all of which have different personalities and are all voiced by Jeremy Thibodeau, Pierre Lenoir, Ellen David or Stacey DePass. Her gem clones, along with Gelatin's clones, only appeared in one episode of season five. She competes on Theiance team. Voiced by Sonja Ball.
  • Tallulah – Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.
  • Kermita – Voiced by Sarah Podemski.
  • Angie Diaz – Angie is Marco's mother. Fully aware of Star's magical abilities and otherdimensional origin, they are nonetheless casual about Star and Marco's adventures through time and space, even enthusiastic at the prospect of their son being more adventurous and less of a "safe kid". They are very supportive and nurturing of Marco, with the whole Diaz family sharing enthusiasm for activities such as travelling, hosting things for foreign students such as Euro, cooking, and art. Their casual approach with Marco has led to them somewhat losing touch with their son. Voiced by Sarah Camacho.
  • USB Drive – USB Drive is usually enthusiastic and sensitive, though he can also be rather grumpy, bored and impatient; he also doesn't talk to his friends as often as the series continues. In USB Drive's spare time, he's often seen interacting with Lawn Mower, unless he necessarily interacts with Tom. His facial expression in "Penelope's Peace Sign" expressed apathy and boredom. He's rather arrogant in the episode "Café Toopy", making Amazon Prime Package think he's too cool to do, well, anything. He also says a catchphrase he is best known for: "Okay. And that's?", in multiple episodes when asked certain questions. He also has rather strange traits, as shown by him writing things that don't make any sense on the chalkboard in Mrs. Hoo's classroom, and when he says that the one time a year he can bring H to the classroom is on Career Day. He joins a game Blueberry makes up in season six, respectively for the sole purpose of winning it. He seems to also be rather helpful and sensible, and despite being a tad impatient, he ends up expanding a group of friends, by interacting with characters he never spoken to. Voiced by Aiyden Prosser.
  • Price Tag – A red price tag label. Price Tag has been shown as a mischievous and cheeky character. Her personality is very upbeat, and she usually sounds excited. She has already formed a friendship with Naily in "Whatever Floats Your Boat", when they both think that Vana Glama won't win the "Fastest Boat" competition. Price Tag also likes to show her emotions through the emoticon faces she makes. She competes on the Aw Seriously team. Voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Sebastian – Sebastian is an intentionally brave and impulsive boy, although he may act stubborn and unreliable to others. He is determined to win Toopy and Binoo's Big Battle! so he can make his own show, and is also confident about his chances of winning the game. He also enjoys exploring all sorts of things, and attempting to be one of the first characters to find something no one else has. His adventurous, stubborn personality normally causes other characters to do things without thinking. This ultimately leads to all sorts of mayhem when it comes to, well, anything. Luckily, Toopy and his friends know just how to solve the problems! Sebastian was actually the first character to say something in season five. Voiced by Matthew Gagnon.
  • Christmas Light – Voiced by Ian Ronnigen.
  • First Aid Kit – Voiced by Christopher Jacot.
  • 10-Ball – 10-Ball is a mysterious member of the billiard ball family who rarely ever speaks, but when he does, he often gives advice. He owns a business that's been known to operate ever since he's been around. He also served as a contrarian towards his younger brother, 2-Ball, at one point, and had a brief relationship with Sun. She broke up with him a couple of months later, though. 10-Ball also believes he's always right when it comes to spelling and often can't handle the truth when it comes to, well, anything. 10-Ball is the first one to ever come to Mrs. Hoo's class. He graduated years later. Voiced by Paul Soles (season four) and Cory Doran (season five-present).
  • Blender – A daredevil who does the same thing Pie does in her Battle for Dream Island audition, where Blender, on the other hand, blends blueberries, causing him to make a mess. He competes on Theiance team. Voiced by Scott McCord.


Season 1 (2011)

No. Title Written by Original airdate Prod.code
1 "Bath Time"
"Bad Hair Day"
Dennise Fordham
Miles Smith
September 7, 2011 101
2 "Meteor Madness"
Deborah Jarvis
Gerard Lewis
September 11, 2011 103
3 "The Jack Show"
"Hiccup Pup"
Bruce Robb
Miles Smith
September 17, 2011 105
4 "The Black Hole"
"Saturn's Rings"
Gerard Lewis
Steven Schnier
September 18, 2011 107
5 "Mission: Ice Impossible"
"Ear Wax"
Scott Albert
Steven Schnier
September 24, 2011 109
6 "The Food Chain Ate My Homework"
"Tummy Trouble"
Miles G. Smith
Deborah Jarvis
September 25, 2011 111
7 "Do the Twister"
"Swimming with Aliens"
Penelope Laurence
John Mein
October 1, 2011 113
8 "Web of Trouble"
"Let's Go Batty!"
Nicolas Boisvert
Story by : Scott Albert

Teleplay by : Deborah Jarvis

October 2, 2011 115
9 "Ant it the Truth?"
"Super Fly"
Hugh Duffy
Scott Albert
October 8, 2011 117
10 "Dog Day Afternoon"
"Dr. Jack"
Miles Smith October 9, 2011 119
11 "Sink or Swim"
Story by: Steve Schnier

Teleplay by: Miles Smith

Deborah Jarvis
October 15, 2011 121
12 "Beano Gets Cavities"
"What Goes Up..."
Miles G. Smith October 16, 2011 123
13 "Let it Bee"
"Botanical Menace"
Penelope Laurence
Nicolas Boisvert
October 22, 2011 125

Season 2 (2012)

No. Title Written by Original airdate Prod.code
1 "Freezin' Hot"
"Cruise Ship"
Story by : Gerard Lewis

Teleplay by : Miles G. Smith

Nicolas Boisvert
January 16, 2012 127
2 "Rock n' Rose"
"Stinky Business"
Story by : Andrée Lambert

Teleplay by : Miles G. Smith

Marie-France Landry
January 18, 2012 129
3 "Jack and the Snake"
Story by : Nicole Lavigne

Teleplay by : Terry Saltsman

Story by : Andrée Lambert

Teleplay by : Miles G. Smith

January 23, 2012 131
4 "Turn Left, Turn Right, Turn Left"
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Nicole Keefler
Story by : Miles G. Smith

Teleplay by : Nicole Keefler

January 25, 2012 133
5 "Sleepwalking Jack"
"See No Evil"
Anne-Marie Perrotta
Story by : Miles G. Smith

Teleplay by : Nicolas Boisvert

February 19, 2012 135
6 "Jacky's Comet"
"Season's Change"
Story by : Miles G. Smith and Nicolas Boisvert

Teleplay by : Nicolas Boisvert

Story by : Tean Schultz

Teleplay by : Stephan Dubreuil and Tean Schultz

April 14, 2012 137
7 "A Robot's Best Friend"
"Poison Ivy"
Story by : Miles G. Smith

Teleplay by : Anne-Marie Perrotta

Story by : Andrée Lambert

Teleplay by : Miles G. Smith

April 15, 2012 139
8 "Poison Pets"
"Volcano No!"
Story by : Miles G. Smith

Teleplay by : Nicolas Boisvert

Story by : Tean Schultz

Teleplay by : Stephan Dubreuil and Tean Schultz

April 21, 2012 141
9 "A Ghost Story"
"Eye Spy!"
Anne-Marie Perrotta
Story by : Miles G. Smith and Nicole Keefler

Teleplay by : Nicole Keefler

April 22, 2012 143
10 "White Water Dizzies"
"Rain, Rain Go Away"
Story by : Nicole Lavigne

Teleplay by : Miles G. Smith

Story by : Miles G. Smith and Nicole Keefler

Teleplay by : Nicole Keefler

April 28, 2012 145
11 "Jack's Fault Line"
"Stingberry Jelly"
Story by : Tean Schultz

Teleplay by : Stephan Dubreuil and Tean Schultz

Story by : Miles G. Smith

Teleplay by : Tean Schultz and Stephan Dubreuil

April 29, 2012 147
12 "Eel-ectricity"
"Bite Makes Right"
Nicole Keefler
Story by : Miles G. Smith

Teleplay by : Anne-Marie Perrotta

May 5, 2012 149
13 "A Sticky Situation"
"Feeling Blue"
Story by : Miles G. Smith

Teleplay by : Anne-Marie Perrotta

Story by : Andrée Lambert

Teleplay by : Nicolas Boisvert and Miles G. Smith

May 6, 2012 151

Season 3 (2014)

No. Title Written by Original airdate Prod.code
1 "Jack Earns His Wings"
"Flea Hunters"
Terry Saltsman
Nicolas Boisvert
July 28, 2014 201
2 "To the Moon"
"The Roachmobile"
Anne-Marie Perrotta
Miles Smith
July 29, 2014 203
3 "Night Light Fright!"
Tean Schultz
Anne-Marie Perrotta
July 30, 2014 205
4 "Darn Dams"
"Hot Dog!"
Miles Smith
Paul Stoica
July 31, 2014 207
Jack's attempt to slow a dangerous river with beaver dams causes a major flood that threatens Nico and Sam's house.
After Rocket eats too much spicy food, the suddenly-smoke-breathing alien dog has everyone yelling "fire!"
5 "Jelly Jailed"
"No Fuel Like an Old Fuel"
Story by : Miles Smith

Teleplay by : Nicolas J. Boisvert

Paddy Granleese
August 1, 2014 209
A secret plan to help Mom make a prize-winning jelly sculpture results in a miniature Rocket getting "set" inside the jelly. But Jack's rescue attempts are thwarted by the near-constant presence of a very-distressed Mom.
When Jack's ship runs out of fuel, the pals race against time to make enough bio-fuel for Jack to get home... before Mom and Dad discover his spaceship hidden in the garage.
6 "Jack and the Dolphin"
"The Memory Game"
Terry Saltsman
Anita Kapila
September 2, 2014 211
Jack must find a young aquarium dolphin that he accidentally released into the ocean before the gentle mammal gets into trouble.
After Jack bumps his head, he becomes convinced he's a human... free to walk about on Earth and interact with its inhabitants, starting with Nico and Sam's parents!
7 "Hydro-Power!"
"Jack or RoboJack?"
Miles Smith
Anne-Marie Perrotta
September 10, 2014 213
Jack's new "Iron Man" type hydraulic suit goes out of control and launches an unmanned attack on Nico's neighborhood!
Jack is content to let his robot replacement do all his work until the overly efficient RoboJack shorts out, leaving the duo stranded in the jungle.
8 "Follow Your Nose!"
"Horse Whisperer"
Miles Smith
Evan Thaler Hickey
September 16, 2014 215
When Jack's new invisible probe goes out of control, the pals must find it before the alien device causes unseen mayhem around the city.
After Jack causes Sam to lose her voice just before a singing contest, the aliens shrink down and explore her vocal cords in an attempt to figure out what the problem is.
9 "A Touch of Garlic"
"Taste Bud Buddies"
Anita Kapila
Story by : Tean Schultz

Teleplay by : Nicolas J. Boisvert

September 23, 2014 217
Jack tries some garlic in an attempt to ease his cold, but the pungent herb has some unintended silly side effects on his personality.
To help his pal enjoy more flavors, Jack modifies some of Nico's taste buds, causing his tongue to swell up to giant proportions.
10 "Cough Drop-ins"
"Lightning Strike"
Paul Stoica
Jonathan Jourdenais
September 30, 2014 219
When Yoki accidentally inhales a miniature Rocket, the little alien dog gets stuck in his lungs, prompting a desperate rescue mission by his miniaturized alien pals!
When Jack sets out to create a lone bolt of lightning, he accidentally triggers a dangerous storm that quickly gets out of control.
11 "Invasive Invaders"
"The Rubber Prank"
Patrick Granleese
Anne-Marie Perrotta
October 7, 2014 221
When Jack brings an adorable alien pet to Earth to show the kids, the fast-reproducing creatures start taking over the entire ecosystem.
When Jack's face is caught on camera, the pals must make a rubber mask of Jack's face to convince everyone the "alien sighting" was just a prank.
12 "Hide in Plain Sight"
Nicolas J. Boisvert
Paul Stoica and Jean-François D'Aoust
October 14, 2014 223
When Rocket inadvertently gains camouflage abilities, the gang suddenly has their hands full searching for an almost invisible alien dog that thinks he's playing hide-and-seek!
When Jack's ship crash lands on a deserted planet, the pals are in danger of being trapped there forever by its super-strong gravity.
13 "Vertigo No-No!"
Paul Stoica and Jean-François D'Aoust
Nicolas J. Boisvert
October 21, 2014 225
Jack brings an alien gizmo to Earth to speed up Nico's slowwww internet which causes everyone around to suffer vertigo. But the device's automated defense system prevents Jack from getting close enough to shut it off!
A bizarre alien reaction to a bee sting causes Rocket to inflate like a giant floating balloon and Jack must find a source of adrenaline to help return his pal to normal.

Season 4 (2015)

No. Title Written by Storyboard by Original airdate Prod.code
1 "In the Wrong Presence" Katherine Sandford Penelope Crépeau March 30, 2015 101
2 "Jack's Future" Miles Smith Darren Brereton 102
3 "The Toy Plane" Louis-Martin Pepperall Patrick Bélec March 31, 2015 103
4 "Colourful and Tasty" Jeremy O'Neill 104
5 "The Hermit Thrush" Jeremy Winkels Pascal Gaucher April 1, 2015 105
6 "A Secret Recipe for Disaster" Louis-Martin Pepperall Chad Hicks 106
7 "The Big Reunion" Raymond Lebrun April 2, 2015 107
8 "What's the Big Idea?" Marie-France Landry Tom Cho 108
9 "Make a Wish" Louis-Martin Pepperall Steven Majaury April 3, 2015 109
10 "Phantom of the Opera" Tom Mason Sylvain Proteau 110
11 "Best Frenemies" David Martel Jerry Thevenet April 6, 2015 111
12 "Little Rocket Peep" Miles Smith Darren Brereton 112
13 "The Floating Boat" Katherine Sandford Jeremy O'Neill April 7, 2015 113
14 "Didgeridoo" Robin Balzano and Louis-Martin Pepperall Tom Cho and Pascal Gaucher 122
15 "Hail Caesar" Doug Hadders & Adam Rotstein Nicolas Cloutier April 8, 2015 114
16 "The Audition" Stephen Senders Steven Majaury and Tom Jolliffe 115
17 "And Zee Makes Three" Miles Smith and Louis-Martin Pepperall Raymond Lebrun April 9, 2015 116
18 "Lights, Camera, Kermita!" Marie-France Landry and Louis-Martin Pepperall Chad Hicks 117
19 "The Bunny Hopscotch" Marie-France Landry Patrick Bélec April 10, 2015 118
20 "Juggling the Jitters" Colin Doyle Tom Cho 119
21 "Breakfast Club" André Bushatsky Darren Brereton and Steven Majaury April 13, 2015 120
22 "A Step in the Right Direction" Dominique Jolin and Raymond Lebrun Jeremy O'Neill 121
23 "Pop Goes the Rocket" Lienne Sawatsky and Daniel Williams Tom Jolliffe and Sylvain Proteau April 14, 2015 123
24 "True Colours" Stephanie Larrue Pascal Gaucher and Steven Majaury 124
25 "Simon the Hero" Story by: Colin Doyle

Teleplay by: Pascal Lavoie

Raymond Lebrun April 15, 2015 125
26 "Snow Fair" Miles Smith Nicolas Cloutier 126
27 "The Magic Box" Stephen Senders Pascal Gaucher April 16, 2015 101
28 "Father Knows Best" Katherine Sandford Tom Cho 102
29 "The Gardening Hat Mystery" Stephanie Larrue Patrick Bélec April 17, 2015 103
30 "A Hula of a Story" Story by: Doug Hadders and Adam Rotstein

Teleplay by: Heidi Foss

Chad Hicks 104
31 "Sibling Rivalry" Robin Balzano Jeremy O'Neill April 20, 2015 105
32 "Jack's Rhythm" Miles Smith Sylvain Proteau 106
33 "The Moon Flower's Blossom" Katherine Sandford Dennis Lévesque April 21, 2015 107
34 "Overdue" Frederick Wolfe Darren Brereton and Matt Desjardins 108
35 "A Mellow Melody" Story by: Chad Hicks

Teleplay by: Heidi Foss and Jeremy Winkels

Raymond Lebrun and Tom Jolliffe April 22, 2015 109
36 "Freeze, Please" Tean Schultz Pascal Gaucher 110
37 "The Open House" Dominique Jolin and Raymond Lebrun Patrick Bélec April 23, 2015 111
38 "Fiesta, Fiesta!" Kevin Shustack Chad Hicks 112
39 "For Better or For Worse" André Bushatsky Tom Cho and Matt Desjardins April 24, 2015 113
40 "Zee and His Many Hidden Talents" Heidi Foss Jeremy O'Neill 122
41 "Galapagos Island Adventure" Nicolas J. Boisvert Nicolas Cloutier April 27, 2015 114
42 "Space Taste Buds" Lienne Sawatsky and Daniel Williams Dennis Lévesque 115
43 "Once Upon a Time" Terry Saltsman Tom Jolliffe and Sébastien Joly April 28, 2015 116
44 "Space Cowboy" Katherine Sandford Sylvain Proteau 117
45 "An Invitation to Capital City" Shelley Hoffman and Robert Pincombe Pascal Gaucher April 29, 2015 118
46 "The Family Photo" Dominique Jolin and Raymond Lebrun Christopher Goodkey 119
47 "Sing It Out, Katrina" Robin Balzano April 30, 2015 120
48 "House Guest Trouble" Frederick Wolfe Daniel Decelles 121
49 "Here Comes Jack!" Anne-Marie Perrotta Dennis Lévesque May 1, 2015 123
50 "Jack Finds His Voice" Chad Hicks Nicolas Cloutier 124
51 "Bowling Night" Robin Balzano Raymond Lebrun and Tom Jolliffe May 4, 2015 125
52 "Goodbye, Zee" André Bushatsky Patrick Bélec 126
53 "The Breakfast Club" Tean Schultz Chad Hicks and Tom Cho May 5, 2015 127
54 "Digger World" Stephen Senders David Marquis 128
55 "The Boisvert Family Goes to Paris" Jeremy Winkels Christopher Goodkey May 6, 2015 129
56 "When I Grow Up..." Nicolas J. Boisvert Daniel Decelles 130
57 "Movie Makers" André Bushatsky Hélène Cossette May 7, 2015 137
58 "Backyard Soup" Katherine Sandford Chad Hicks 138
59 "Rachel's Dream Team" Terry Saltsman David Marquis May 8, 2015 131
60 "And Now, For My Next Trick..." Story by: Doug Hadders

Teleplay by: Doug Hadders and Heidi Foss

Matt Desjardins 139
61 "Music School" Robin J. Stein Jeremy Bondy and Mark Dubeau May 11, 2015 140
62 "You're Outta Here!" Lienne Sawatsky and Daniel Williams Christopher Goodkey 141
63 "Superhero Picnic" Anne-Marie Perrotta Daniel Decelles May 12, 2015 132
64 "Jokes and Hoaxes" Katherine Sandford Marcos DaSilva 142
65 "The Eye Test" Allen Markuze Christopher Goodkey May 13, 2015 143
66 "Spring Orchestra" Dennise Fordham Daniel Decelles 133
67 "This Hour Has Eleven Minutes" Dominique Jolin and Raymond Lebrun May 14, 2015 144
68 "The Caterpillar Issue" Shawn Kalb Christopher Goodkey 145
69 "Costume Party" Frederick Wolfe Marcos DaSilva May 15, 2015 134
70 "Business or Pleasure" Story by: Heidi Foss

Teleplay by: Adam Rotstein and Heidi Foss

David Marquis and Matt Desjardins 135
71 "Cape of Honour" Chad Hicks Sébastien Joly and Pascal Gaucher May 18, 2015 136
72 "The Treehouse" Katherine Sandford Patrick Bélec 148
73 "For the Love of an Instrument" Betty Quan Tom McKinnell and Gareth Jones May 19, 2015 146
74 "The Ants Go Marching" Robin Balzano Pascal Gaucher 147
75 "Jack TV" Colin Doyle Raymond Lebrun May 20, 2015 149
76 "Petie Beats the Heat" Thomas LaPierre Julius Tan 150
77 "The Music Box" Nicolas J. Boisvert Marcos DaSilva May 21, 2015 151
78 "Opposite Day" Tean Schultz Daniel Decelles 152
79 "Sailing Around the World" Louis-Martin Pepperall Sébastien Joly May 22, 2015 101
80 "Rainy Day Blues" Tom Mason Hélène Cossette 102
81 "How Low Can You Go?" Louis-Martin Pepperall Steven Majaury and Sébastien Joly May 24, 2015 103
82 "Pen Pals" Robin J. Stein Jeremy O'Neill 104
83 "Time After Time Before Time" Lienne Sawatsky and Daniel Williams Penelope Crépeau May 25, 2015 105
84 "Delivery Service" Stephanie Larrue Jerry Thevenet 106
85 "Elinor's Big Mystery" Anne-Marie Perrotta and Tean Schultz Sylvain Proteau May 26, 2015 107
86 "Gone Fishing" Dominique Jolin and Raymond Lebrun Gareth Jones 108
87 "Jack and the Puzzling Melody" Frederick Wolfe Tom McKinnell May 27, 2015 109
88 "Connecting the Dots" Shawn Kalb Marcos DaSilva 110
89 "Masters of Disasters" Louis-Martin Pepperall Mark Dubeau May 28, 2015 111
90 "What's Your Treasure?" Chad Hicks Jeremy Bondy 112
91 "Jack and the Big Blue" Paul Stoica Hélène Cossette May 31, 2015 113
92 "Taco Tuesday" Katherine Sandford David Marquis 122
93 "All Over and Under" Louis-Martin Pepperall Daniel Decelles June 1, 2015 114
94 "Janet's Favorite Show" Stephen Senders Christopher Goodkey 115
95 "The Berry Big Mystery" Doug Hadders & Adam Rotstein Sébastien Joly June 2, 2015 116
96 "True Switcheroo" Louis-Martin Pepperall Matt Desjardins 117
97 "Sharing is Caring" Stephanie Larrue Dennis Lévesque June 3, 2015 118
98 "Beach Blast" Nicolas J. Boisvert Tom Jolliffe 119
99 "Showtime!" Miles Smith, Robin Balzano and Marie-France Landry Nicolas Cloutier June 4, 2015 120
100 "The Mysterious Tracks" Jeremy Winkels Jerry Thevenet 121
101 "May I Have This Dance?" Robin Balzano Sylvain Proteau June 7, 2015 123
102 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" Nicolas J. Boisvert Steven Majaury 124
103 "The Naughty Corner" Thomas LaPierre Tom Cho June 8, 2015 125
104 "Riding the Rails" Paul Stoica Raymond Lebrun 126
105 "Postcards from Beano" Heidi Foss Chad Hicks June 9, 2015 127
106 "Chinese New Year" Stephanie Larrue Pascal Gaucher 128
107 "Slice of Life" Story by: Heidi Foss

Teleplay by: Tom Wilson

Jeremy O'Neill June 10, 2015 129
108 "Clowning Around" Marie-France Landry Patrick Bélec 130
109 "Go for the Green" Katherine Sandford Darren Brereton June 11, 2015 137
110 "The Rules of the Ring" Colin Doyle Penelope Crépeau 138
111 "Teamwork" Story by: Robin J. Stein

Teleplay by: Heidi Foss

Jeremy O'Neill and Steven Majaury June 14, 2015 131
112 "Bethany Loses Her Voice" Robin Balzano Sylvain Proteau 139
113 "Newsflash!" Thomas LaPierre Daniel Decelles June 15, 2015 140
114 "Rocket Jumps the Fence" Story by: Stephanie Larrue

Teleplay by: Sara Snow

Sébastien Joly 141
115 "The Camping Trip" Jeremy Winkels Hélène Cossette June 16, 2015 132
116 "Space Rescue" Anne-Marie Perrotta Penelope Crépeau 142
117 "Zee Steals the Show" Story by: Anne-Marie Perrotta

Teleplay by: Thomas LaPierre

Mark Dubeau June 17, 2015 143
118 "Pinch to Grow an Inch" Thomas LaPierre Tom Jolliffe 133
119 "Lucy's Secret Shame" Story by: Anne-Marie Perrotta

Teleplay by: Thomas LaPierre

Matt Desjardins June 18, 2015 144
120 "Stop Copying Me" Heidi Foss Nicolas Cloutier 145
121 "Mirror, Mirror..." Louis-Martin Pepperall Jeremy O'Neill, Steven Majaury and Sébastien Joly June 19, 2015 134
122 "A Test of the Best" Robin J. Stein Tom Cho 135
123 "So Wrong It's Right" Robin Balzano Matt Desjardins June 22, 2015 136
124 "The Beverly Hills Brats" Thomas LaPierre Jeremy Bondy 148
125 "Burly Burger" Shelley Hoffman and Robert Pincombe Marcos DaSilva June 23, 2015 146
126 "Cool Beans Railway" Story by: Anne-Marie Perrotta

Teleplay by: Stephanie Larrue

Chad Hicks 147
127 "Smalloween" Katherine Sandford Darren Brereton June 24, 2015 149
128 "Zee and the Dragon" Robin J. Stein Gareth Jones 150
129 "Wish You Were Here" Story by: Robin Balzano

Teleplay by: Tean Schultz

Tom Jolliffe June 25, 2015 151
130 "Stranded!" Jeremy Winkels Steven Majaury 152

Season 5 (2016)

No. Title Written by Storyboard by Original airdate Prod.code
1 "More Than One Way" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Robert Rivard February 29, 2016 101
2 "Play It Again!" Alexei Kazakov 102
3 "Casting Call" Dennise Fordham Anik Lafrenière March 1, 2016 103
4 "Jack's Butterfly Affair" Sam Lee Jeremy O'Neill 104
5 "Star Bright Night Light" Chad Hicks March 2, 2016 105
6 "Common Senses" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 106
7 "Musical Chairs" Gerard Lewis Tom Cho March 3, 2016 107
8 "It Came from the Planet Beano" Story by: Dominic Webber

Teleplay by: Pierre Colin Thibert

Patrick Bélec 108
9 "Don't Open Until..." Michael Dockery Jeremy Bondy March 4, 2016 109
10 "Postage Due" André Bushatsky Denis Doucet 110
11 "The Show Must Go On" Katherine Sandford Gareth Jones March 7, 2016 111
12 "Hiding in Plain Sight" Allen Markuze Louis Piché 112
13 "Without a Clue" Michael Dockery Steven Majaury March 8, 2016 113
14 "As Light As a Feather" Miles Smith and Éric Valiquette Anik Lafrenière 122
15 "Little People Have Feelings, Too" André Bushatsky Robert Rivard March 9, 2016 114
16 "When It's Winter" Story by: Dominic Webber

Teleplay by: Katherine Sandford

Alexei Kazakov 115
17 "Privacy, Please" Jeremy Winkels Gareth Jones March 10, 2016 116
18 "Patience, Yoki!" Dennise Fordham Denis Doucet 117
19 "Squeaky Clean" Jeremy Winkels Tom Cho March 11, 2016 118
20 "I Keep My Promises" Tom Mason Steven Majaury 119
21 "My Best Friend" Anne-Marie Perrotta Anik Lafrenière and Patrick Bélec March 14, 2016 120
22 "Jump for Joy" Amy Benham Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 121
23 "Let's Try Sharing" Tommy Dassalo Denis Doucet March 15, 2016 123
24 "Tricks Can Be Tricky" Stephanie Larrue Jeremy O'Neill and Robert Rivard 124
25 "Timeout" Story by: Nicolas J. Boisvert

Teleplay by: Gerard Lewis

Tom Cho March 16, 2016 125
26 "Wait Your Turn" Heidi Foss Chad Hicks 126
27 "Identities Down Under" Tean Schultz Louis Piché March 17, 2016 101
28 "Honesty to Goodness" Anne-Marie Perrotta Jeremy Bondy 102
29 "Imagination's Destination" Story by: Alice Prodanou

Teleplay by: Tommy Dassalo

Alexei Kazakov March 18, 2016 103
30 "Rhyme Time" Story by: Tom Wilson

Teleplay by: Nicolas J. Boisvert

Patrick Bélec 104
31 "It's the Thought That Counts" Shawn Kalb Robert Rivard March 21, 2016 105
32 "Slow Down, Rocket" Heidi Foss and Robin Balzano Tom Cho 106
33 "Keep Away, Potato!" Gerard Lewis Gareth Jones March 22, 2016 107
34 "Earth to High Commander" Story by: Chad Hicks

Teleplay by: André Bushatsky

Denis Doucet 108
35 "See You in My Dreams" Jeremy Winkels Pierre-Alexandre Comtois March 23, 2016 109
36 "Nothing to Do" Dennise Fordham Pierre-Alexandre Comtois, Robert Rivard and Jeremy O'Neill 110
37 "The Big Brain Drain" Tom Mason Alexei Kazakov and Patrick Bélec March 24, 2016 111
38 "Give Your Head a Shake" Frederick Wolfe Anik Lafrenière 112
39 "Hoopla" Amy Benham Steven Majaury March 25, 2016 113
40 "Red Light, Green Light" Tean Schultz Louis Piché 122
41 "Horsing Around" Tommy Dassalo Louis Piché and Denis Doucet March 28, 2016 114
42 "All Fall Down" Story by: Thomas LaPierre

Teleplay by: Gerard Lewis

Tom Cho 115
43 "Full of Life" Nicolas J. Boisvert and Clive Endersby Anik Lafrenière March 29, 2016 116
44 "Swing-a-Ling" Shawn Kalb Patrick Bélec 117
45 "One Step at a Time" Story by: Kathleen LeRoux

Teleplay by: Gerard Lewis

Alexei Kazakov March 30, 2016 118
46 "Enough Already" Jeremy Winkels Patrick Bélec 119
47 "The Longest Night of the Year" Tom Mason Alexei Kazakov March 31, 2016 120
48 "Lettuce, Turnip and Pea" David Dias Jeremy Bondy 121
49 "Button Up!" Amy Benham Denis Doucet April 1, 2016 123
50 "Singing in the Rain" Stephanie Larrue Steven Majaury 124
51 "Going Up" Frederick Wolfe Chad Hicks April 4, 2016 125
52 "The Apple of My Eye" Tom Cho 126
53 "Recess" Gerard Lewis Robert Rivard April 5, 2016 127
54 "Lost and Found" Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 128
55 "Play Ball!" Anik Lafrenière April 6, 2016 129
56 "The Key to Everywhere" Alexei Kazakov 130
57 "Now You See Me..." André Bushatsky Denis Doucet April 7, 2016 137
58 "Indoor Camping" Miles Smith Robert Rivard 138
59 "Jack's Postal Service" Louis Piché April 8, 2016 131
60 "The Perfect Palace" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 139
61 "Colour My World" Chad Hicks April 11, 2016 140
62 "It's the Wild, Wild West" Miles Smith Gareth Jones 141
63 "Puppet Show" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Tom Cho April 12, 2015 132
64 "Back to Beano" Jean-François Léger Anik Lafrenière 142
65 "Bubble Trouble" Miles Smith Patrick Bélec April 13, 2015 143
66 "Janet Goes Nuts" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Jeremy Bondy 133
67 "The Life of a Sock" Steven Majaury April 14, 2015 144
68 "Find the Markers" André Bushatsky Jeremy O'Neill 145
69 "The Perfect Shoes" Richard Clark Robert Rivard and Patrick Bélec April 15, 2016 134
70 "Cloud Gazing" Paul Stoica Alexei Kazakov 135
71 "Cuckoo for Chaos" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Pierre-Alexandre Comtois April 18, 2016 136
72 "Rocky Business" Gareth Jones 148
73 "Stroller Derby" Gerard Lewis and Stephen Senders Denis Doucet April 19, 2016 146
74 "Cloudy Comet Calamity" David Dias Steven Majaury 147
75 "Birds of a Feather" Allen Markuze Chad Hicks April 20, 2016 149
76 "Don't Bug Me" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Louis Piché 150
77 "Are We There Yet?" Lienne Sawatsky Robert Rivard April 21, 2016 151
78 "The Best Day Ever!" André Bushatsky Jeremy O'Neill 152
79 "Blown Away" Richard Clark Alexei Kazakov April 22, 2016 101
80 "Personal Space" Paul Stoica Patrick Bélec 102
81 "Two Can Play That Game" Allen Markuze Jeremy Bondy April 25, 2016 103
82 "The Noisy Naptime" Miles Smith and Éric Valiquette Tom Cho 104
83 "Gentle Giant" Robin Balzano and Heidi Foss Denis Doucet April 26, 2016 105
84 "Supermarket Match" André Bushatsky Alexei Kazakov 106
85 "Lucy's Imitation Frustration" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Anik Lafrenière April 27, 2016 107
86 "Simon, We Have a Problem" Tom Cho 108
87 "A New Chapter" Pascal Lavoie Jeremy O'Neill April 28, 2016 109
88 "Achoo, Matey!" Allen Markuze Robert Rivard 110
89 "The Submarine of My Dreams" Gerard Lewis and Daniel Williams Anik Lafrenière April 29, 2016 111
90 "The Thinking Pond" Miles Smith and Éric Valiquette Gareth Jones 112
91 "A Mighty Shy Guy" Jean-François Léger Alexei Kazakov May 2, 2016 113
92 "Sticking to the Plan" Richard Clark Chad Hicks 122
93 "Mad Mix Machine" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Anik Lafrenière May 3, 2016 114
94 "Elinor-saurus" Chad Hicks Denis Doucet 115
95 "The Family Road Trip" André Bushatsky Tom Cho May 4, 2016 116
96 "Capital City" Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 117
97 "Happy Birthday, C.H.I.P." Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Jeremy Bondy May 5, 2016 118
98 "Rocket Finds His Ways" Lienne Sawatsky Louis Piché 119
99 "1-2-3, Light the Christmas Tree!" Miles Smith and Éric Valiquette Robert Rivard May 6, 2016 120
100 "Surfing the Net" Nicolas J. Boisvert Patrick Bélec 121
101 "Jack's Shape Shuffle" David Dias Gareth Jones May 9, 2016 123
102 "Something Between Friends" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Chad Hicks 124
103 "Full Speed Ahead" Lienne Sawatsky Denis Doucet May 10, 2016 125
104 "Secret Spies" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Jeremy O'Neill 126
105 "Pioneer Yoki" Sam Lee Patrick Bélec May 11, 2016 127
106 "A Party for One" Allen Markuze Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 128
107 "Bats!" Story by: Richard Clark

Teleplay by: Gerard Lewis and Stephanie Larrue

Robert Rivard May 12, 2016 129
108 "All That Jazz" Dominic Webber and Stephanie Larrue Jeremy Bondy 130
109 "A King Who Liked to Sing" Shawn Kalb Alexei Kazakov May 13, 2016 137
110 "The Radio Problem" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Anik Lafrenière 138
111 "Simon's Rhyming" Tom Cho May 16, 2016 131
112 "Ponso the Pony" Éric Valiquette Patrick Bélec 139
113 "Something Special" Miles Smith Jeremy O'Neill May 17, 2016 140
114 "Drama Queen" Story by: Dennise Fordham

Teleplay by: Jeremy Winkels

Chad Hicks 141
115 "Zee's Mellow Mood" André Bushatsky Robert Rivard May 18, 2016 132
116 "The Weebler Family Reunion" Lienne Sawatsky 142
117 "Don't Tell Mr. Weebler!" Heidi Foss Gareth Jones May 19, 2016 143
118 "Gotta Work All Day" Daniel Williams Denis Doucet 133
119 "The Toy Cupboard" Lienne Sawatsky Alexei Kazakov May 20, 2016 144
120 "Magic Man" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Anik Lafrenière 145
121 "A Heated Situation" Steven Majaury May 23, 2016 134
122 "Lavender Mist" Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 135
123 "Jack the Tourist" Amy Benham Denis Doucet May 24, 2016 136
124 "Please and Thank You" Tom Mason Patrick Bélec, Jeremy O'Neill and Robert Rivard 148
125 "All About Petie" Lienne Sawatsky and Daniel Williams Gareth Jones May 25, 2016 146
126 "Rock Around the Clock" Nicolas J. Boisvert Louis Piché 147
127 "The Variety Show" Michael Dockery Tom Cho May 26, 2016 149
128 "Meet and Greet" Frederick Wolfe Patrick Bélec 150
129 "Super Zeroes" Anne-Marie Perrotta Chad Hicks and Anik Lafrenière May 27, 2016 151
130 "Looking Super" Chad Hicks, Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Robert Rivard 152

Season 6 (2018)

No. Title Written by Storyboard by Original airdate Prod. code
1 "Rock Paper Scissors" Miles Smith Steven Majaury January 1, 2018 101
2 "Graduation Day" André Bushatsky Gareth Jones 102
3 "She's the Boss" Story by: Nicolas J. Boisvert

Teleplay by: Katherine Sandford

Hélène Cossette January 2, 2018 103
4 "You're It!" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Jeremy O'Neill 104
5 "Spare Parts Not Included" Stephan Dubreuil Robert Rivard January 3, 2018 105
6 "Gutter Ball" Chantal Berubé Marielle Guyot 106
7 "House of Cards" Jeremy Winkels Anik Lafrenière January 4, 2018 107
8 "Disappearing Act" Daniel Williams and Lienne Sawatsky Daniel Decelles 108
9 "The Great Eggspectation" Anne-Marie Perrotta and Tean Schultz Chad Hicks January 5, 2018 109
10 "Midnight Madness" Pierre Girard Tom McKinnell 110
11 "The Lemonade Stand" Stephen Senders Frima Studio January 8, 2018 111
12 "Hairy Situation" Dennise Fordham Louis Piché and Gareth Jones 112
13 "Home with My Clone" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Julie Kuchlein January 9, 2018 113
14 "Zee's Snail Fail" Jacques Chevalier Karine Charlebois and Jeremy Bondy 122
15 "Skunked" Pierre Colin Thibert Ginette Cahill January 10, 2018 114
16 "Working It Out" Jerry Thevenet Pascale Beaulieu 115
17 "Unleashed" Robin Balzano Daniel Decelles and Gareth Jones January 11, 2018 116
18 "The Cucumber Issue" Pierre Colin Thibert Pascale Beaulieu and Tom McKinnell 117
19 "Viral Video" Chad Hicks Chad Hicks January 12, 2018 118
20 "Simon's In a Pickle" Nicolas J. Boisvert Frima Studio 119
21 "Scratch That!" Based on an original idea by: Pierre Colin Thibert

Script by: Katherine Sandford

Pascale Beaulieu January 15, 2018 120
22 "Best Friends Forever" Gerard Lewis and Anne-Marie Perrotta Tom Cho 121
23 "The Garage Sale" Robin Balzano Julie Kuchlein January 16, 2018 123
24 "Up a Tree" Dominic Webber and Anne-Marie Perrotta Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 124
25 "The Christmas Tree (Part 1)" Tean Schultz Karine Charlebois, Tom McKinnell and Robert Rivard (Part 1)
Pascale Beaulieu (Part 2)
January 17, 2018 125
26 "Holiday Spirit (Part 2)" Story by: Dennise Fordham

Teleplay by: Jerry Thevenet and Stephan Dubreuil

27 "My Other Friends" Based on an original idea by: Pierre Girard

Script by: Daniel Williams and Miles Smith

Anik Lafrenière January 18, 2018 101
28 "Rocket's Camping Trip" Story by: Jacques Chevalier

Script by: Pascal Lavoie

Frima Studio 102
29 "Bubble Boy" Based on an original idea by: Chad Hicks

Script by: Nicolas J. Boisvert

Pascale Beaulieu January 19, 2018 103
30 "Paranormal Activity" Story by: André Bushatsky

Teleplay by: Jacques Chevalier

Chad Hicks and Tom McKinnell 104
31 "Be Mine" Stephen Senders Tom Cho January 22, 2018 105
32 "The Skunk Who Fell to Earth" Based on an original idea by: Katherine Sandford

Script by: Pierre Girard

Daniel Decelles 106
33 "House Pest" Allen Markuze Karine Charlebois January 23, 2018 107
34 "I Think I'm a Clone Now" Stephan Dubreuil Jeremy Bondy 108
35 "Cute Eyes" Story by: Anne-Marie Perrotta

Teleplay by: Chad Hicks

Gareth Jones January 24, 2018 109
36 "Talloween" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber 110
37 "Countdown to New Years" Stephan Dubreuil Marielle Guyot January 25, 2018 111
38 "Prankster!" Pierre Colin Thibert Louis Piché 112
39 "The Trial (Part 1)" Story by: Jacques Chevalier

Teleplay by: Stephan Dubreuil

Robert Rivard and Pascale Beaulieu (Part 1)
Tom Cho (Part 2)
January 26, 2018 113
40 "Court Session (Part 2)" Jeremy Winkels 122
41 "A Very Hot Day" Allen Markuze Jeremy Bondy January 29, 2018 114
42 "The Snowman" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Anik Lafrenière 115
43 "Yoki's Movie Camera" Katherine Sandford Karine Charlebois and Jeremy Bondy January 30, 2018 116
44 "Recycling" Pierre Colin Thibert Ginette Cahill, Anik Lafrenière and Steven Majaury 117
45 "The Great Barrier Reef" Pascal Lavoie Pascale Beaulieu January 31, 2018 118
46 "Stuck in a Tree" Stephen Senders Steven Majaury 119
47 "The Garden Games" Stephan Dubreuil Louis Piché February 1, 2018 120
48 "Move to the Music!" Jacques Chevalier 121
49 "Night Animals" Jerry Thevenet Tom McKinnell February 2, 2018 123
50 "Nico's Woolly Hat" André Bushatsky Julie Kuchlein 124
51 "Smoke and Mirrors" Pierre Colin Thibert Jeremy O'Neill and Chad Hicks February 5, 2018 125
52 "Officer Weebler" Anne-Marie Perrotta Frima Studio 126
53 "Mission to the Moon" Miles Smith Pierre-Alexandre Comtois February 6, 2018 127
54 "Mr. Weebler's Office" Katherine Sandford Daniel Decelles 128
55 "Janet's Pool Party" Dennise Fordham Anik Lafrenière February 7, 2018 129
56 "Naughty Parrot" Tean Schultz Pascale Beaulieu 130
57 "Field Trip to the Mountains" Story by: Robin Balzano

Teleplay by: Pierre Colin Thibert

Ginette Cahill February 8, 2018 137
58 "Playing Together" Chantal Berubé Karine Charlebois 138
59 "Paper Airplanes" Allen Markuze Steven Majaury and Tom McKinnell February 9, 2018 131
60 "Santa's Visit" Based on an original idea by: Jacques Chevalier

Script by: Pierre Girard

Tom McKinnell 139
61 "A New Member of the Family" Jacques Chevalier Frima Studio February 12, 2018 140
62 "The Sense of Smell" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Daniel Decelles and Tom Cho 141
63 "In the Past" Dennise Fordham Pascale Beaulieu February 13, 2018 132
64 "All Hail the Queen of Clashing" André Bushatsky Steven Majaury 142
65 "Jumble Sale" Story by: Daniel Williams and Lienne Sawatsky

Teleplay by: Jeremy Winkels

Anik Lafrenière and Jeremy O'Neill February 14, 2018 143
66 "The Three Birds" Robin Balzano Robert Rivard 133
67 "The Sleepless Sleepover" Stephen Senders Louis Piché February 15, 2018 144
68 "Mr. Weebler's Day Off" Story by: Chantal Berubé

Teleplay by: Pascal Lavoie

Pascale Beaulieu, Gareth Jones and Steven Majaury 145
69 "Whistling" Dennise Fordham Chad Hicks February 16, 2018 134
70 "The Secret Club" Miles Smith Hélène Cossette 135
71 "Cousin Joe" Tean Schultz Julie Kuchlein and Marielle Guyot February 19, 2018 136
72 "Jack the Chatterbox" Anne-Marie Perrotta Tom McKinnell 148
73 "Elinor's Injury" Pierre Girard Anik Lafrenière and Chad Hicks February 20, 2018 146
74 "The Birthday Party" Chad Hicks Daniel Decelles 147
75 "Rainy Day Guests" Based on an original idea by: Dennise Fordham

Script by: Katherine Sandford

Frima Studio February 21, 2018 149
76 "Zee's Stolen Talents" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Tom Cho 150
77 "Hail Caesar's Visit" André Bushatsky Pascale Beaulieu February 22, 2018 151
78 "The New Student" Nicolas J. Boisvert 152
79 "The Winter Play" Pierre Colin Thibert Ginette Cahill and Hélène Cossette February 23, 2018 101
80 "Teacher's Pet" Story by: Stephan Dubreuil

Teleplay by: Chantal Berubé

Gareth Jones 102
81 "Follow That Shadow!" Daniel Williams and Lienne Sawatsky Louis Piché February 26, 2018 103
82 "The Toy Dinosaur" Katherine Sandford Pascale Beaulieu and Tom McKinnell 104
83 "Our Father the Gym Coach" Jacques Chevalier Gareth Jones February 27, 2018 105
84 "Hot Air Balloon Ride" Chantal Berubé Anik Lafrenière 106
85 "A Ride on Twinkle Toes" Pierre Girard Daniel Decelles February 28, 2018 107
86 "Work and Play" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Jeremy O'Neill 108
87 "Soft Play" Ginette Cahill March 1, 2018 109
88 "The Toy Hospital" Anne-Marie Perrotta Steven Majaury 110
89 "Scooters" Chad Hicks Tom Cho March 2, 2018 111
90 "Rolling Down the Hill" Jeremy Winkels Marielle Guyot 112
91 "Deep Sea Explorers" André Bushatsky Jeremy Bondy March 5, 2018 113
92 "The Pinata" Pierre Colin Thibert Louis Piché 122
93 "The Taxi Service" Stephen Senders Robert Rivard March 6, 2018 114
94 "Botanical Gardens" Dennise Fordham Chad Hicks 115
95 "The Winning Lottery Numbers" Story Idea by: Jeremy Winkels

Script by: Chantal Berubé

Karine Charlebois March 7, 2018 116
96 "Too Much of a Good Thing" Miles Smith Pascale Beaulieu 117
97 "The Arctic Tundra" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Tom McKinnell March 8, 2018 118
98 "Venus Flytraps" André Bushatsky Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 119
99 "How the Past Was Fun" Daniel Williams and Lienne Sawatsky Pascale Beaulieu and Karine Charlebois March 9, 2018 120
100 "Janet Puts Up a Picture" Story by: Pierre Girard

Teleplay by: Stephan Dubreuil

Tom Cho 121
101 "World Below Par" Katherine Sandford Hélène Cossette and Jeremy Bondy March 12, 2018 123
102 "Elinor's Art Stand" Jacques Chevalier Louis Piché 124
103 "The Fairy Godparents" Pierre Girard Frima Studio March 13, 2018 125
104 "A Hero is Born" André Bushatsky Tom McKinnell and Jeremy O'Neill 126
105 "Elinor's Lucky Penny" Pierre Colin Thibert Julie Kuchlein and Marielle Guyot March 14, 2018 127
106 "The Right or Wrong Soil" Marielle Guyot 128
107 "Sworn Enemies At the Start" Miles Smith Tom McKinnell and Marielle Guyot March 15, 2018 129
108 "The Four Wonders of the City" Chantal Berubé Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 130
109 "Naughty Tortoise" Anne-Marie Perrotta Chad Hicks March 16, 2018 137
110 "The School Picnic" Dennise Fordham Robert Rivard 138
111 "Class Fundraiser" Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber March 19, 2018 131
112 "Follow the Leader!" Daniel Decelles 139
113 "The Incredible Shrinking Rocket" Story by: André Bushatsky

Teleplay by: Miles Smith

Anik Lafrenière and Daniel Decelles March 20, 2018 140
114 "Tom and Suzanne, Where Art Thou?" Chantal Berubé Gareth Jones 141
115 "Sewer Adventure" Based on an original idea by: Stephen Senders

Script by: Katherine Sandford

Hélène Cossette March 21, 2018 132
116 "The Team Spirit" Pierre Girard Louis Piché 142
117 "Rocket Hates Manure" Jacques Chevalier March 22, 2018 143
118 "The Lizard Lounge" Pierre Colin Thibert Frima Studio 133
119 "Jack and the Sugar Shack" Katherine Sandford Jeremy Bondy and Chad Hicks March 23, 2018 144
120 "Dance Off" Story Idea by: Stephan Dubreuil

Script by: Nicolas J. Boisvert

Jeremy O'Neill and Tom McKinnell 145
121 "Remember When..." Gerard Lewis and Dominic Webber Karine Charlebois March 26, 2018 134
122 "Up, Up and Away" Stephan Dubreuil Pascale Beaulieu, Marielle Guyot and Julie Kuchlein 135
123 "Jack and the Bald Eagle" Story by: Jerry Thevenet

Teleplay by: Katherine Sandford

Tom Cho March 27, 2018 136
124 "Return to Beverly Hills" Chantal Berubé Chad Hicks and Pierre-Alexandre Comtois 148
125 "Quiet On the Set" Dennise Fordham Jeremy Bondy March 28, 2018 146
126 "Rocket's House" Chad Hicks Jeremy O'Neill 147
127 "Monkey See, Monkey Do" Pierre Girard Anik Lafrenière and Steven Majaury March 29, 2018 149
128 "Stuck in the Muck" Dennise Fordham Tom McKinnell 150
129 "Moving Day (Part 1)" Katherine Sandford Frima Studio (Part 1)
Jeremy Bondy and Chad Hicks (Part 2)
March 30, 2018 151
130 "The Departure (Part 2)" Based on an original idea by: Jeremy Winkels

Script by: Chantal Berubé



Jack has been broadcast internationally. The series was shown on TVOKids and Knowledge Network on September 5, 2011, Treehouse TV on January 31, 2015, ROBLOX TV Studios and TOF Studios on May 13, 2013, TFO, and Disney Junior on September 1, 2015 in Canada. The show is also aired on Tiny Pop, Cartoonito, Disney Junior and Channel 5 in the United Kingdom, ABC Kids, Network Ten, and BBC Kids in Australia, as well as KiKa and Super RTL in Germany. In the United States, the show aired on Qubo on September 28, 2015 and Nickelodeon on March 17, 2012. In Latin America, the show is aired on Discovery Kids.