Wumpa's World was a Chinese-Canadian television series for children which first aired on many networks including Treehouse TV, The Knowledge Channel, APTN, CCTV, TVB and TDM with approximately 35 15-minute episodes from August 2001 to May 2002. The pilot episode aired in late 2000. Today, the show's episodes are only seen in re-runs late during the night and earlier during the day. The characters are puppets.


  • Wumpa (performed by Lorne Cardinal) is a brown walrus who tells real-live stories which take place in a medium version of the Arctic Circle. At the end of each show, Wumpa sings his very own "goodbye song" by playing a bass guitar that looks like a didgeredoo. Most of the show's episodes ends with Wumpa's goodbye song's most famous line, which is called "Well, bye-bye, and don't forget, always keep your tusks shiny and your blubber clean". He only occasionally appears in the story itself.
  • Zig and Zag are two young snowmobiles. Zig's is yellow and pink, while Zag is blue and orange. A bicycle bell is mounted on Zig's handle bars and a horn is mounted on Zag's.
  • Tiguak is a polar bear who lives in an igloo and mostly eats fish. He has a bed and a toy bear he calls "Mr. Snoozers".
  • Seeka (performed by Jani Lauzon) and Tuk are snow hares who live in a den with two entrances - one for each of them.